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Sexcapades gone completely right..

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He opened the door, and his dog came barking and wagging towards us as we entered. He took his dog to the garage to make sure he didn't bother us. While he was gone, I reached under my dress and ran my fingers over my pussy, just to see how wet I was. I could feel my cheeks blushing, with excitement. He held his arm out, a gesture to climb the spiral staircase. I could feel him staring at my ass as he ascended behind me. Instantly wetter. He grabbed my hand as if to hurry me up. He pulled me into his room, pushed me up against the wall and pushed his lips up to mine aggressively. It was such a cliché moment, but I couldn't help but grow wetter.

I barely knew the kid; we'd met at a fundraiser. I caught his eye across the room. He was holding a glass of champagne. I looked down, then looked back up again, and he was gone. Moments later he appeared at my side with another glass.

"Zachary Bates," he said. I nodded and introduced myself. I could feel the bubbly feeling filling my body as we engaged in small talk. After chatting, laughing and exchanging stories for 2 hours, he invited me back to his house. I'm not the sort of girl who has enough restraint to say no even though we'd just met. I enjoy sex too much. The idea of fucking a basic stranger always intrigues me.

Here I was, his tongue down my throat, his hard suited body pressing up against mine. He started kissing down my neck, his stubble making me shiver with desire. He started nibbling my ear, and a small yelp slipped out, I could feel him smile against my throat. His hand grazed over my erect nipple and his thick, manly fingers found my wet swollen clit. He started to rub it in circles, my back arched and a moan escaped. He continued to kiss my neck, as he massaged my clit gently. He was a god with his fingers. He squeezed my clit lightly, flicked it, rubbed more, and in turn my vocalizing escalated. My hand wandered down to his cock. I could feel it growing harder and harder, pressing up against his suit pants. He grabbed my hand, removing it from his cock, and pinned both of my arms above my head against the wall. He continued exploring my swollen, pink clit, and slowly started to finger my eager pussy. My back continued to arch, my nipples continuing to grow into raised mounds. He took his fingers out of me, pulled my dress down swiftly, and swirled his wet eager tongue around my hard nipple. He bit down, making me moan once more, my muscles tensing up.

He continued to finger my g-spot making me grow closer to cumming. As I grew near he stopped and blindly led me to his bed. I was lying on my back, him straddling me. I reached up and unzipped his pants. His thick, throbbing cock pushing to escape from his underwear. I removed them and took his length in my hand. It was so warm and thick. I sat up, slowly taking his cock in my super wet mouth. He moaned a deep sexy moan. I swirled my tongue around his head in slow, but powerful circles. I changed it up, and started to flick my tongue at lightening speed at the underside of his head. I cupped his balls as he started to thrust deep into my throat. He started to unbutton his shirt and revealed his toned, lean body. I became more eager to please him. I took his whole cock down my throat, enveloping the entire thing into a warm welcoming paradise. I sucked with long strokes, intense suction and power. His moans became more rapid and often, his thrusting speed elevated immensely. I stopped. He teased me, I did the same.

He told me aggressively to turn over. I did. He slipped a blindfold on me. Then I felt a cold foreign object on my wrists. Handcuffs. He pushed me down, so my face was down, ass up. He forcefully spread my legs, making me smile. He thick cock slid into my pussy slowly, stretching the lips apart with grace. He took many deep, long and powerful thrusts. He was hitting my g-spot with perfect precision, and I couldn't help but yell out.

"Oh, fuck, fuck me hard in my wet pussy." I continued to moan as he hit my g-spot faster and faster. I loved feeling the length of a stranger inside of me. He reached around and grabbed my nipple with one hand, his other hand up around my throat. He fingers slowly crept into my mouth to silence me. He turned me on so much, the muffled moans growing louder as his grunting did the same. His cock started to penetrate me at lightening speed. I couldn't hold it in any longer. My muscles clenched and my heart rate jumped, words and whimpers escaping my throat. My pussy started to pulsate rapidly as I squirted all over his throbbing cock. Almost immediately after, he came deep inside my pussy. I could feel his warm load filling my hole. Then I let it drip out, down my leg like a good slut. I let out one last moan in the afterglow as her turned my head and kissed me tenderly. I was still blindfolded.

He said to just wait there, and I did. I lay there trying to catch my breath. My hands still tied behind my back. I could hear him walking down the stairs. His footsteps disappeared. I heard a deeper, older voice. It was all muffled and I had no idea what was going on. I wasn't scared, but rather excited.

I'd remembered him mentioning that he still lived in his family home. I knew they had maids and cooks. The grounds included stables, tennis courts, and a pool. I heard the front door open and close. Then surprisingly, I heard a set of slow footsteps, and the second lock on the front door click closed. Again, these same footsteps ascending the stairs. They weren't Zachary's. At this moment I got nervous, was I about to find myself in a very humiliating predicament?

The door opened, the light from the hall spilled into the dark room. Although I couldn't see who it was, I could see the light seeping in under my blindfold. I heard heavy breathing approaching me as my heart sped up. Then unsuspectingly I felt a warm weathered hand caressing my breast.

"Zach?" I asked breathily.

"No," replied a wise older voice, "Mr. Bates, call me sir."

"Sir, I-" he cut me off with a hand over the mouth. I wasn't going to pretend I wasn't even more aroused. I mean, I'd just fucked a hot young guy and now here I was being used as a toy by his older, wiser, richer father. He rolled my nipples between his meaty fingers. I let out a moan and grew wetter. I lay back on the bed. I felt him lay down beside me. His thick, sexy fingers fondling my clit. I was still swollen and aroused from the last session with Zach. Sir started to finger my pussy with incredible force. My back arching, he fingered my g-spot hard. Not to hard, just perfect. I felt another finger exploring. I heard him breathing heavier. He stuck his finger in my mouth to wet it and then proceeded to insert it into my ass.

"Mmm, fuck," I whispered.

"I gave you no permission to make a sound," he replied sternly. I smiled. He smacked my clit with a disciplining hand.

"Show no signs of joy, this is punishment, child. How dare you have my son without offering your body to me?" He started to finger me more roughly. I knew that was a rhetorical question. He smacked my clit again, for emphasis I suppose. My muscles clenching with each smack. I felt him shift on the bed. His breath travelling down my belly. His tongue started to circle my clit. A whimper slipped out, as punishment he grabbed and twisted my nipple. I held in my noise. His entire mouth engulfed my pussy. His wet lips exploring mine, his tongue travelled up and down my pussy, into my holes. He spread my legs wider and explored my ass with his tongue. My body started to convulse rapidly.

"Did I tell you that you could come yet?" he asked. I shook my head, doing all I could to obey sir. His mouth creating an incredible suction around my pussy. It was like no feeling I'd ever experienced. He re-inserted one of his fingers, then another. His mouth still on my clit. He started to finger my g-spot again rapidly.

"Ask me for permission to cum." he stated.

" Sir, I am unworthy, but may I please come?" I asked in a broken voice.

" Yes, child, you may," He replied as his tongue sped up circling my clit, he started to nibble it, fingering me faster, and squeezing my nipples. My body tensed, my brain shut off, and I squirted straight into his mouth. Two spurts. He came up to my face and kissed me, I could taste myself in his mouth. I smiled and I could feel that he smiled. No punishment this time. He unlocked my handcuffs.

He got up, walked towards the door and left the room. I heard him trek down the stairs and his footsteps disappeared. I tried to recover, my breath slowing down. About a minute later, I heard the front door open, and footsteps race up the stairs. The door opened once more.

"Zachary?" I asked.

"Yeah, it's me.

I reached up and slid my blindfold up, Zachary had returned with a riding crop from the stables.

"Who else would it be?" he asked, having no idea what just went down.

I smiled to myself.

"Ready for round two?" he asked seductively.

"Three," I said in my head.


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