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Page 1, A Sexual story about dragons. Not edited or anything. Just a rough attempt.


Syn flew over the skies of his domain. His black and red wings swept over the mountains like a black curtain. Syn could smell a female in heat within his kingdom. As a feral beast he knew he on instinct he had claim to her. This was his land. His mountain. Syn had spent years chasing off the other dragons from his lands. He treasured his domain dearly and looked down over the peaks and small lakes/ He flew over to the largest lake in the center of his territory. And landed on the bare shore's soft grass. Syn sniffed the light breeze on this sunny day. The female was close. Lust filled him and his large draconic cock came loose of its sheath. He walked over to the lake and lapped up a few drinks while listening to the wind for the sounds of the female.

Canna was flying low to the ground looking for a new place to call home, away from her other clan who treated her poorly. she was in heat and knew that males would be dangerous at this time without the protection of an alpha male. looking down she sees a nice place to rest. sniffing the air she couldnt smell any males around. looking around she closely examines her surroundings. not noticing anything out of the normal she starts to look for a lake or pond to drink. still closing looking around with her ears perked she notices a small lake. before she could get to the lake she steps on a twig making a loud snap. stopping in place she looks and notices a male. in a panic she started to fly off

Syn hears a loud snap and then turns his head seeing the female. He extends his wings and shoots up and around her. He cut off the path she was about to take and hovered in front of her with a curious look in his eyes. He wasnt sure what to make of her. This female was not of the breed around here. He slowly lowered to the ground in front of her. Syn was larger than her and could take her down fairly easily if she didnt follow his lead but he really hopped she would. His body was reacting to her scent and it would drive him mad to kill this fine specimen of dragoness.

Canna before she could get away the male cuts her off. scared of the much larger male she quickly landed back on the ground with her tail tucked under her hind legs. her ears pinned down she shrinked back as he lowered in front of her. her wings cover her a bit for he wasnt a breed of dragon that she has ever seen. he was much larger than any other male she has seen before.

Syn prowls around her slowly. He leans in and sniffs her tail end and gets a good does of her heat. He murrs a little and walks back around to her front. He leans in and nips at her ear softly. Syn was a vampire dragon, but he didnt feed on other dragons, only humans and beasts. Syn walked back around to her tail end and then moved her tail out of the way with his right claw and looked at her pussy. He growled happily at the sight of suck a tight little hole. Syn leaned down and licked her slit with his long tongue and reeled with the taste of her filling his mouth. she was delicious.

Canna shivering out of fear she watches him walk behind her, growling a little she noticed that he was sniffing at her tail end, she may be small but she didnt want to be breed, not during her first heat. her ear twitches a little from his nips, lowering her wings a bit she watched him walk back to her tail end, growling a bit louder as he moves her tail and began to lick at her slit. hissing a bit she moved away from him tucking her tail back under and sitting on her rump

Syn walked forward and loomed over her. He growled deeply to show his dominance then bit her hard on the ear. He then watched her for a few moments to see if she would submit. As he stood there he let a small amount of his black flame loose in a breath and then growled again. Syn spread his large black wings and then folded them back. He was a scary beast with his red eyes and skull markings on his face. The light glittered off his scales as he lowered his head from his stance. Canna growling softly as she looks up at him while he looms over her. yelps loudly in pain as he bites her on the ear. whimpers a little laying her head down in the grass using her paw to cover the ear he bit. looking up at him she whines untucking her tail for him, submitting to him. her wings stretch out then folds them back whining more

Syn walks around to her back end again and then licks her pussy again. He lashes his tongue over he soft lips a few times. The rough surface of it sliding over her clit and his hot breath blowing across her sweet slit was making him hotter. His dick was unsheathed and he wanted to ram it in her, but she tasted so good he wanted more. Syn pushed the tip of his tongue into the dragoness and then licked her inside before flipping her clit with the tip again. Syn pulled his head up and then put both claws on her sides as he came up and brushed her pussy with the head of his hard pointed cock. Canna blushes red from the feeling of his tongue licking at her pussy, lifting her tail a bit she started to enjoy the males intentions to breed with her. wiggling a bit she feels his claws on her sides them the tip of his cock. growling a little she nipped at his muzzle

Syn murred as he pushed into her tight heat slowly. The dragoness's body was so hot and it squeezed him more as he made his way into her. Sy let it go in with a few short thrusts till his entire cock was in her. He waited a moment to let her adjust before he pulled all the way back out then pushed in again faster. He curled his neck under hers and nipped at her affectionately as his scalled body moved. His muscles rippling as he began to move at a good steady speed into her tight pussy. Canna lets out a little whimper feeling him push more into her, being her first time. wiggles under the larger male getting adjusted. cooing softly loving his nips on her neck as he moved in and out of her pussy, blushes a little licking the males cheek

Syn licks at her tongue and then plays with her a bit more as he moves a little faster into her body. He then draws back from her face and puts his claws over her wing joints. He holds onto them as he begins to get a bit rougher and makes his hard cock thrust into her with a fast move of his hips. Syn extends his wings and beats them with his movements. A small gust blows back the near by trees and Syn leans his head back and roars at the sweet feeling of her walls clenching him tight. He moved his tail under her and then teased her clit with the tip of it as he pounds himself into her.

Canna smiles a little as he licks at her tongue before he grabs her wing joints. she lays her head down into the grass feeling him getting rougher with her, his cock thrusting faster into her. her claws dig at the ground as he starts to pound into her. feeling a gust of wind she sees the trees blow back. groaning she starts to enjoy the pounding as his tail teased her clit. Syn pulls his cock all the way out then slams it back in hard roaring out so that all the others would know of his new female. He Released a hot torrent of semen into the dragoness and still flicked at her clit with his tail. He slowed a bit after the orgasm and then lowered his head to hers licking her cheek softly. Syn's cock was still in the young female and his seed dripped from her tight hole.

Canna lets out a yipe feeling him slam all the in to her spilling his seed into her. shivers a little feeling her clit being teased still she finally cums a few seconds after him, coos softly as he licks her cheek softly. she lowers her rear a little still feeling his cock inside of her and his warm seed dripping from her pussy. laying her head down in the grass she murrs happily now trusting the male that has claimed her

Syn pulls his cock from her and walks around to her front. He sits back on his hind legs showing his still hard and cum coated dick to the female. He looks at her with his head cocked a little before lifting her heat to his shaft with his tail. He murred at his new mate as he expected some more attention. Canna watches him closely as he sits in front of her showing off his cock, looking up at him she knew that he wanted something more. her tongue starts to lick over his shaft teasing a bit before her muzzle wraps around his shaft sucking hard, moving her head up and down

Syn growls happily as he reaches down to stroke her neck with his claw before moving his tail around to her back end again. He slid it over her body slowly and felt her soft fur against his scales. Syn felt her hot mouth and tongue teasing his shaft. He was enjoying this new mate more than he expected and began rock into her mouth a bit. Canna was a loving female but ferious if she needs to be. she calmed down quite a bit letting the male do anything he likes to her since she is now his. murrs softly as she sucks more to please him as he rocks into her mouth.

Syn pulls his now clean cock from the females mouth and then lays on the warm grass next to her. He puts his wing over her softly as the breeze from the lake swept over them ruffling her fur under his wing. The sunlight glinting off the lake and its warmth coating them both. He laid there and nipped at her softly. Canna licks his cock one last time before he goes to lay next to her, she coos to him softly as she scooted closer to him under his wing, looking at the lake shine under the sun as he nipped at her softly

In the small cave just north of the lake, the two dragons were resting on their first night together as mates. Canna gets done with the meal that she caught and starts to clean up the cave of the spoils that wont be needed. looking around she trots to her mate and nips at his hind leg in a playful way grinning a little. She was still in heat and wanted to please him like a good dragoness she is. troting around him she licks under his tail a bit where his cock slit is before troting away to be more of a tease to him. Syn stretches out a bit and looks over at her. He grabs her tail in his mouth before she can get away and pulls her back towards him. He looks at her and then smiles a bit. He sits back with his cock coming out of it's slit a little. He looked at it then to her with a light swish of his tail to indicate it

Canna yipes a little from him grabbing her tail, grins a little looking at him as he sits back with his cock coming out of its slit, moves her head down and starts to lick over the slit then all way up to the tip teasingly. she grins looking up at him as her tongue flicks over the tip of his cock. her pussy starts to drip with excitment from pleasing him. finally she begins to suck slowly to tease a little before she starts to suck harder and faster.

Syn wraps his tail around her neck and pulls her off his cock. She can barely lick the tip of it from where he held her. He gave her a playful smile as he lowered her so that her lips could touch the tip. He smiled at her again as he took control of her and made her beg for his cock. He wanted this dragoness to know she was his and that shee needed his permission to play with his cock. Canna yipes softly as he wraps his tail around his neck, puts her tongue back into her muzzle pinning her ears back as she made him upset with her. whines a bit as she wiggles, wanting his cock as she uses her tail to wrap around his cock and strokes with her tail

Syn lets her use her tail and looks into her eyes. The soft fur of her tail felt good but he wanted her mouth again. He pulled her head down on to his cock's head then released her neck. His tail moved back to her end and slowly went into her pussy. The tip of it began to fuck her, even though it wasnt as thick as his cock he could tell she liked it. she was wet and getting his tail coated was important for what was about to happen.

Canna doesnt waste any time and starts to suck greedily on his cock wanting it. her head moves up and down fast as she sucks hard using her tongue to tease his slit lovingly. moans as his tail pushes into her pussy making her very horny and wet. her juices slid down her legs to the floor of the cave as she keeps sucking. not wanting to stop. his cock was so yummy and made her horny. her tail lifts high loving his tail fuck her

Syn pulls his tail from her wet slit. It was soaking now just like his cock in her mouth. He pushed the tip of it into her ass slowly as he began to push her head down on his cock harder with his right claw. He let a low growl out in pleasure as he felt the tight ass wrapping around his tail. He pushed it in only a little then began to fuck her ass with it. this female's tongue was skilled and Syn was loving this. He murred at her cute little face as it sucked and slurped his cock.

Canna meeps a little feeling his tail push into her ass, moans softly getting used to her ass being fucked as he pushed her head down on his cock. slurps a little as his cock goes deep with in her throat, her tongue teases the base of his cock as she begins to cum a little from being fucked in the ass by his tail. Syn swirls his tail in her ass a little then harder seeing her face as she cums from his teasing. He groans as he releases some cum into her mouth. Three hot bursts of cum pour out of him and shoot deep into her throat before he pulls her off and the last spurt of his cum makes a line over her face. His tail slows to a stop as he looks down at her and releases his grip on her head.

Canna moans as she continues to cum from his tail. swallows all the cum that he released into her mouth. whines as he pulls her off of his cock and gets his cum on her face. licks her muzzle getting as much of his cum as she could. lays down on the cave floor as he releases his grip on her head. pants a little as she was still wet

Syn walked around to her back end and then pulled his body up by grabbing two stalagmites with his hands and he pushed his cock into the dragoness. He felt his body slide into hers and then he pulled himself up with the hanging rocks and used them as leverage to make his thrusts harder and faster. Syn's cock moved in and out of his female faster now and his tail moved to her face. It racked the last of his cum from her face onto its tip and then he held it up in front of her lips. Canna lifts her rear end for him as she groans loudly as he slides into her. her tail lifts high loving him thrust hard and fast into her. watches his tail take the remaning cum off her face then held it i front of her lips. moaning she starts to suck his tail loving the taste of his cum.

Syn pulls his tail back from her face and pushes it into her ass. He fucks both her holes hard and fast as he holds on to the ceiling for support. Her tight heat wrapped around his dick and tail felt so good. Syn gave her a fierce pump lifting her ass and hind legs off the ground then began to fuck her as he growled in to the air. She was so tight that it made him almost crazy. Syn let her legs touch back down and then lowered himself onto her back. He took hold of her shoulders and rocked her onto himself again and again. She just felt so damn good.

Canna yipes a little not expecting his tail to push into her ass too. moans loudly with her tongue loling out from the side of her mouth loving him please her. doesnt even notice that he lifted her ass an hind legs off the ground as she was just focusing on his cock and tail. growls softly as she gets close to cumming, her claws digging into the cave floor. her tail wraps around his neck gently pushing herself towards him more

Syn grips her hips and slams into her a few more times harder. then he moves faster into her as he began to fill her with another hot torrent of cum. He filled her up his semen again and kept pounding into her. Syn's cum splashed out with every hard pump into the sweet tight hole of the dragoness as he pulled his tail out in one fast jerk. Canna groans feeling him cum into her for a second time. she too cums with him as she lets out a sigh of pleasure lifting her hind leg up a little wiggling her rear as his tail pulls out. her tail lets go of his neck as she slides down laying on her bely

Syn pulls loose of her tight pussy and then slumps next to her on the floor of the cave. He licks her neck then sits up picking her up in his arms and moving her to the large grass and hey nest/bed in the back of the cave. He laid her down and then climbed in next to her. Syn laid behind her and covered her with his wing. He shot a small flame out of his mouth over her to ignite the wood pile near the entrance. the fire would keep them warm in the night as he nuzzled into her neck.

Canna coos softly as he slumps next to him. She smiles at him happily as he licks her neck, purrs in his arms as he carries her to the large nest. She curls up a bit cuddling close to him for warmth as his wing covers her. Canna wraps her tail around his as she grooms over his neck showing lovingly affection as he lights the wood pile near the entrance.

Syn lays his head back for her grooming. It felt nice to have someone else do it. He moved his head back and licked her again as he began to clean her fur slowly. His tail moving around with hers a little as he did so. Syn finished her neck and began to dose off with her under his wing. The black and red leathery wing covered her entirely and he laid there holding her going to sleep. Canna coos softly loving him groom over her fur. Yawning she falls asleep with him. Her wings tucked in tight as she wanted to be as close to him as she could.


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