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An Odd Love isnt so bad

Short story By: Hellios

An incest Love story. sorry but it happens.

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It finally happened! Scarlett finally turned 21 years old. Now granted she had only been 21 for about four days, she had been promised to be taken to a party with alcohol. Being the only girl out of her siblings had resulted in her being highly protected. Never had alcohol, still a virgin, never had a real boyfriend. It wasn't until this past year that she had gotten her first kiss and because her 4 older brothers were so intimidating there weren't any guys that tried to stand up to them. Being in college didn't change any of that because her youngest older brother had decided to accompany her to college to 'keep her safe'. And sadly those were his exact words. Not that she minded the protection because she knew exactly how guys could be with women, if her brothers and father didn't approve of the guy she was to be with...then she wouldn't be with him.

Getting ready for that party she'd been promised to be taken to was a sinch. Curling her hair, she put it half up using a clip, the deep mahogany locks bouncing with her movements as she tugged her jeans on with little hops before pulling a very see through red and black lacy top over a black tank top, she opened the door to the shared bathroom and called for her brother. "Hey...are you almost ready?"

Ash pushed open the door as she called to him. He stepped out wearing his white jeans and a pitch black tank top with a white cross on the chest. His black hair was a little messy and still kinda wet. Ash smiled at her as he put his glasses on. "I'm done. Let's go down to the parking lot. Are we taking your car or my bike?"

Scarlett made a face as she stepped into her heels, making her a whole 5'9, bending down to tie the strap that went across the top of her foot to keep the black heel in place. "Hmmmmm..my car would be better...wont it?" She asked looking up at him as she was still bent over, messing with her straps.

He sighed a little as he thought of the blue prius... He slipped his wallet into his pocket and then had a thought. "If we take my Bike I am sure we can park a lot closer." Ash raked his hand through his hair as he moved to the door putting on his black jacket. "Come on, Scar. You know I am a good driver."

She grimaces at that idea. "Hmmmm..alright but I'm taking your keys if I don't think you can drive." She compromised, sliding on her own leather jacket and flipping her hair out of the jacket. "You ready then?" she asked as she sprayed herself with Japanese Cherry Blossom perfume and fixing her bra then her top and putting chap stick on her lips. Having close to no make up on because she didn't like wearing it. She smiled up at him.

Ash looked at his sister and her beauty... It was gonna be a rough night. Ash held the door open and moved outside behind Scarlett. The reached the edge of the parking lot and he looked at the sleek black Honda Shadow. Ash swung on long leg over the edge and then mounted the bike. He didn't have a helmet but he didn't really care. He never used one but he held out the pink one with cat ears he kept for Scarlett, to her.

Scarlett left the building with him, staying close to him as they walked across the parking lot to his Honda Shadow. Grimacing again she waited for him to mount the bike and hand her the pink helmet he always insisted she wear. Putting it on and clipping the strap she swung her leg over and mounted the bike behind him, her arms wrapping around his waist. Sighing she looked over his shoulder as he started the bike. "So...whose party are we going to Ash?"

The man smiled as the beautiful machine roared to life. "Carra's. It' her birthday today." He liked the feel of her holding on to him so tight. He drove carefully as he pulled out to the main road. Ash moved with the bike as he pulled into, the empty road. the wind whipped and moved his hair in a flurry as they went the short distance to Carra's apartment off campus.

Scarlett hid her face from the wind by burying it against his back. Her hair swaying behind her as they hit the road and drove the short distance for Carra's apartment. As they pulled up to the apartment building she leaned back, letting go of Ash and looking up. "Hey...have I been here before?" She asked, her curious gaze roaming around her surroundings.

Ash dismounted and raked his hand through his hair. "you picked me up here once after a party." Ash had been there with some friends and gotten really drunk. Since he was a responsible guy he had called for a ride. Ash went up the stairs as he spoke over his shoulder. "Hurry up. we are already late."

Nodding she got off the bike, taking her helmet off and fastening it to the bike. She hurried off after him, holding her breasts down so that they wouldn't bounce too much. Nervously she hooked her arm in his, staying close to him. "Oh yeah...I remember that. Man...you were piss drunk...it was kinda funny." she teased, giggling as she walked with him.

He laughed lightly as he reached the second floor. He looked and saw around ten people in they had and a bunch were moving in and out of apartment 205. Then he wandered around the party for a while talking to friends and holding his sister's arm close. After a little while he went to get a beer for him and a wine cooler for her. "I'll be right back, scar" Scarlett mingled with the friends Ash introduced her to and some of her own that she had seen. She smiled and played nice, staying close to Ash. When he said he'd be back she nodded reluctantly, letting go of him and finding the birthday girl. She said happy birthday and mingled for a bit.

Ash was walking back to his sister when one of the girls he hung with came up and tried to talk to him. While Ash was busy two guys came over to Scarlett and smiled at her. The taller one spoke first. "I'm Andy and this is Doug." He held his hand out to her for her to take. "Who are you beautiful?"

Scarlett looked over at the guys that had just smiled at her. They we introduced by the tall one named Andy. "Hello Andy, Doug. I'm Scarlett." She answered, her eyes wandering for her brother only to find him to be busy with Clarrisa. Clarrisa smiled at Ash, touching his arm in an obvious flirting manner. "I'm glad you finally got here and got away from your sister. I've been wanting to talk to you all night."

Ash spoke softly to Clarrisa as he tried to move past her. "Happy to see you two Clarrisa. But I need to get back to Scar, I really don't want her getting into trouble." While that was happening Douc was moving behind Scarlett and Andy was getting a little closer to her Ash couldn't see it but The two men were trying to separate her from the other girls by surrounding her. and talked again. "What are you doing her? Boyfriend bring you?"

Clarrisa smiled at Ash, holding his arm instead of letting him go. "How have you been? Scar will be fine. She's a big girl, she can take care of herself." She said softly, keeping her eyes on him. Scarlett looked around, going back and forth between Andy and Doug. "I'm here celebrating Clara's birthday. I came with my brother. Why? What are you doing?" She asked trying to step away from them.

Ash looked at Clarissa then pulled his arm away. "I know she is a big girl, but I am still her brother. I need to watch her. She isn't used to alcohol." As Ash was explaining that Andy moved a little closer and tried to touch Scar's cheek. Doug moved so that she couldn't step away. "Come on Scarlett. We just want to have some fun." He reached for her hand and Doug laughed as he watched.

Clarrisa frowned, giving him a dirty look. "You can't baby her forever Ash." She spat in irritation before walking off. Only to be replaced by Serina who spoke a lot sweeter and was in Ash's major. Scarlett on the other side of the room pulled her face away from Andy's hand, not wanting him to touch her. Keeping her hands away from Doug as she looked between the two of them. "Don't touch me. I don't know either of you. Go away." She said, not really raising her voice loud enough for it to carry far enough to reach Ash.

Ash heaved a sigh and looked at Serina. "Hey..." She was asking about a paper that was due in a few days and Ash was the top of the class. "Just make it shorter. You are making too many little mistakes here. These are a lot of run-on sentences here." He kept talking to her as he went over her paper. Ash loved to teach and help others but he kept looking around for Scarlett still a bit worried. And grabbed Scarlett's wrist and pulled her closer to him. "Come on babe, you can get to know us. It'll be fun." His grip on here was tight and Doug grabbed her other hand. Doug finally spoke. "Come on. Our place is right across the hall." He tried to pull her toward the door.

Serina nodded, listening to what he had to say. Questioning a few things that she could do better before turning the paper in. She knew Ash loved to teach and she had always gone to him for help on assignments she was having trouble with. "So just shorten it and fix my run-on sentences? Got it. Do I have any facts wrong?" She asked, wondering why he kept looking around. Scarlett gasped as her wrists was grabbed, then the other. Looking between them she started to freak. "I don't want to go anywhere with you. You creeps!" She shouted finally, feeling embarrassed that she had to raise her voice. The alcohol in her system not really helping her brain as she was a serious light weight.

Ash heard Scarlett's voice and her panic. We turned around and shot through the crowd. The partiers spread out and made a big circle around the scene of Andy and Douc trying to touch HIS sister. He grabbed Andrew's wrist and almost crushed it in his grasp. Andy let loose of Scar and Ash looked him in the eyes. "Leave." Then Doug let go of Scarlett too and tried to punch Ash. Ash twisted Andy's arm so that Doug's fist slammed into his elbow making it bend backwards. Then Ash gave a straight kick into Doug's chest sending him to the ground. He loosed Andy's hand and the fool crumpled on the floor at his feet.

Serina gasped as Ash moved across the room to a scene that had started. She stayed put. Scarlett on the other hand looked over at Ash as Andy's wrist was nearly broken and the idiot Doug tried to punch her brother, then lost track of things because they were moving too fast. The fight just a blur before she was able to grab onto Ash, getting really dizzy. She'd had one too many drinks it seemed and she wasn't exactly feeling right anymore.

Ash put his arm around his sister and held her up. "Are you okay?" He looked down at the fools that had attacked her. "Come near my sister again and I will not let you walk away." He led Scarlett out the door stopping only to tell Serina that he would call latter to help her out.

Scarlett nodded to Ash's question, feeling woozy but not wanting to bring it up. "It's a good thing we took your bikeā€¦" She murmured, holding onto him as they walked out. It was just about midnight and Scarlett was already blitz.

Ash held her up as he mounted the bike again. He put the helmet on her and then looked up at the window of the apartment they had just left. As soon as Scar was on he kicked the stand up and turned the key on. The engine roared out and he loved the sound. Ash had not been drinking since he knew he would be watching her and riving her home.

Scarlett moved with him as they made it down to the bike, mounting the bike with his help. Her arms wrapping around him tightly as the helmet was put on her head by her big brother. When the bike came to life between her legs she giggled and nuzzled closer to Ash. "I wanna go home Aaaashy~" She murmured, giggling still.

Ash laughed as she nuzzled him and talked like a child again. IT made him remember when they were little and all the fun they had together. "We're almost there, Scar." He pulled into the driveway after a short time and then stood from the bike. He held his hand out for her as he stuffed his keys in his pockets.

Giggling she took his hand as the bike was parked, having to hold onto him more as a result of her slight stumbling. "Ohh...you know what sounds good right now?" She paused for a moment. "Pizzzza....I want some...can we order some pizza?" She asked leaning against him as they walked back to the building.

Ash looked at her wobble and sighed as he picked her up. He held her against his chest and walked into the house. He sat her on the couch and gave her le remote as he picked up the phone. "What kind do you want?"

Scarlett gasped as she was picked up, laughing as he carried her into the dorm and sat her down on the couch. "Ummm....my usual. Olives, bacon, extra cheese, and pepperoni. Ohh and do we have ranch?"

Ash called in the order and asked for a few cups of ranch knowing they didnt have any. He looked over his shoulder at her as he put the phone down. "I ordered some too. It will be here in thirty minutes." He sat down next to her trying to see what she was watching

She was, by the time he sat down, completely focused on That 70's Show. "Thirty minutes. Okay." She murmured, staring at the tv before she had to blink. Laughing before she leaned against him. "Hey Ash.."

Ash put his arm around her and rubbed her shoulder lightly and laughed a little as he heard Red tell Eric he would but his foot in his ass. Then he looked down at his sister. "What is it Scar?" He was giving her a warm smile and his silvery eyes glistened in the light.

Giggling she leaned closer to him. Her hand landing in a very inappropriate place in his lap. "Why is everything so funny?" She asked, her pale blue eyes staring at his silvery eyes. She smiled, it quickly turning into a grin before she looked down. Seeing where her hand was she gasped and turned beat red.

Ash watched her eyes as he felt her hand land almost on his dick. His eyes went wide and he tried to ignore it. "Cause alcohol is messing with your head sis." Then she noticed her hand and Ash waited for her to move it. When she didnt he got a little nervous and spoke softly. "Scar... what are you doing?"

Pausing for what felt like forever as she stared at her hand but it was really only a few seconds after he asked her what she was doing that she looked up at him. "Um..." Her mouth went dry a moment as she stared up at him for a moment before she pulled her hand away. "N-nothing..." She whispered, pulling her legs up to her chest and hugging them as she took off her heels.

Ash let out a slow breath as he raked his hand through his hair. He moved a little further away from his sister and watched the show quietly. Then he heard the bell ring. Ash got up and went to the door. He came back to the couch and sat the large box on the coffee table. He sat the four cups of ranch next to it and sat back down still a distance from her and took a piece to nibble on.

Scarlett looked over at him as he got up and answer the door, coming back with the pizza and ranch. She stared at the box a moment before leaning forward and getting a slice and a cup of ranch, dipping her pizza in it for each bit. Finishing the piece of pizza she set the ranch cup down, looking over at Ash a few times and chewing on her lower lip.

Ash watched her out of the corner of his eye and smiled at her trying to think of that little incident as just a mistake. He munched a second piece while still trying not to look at her. He finally let a sigh loose and turned to face her. "What is it Sis?" He really wanted to know if she was mad he hadn't said something sooner about her hand placement.

Scarlett blinked as he sighed and asked her his question. Like a cat she moved slow and with caution as she got closer to him. Whether it was the alcohol or her curiosity she wasn't completely sure, but at the moment she didn't care either. With her slow cautious movements she finally found herself sitting in his lap, facing him with a leg on either side of him. "I don't....I just....Ash..." she whispered, leaning her forehead against his and wanted to do something very, very foolish.

Ash froze with her on his lap. He could feel her weight and warmth on him and his cock was getting a hard... That was not supposed to happen. This was his sister. She was his blood. "Scar... get off me..." He looked down at her body and realized that he had never noticed that she was this sexy. His cock was full hard and he knew that his bulge was pressing her crotch.

Scarlett stayed exactly where she was, feeling his bulge against her crotch she blushed heavily. She didn't want to move, didn't want to be away from him. Instead of moving away from him, or listening to what he said she leaned down a bit and pressed her lips to his, kissing him sweetly, her hands hesitantly moving over his chest, to his shoulders, then up to his hair where she removed his glasses and deepened the kiss. She started pressing herself against him lightly.

Ash kissed her back on reflex and then rolled his tongue over hers softly. He moved his hands to her hips and took in the feeling of her hands on him. He broke the kiss and breathed slowly. "Scar... this is wrong..." He spoke but didn't move his hands from her hips and his body began to wiggle under her with his head still pressed to hers.

Scarlett dropped his glasses onto the floor, tangling her fingers in his hair a moment before he broke the kiss. "What's your point?" She asked softly, sliding her lips along his neck gently. "Do you not like me?" She whispered, staying in his lap.

Ash looked into her eyes enjoying the feeling of her fingers in his hair. It was unfortunate that she knew how to make him weak. He nuzzled into her and hand then tried to focus. "I love you Sis." He made it come out softly at first then he closed his eyes. "But why would you want to do this with your brother?"

Scarlett shook her head lightly, lifting her head away from his neck and watched him a moment. "I love you too...Big Brother." Leaning her forehead against his as he closed his eyes and asked that question. "Because....because nobody else is good enough..." she whispered honestly.

Ash groaned a little as he fought the urge to make love to his little sister. He was losing his internal battle and his hand moved slowly down to her thigh. It went up slower and then finally covered the cloth over his sister's slit. He rubbed her through the denim and felt a fog forming in his mind. "I am good enough for you?"

Scarlett pressing her chest against Ash's chest as he rubbed against her slit through her jeans. "I think so..." She whispered her response, pressing her lips to his once more as her right hand traveled down along his chest and stomach to his pants. Her palm rubbing over his bulge through his jeans.

Ash stroked her slit a little more and then he lifted it up and pushed it into the hem of her pants. His hand moved down over her panties and he rubbed her through the soft fabric. Ash could feel the heat of her sex and the warm wet spot forming under his fingertips. He rolled his tongue with hers and moved his other hand to the small of her back and pulled her closer to him.

Scarlett pulled his shirt up and off, tossing it aside as she resumed kissing him, moaning softly against his lips as her tongue danced around with his. Her hands moving to the button and zipper of his pants as she undid them and pushed her hand into his jeans and stroked over his length.

Ash growled at his sister's touch on his dick. He pushed her panties to the side and rubbed her clit with his bare hands. Ash's cock was hard and full in her palm and all he could think of was making her moan for him. He pulled her shirt off and unbuttoned her pants so he could have more freedom with her slit. Ash leaned in and kissed her soft breasts as h pushed his hand into her panties and he rubbed her in slow circles.

Scarlett gasped softly, moaning as he rubbed her clit, her thigh muscles tightening against his legs as she rubbed him. Her tongue massaging over Ash's, her blush deepening and her moans coming more often, her breath becoming panting as he rubbed her in slow circles. Wrapping her free arm around his neck she pulled him closer to her, laying down on the couch and pulling him with her. Her legs staying spread for him as her hand stroked against his hard dick slowly.

Ash watched her hand work him for a moment and he could only think, My sister... my baby sister is playing with me dick... He fought hard to see reason and push her off but it felt too good. Ash kissed her harder and moved his hand on her clit faster. He pulled back from the kiss and spoke softly. "Scar... I want to be with you... I want to be in you..." He pushed the tip of his finger into her and slipped it in and out a little before kissing her again

Scarlett pushed his jeans down off his hips as she stroked him with her right hand. As he kissed her harder she groaned but returned the kiss. His hand on her clit moving faster made her moan against his lips louder in a muffled manner as she kissed him. As he pulled back from the kiss she looked up at him as he spoke, arching lightly as he pushed his fingertip into her, kissing him back as her bare foot kicked his jeans off the rest of the way, the wiggling making her jeans come down a bit and give him more room.

Ash pulled her pants down by the sides and looked at her bare slit. IT was beautiful and he knew he would be feeling the tight heat of her on his hard cock. Ash moved his finger in her again and rubbed her clit with his thumb. He suckled her nipple lightly and used his other hand to rub her breast. Ash felt her hand on his shaft moving and he wanted her.

Scarlett gasped as he removed her pants and panties, smiling up at him as he moved his finger back inside her. His mouth on her breast and his hand at her lower lips she was overwhelmed as she had never felt anything like it. "Ash....I want you...inside me..." She moaned, her fingers tangling in his hair as her other hand wrapped around him and stroked him more.

Ash growled low and then pulled his hands back from her. He was gonna make this hard from her just for fun. He may be her lover now but he was a big brother first. "Then do it." He laughed a little and put his hands on her hips to move her so that the head of his dick pressed against her clit. He rubbed her by rocking her on it slowly. "If you want your brother's dick then you have to take it."

Scarlett groaned as he pulled his hand away form her, looking up at him as he spoke. She made a face at him, he knew this was her first time but she wasn't stupid. Moaning softly as he rocked his tip against her she blushed more. Instead of complying to what he said she pulled him down to her by wrapping both arms his neck just to kiss him. Her lips pressing to his sweetly, lovingly as she kissed him slowly. She wanted him to push his dick into her.

Ash used one hand to guide his dick to her entrance as he moved his tongue slowly in her mouth. He arched a little letting his dick push barely into her tight heat. the head of it went in all the way. She was so tight that he knew it must be hurting her to let him in like this. He pulled down on her hips so that she slowly began to cover his dick. The sweet juices of his sister dripped down his length as he made his way into her with care. When she reached the base of his dick he let her sit there for a moment to get used to the feeling of his thick cock in her.

Scarlett stiffened lightly as the tip of his was pushed into her. A little further as she gasped in pain, her fingers tightening in his hair as just the smallest amount of blood left her sex, taking a moment before he pushed down on her hips until he was inside her completely. Taking a bit of the initiative she pulled him to the side and laid down so that her back as on the cushions of the couch and he lay on top of her.

Ash rolled on to her with her movements and he pulled back out of her so that the tip was still touching her but not in the sweet pussy. He then slid in to her again with his arms holding him over her. He leaned down and kissed her as he pulled back again and then slid into her faster. He rocked his hips in and out of her slowly at first but he was building to a good pace. Ash was breathing a little hard from the effort and the feeling of his sister's tight cunt.

Scarlett gripped his shoulders a bit as he pulled out of her, kissing him back as he slid back into her. Moving faster she tried rolling her hips in time with him and it made it feel even better. Her fingers moving over his skin and into his hair, tightening lightly as she moaned his name, breathing heavy. Her walls tightening around his dick as he thrusts into her. "Mmmm..Ash...."

Ash spoke under his breath as he tried to keep control of his body. "Scarlett..." He slipped in and out of his sister's body as he felt her squeezing his cock and her fingers moving in his hair. Her body was so tight... so hot... Ash wanted to claim her and make her his forever. His lips and tongue were pressing and moving over hers as he felt her rolling under him. She was a virgin when they had started but she was learning fast. Her body was amazing and he quickened his pace.

Scarlett kept her hips rolling in time with his. Quickening her pace as he thrusts faster into her sex. Her lips and tongue moving with his, her teeth softly nipping his lower lip. She may be a virgin but she read a lot of books. She could feel her pleasure building into a tight ball as he thrust into her, making her moans grow louder and her panting a bit heavier.

Ash felt his body humming with lust and the feeling of an oncoming orgasm. Ash moved with a hard and fast past as he fucked his dear sweet sister. He lowered his head to breath and kissed her neck while he tried to hold back the release he was about have. Ash nipped hat her neck with every thrust into the tight pussy and he growled and groaned at the taste of Scar's sweat and skin on his lips. Ash moved side to side slightly as he slid his cock in to her then he pulled out in a straight jerk before pushing back in to her. He was barely restraining his orgasm now.

Scarlett arched her back, pressing her breasts to his chest. Tilting her head to the side to give her brother better access at her neck. Moaning louder as he pushed into her tight pussy. "A-Ash...I'm...I'm close..." she moaned.

Ash moved faster and harder into her. He was going at full speed and he was doing what he always wanted to do. Making his sister happy. It may have been wrong but he didn't care anymore. Ash loved the feeling of his little sister's pussy around his thick cock. As he reached his climax he roared out. "SCARLETT!" A hot burst of his semen shot into her pussy. Ash released a torrent of his thick cum in three hard spasms and then stopped moving completely. He relaxed and panted over her as he looked down at his sister.

Scarlett felt it build and build until Ash roared her name out. That feeling sending shivers up and down her body and triggering her orgasm. Arching her back farther she moaned, "AAAASSH!" as she tilted her head back and rolled with him as his cum filled her. When they relaxed she wrapped her arms back around him, holding onto him as she breathed heavily.

Ash looked into her eyes and kissed her softly before lying next to her on the couch. He pulled the cover from the back of the couch over them and kissed her again softly. He felt his mind going blank and then he felt the long day catch up with him. "I love you sis...." Ash began to drift off into silent sleep holding her close.

Scarlett kissed him back sweetly, staying close to him as she too slowly began to drift off into sleep. "I love you too..."

The two laid there together and sleep soundly. They had not shared a bed since childhood and this was nothing like that. The brother meant to protect his younger sister had taken her virginity and the sister he loved had made love to him. Some may say that what they did was wrong but to these two college kids, it was the best thing in their lives. In the years to come they moved to a far off town after keeping their odd love hidden. They lived together happily and adopted a baby boy after a few years. It was a splendid life free of judgment and filled with love.


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