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First time having intercourse but certainly not the last.

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I sit upon my bathroom floor completely unaware of his presence. I ponder about the sexual urge that courses through my naked body. I have never before had sexual intercourse and i am slightly afraid of the pain my comerades have described even though they had included the pleasure that comes soon after the first pains. I shudder and close my eyes wondering if i should try and pleasure myself. Robert would never approve, would he ? I have no way of knowing, i sit upon the floor shakily raising my hand and placing it upon my sensitive mound. He is watching me but i do not know he resists the urge to come and pleasure me himself. I rub gently upon the clitoris a shudder rippling my body. It felt.. good.

This time i gently pry the lips to my wet area and insert a finger and moan softly. It felt.. wonderful. At this i am fully aware of the sensations that i receive as i do certain actions. Now i move my left hand up my body to my bare breasts. Squeezing gently i sigh in content, then i gently tugg at the nipple and the pleasure increases. At this Robert enters the bathroom silently and places his mouth on mine. My eyes fly open and i struggle against him only to realize who it was. I chuckle inwardly and kiss him back forcefully. His hand made it`s way to my womanhood and he inserts too fingers inserting and taking them out continuously. I moan against his lips but he kisses me again this time with more force and my moans cease as our tongues dance. I shove him back forcefully not caring that i was new, my comerades had told me what to do when it came to men`s pleasure.

I nodded to myself, confidence overcrowding my brain. I struggled slightly with his belt but it eventually came off. I then pulled down his zipper and pulled off his boxer`s along with the trousers. His member stood up proudly and i licked my lips. At this Robert was resisting the urge to grab at my hair and buck his hips as he knew i was new at all this. I wrapped my hand around his erection and lowered my mouth, teasing the crown of it with my tongue. Then i inserted his length within my mouth gradually sucking slowly, too slow to drive him over the edge. He groaned, he wanted more and i could tell. Now i began to suck faster and i lowered my head until i could take no more of his member. Gagging i pulled up and lowered once more. I could hear his moans become fiercer, then not caring that i was new anymore, he grabbed at my hair and lowered my head faster and i continued to gagg while his hips began to thrust. I was guessing this was what my friends had called a face-fuck.. right ? He pulled me back, wanting more than this. I looked him in the eyes and smiled then kissed him softly.

He turned me around bending me over the bathroom sink and began to have anal intercourse. I felt the pain although i doubted this was what my friends had meant, it hadn`t hurt as much as i`d thought. He thrust into me faster than before, my breasts bouncing as he entered me forcefully. I moaned loudly. 'Robert !' i screamed in pleasure, he didn`t stop. I was truly in heaven as he fucked me faster. Anal fuck(sex), i believe was what it was called. He stopped and pulled out of me, and i was confused. I turned to look at him and he smiled devilishly. He turned me around and this time carried me to the bed. I relaxed on the mountain of pillows but i had relaxed too soon. He entered me slowly but i gasped at the pain. He had entered my pussy, unaccustomed to such a large member. He thrust slowly so that i could have time to adjust and once i had adjusted to his large penis he began to thrust faster and faster, my moans and screams of pleasure echoing through the house. He never stopped, or so it seemed. He drove into me so deeply, my hips bucked wildly and i continued to moan. Robert was truly a master at sexual intercourse, or sex as most call it. I screamed as he drove me to a climax, i fell right over the top. My liquids squirting along his large member as he continued to forcefully enter me. Then i heard him stiffen and he grunted right before shooting his seed into my insides. He then pulled out of me chuckling at my frown and lye next to me. 'Robert, that was wonderful.' i told him. He didn`t respond and kissed me passionately instead.

My first time having sexual intercourse with Robert, although definitely not the last. We had fallen asleep on my bed me being held tightly in his arms.


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