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~~~~YAOI WARNING!! If you don't like gay sex, then DON'T READ THIS!!~~~~

A small side story of my characters, Zathuras and Leon, along with other members of the same story.

I am not good at writing. D:

If you see mistakes, then tell me please.

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"Hey Zathuras…" Leon leaned in the doorway of Zathuras' room.
Zathuras was laying on his bed, reading while listening to music. He looked up from his book and he took off his headphones quickly. Leon never came close to his room and now, he was practically in it.
"What's up?"
"I'm going to the bar and I want some company, so you're coming with me." Leon said quietly. He looked at Zathuras. "Well…If you want to anyway…"
Strange. Leon never asked for his company…
"…Yeah sure." He hopped up from his bed and grabbed a jacket that was draped over a computer chair. When he turned around, Leon was gone from the doorway.
Zathuras ran down the stairs and still found no sign of Leon. Then he heard a roar from the garage.
"No way."
Leon was sitting on his motorcycle and putting his sunglasses on even though it was dark out. He glanced at Zathuras. "Get on."
Zathuras walked closer so Leon could hear him. "There's no way I'm getting on that death trap!"
Leon rolled his eyes and grabbed Zathuras' hand and pulled him on. "It's not dangerous."
"Yes it is! We could fall off or something…" Zathuras said stubbornly as he reluctantly sat on the seat behind Leon.
Leon kicked the stand up and revved the engine. "Hold on." He glanced at Zathuras, then pushed off.
Zathuras held on for dear life as they sped up to get onto the highway. His coat whipped behind him, and made him even more nervous. He buried his face into Leon's back, with his arms wrapped securely around his waist. Even with his coat on, the wind was really cold.
Leon, on the other hand, had on only a black T-shirt and jeans. He didn't need a coat. He didn't need warmth, because he was a vampire.
Leon slowed down and stopped at a red light. He felt Zathuras shiver behind him.
"You ok?"
"Yeah, it's just cold…" Zathuras replied before Leon revved the engine again as the light turned green.
They drove up to the bar and Leon parked in the back. Zathuras slid off the motorcycle and followed Leon into the bar through the back door.
He was greeted by a lot of people, Zathuras noticed. People that he assumed Leon met around town. Guess he comes to this bar often...
Zathuras sat on one of the barstools at the bar next to Leon. Leon nodded at the bartender to get him the usual.
"And what would you like?" The bartender asked Zath.
"Got any coffee?"
"Then I want coffee with two shots of amaretto, and some whipped cream if you have any…" Zathuras replied. He glanced at Leon who was looking at him funny.
"…What? If I'm going to drink then I'm going to order what I want."
Leon just chuckled.
After ten minutes or so later, Leon decided to take up a bet with a friend and play pool. Zathuras sipped at his drink, which warmed him up nicely, while watching Leon play pool too expertly. As Leon bent over and lined up his shot, Zathuras got a good look at Leon's ass and up his shirt. He could feel his face redden and he tore his gaze away from Leon. He quickly downed the rest of his drink.
"Hey bartender, just the shots this time…"
Leon came over to the bar and ordered another beer.
"Hey want to play?" He asked Zathuras. Seemed no one wanted to play with Leon anymore after he cleaned everyone out.
"Sure…" Zathuras stood and stretched. "..but you're going to have to teach me how first."
Leon laughed. "Fine with me." He said and handed Zathuras a cue-stick. He leaned over and scattered the billiards with a break shot, and sunk a striped cue ball. "Alright, you're solids, ok? Meaning all the balls that don't have a stripe on them, you want to shoot them into the holes. The white ball is the one you use to hit the other balls." He explained as he purposely missed a striped ball to end his turn.
"You're turn."
Zathuras nodded and leaned over to shoot the ball, but couldn't figure out how to hold the cue stick to make a shot. After a few seconds of fidgeting, he felt Leon lean against his back and reach his hands around to help him.
"Like this…" He said as he positioned Zathuras' hand with his own. "And you hold the stick like this…"
Zathuras was having a hard time concentrating. Every time Leon spoke, he could feel his hot breath on the back of his neck. Leon helped him aim the ball and take the shot. The cue ball missed it's target anyway.
Leon straightened and quickly walked around the table to line up his shot. Zathuras stepped back and watched as Leon pocketed yet another billiard. Zathuras could sometimes get glimpses of up Leon's shirt and the pale skin and muscular stomach that it hid.
It was Zathuras' turn again and this time he lined up the shot himself. He leaned over, and just as he was about to shoot, the front doors of the bar banged against the wall as a group of people walked in. He straightened and watched as they pushed people out of the way as they headed toward the bar. Most of them were big, burly guys, wearing biker leather, but a couple of too-skinny women walked with them. He looked over at Leon who was watching them intently.
"What's with them?" Zathuras asked as he placed his cue stick on the table.
"Shit, we may have some trouble here…" He replied, then explained, "They smell like vampire blood, but they're definitely humans. They're probably looking for a vampire to get blood from."
"Why the hell would they want to do that?"
He looked at Zathuras. "To humans, vampire blood is like a drug. A hallucinogen."
"That's fucked up." Zathuras replied and watched as one of the guys from the pack look their way.
"Well, they're walking this way…" Leon said and turned around, pretending not to notice. "I don't look that out-of-place, do I?"
Zathuras looked at his too-pale face and silver, spiky hair. "Yeah you kind of do…"
"Damn." Leon said quietly as the group stopped. One of the guys stepped forward and asked, "Hey, is that your motorcycle parked out back?"
Leon looked straight at the bartender. The bartender nodded and picked up the phone. He then turned around quickly and put on a grin.
"Yeah, why?"
"Well, someone is starting to tow it away."
"Oh Shit!" Leon acted surprised and started for the back door.
Zathuras heard Leon sternly order, "Stay put." As he left.
The whole gang of thugs followed Leon outside and when they had all left, Zathuras sprinted over to see what was going on. As he looked out of the small window in the door, he heard shouts from outside. Leon was fighting off the muscular guys as they jumped him. There were a lot of people fighting against Leon; they all seemed to join in. Leon was being nice though…No ripping, no real killing, just defense. Two of the really big guys finally pinned Leon from behind by wrapping their huge arms around his neck. Zathuras gasped as the other guys held him down so that they could put silver chains on him.
Zathuras burst out the door and marched over to the scene. He used his Aura to pick up large stones from the ground and levitated them above his head. Some of the thugs saw him and decided to run, but the guys who were wrapping Leon in silver chains didn't. They got clobbered over the head instead. The two really big guys decided to leave Leon who was already pinned down by thick silver chains and lunged themselves at Zathuras. Zathuras wasn't strong enough to take them down, but what he lacks in strength he makes up for with his evasiveness. He ended up tricking them into running smack dab into a brick wall.
The thugs that were conscious dispersed and carried away their unconscious buddies back to their cars.
Leon stared at Zathuras. "Glad I brought you along."
"That was exhilarating." Zathuras replied. He walked over to take the silver chains off of Leon, then saw that Leon's shirt was halfway up. He stopped and stood over Leon.
Leon glanced around, then looked back at Zathuras.
Without saying anything, he bent down on his knees and straddled him. He grazed his fingers lightly over Leon's etched stomach muscles and roamed his hands higher to feel underneath his shirt.
Leon got the picture and was watching Zathuras. About all he could do since his hands were chained together above his head. He turned his head sideways.
"We should probably leave before the cops get here…" Leon suggested quietly.
Zathuras leaned over till his face was just inches from Leon's.
"Promise we can finish this back home…in your room?" He replied softly.
Leon raised his head to close the gap between them, and kissed Zathuras as an answer. Zathuras kissed back, but pulled away a couple of seconds later. He definitely wanted to get back to the mansion quick now. He unwrapped the silver chains from around Leon, and was surprised to find burns from the silver on Leon's exposed skin.
Zathuras stood and stepped away so Leon could stand up. As he did, he followed Zath's shocked gaze to the burns on his skin.
"Don't worry about. It doesn't hurt." He said and pushed Zathuras against his motorcycle and kissed him again, obviously unsatisfied with the short kiss. Their tongues twined together with lust for more. Zathuras finally had to break away for a breath that Leon didn't need. Leon hopped onto his Kawasaki and started it up. Zathuras followed, and they headed off onto the highway.
The ride wasn't as scary as the first time, and not as cold either. Zathuras laid his head sideways against Leon's back, and had his hands wrapped around his chest. About halfway through the ride, his hands migrated to feel under Leon's shirt. He felt Leon shiver as he grazed his fingers along his chest.
After the garage was shut, Leon pinned Zathuras against the wall and kissed him deeply; tracing his tongue over every part of his mouth. Zathuras broke away for a breath again and Leon nipped and licked at his neck.
They both stumbled inside through the door and into the kitchen, still kissing and pushing against each other for the sensation of skin to skin contact.
"Hey Leon! The sink is broken and I need you to- "Roxas stopped mid-sentence. Her jaw dropped and she dropped a plate on the floor.
"I'll fix it later…. I'm busy right now."
Leon closed the door to his bedroom then was quickly pinned against it as Zathuras took control this time. He pushed himself against Leon as he kissed him to show him how much he was aching. Leon pushed him away and backed him up until he fell onto the bed. Leon quickly took off his shirt, then crawled onto the bed with Zathuras sprawled underneath him. They locked in a kiss, and Leon went to work about getting Zathuras' clothes off. He tossed Zath's coat aside and slowly unzipped his shirt, exposing his nipples and stomach to him. He unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned the first button on Zathuras' pants. Leon's hand grazed over the growing bulge in Zathuras' pants and a gasp escaped his lips. He pushed against Leon's hand, urging him to hurry up. Leon still slowly unbuttoned his pants, then yanked them off so Zathuras was only in his boxers.
Leon straightened up on his knees and looked Zathuras over. Those tribal tattoos that etched Zathuras' sides probably didn't get seen very often, and curiously, they didn't stop where boxers began.
Zathuras unexpectedly sat up and started licking at Leon's exposed nipples.
Leon cried out sharply. That was his weak spot, and Zathuras wouldn't let up now that he found it. He nipped at one gently with his teeth, and worried the other with his fingers. Leon moaned and arched his back as he grabbed at Zathuras, trying to hold on as pleasure overwhelmed his senses.
Zathuras gave them both a last lick, and rolled Leon onto his back so that he was on top.
"Sensitive much?" he smirked.
Leon blushed profoundly and looked away. "Is there a problem with that?"
Zathuras grinned and leaned in close so he could whisper in Leon's ear.
"Never." Zathuras whispered then licked around the piercings in his earlobe. They kissed again, and Zathuras sucked on Leon's bottom lip. Leon moaned and rolled them both over so he was on top again.
When Zathuras had to break away for a breath, Leon decided to go lower, trailing kisses as he did. Zathuras moaned as he felt hot breath stop right at his waistline. Hands rubbed at his growing ache through thin fabric. Leon quickly swiped off Zathuras' boxers and tossed them aside.
Leon licked his lips in anticipation. He quickly rolled off the bed and grabbed a lube bottle from inside of one of his dresser drawers. He got back on the bed and looked at Zathuras, totally exposed now. He looked incredibly sexy with his never-ending black tribal tattoos that trailed from the sides of his chest, to halfway down his thighs. His hands rested on the sheets above his head, and he already looked hot and bothered.
Zathuras shifted nervously on the bed. "Why are you staring at me like that?"
"You look sexy. Really sexy…" Leon went back to what he was going to do and fondled Zathuras' growing ache. He briefly opened the lube bottle and lathered his fingers with it.
Zathuras got ready to grab the sheets. He watched Leon push his legs apart and felt a tongue lick all the way up his length, teasing him. He breathed in sharply and waited for Leon to do the worst to him.
In one quick motion, Leon took all of Zathuras' erection in his mouth and pushed one slicked finger into his opening at the same time.
Zathuras practically screamed as Leon wriggled his finger inside him. A mixture of pain and pleasure flooded over him as Leon sucked and licked him all over. Zathuras covered his mouth with his hands to stifle the screams of pleasure that welled in his throat. Leon kneaded his finger in and out and stretched Zath's opening enough to slide in a second finger. He scissored his fingers inside Zathuras, making him buck and arch underneath him.
Zathuras desperately held onto the sheets as Leon put a third finger inside him. Tears welled up in his eyes as pain and pleasure overwhelmed his senses as Leon rubbed his sweet spot inside him.
Leon relaxed and deep-throated Zathuras, taking all of him inside his mouth. That finally pushed Zathuras over the edge and sent him coming in Leon's hot mouth. Leon did his best to swallow what he could, and then licked away any that was left. He pulled out his fingers and stroked Zathuras roughly to keep him hard.
Zathuras' breathing was heavy now, and his body glistened with the beginnings of sweat.
"Jesus…Christ!...Do you…have to be….so rough?" Zathuras panted.
Leon used his thumb to wipe away some semen on the side of his mouth. "Sorry…I lost control a bit…" He said as he stripped away his own pants hastily. His face was flushed from his growing ache too.
Zathuras whimpered when he saw how hard Leon was. He was gigantic! At least 9 inches…. "Whoa!" Zathuras coughed as Leon crawled over him, completely naked this time.
"What?" Leon mumbled before he kissed Zathuras again. He rubbed himself against Zathuras and moaned into the kiss to show that he was done waiting.
"Just not so hard this time…" Zathuras breathed as Leon positioned himself to take him. He held on to Leon as he pushed slowly into him, and Leon seemed to be savoring every second of hot pleasure that burned throughout his body.
"That's all of me…" Leon whispered as he stopped and gazed at Zathuras. His eyes were downcast at first, then he met Leon's gaze. He nodded to signal he was ready. "Just…not so hard…"
Leon nodded in reply. He rocked against Zathuras, and started a slow rhythm. Zathuras threw his head back in fiery pleasure. He moaned and dug his fingers into Leon's back.
Vlad threw his magazine down on the floor.
"I can't even concentrate on mindless gossip with all that noise next door!!!" He yelled
and looked at Morpheus who was hanging upside down on the side of his bed while he was playing videogames.
They stared at each other as they listened to moans and screams from next door. They both flinched as a loud bang sounded from the wall as something in the other room hit it hard, and was followed by loud erotic moans.
"That is definitely NOT a girl's scream." Morpheus said after a while.
They both moaned as sweet libido for more friction stirred them both into a thirst.
"Zathuras….You're so….damn…TIGHT!" Leon hissed with pleasure and grabbed Zathuras' hips. He pushed harder into Zathuras as lust started to take over his actions.
"Mmm!" Zathuras licked his lips. "AHH! More…LEON!!" He pleaded loudly.
Leon obliged and pumped into him harder and quickened his rhythm. Delicious friction pushed them both closer to ecstasy. Zathuras stroked himself roughly, but his hands were batted away by Leon and took over.
Zathuras dug his nails into Leon's back and arched as Leon pushed even harder. He cried out in pleasure as it burned his body all over.
Zell whistled as he waltzed down the hallway.
He was about to walk into the bathroom when he heard a peculiar noise from down the hall.
He stepped down the hallway slowly, and the sounds became clearer. Moans, screams, and loud thumping echoed from Leon's room.
"Whoa…." Zell looked across the hallway to look into Zathuras' room.
He raised an eyebrow.
"LEON!!" Zathuras cried for his lover as orgasm took him, the ecstasy making him shiver with incredible pleasure.
"Ngh…Zathuras…" Leon moaned as he came inside of Zathuras. He thrust hard to share in Zathuras' too perfect ecstasy. He accidently leaned too far forward and collapsed on top of Zathuras.
Sucked clean of all their energy, they just laid there, their bodies limp, sweaty, and dotted with white ecstasy. Zathuras' strained breathing and racing heart were the only things heard in the tranquil darkness now.
After several minutes of trying to regain his strength, Leon pulled himself out of Zathuras and rolled over to lie next to him. He pulled Zathuras close to him and wrapped his arms around him. He kissed Zath on the forehead and brushed some hair out of his face. Zathuras gazed into Leon's eyes, his breath still wavering, hot and quick.
"We need to do this more often." Zathuras whispered. He placed a hand on Leon's cheek and kissed him. A slow, passionate kiss. One that told words that didn't need to be said aloud.
They pulled their lips away slowly; savoring their lover's taste.
Zathuras shivered, the sweat on his body already cool and chilling on his skin.
Leon noticed and propped his head up with his forearm.
"Are you up for a hot shower?" Leon smiled.
Zathuras rolled his eyes. "Yeah I guess." His tone turned playful as Leon smiled and leaned over to kiss him again.
Zathuras stirred from his sleep. He looked around to find himself in his own room.
He rubbed his forehead. "Did that even happen last night?..." He went to sit up, but a sharp pain down below made him think twice before moving, and laid back down. He lifted the covers to see his body clothed in one of Leon's T-shirts and some black boxers.
Putting the covers back down, he recalled memories from last night.
Roxas walked in on Leon loading black sheets into the washer. She stared at him, then backed slowly out of the room.
Leon rolled his eyes and poured in the laundry soap. He closed the lid and walked back into the kitchen.
Morpheus had his head stuck in the refrigerator, rooting around for something to drink.
Leon washed his hands in the kitchen sink (which he fixed first thing when he woke up) to get spilled laundry soap off his hands. He turned around to grab the kitchen towel and Morpheus was standing right behind him.
"Have fun last night?" He asked playfully as he sipped his orange juice.
Leon didn't answer and pushed past him.
"I mean, with all that ruckus last night, I thought you guys would bust through the wall at any time…" Morpheus chided.
Leon turned around after drying his hands off. "Maybe I did have fun." He grabbed Morpheus' drink out of his hand.
"..But I don't need you're damn opinion." Leon added coldly. He threw the orange juice in Morpheus' face. He tossed the cup in the sink as he turned and left.
Zell and Rose were lounging on the couch, watching prime time T.V.
"Evening Leon." Zell said politely as Leon walked by. Leon nodded and continued on his way up the stairs.
He cracked Zathuras' door open to see if he was awake. "Zathuras?" He whispered and peeked in.
"What?" He answered and snapped out of his daydreams.
Leon sighed in relief and closed the door behind him. He hopped on Zath's bed and crawled up next to him. He buried his head in Zathuras' chest.
"Save me."


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