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Times of passion

Short story By: Hidden dreams

A story of young lovers meeting and falling in love instantly. The passion that consumed them and the bond that imprinted him into her heart and dreams forever

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Chapter one - Fate brings them together It was mid June and the sun was shining high and bright in the sky. She closed her eyes against the glaring sun and leaned back into the towel. Slowly the pounding in her head from the events of the night before, began to subside. The sounds of the waves on the surf and the warmth of the sun washing the last of her hangover away. Her companion announced to her he was going to leave to get some food and would return shortly. She mumbled a reply, keeping her eyes closed, totally relaxed. She did not know how much time passed but suddenly felt the need to sit up and look around. She scanned the beach, looking for something she did not know. Then her eyes stopped on another pair of eyes, looking right at her. She looked away quickly then slowly looked back. His shirt was off, revealing dark tanned skin with defined muscles. His chest was hairless and he wore a red ball cap and swim shorts. He had the body of a boxer and his face was soft and round with a strong jawline and nose. He had very dark brown hair and peircing blue eyes. She looked up at his eyes and saw his smiling at her. She looked away blushing. When she gathered the nerve to look back where he had been sitting, he was gone. Her eyes searched the crowd, hoping desperately to find him. When she found him, he was walking slowly toward the oceans edge. He looked over his shoulder once my way and began to walk into the ocean, pushing his way past the small but strong waves. When the water came to his hips, he dove in and began to sim, covering distance very quickly. She looked longingly after him, wishing she knew this beautiful man. Something inside her urged her to feet and she began to follow him. She looked down at her clothes, a tank top and skirt, considering following him into the water without a bathing suite. Her feet began to move again, almost on their own, touching the cool but tolerable water. She continued into the surf keeping her eyes locked on the mysterious man. Soon the water was waist high, and before diving into the ocean she checked again where she was heading. She could barely see him now, far out into the sea swimming in the direction of the buoy. She tightened her skirt around her, as to not loose it, and dove into the water. When she surfaced much deeper into the ocean, she began a slow front crawl. Soon she was close to him. She stopped unsure of herself, ready to turn back at any moment. Suddenly he turned around and noticed her there. " Are you following me?" He asked in a heavy accent she had never heard before. She noticed a small smile on his lips and she grinned back at him. " I'm sorry, I didn't mean....I just saw you and I had to.. I had to meet you." she replied. " Swim with me" He said simply, taking the lead and diving into the ocean. She immediately followed him. They swam together for some time until they needed a rest. He pointed to the beach, smiling, and she nodded in return. When they got out of the water they walked slowly back to where her things were. " What is your name?" She asked timidly. " My name is Ehsan" he replied. She tried to say it and had him repeat it for her until she was pronouncing it correctly. " What is your name?" He asked her. " My name is Mandi" She answered " Where are you from? Are you visiting here?" she had been thinking he was another tourist in town for the summer, probably from Greece or somewhere tropical with lots of sun. " I am from Iran, we are called Persian. I just moved here three months ago to live and get my citizenship" She was surprised by this, she had never met a Persian person before. When she looked up they were almost back to where she was sitting before and the man she had been with had returned with their food. Shoot how was she going to arrange this? She wanted Ehsan to know she was interested in him and not taken by another man. She politely introduced them to each other, both as friends. After chatting shortly, Ehsan mentioned wanting to go back in the water before the sun went down, and asked her to join him. Once in the water he asked if she was in a relationship with the man she had been sitting with. " No, no. He is just a friend of mine" Mandi quickly assured him. He smiled over at her. He suddenly reached over and grabbed her hands drawing her near to him. " You are very beautiful." He said to her. For the next hour they swam beside each other showing off with tricks and flips in the ocean water and swimming around each others bodies in a graceful dance. When they tired they came in enough for their feet to touch the sand watched the beautiful colors across the sky as the sun began to set. He leaned close to her, to kiss her. She pulled away quickly. " Please my friend is watching us. I do want to kiss you, but I shouldn't . I must see you again another time. " He agreed. " Yes, I want to see you again and soon, let us go your friend is waiting." Brushing his hand on her cheeck softly. They, exited the ocean and walked back to her spot on the beach, the still hot sand warming their feet. She smiled at her companion quickly grabbed her phone from her purse and took down Ehsans number while giving him her number as well. Her friend mentioned they should get going and soon they were saying there goodbyes with the promise to see each other soon. As she hopped in the car she looked wistfully out the window, daydreaming about the days events and what could have happened if her her companion had not been with her. Two days later her friend came to get her and after a short time she told him she could no longer see him as anything but a friend and that she would not be seeing him as often. He was very sad and quiet driving her home and she felt bad for hurting him and leading him on. Truthfully though, she had never wanted to be with him and had already made plans to see Ehsan that week. Something about him was drawing her to him and she wanted to know more. She already wanted to feel the soft touch of his full lips and his strong muscular arms wrapped tight around her. That night she went to sleep dreaming of what making love to him might be like. She sighed in her sleep, smiling softly. She couldn't wait to see him again. He was the most handsome man she had ever talked to and instantly wanted more. The following days couldn't pass by quick enough until she was to see him again for a date.


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