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How to improve manager / employee relationships: The British Grand Prix

Short story By: HornyJohn

The manager who prefered a hard fuck!

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I had started working part time for a company, my boss was a woman in her late thirties.

I had met her a couple of times and she turned up one day. She said she needed to go through some health and safety stuff with me.

We went into a training room and sat opposite each other at a small table. The first thing I noticed was that she had a square low cut top on that showed most of her cleavage. I am quite partial to tits and cleavage so this didn't upset me at all. I prefer generous tits but i do enjoy nice firm looking ones so long as they are not too small and if they have good perky nipples then that makes up for the smaller proportions! Every time she leaned forward to show me something, the top seemed to hang down as well and leave her whole balcony bra showing with the top half of her tits in full and close view. It was very nice and a few times I got quite hard. I had to be careful she didn't see me spending more time looking at them than the notes and things she was showing me. A couple of times my mind ran riot and I thought she was doing it on purpose just to excite me and she got off on it but then I decided I was just thinking that and it was only my vivid imagination.

After the health and safety stuff she seemed to chat a while about general things which I thought slightly strange because they are quite strict on hours and like to make sure they get good value. At one point she mentioned she was going to Silverstone at the weekend for the Grand Prix. I said I would be watching it, good GP, one of the highlights. She left after a little while and I finished up at the store and went home. The next day she rang me to say that the company got so many corporate hospitality tickets for the GP and she had got hold of a spare if I fancied going with her husband and her. I hesitated as I hardly knew her but she said come on you want to go it will cost you nothing, company pays motel, ticket covers hospitality. Eventually I said yes, but it would seem a bit strange travelling down to Northampton with a guy I had never met and my new boss who i had only met a couple of times and had sat perving her tits!

Any how we travelled down to Northampton on the Friday evening and stayed in a motel and went to qualifying on the Saturday. It was great and we had great seats, got invited into lotus hospitality suite and were plied with drinks all day! After qualifying we hung around a bit and yes more drinks, then we went back to the motel. There was plenty of time to kill so we decided to have a rest then meet up for a meal. After the meal we had some more drinks and then said we should head for an early night. When we got to our rooms, I went to go in mine and he said why don't you come in for a nightcap, i said it was alright (thinking I don't want to be in their room spoiling their fun) but he insisted. I agreed and went in, they did some drinks then to my complete shock he said that she had a fetish and would be happy for me to join in if I wanted. He said she liked to be held down hard and tight and tongued and played with would I be interested? Well what a fucking stupid question who wouldn't want to lick a young sweet pussy.

Without any hesitation she started undressing, he leapt up and grabbed her and played with her in front of me. Taking her clothes off, playing with her tits, she had very big erect nipples. She just enjoyed it, he kept whispering in her ear and this seemed to excite her even more. i suspect he was saying she was being watched and he was getting her tits out. Eventually she was naked; he had played with her tits for a while, taunting me with them, then he forcibly dragged her back onto the bed. He grabbed her ankles and pulled her legs right over her head then crouched down at her head and pushed them hard into the bed and the side of her head. Her pussy was stuck right up in the air and wide open. She had a mousy coloured fairly curly bush. I could see something sticking out of her pussy and initially thought she had a tampax in or something then realised it was her clit sticking up erect. It was massive; it stuck out of her lips by about half an inch erect like a little dick. My thoughts were brought to an abrupt end when he shouted at me 'come on get stuck in there she cant move now' I couldn't believe it but moved forward and ran my tongue down one of her thighs slowly towards her pussy as I got closer I could hear her moaning with delight, i decided to make her wait and ran across her bush and up the other thigh, she wiggled her arse and moaned out loud as i placed my hands on her arse and inched closer to her pussy, i couldn't wait any longer to get my tongue in there, I parted her pussy lips with my fingers and held them apart to reveal this incredible clit. It was stood up erect about an inch long, I have never seen anything like it. I bent forward and ran my tongue up her slit until it came to the clit, she was being very vocal and gasping out, she obviously did have a thing for it! I ran my tongue up it then cupped my lips and sucked it up and down. She was gasping out shouting 'arg.... ooooh.... mmmm....' I sensed she loved it so I sucked it harder and harder faster and faster, she was wriggling and trying to move but he kept her held tight. Then I heard her starting to shout out she was building to orgasm fast. I gave it a last ditch hard suck and felt a spray on my face as she came! I kept sucking and she kept shouting in pleasure and spraying my face every time she continued her orgasm. Eventually she relaxed and I decided I had better stop. He said to me 'come and take over here, hold her tight, don't let her move, I am going to fuck that wet pussy' I did as he said and got hold of her ankles and pressed them hard into the bed. He got up and quickly got undresses, he was rock hard, he almost lept on the end of the bed and shoved it into her without any hesitation, he arched his back in delight as he slid into her saying 'Oh FUCK you are wet! Oh FUCK that's nice'. She was gasping and moaning under me as I held her. I could see her tits firm tits showing between her legs, her nipples were really hard, she was excited!

This was all too much, i wanted to fuck that wet pussy, i wanted have a good feel of those firm tits and i wanted to have a good suck of those rock hard nipples.

I decided to ease my grip on her left leg with my right hand and put my knee on her foot to hold it in place, she didn't struggle to free it so i used my now free hand to go play with those tits. They were incredibly firm, i got a nipple between finger and thumb and rubbed it, she was really enjoying it all, he was pumping the fuck out of that pussy, i was caressing her tits and nipples.

She was being very vocal 'argh.... oooohh.... oh FUCK!, Oh fuck i am going to cum again...... argh......' She went stiff, i squeezed the shit out off her tits, he was pumping like fuck and crying out he was cuming. Then he held it in her and exploded in her.

He withdrew and came back up to me and took hold of her legs and said 'go on, your turn make her cum again'. I quickly got off the bed and left him holding her and got undressed, fuck I was hard, i bent down and went straight back for that clit, i licked it, sucked it and rubbed it! I ran two fingers into her and she was extremely wet and slippy, i slid them in and out of her while rubbing her clit with my thumb at the same time. She was starting to wriggle; i knew she was getting excited so i speeded up my rubbing and pressing harder at the same time. She was gasping out loud again then let out a loud argh! as she came again. I got on the bed and kneeled against her arse and said 'do you want this hard dick in that wet pussy now?' I heard a muffled mubble and he shouted at her 'come on slut, tell him you want that dick, tell him you want a good fucking, tell him to fuck that pussy hard' she responded loudly 'fuck me, fuck me, fuck that wet pussy, please stick it in me' I obliged her and slid it right in her, he was egging me on, she was shouting fuck it, i thrusted the arse off her until she came on my dick which excited me so much I came in her long and hard and well over due. I collapsed off her onto the bed expecting that to be it but he said 'come here hold her', i did and he went straight down and was fingering the shit out of her pussy, she was getting very excited and then he went down and sucked her clit which brought her to fulfilment again.

He then fucked her again while i played with her tits until they both came. He then collapsed onto the bed. I thought I should let her go at this point and leave but when i let her go she rolled over and started kissing me and her hand found my dick which didn't take long to get hard again. She then got up and climbed on top of me and gently eased onto my dick while she was sat up. She then started easing up and down on it getting faster and deeper all the time. I reached up and caressed her tits with both hands which excited her. She seemed to be able to keep up this action for ever and eventually i could feel myself building to climax again, I squeezed her hard and she knew why and just bounced even harder which finished me off in seconds. She kept bouncing making sure i came right to the end. Oh fuck, what a fuck that was!

She rolled off me and immediately turned her attentions to her husband who was lying half asleep on the bed, she went down and got hold of his limp dick and guided it into her mouth, he groaned in pleasure and she started sucking it. She got him hard in no time then did the same thing climbed on top of him in a sitting position and lowered herself onto his hard dick, then started bouncing up and down on it. I got up and leaned over to her and played with her tits from behind then i ran my hand down her stomach and across her bush until i found that clit which i rubbed furiously, she groaned and bounced with renewed vigour. I whispered in her ear 'go on fuck him, fuck that dick, cum on that dick, cum on it'. She let out an enormous scream as she came again, i had lost count but that must have been about number 6 in about an hour!

She flopped off him onto the bed and was laid face down and was going to go to sleep I think, fucking exhausted i should have thought. He got up and whispered in my ear 'don't let the fucking bitch sleep, take it in turns to finger her, keep making her cum' I didn't need telling twice to keep fingering a sweet pussy. I gave her a few minutes to drift off then rolled on top off her arse and slid my hand under her and got in her wet pussy, she groaned and said 'no, no more' i said 'oh yes, how many times have you cum?' she said 'loads' i said well you are going to cum loads more before the nights out!' and i fingered her while holding her legs apart with mine and pressing my dick into her bare arse. It did the trick and she made it another time. She let out a sigh of relief and relaxed back into the bed.

I came to a few times and fingered her, she never objected only a 'oh no not again! ' at first but then soon opened her legs to let me in.


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