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Milk Maid Tales

Short story By: HornyJohn

Tales of a young ginger milk maid working with horny males!

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Milk Maid Tales

Four years after leaving school I managed to get a job as a milking maid at a farm in Northumberland which provided live in accommodation. It was the first time i had been away from home but i was looking forward to it!

I had a very nice room in a converted stable block and it gave me easy access to the milking parlour which was handy in the early mornings and after a long shift of milking and cleaning up ready for the next session. I looked after one side while a guy about 26 looked after the other. He was quite good looking but didn't say much and didn't show any interest in engaging in any conversation.

One day he offered to help me cleaning down my side as he had finished his way before me. I said thank you and we got stuck in, at one point we ended up working into the same corner and trapping ourselves in the dirty section. We ended up brushing passed each other and I got the distinct impression that he had purposely, slowly brushed against my fulsome tits!

It sent a shiver down my stomach and I got a tingling deep down in my loins, shit what was that, what happened there i thought? When we finished i was in the changing room stripping out of my white overalls when he came in and i was sure he was looking down my top as i was bending down. I left and went to my room and as usual after every shift I went in the shower. As the hot water tricked down my face and body i remembered the feelings i had in the milking parlour and what had happened and when i reached down and felt between my legs i realised i was excited. I spent the next 5 minutes relieving myself in the shower. Then lay on my bed and read some of my book before dropping off. The next morning i was up at 6am as usual and quickly pulled my jeans and tee shirt on grabbed a quick cup of tea and dashed down to the parlour. When i got there the lights were on and Derek was already changed into whites and in the parlour ready to accept the first cows as they arrived through the holding pens. I smiled at him as i went in and said good morning, he was quite friendly this morning, maybe he knew i had been fantasising about him in the shower, i thought smiling to myself.

As i worked through the queue of cows waiting in the pens that morning i started to think of matters sexual and reminisce about encounters i had had already. I had experimented with nudity when i was about 14 or 15 with two other girls and two boys in a park one evening which led to me being touched by one of them. It was my first experience of seeing a boy with an erection and had touched it and played with it while he fingered me and made me cum. I made him cum and my friends were so excited by it i almost wished i had been the one watching. My next encounter was when i was on an outward bound course in the lakes and was sharing a room with another girl, the second night we were having a good laugh and then when we got undressed for bed she touched my naked body and caressed me, it froze me for a minute then the rush of feelings rippled across my nerve endings as she caressed me. I arched my head back and enjoyed the moment. We kissed and touched each others naked bodies before getting into bed and making each other cum. I never saw her again after that weekend. My first intercourse was when i was 17 and I was drinking with a friend at the park when he kissed me and touched me and we ended up in a quiet corner behind the park keepers' garages and he made love to me. We repeated the experience a few times then he got a job working away from home and we stopped seeing each other. I then had a few sessions at parties. The most memorable was with an older guy one night at a party. He was very experienced and knew how to push my buttons. I think because of that i fantasize about older men and even married men and being 'taken' by them. My thoughts and fantasies were abruptly ended when the Foreman shouted down the parlour he wanted to see us in the holding pens at the end of the shift. I shook myself out of it but realised that all those thoughts had got me very wet and excited, my panties were wet! I then had fantasies about the Foreman when we were having our meeting!

Later that afternoon I got a message from Jean (the foreman's wife) to come to dinner at hers the next evening! I was looking forward to it and decided to put on a summer dress, working on the farm I didn't get chance to wear anything else but jeans normally and i hadn't been out for ages or not had to cook for myself. I finished my shift then had a nice shower and slipped on some of my best underwear and a loose summer dress then popped some makeup on and brushed my hair. I walked over to the house which was on the far side of the farm.

I went in and helped Jean in the kitchen finish dishing up dinner. As she was working she asked me if i had a boyfriend, I said 'no', she then started asking about previous partners and sexual experience which i thought was a bit forthright. She was a very well endowed woman and there were beads of sweat, glistening down her ample cleavage as she served up in the red hot kitchen. We carried the plates through and sat round the table and politely ate dinner, John was very talkative and had showered and changed into some smart clothes which i was not used to seeing him in. After my fantasies earlier i was quite pleased to see him looking so smart and my thoughts drifted again, imagining myself sat here just having a romantic meal with him then when we finished him caressing me and bending me over the table!

'Gill, would you like some sponge and custard?' Jean asked, abruptly killing my fantasies! 'yes please' i said. After we had eaten Jean removed her apron and made some coffee then she said Gill I want to show you something. I saw a glint in John's eye as we got up and went out of the house. I followed Jean and John towards the tractor garage area. As we got closer i noticed that most of the machines were outside and not parked up in the shed. There was a light on in there and as we approached it was obvious that there was someone in there. John held the door and seemed to make sure i went in after Jean and before him. As we rounded a corner I could see most of the farm hands sat in a circle and there was something in the middle. As we got closer I could see it was a solid four legged bench and on it was a girl, about 25, blonde and totally naked! She was laid on her back and her hands were tied to a leg at one end and her legs drooped over the other end and lashed around the other legs! My mouth dropped open and i stopped in my tracks, i couldn't believe my eyes. What the fuck was happening here? Jena turned and smiled and said 'it's ok come in, i want you to watch this!'

There was one of the guys also naked kissing her stomach and had fingers slowly sliding up and down her moist wet open lips between her open legs. I was riveted to the spot, she was obviously in extreme stages of pleasure and her breast were tight and here nipples were stood up erect like the snow covered peaks on a mountain. Her stomach was tight and she was arching her back and crying out in ecstasy 'God, please no more i can't cum again!' I realized that she had already cum a few times before and was now in a place of pleasure that borders on pain. Looking around I could see at least 5 guys already naked and i guessed they had already had their way with her and that's why she had already cum a few times. My panties were wet and my stomach ached and my loins were sending streaks of intense pleasure all over my body, I realised that i was really really excited by this, even though I thought it was wrong. It surprised me that Jean was here, I could understand the guys but then I was very excited so why shouldn't she? She turned towards me and seemed to look me up and down and then slowly started to unbutton her blouse revealing that very ample cleavage. She dropped it on the floor then undid her skirt waistband and let it fall as well, she paused as she stood there is her bra and pants, her breast bulging out of the bra, straining at the lacy material to get out!

Then she reached behind her and undid it and let it slip down off her breasts letting them fall free. Her nipples were as erect as the girls strapped to the table, mind you come to think of it so were mine, pressing hard against the material of my bra. All the guys except the one fingering the girl were watching her strip and then she slowly slid her panties down revealing her ginger bush. She stood there in front of me for what seemed like ages as if making sure i took in every inch of it. she then turned and went across to the girl and the guy stopped and sat down, she went to a table and picked up a bottle of oil and poured a little on her hand then slowly and seductively rubbed it into her upper body, circling her breast then gently massaging them then on up onto her shoulders. The girl was wriggling and gasping in delight, the massaging continued and then she rubbed the remains onto her own breasts and they glistened in the light from the bulb overhead. She then rubbed herself onto the girl rubbing her breasts up and down her body across her breasts. Her head came back in enjoyment while she rubbed them across her. She then went down her body until her breasts were rubbing her thighs then here hands slowly slid over the now oiled skin of her inner thighs until they reached the soft bulging lips of the girls vulva. The girl gasped out loud and squirmed on the bench as she reached her sensitive bulging lips. She parted them, revealing her clit which was incredibly erect, enlarged beyond normal excited limits after all the pleasuring she had already had. With her right hand she grasped the shaft of her clit between her finger and thumb and gently rubbed up and down, the girl immediately cried out loud and her body went rigid and shook as she orgasmed violently.

Jean smiled and patted the girl on the clit (which made her jump and nearly cum again) and said 'good girl! Well done'. She then turned and came across to me took me by the hand and led me to the bench. She put my hand on her oiled chest and gestured that I massage her. I started rubbing her and found her breasts which felt wonderful and slippy with the oil, she groaned as i massaged her, Jean leaned over and whispered in my ear, 'show these guy how you make a girl cum!' I replied 'I can't do that in front of them!' 'its exciting them as well, its ok!' and slid my hand down towards her open legs. I reluctantly touched her, she was very very slippy and when i found her clit it felt like a rock it was so hard and large. I rubbed it and then gripped it between my finger and thumb which drove her wild she was crying stop but meant more, pushing up against my finger, then without doing anymore she came again her body as tight as a drum skin, she pumped her hips up and down against my grip on her clit until her massive orgasm subsided! The guys around started to clap and cheer and congratulate me.

Jean then undid her and she rolled off the table then she turned to me and started to strip me, before i could say no she had my loose dress on the floor and i was stood there in my undies, she took a step back and said 'very nice' then moved closer and ran a finger down my cleavage which made me tremble, my heart was pounding and i wanted to run but i couldn't my legs wouldn't move besides my body was enjoying the sensations, i seemed to forget there was half a dozen guys watching intently and my half naked body! She toyed with my breasts then kissed me and somehow reached round and undid my bra without me knowing, it slid down my arms and my tits fell out she grabbed it and threw it away across the room. She went round my back and turned me to face most of the guys then her hands came round my sides and started cupping and caressing my tits, when i opened my eyes after all the rush of streaks of pleasure coursing through my body i could see guys hard and drooling. She led me to the bench and shoved me face down on it and two guys snapped to their feet and before i could refuse my wrists were strapped to the side of it above my head. She felt my arse then dragged my knickers down and off leaving me totally naked in front of these guys! I felt a stinging burning as she slapped my arse, 'now it's your turn' she said. She then rang her fingers down my back and across my buttocks and down the insides of my thighs then suddenly she moved up to my pussy, which she parted the outer lips and slip her fingers up my channel. 'God! That did excite you! You are dripping here!' she said. The thoughts of that and the position i was in, was almost enough to make me cum. When i looked to the side of me I could see Derek with a big smile on his face and a big hard erection. Then i rolled my eyes and cried out as i climaxed deeply. Before it subsided she was there again and in seconds had my rock hard clit between her finger and thumb and i could feel my body heading to that special place again. Peaking and climaxing. She was adept at just making me cum without too much effort. In no time she had made me cum about six times and I ached in my loins. She leant down to me and said 'do you want to cum again?' i said 'NO!' she laughed and said 'i think you are ready now. Derek wants to fuck you!' my mind raced. WHAT!! They can't do that can they! FUCK who will stop them, oh shit! What have i let myself into here! Derek stood up and i saw his rock hard cock. It was the biggest i had seen (mind you i haven't seen that many!) fairly thick and quite long, I felt intense feelings streaking from my pussy and my erect clit right down my legs to my toes. Right up to my nipples which stung being so bulging pressing against the bench. He stroked my back and disappeared out of view, i felt his hard cock touch my arse as he prepared to mount me. The guys were egging him on and that just made it all the more erotic! I heard the girl who had been tied up shout out 'come on fuck the arse off her, give her it hard' i was dribbling body fluids down my thighs i was so wet at the thought of this experience. Then he slowly and gently kept easing into me inch by inch, my pussy clenching and stretching at the girth of this dick at every little shove, i heard him cry out in pleasure 'oh fuck what a wet slippery pussy!' he slid in and in and i felt him stop and twist his hips and his dick touched the inner walls of my vagina, FUCK!!!! I had never felt this before, he started thrusting and in no time i could feel myself building to climax and i was tightening around his cock. He thrusted a few more times and then i clenched myself as i was in agony as i came again for the seventh time in what seemed like half an hour. My clenching pulsating pussy finished him off and he cried out as he splattered the inside of me with warm fluid as he climaxed. He collapsed onto my back his hand caressing up it in a sort of thank you gesture. I sank onto the bench feeling relieved and satisfied! Then i heard her say 'who's next?' WHAT??? You can't be serious, i have just cum 6 times in half an hour then had a good fucking and made to cum so intensely again I can't take it again!

One of the young guys was up on his feet and he quickly thrust into me hard and slammed away at my arse for about 2 minutes before cuming and withdrawing! The next guy was older and said 'watch how its done, you need to learn to last a bit longer than that!' he slid into me and slowly slid in and out stretching my outer lips as he did. He gasped as he did and said 'fuck your right what slippery pussy we have here, its a long time since i felt one like this!' he slowly thrusted in and out of me until i shuddered and he felt me clench around his hard dick as i climaxed one of the most intense orgasms so far, as it subsided i sort of collapsed onto the bench thinking fuck i can't take any more of this!

The same pattern followed as they were all older experienced guys and didn't cum until they had made me cum! Then they were all finished apart from John, jean got up and got John to lie down next to the bench in my line of vision and climbed on top of him and slowly lowered herself onto his enormous erection, then dropped with all her weight onto it making sure she took it all right in her! She bounced up and down on him for ages then started crying out in pleasure at each thrust, until she climaxed. Then she collapsed onto the floor with all the effort! John got up and came over to me and said 'i have saved this for you!' Went round and eased my cheeks apart and started to slide into me, it stretched me, it was such a thick cock, my entrance clasped around it, he pushed into me it was tight and at times it made me wince but when it eventually slid right in, i felt it touch my insides oh fuck it delicious, he reached underneath me and touched my clit, flicking it and playing with it, with every new flick and twist my insides fluttered and very quickly I could feel one incredible orgasm building, within a few seconds i was screaming out and trembling all over, a massive surge seemed to pulse through my lower abdomen and I could feel myself shaking against his dick, my quivering pussy was clenching at the dick inside me and i could feel it hardening and a renewed effort from John, he shoved hard into me and came deep, deep inside me, i felt it hitting the walls of my insides with a splat and very violently i exploded on it. I have never experienced anything half that intense in all my life! Will I ever again? I thought.

He collapsed in a heap on top of me and his limp dick slid out of me amongst all the juices that had gathered there both from the guys and my numerous orgasms. I could feel it running down my inner thighs. Jean came over to me and ran her finger through my hair saying 'God that was exciting!' I was thinking 'Fuck, that's an understatement!'. The other guys had gone when they eventually gathered their breath and she undid me from the bench. But to my surprise Jean turned me round and backed me against it and started to fondle my breasts, tweaking my enormous nipples with her finger and thumb. That sent a searing pain through me which seemed to dive down to my pubic area which in turn started to throb again. Without warning she eased me back onto the bench again and John got hold of my wrist and pulled them above my head. She twanged my nipples with her tongue before running it down my body over my abdomen and around my pelvic area and over my hips, i shuddered and down below i was throbbing with excitement. My pussy ached, my breast throbbed my nipples stung. Then she rang her tongue down my channel and back up again parting the lips till she found that erect little shaft of my clit. As her tongue glided over it lightly I shook with pleasure and she knew it and teased me again and again, relishing in the feel of my bodies movement each time. She then circled it, occasionally flicking it, occasionally sucking on it until i was building to another orgasm. She knew it and each time i escalated towards it she moved away and licked my thighs, my hips, my belly until i subsided then returned to my most sensitive part. John said 'have you ever been licked down there before?' I shook my head unable to speak! I couldn't believe the pleasure i was getting from this and what effect it was having on my body. Every time i neared orgasm, right at what now seemed the last second she would stop it and leave me scrambling for breath. It continued for what seemed like half the night until my body felt it could not stand it anymore and i groaned deeper and louder each time until I was shouting out begging her to let me cum, she just laughed and said be patient! Then without warning she rammed what felt like 3 fingers in me, finding that sensitive area inside my passage against the pelvic bone and held a finger pad against it and at the same time nipped my clit between her lips and held it there. I shook, uncontrollably, spasm'ed, screamed out, twisted my body, arched my back, stopped breathing, wrenched at my held arms, I am not sure what else because i was oblivious. I could feel my pussy contracting and gripping and convulsing and it felt like it squirted a fountain of juices in her face.

Jean came up to my face and said 'I have never had a woman squirt in my face before! Wow that was unbelievable!' 'would you like to lick me and make me cum?' I had never done anything like that before and didn't really want to but as I was being held naked by a big naked guy and she had just done incredible things to me, the thought of it excited me and I said 'yes' very nervously. John released me and i got up and Jean lay down and john grabbed her wrists and pulled her arms above her head very tightly and without thinking of the effects it was having on me i went down to between her legs and started work on her bulging pink pussy! Within minutes she was groaning I could taste her wetness, her slightly salty taste of excitement! She started rocking her hips and i could feel her pulling at her held arms which was obviously having an erotic effect on her being held down, she was crying out and in a massive shudder she sprayed my face as she climaxed a stomach churning orgasm.

The next morning I was down in the parlour as usual for my early morning shift. Rich was there as well and he had a glint in his eye all during milking and actually spoke a few times and I could tell he was eyeing up my tits. When we finished and we had hosed down and cleaned up it was about 9.30 and I was just about to go into the shower and changing room when Rich came over and started talking to me. He was keeping me there on purpose and I soon found out why. I suddenly felt my arms grabbed from behind, I jumped and tried to pull away, He held me tight and I heard John in my ear 'hold still you are not going anywhere for quite a while', Rich was eyeing my up and down and I could feel John pressed against my arse. My stomach was tightening and there were tingles running down to my pussy. He shouted 'come on Rich, get those fucking big tits out', he grabbed my white coverall at the collar and yanked it hard apart and it parted down the zip right down to my waist and because i had my arms held behind me and it was pushing my chest out, my tits in my blue lacy bra were in full view. John eased the grip on one arm and slid my overall down over it, I struggled to break free but he had me held tight. Then in another swift operation he had the other side off and it dropped to the floor around my ankles and i was stood there in my skimpy underwear. Rich stood back and was having a good look then came forward and reached round and undid my bra and dragged it off my shoulders, my large tits fell free, I heard John gasp in my ear as he held me and was leaning over my shoulder, I could feel his hard dick pressing against my arse. I was breathing deeply and could feel myself getting more and more excited down below at the thought of this.

Rich slid his hands up my stomach until they reached my tits then he gently caressed them, occasionally tweaking my nipples which had the desired effect. Then his hands slowly and tantalisingly slid down me till he reached the waistband of my panties and he hooked his thumb into it and very slowly and seductively slid then down over my hips, bending down and taking them all the way down to my ankles. I shuddered and gasped with pleasure as the lacy material slid over my hips and i knew that i was now naked and going to get more pleasure. My pussy still ached from the pounding and stretching it had the night before but I didn't care! Rich then stood up and kissed me and ran his tongue down my neck and all the way to my nipple where he sucked on it hard. His hand slid down my side and around my hip and gave my cheek a good squeeze. Then it slid round to the front and slid down my pubis until he reached the top of my crack. A finger slowly slid down it over my clit, i flexed hard, an involuntary movement, as it crossed the pinnacle of my pleasure. He took a deep breath as he eased into me and felt my soaking wet pussy. 'FUCK that's wet and slippy!' he exclaimed. John then eased me across to the gantry of the milking pens and pushed my arm up above my head and Rich cable tied it to a bar, then they repeated it on the other side my arms stretched out. John then took a step back and I could see he was drooling at my naked body. 'What a body, what a decent pair of tits' he said as he moved closer and fondled me all over! His hand slid down my body and down my crack and two fingers slid straight into me, I gasped in delight he gasped in amazement, 'Fuck your right, what a lovely little tight slippy pussy' then started to rub the pad of his index finger against the area of my pussy and pressing against the front of my pelvis. He rubbed and rubbed and I could feel my muscles tightening and i knew i was quickly building into an orgasm. 'OH FUCK!' I shouted as he made me quiver with his very adept fingers. 'Oh you are going to get fucked my little ginger maid, but not just yet!' he quietly said in front of my face without easing the pressure and motion down there. 'I hope you had nothing planned for today because you aren't going anywhere for quite a while!' The thought both horrified me and excited me!

My breathing was deep and heavy and i glanced to the side to see Rich stripping out of his coverall and take off his underpants his hard dick sprung up as it was released. Oh FUCK!!! The sight of that at the point he had brought me tipped me over the edge and I was shuddering and gasping and moaning all in one as i came on his finger. He eased the motion and let me subside! Then patted my pussy and said 'good girl! Thats 1!'

Rich moved forward his dick as hard as rock, 'let me fuck her now' he shouted, but John pulled him back and said 'not yet son! It will be much better after she has cum a few times!' and he backed off. My mind was racing, what a FEW times!! NO NO NO! I cant take much more of this, just fuck me now and let me down from here I was thinking. John reached down and pressed a few buttons on the milking machine equipment and it started up, he picked up the cups that suck onto the cows teats and milk it by pulsing suction. He separated one out and then got hold of my right tit and applied it to the nipple it started to gently pulse and suck it in and he gently needed it around the nipple and eased it in until it was 'attached' by itself then he repeated the process with the other. My right nipple was already throbbing with excitement and I could feel it getting bigger and harder by the minute. It sent shivers down my body. Now my left one was doing the same and i was beginning to gasp! 'Quite a feeling isn't it? You are enjoying it I can see' he exclaimed and moved across to the next pens machine and started it up and then came towards me waving one of the cups, he waved it in front of my face and said 'now where do you think this one will work best?' I could here it pulsing air from the end of the cup, he had a big smile on his face and my whole tits were now throbbing, my nipples were rock hard and literally throbbing in time with my heart thumping in my chest. He slowly slid it down my body letting the edge of the cup tingle down it until it was between my legs, He turned and nodded to Rich, he came forward and grabbed my right ankle and lifted my leg up high and strapped it to a bar at about waist height so I was balanced on one leg and tied at three corners! I could feel my pussy stretched wide and John dropped to his knees and using his finger and thumb he spread open the lips of my pussy exposing my highly erect clit I could feel the cool air hit it sending shivers up to my nipples and deep deep in my groin. Then without warning he shoved the cup over my clit and it snapped itself onto it and sucked it up into it and starting pulsing it and dragging it further inside, stimulating it and engorging it as it went. I gasped out load and my body shook in simultaneous pleasure! 'It never fails to excite!' he said quietly in my face while holding the cup against me then started to ease it in and out against me adding to the pressure the suction was putting on my engorged clit. I started gasping deep and loud as the pleasure took over my feelings and actions, i screamed as my insides tightened in one enormous pulse of pleasure. My body shook all over i arched my back and screamed out 'FUCK, OH FUCK, OH FUCK.........' in the past it had subsided because the action causing it eased of but these cups kept up the pressure, i trembled all over again and i could feel my pussy clenching and I felt as if i was going to pee. I could not hold out any longer and I screamed out loud as I could feel my pussy pulsing and fluid squirting as if I was peeing myself. A big smile came over Johns face and he stood up and kissed me and whispered as he relaxed his hand and the cup fell away from my clit, 'you are good, that was a very good squirt!' he lifted his hand letting the cup drop to the floor and put his fingers to my lips 'lick! This is yours! You squirted all over my fingers' i gingerly licked it, it tasted of my excitement my fluids my orgasm. Then he licked them! 'very nice and sweet girl', 'should we call that last one 2?, which makes 3'. He slid the flat of his hand down my stomach and stopped on my pubis, his fingers then slipped into me. 'Oh yes! So wet, so slippy, so sweet!' he put his thumb on my clit and gradually put pressure on it, I rocked away from it as it was so painfully pleasurable, he kept the pressure up as i moved back till my arse hit the railings and stopped it going any further, he kept pressing and slowly and gradually slid another finger into me stretching me more, then another, I felt like i was about to burst and screamed for him to stop, with a final few pushes against my clit I came so deeply again! '4!' He stood back and nodded to Rich 'now its all yours, its ready for it'. Rich came up stroking his throbbing hard dick. He shoved two fingers in me and checked it! then eased himself down under me and guided his dick in with one hand while putting his other round my arse and pulling me towards him. He eased inside me stretching me slightly as it went, then he could contain himself no longer and straightened his legs forcing himself up harder into me lifting my last foot taking my weight of the floor. I gasped out loud as his dick slammed against my wide open clit as my weight shoved hard against it. He continued to pump me hard, I groaned out loud with each thrust my body building in that now familiar tingling! John slid his hand down my gut and his finger found my clit and rubbed it frantically between each thrust, within half a dozen more thrusts I screamed out and went absolutely rigid, my pussy clenching hard around his dick, I could feel it getting harder and deeper as he pumped me hard to climax. John shouted 'go on Rich, she has cum on your dick, cum deep in that tight little pussy, give her your load Rich!' and with that he groaned and slammed deep into me and held it there as he repeatedly squirted his load into me!

When he eventually recovered his composure he withdrew and I could feel fluids running down my thighs. John shouted 'yes! Well done! Thats 5' he then squatted under me and guided his dick into me, I shouted 'NO PLEASE, NO MORE! I CAN'T TAKE ANY MORE! I CAN'T CUM ANY MORE' John laughed and said 'you will be here for a while yet girly, you are only on 5! Suzanne last night managed double figures!' and at that he slammed into me and cried out in pleasure as he slid easily into my now well lubricated pussy! I yelped as he took my weight! 'Fuck! Girl that is good, best tight pussy i have had!' he thrust hard and steady and methodically into me until i could take it no more and exploded so deep on him!' he withdrew immediately surprising me, 'I will save that for a bit later!' he whispered in my ear as he went down on his knees and ran his tongue along my thigh and around my lips then down my canyon crossing my enormous clit making me gasp! His tongue penetrated me a few times and i was very quickly building into a climax again when he grasped my clit between finger and thumb and squeezed it and at the same time licked the end hard. That did it, I was left helpless and fatigued and gasping and hanging on the ties.

'6!!, do you want a drink?' I nodded and he went to my side and I heard running water and realised he was turning on the wash down hose. Before I knew it the jet of water was in my face and i spluttered it then went down to my tits, it was excruciating, then my pussy, while playing it there he moved closer, intensifying the feelings, he played it side to side across my clit then moved even closer and kept it up. Incredibly it made me cum incredibly deep! '7!'

They cut the cable ties around my leg and arms and I gasped with relief to be out of that position and I just about collapsed onto the floor, before I knew it John had me on my hands and knees on the concrete floor and was between my legs and his hard erection was sliding into me from behind! 'Now lets see how you fuck girl, come on take that dick, fuck it! fuck me!' I responded to it as new trembling coursed through my body and I rocked back on my knees as he slammed forward into me. His balls swinging forward and slamming into my clit! Oh fuck this cant be happening! I am building again! So deep and tight and painfull but incredibly pleasurably! He slammed and slammed into me until he could feel me clenching around his dick, that took me over the edge and he exploded inside me, blasting my insides! 'FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!!!!' i gasped and collapsed forward onto the dirty floor as he released me from his hold around my hips.

'8, fucking superb!'

My mind came to as I realized i was being rolled over onto my back and Rich was in between my legs with his dick hard staring me in the face. He slid down my body and back up sliding his dick in me then he eased up and grabbed my ankles and forced my legs up and put one over each shoulder so i was bent double and then he was slamming down on me with all his weight into me. It felt so deep each time he dropped onto me, I moaned with each thrust ignoring the pain of the rough concrete on my arched back and shoulders. He pounded to shit out of me so hard and deep on every slam until he could hold on no longer and he heaved his hot load into me. My pussy clenching at his throbbing, pulsating bulging head.

At that Jean appeared carrying a robe and said 'come on guys give her a break!, Gill come with me' and held out her hand to help me up off the dirty floor, offered me the bath robe which i slipped into, then she put her arm round me and said 'would you like a nice hot shower?', i nodded. She led me out of the parlour stopping to pop on some milking boots at the doorway and we crossed the yard to her house. She led me upstairs to a large bedroom and showed me a large on suite bathroom with an enormous shower in the corner. She turned on the shower and left giving me a smile on the way out. I slipped out of my robe and went into the shower. After a couple of minutes Jean appeared in the shower saying I have brought you some nice shower gel and proceeded to squirt some on her hands and start to spread it across my shoulders and down my back. It felt wonderful, so soothing and her hands seemed to be so sensuous massaging it in. Then with a new application on her hands she pressed her very fulsome tits into my back and her hands slid round my front and started massaging my tits, expertly rubbing gel into my nipples. I leaned back into her enjoying these incredible tingling down my body. She gently massaged my whole upper body constantly going back to give my tits a good massage. Then she slid herself around my body until she was in front of me, I instinctively ran my hands up her sides and onto her massive rounded, firm tits. Her nipples were already very hard and erect about the size of a fruit pastille. I gently rubbed across them and felt more sensations run down from my tits to my groin. She slid her hands up my back to my neck and eased my head towards her passionately kissing me on the lips. I was slightly taken aback at how nice it was and how I enjoyed it. It was also very different from what had gone before, this had passion not just pure sex, she was so passionate and I enjoyed it and responded with the same. Her tongue explored my mouth and before I knew it we were kissing each other with such passion and excitement, my pulse and breathing quickened and I knew i wanted more of this 'loving'. We kissed and caressed each other under the warm water for ages, she whispered in my ear that she had been watching me for ages and fantasised about this. I heard a noise and when I glanced over Jean's shoulder John was sat in the doorway naked and playing with his dick while watching us kiss and cuddle. She knew he was there and didn't bat an eyelid, after a while she whispered in my ear 'touch me, excite me, make John jealous!' I spun her round to face him and caressed her tits from behind then ran one hand down her stomach and through her pubis and down her crack, spreading her lips as I went until I was rubbing her erect clit. She immediately started moaning with pleasure and wriggling her hips. His eyes widened and seemed to put a renewed vigour into his wanking. She quickly came with loud gasps and screams. She then said watch and enjoy, she walked over to John and pulled him up off the chair and pushed him down on the floor and quickly sat astride him and lowered herself onto his very hard big dick. I watch very excited at the site of that dick easing itself into her stretching pussy. She arched back in pleasure and started to ease up and down on him using her haunches to 'bounce' up and down on him each time letting her while weight slap down on to the full shaft of his hard erection. I got more excited with each bounce, her tits bouncing up and down with each cycle; occasionally he would reach up squeeze them. She started shouting 'come on I'm cumming come on cum in me fuck me fuck me' then they both screamed with pleasure as they came together and she collapsed in exhaustion on him. I just stood there enjoying the moment then realised i was rubbing myself at all the excitement.


We were busy for a couple of days and didn't have much spare time and nothing happened except for Rich grabbing my tits in the parlour one morning. I was starting to feel neglected and ready for sex. At the morning coffee break John came over and whispered in my ear 'are you ready for a threesome?' a threesome? What does he mean? My mind worked overtime for the rest of the day and my juices were definitely flowing. When we went to the changing room John was already there and there was a mattress on the floor. Rich came in and shut the door behind him then grabbed my arms and held me while John ripped open my coverall and roughly grabbed my tits. 'You have wonderful tits Gill, let's have them out' and he dragged my bra cups up and over my tits and let them fall free. He played with them for a while then started to strip in front of me. When he dropped his pants he was already very hard and my pussy knew it was me that had done it and it was throbbing.

He dragged my coverall down, then my panties then dragged me down on top of him on the mattress, I knew from a couple of days ago in the shower that I was expected to slip onto him. I sat up and lowered myself onto him. Rich was now stripped and his hand came down my belly and was rubbing my clit while i bounced up and down on John, fuck it was very exciting and the rubbing after 2 days of nothing quickly brought me to a clenching orgasm. John then pulled my head down towards him so i was laid on top of him and he slid in and out of me. Rich was feeling my arse and giving it a few gentle taps then his fingers went down round my pussy and he felt me and rubbed fluids up and over my other hole. He did this a few times before easing his thumb into it. I moaned out loud while he played. Then he straddled me and I knew he was going to try and slip it into me. He guided it in and eased it carefully in until his head was in me then in one thrust it slid right in. OH FUCK!!!! Two dicks at the same time and they thrusted at the same time so as to bang into me at the same time! Double pleasure, double quick orgasm!

He withdrew from me and John rolled me off saying 'I want to fuck that arse now', Rich lay down his dick still hard, John pushed me towards him and said 'got on him, ride that dick' i protested 'i have just cum' he said 'stop moaning you're going to cum again in a minute' and pushed me down onto Rich I had no choice but to slip onto him and before I knew it John was in me as well. I took a sharp intake of breath as it went in. They both fuck the shit out of me slapping my arse and squeezing my tits and he was right I exploded onto him in about a minute. They continued to fuck like rabbits until both came in me.

I went to bed that night very sore! But very satisfied and i soon drifted off to sleep dreaming of double penetration. When I woke as the alarm went off I realised I was very wet. Unfortunately I didn't have time to relieve myself!


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