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Agent Booth's Revelations

Short story By: Henry Morgan

I know that publishing for first story, a sex story, isn't the best move, but I promised this to my bes friend Wendy, that she is a big fan of David Boreanaz, and of the BONES tv series.

So this short story, as I already said contains sexual material, its a sex story, I promised I would write for my best friend Wendy, and involves Agent Booth (David Boreanaz-BONES) and a woman who wants to have sex with him, but she is hesitating (no I don't mean Dr Brennan). Even though I don't usually write sex stories, I think I've been pretty good on this one, some of the lines might seem gay-ish but I'm not gay (I don't have something against gays, I'm just not one). I hope you will enjoy this story, as Wendy did, and please comment.

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Booth's Sex Files

This is the sexual perspective of BONES, I won't talk about murders here, just for Booth's sexual intercourse (not dirty language)

Sandra wanted to visit Agent Booth, he saved her after all, her ex-husband had killed her new husband and he was planning to kill her too, but she didn't see it coming, see her husband was the one that left her, so she never thought he would get jealous because she found someone else to continue her life, the truth is, she didn't thought about it herself, she was so absorbed to those recent events that she didn't realized she was there, at Agent's Booth room, he was asleep, he was naked from top, he was well shaped, more than well shaped, everytime Sandra was looking at his body, her mind was triggered with dirty thoughts about how well he could be in bed.

She didn't noticed the young woman next to him, until she stood, and came out of the room "Oh hi, you are here to see Booth?" she asked, Sandra was surprised, she wasn't exactly there to SEE Booth, she had something else in mind, but the young woman continued "I'm leaving, by the way I'm Dr Brennan", Sandra greeted the young woman with a bit of awkward smile and then she said what she had in mind "So you and Agent Booth are? Ummm couple?" Sandra asked, Dr Brennan said "Oh no no, they keep thinking that because we are always kinda, together, but no, he is not my boyfriend, good night I should get going now" Dr Brennan left, Sandra thought she was kind of...a cold woman, but she didn't want to think anymore of Dr Brennan, her mind turned to the dirty thoughts of her and Agent Booth, he was asleep like a little baby, but his manly characteristics, was so hot even though he was asleep, Sandra wondered if he was aware of his charming effect he had on women, or he was one of those kind of men, that they weren't aware they can have any woman they wanted, that thought made him more irresistible to Sandra, she touched the door, and opened it, she went in, he was still asleep, he went through so much, he was shot, well at least it wasn't a serious trauma, Sandra looked at his nipples, they were hard, she was truly confused between what she wanted and what she should do, she sat on the chair, she took a breath, he was still asleep, she wished that he would woke up and asked her to have sex with him, but it was unbelievably stupid wish, he never show that kind of interest toward her, and neither did she, yeah at the beginning she was so absorbed and upset about her husband's death, that she couldn't see Agent Booth, the way she sees him now, he moved a bit, she took a step closer to the bed, he wasn't aware, so he probably moved his body so he can feel comfortable, his nipples were irresistible to her, she was looking at them, and his chest, his muscular chest, she put her palm on, she could feel his heart beating, and the warmth of his body, she wished, she could feel his warmth and sweats on the bed while having sex with him, she hesitated a bit, her husband was killed just a day ago, and she was thinking having sex with this guy? On no the guilt returned, she stepped away, she turned her back on Agent Booth, like he could see her, she was ashamed, even though he wasn't awake to see how far she went, but still she wanted to take a decision without his charming effects, she looked at the TV, she took a breath, and there he was, on the TV talking for the case, well he wasn't shot when the interview took place, but he was still hot there, it was like everything pointed to have sex with him, but still it was so wrong, or was it? She would do it, yes, she wanted Agent Booth, and she would have him, for her first time in her life, she knew this would make her happy, no she didn't want to marry him or have a relationship with him, even though she wouldn't deny him, if he wanted, but what she wanted, was rough wild hot steamy sex with him, just to feel him inside her, and feel his sweats on her body, and hear him moaning out of passion. Yes she wanted this, and she would have it, she took some steps toward his bed, she hesitated but then she remembered her fantasies about him, she continues, now she was next to his bed, she touched him a bit on the chest, oh this muscular chest, he moved, she stepped back, she had to do this, so she closed her eyes and leaned toward him, she started sucking on his nipple, it was so hot, she knew it was hot, but actually doing it, was making it even hotter, she knew he would wake up, he did, he was surprised, but didn't done anything for the first three minutes, she kept sucking and licking his chest and nipple, he finally talked "Mrs Lawson" she pretended to not listen to him, "Mrs Lawson" he said, she looked at him "Yes" she said, embarassed and kinda turned on, "What are you doing? I mean this is totally....umm" he seemed confused as well, "Well Agent Booth, I wanted to thank you for saving me" he stopped her "Yeah, that wasn't exactly a thank you, was it?" he seemed even hotter when he was upset "You look cuter when you are upset" she said, oh no, why she did that, she was so turned on and confused she didn't knew what she was saying, "Mrs Lawson this is inappropriate and I think you should...you should leave now" he said, but he seemed pretty confused himself, Sandra had two choices, either she was leaving and forgetting having sex with him, or she would explain her desires to him and maybe got something, she chose the second one, "Agent Booth, I'm sorry, for doing what I was doing before, I need to explain to you before I go" she said, he seemed calm "Ok sit" Sandra sat next to his bed, "Where do I start, well, in my whole life Agent Booth, I have met a lot of guys, ok not a lot, I'm not a slut, but I think you getting what I mean, and I never felt this....attraction about any of them, not even my husband, so would cost you a lot, to just have sex with me and forget about it the other day? I don't want a relationship or a marriage, just you and me having sex" he seemed confused again "Mrs Lawson, do you understand what you asking? You want me, to have sex with you and then forget about you, like you are some kind of....a prostitute, with all due respect, its inappropriate and I think you should see a professional doctor for your....situation" Sandra stood up and turned toward the door, she was walking, when she realized, she didn't want to take "no" for an answer, she reached the door and locked it, she turned to face him "You know what Agent Booth, screw what is inappropriate and what is not, I want you, right here and right now" He was ready to argue with her but she was already getting naked, and he was a man, he couldn't resist her nice body, no man can resist a nice body getting naked for him only, he wasn't an exception, so he closed his mouth, she went next to him on bed, she pulled off the covers, he was wearing nothing but his briefs, Sandra looked at his briefs, she started licking his neck, while he was touching her breasts, her tongue was making a trip from his warm neck down to his muscular chest and his belly, his abs, and finally his penis, he kinda felt awkward "You know I'm not...fully...erected yet", Sandra laughed with care, like she was a teacher and her student just told her he didn't do his homework, she touched his briefs, she could feel his power, his penis was getting erected as a response to her gentle massaging, she finally pulled off his briefs, his penis was so nice and so big, she didn't lost a moment, like he was paid and he would left, if she wasn't quick, she leaned and with her tongue, touched his penis, Agent Booth moaned, and he kept moaning as she took him, inside her mouth, while she was stroking it, Sandra looked at him, directly to the eyes, like every man, the same with Agent Booth, became harder, he gave her rhythm with his hand, he wasn't pushing, he was just giving her a boost with his hand, she loved it, Agent Booth became so hard, that Sandra was all over him, "and now Agent Booth, be as wild as your condition allows" she said as dirty as she could be, he looked at her and with a smile started moving his waist, as she was riding him, like he was a horse, a muscular horse, that needed to run into her, into her body, she could feel him, inside her, it was great, he was inside her, his heartbeats where so raised that he had to turn off the screen (the one that monitor's his heartbeats) the bed barely could stand his moves, Sandra, leaned toward him, and stood with her hands on his chest, as he kept moving his waist and make her the happiest woman in the world, she could feel his heat, he was a stud, as she had fantasized, she was fantasizing him a lot, but she never believed that he could be better stud than the one on her fantasies and yet he was better, wilder, stronger than the fake agent on her fantasies, the bed was protesting by their weight and their moves, Agent Booth was a very good agent and even more good lover, the speed of his waist moves, was high now, she was ready to scream, but she wanted to keep it for the end, he was moaning softly, and the bed if it was alive, it would scream from pain from the whole weight of theirs and their moves, she could feel it, he could feel it, she screamed loudly as he was moaning loudly and leaving his river inside her meadow, it was a big river, Sandra could feel it, she was exhausted, she didn't move for a bit, she wanted to enjoy all of him and his fluids, he was breathing heavily, and he was all sweaty, she leaned toward him and he hold her, she could smell his sweat as she had fantasized, his heart beats where still high, the man was like he was running a marathon, but what a winner, what a lover.....Sandra went back to her house and she showered, but she never stop thinking about him and neither did he, no he didn't felt love for Sandra, but it was the best sex he ever had, Dr Brennan visited him the next morning, he was all tired, and when she sat next to him, the bed collapsed and he laughed because he knew, that the bed was the victim of his big "crime" last night.....Dr Brennan thought it was one of those jokes she never gets.


Hi, I tried to keep it as clean as it could get because it was a sex short story, and those stories believe me, cannot be kept cleaner than this! I should say this story, has nothing to do with the original BONES plot, or any other character in this series, I borrowed Seeley Booth and Dr Brennan, but I'm just an amateur writer and wanted to give my best friend Wendy, the story she always wanted to hear, oh yeah she is a big fan of David Boreanaz and his role as Seeley Booth, so I'm a guy, and not gay, sorry for describing those scenes so thoroughly I was trying to make it good for my good friend Wendy, which I hope she will like it!

There is no need to say, that this story is addressed to guys and girls 18 and over, kids should not read this story, as its an inappropriate short story, describing sex scenes that are unsuitable for children.

Thanks for reading this!


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