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C is for Cleavage

Short story By: Grigor McGregor

ADULT: A simple-minded guy falls into the hands of unscrupulous and sophisticated women, few of whom have 'normal' attitudes towards sexual relations. But he comes up smiling and with new lust for life.

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Until he turned twenty-one Andy Titus didn't get his leg over a motorcycle unless he hired one but that changed when he left the repair shop of Bert's Outboard Motors to become resident mechanic for the Newpark Women's Motorcycle Recreational Club.
Andy was warned by the chief executive during the interview that 80% of members were gay but that didn't deter the keen young man. He was focused on the obvious perk of the job: test riding motor-cycles. Andy just wanted to get his leg over the throbbing chassis of a pretty pink scooter or the 125cc street or off-road machine or the largest of the club's fleet, five versions of 250cc models. There were no other recruits so he was hired but first was required to work in a motorcycle workshop for a month.
That short apprenticeship was halved when the workshop boss found there was nothing they could teach Andy about small motors, in fact he tried to hire him. And so Andy learned about stuff not found on outboard motors such as chain drives to the rear wheel and braking systems. He was also taught to ride a bike properly.
At the recreational club his boss, the general manager Brigit Perkins, noticed Andy had the habit of licking his lips when eyeing her breasts so one morning during a lull she invited him for a test ride in her office. Although Frigid as she was called was one of the 'pets' of Mary the chief executive, she occasionally snuggled up to a man to remind herself why she was frigid. She closed up on Andy as soon as he pushed at the entrance. Instead of walking off in a huff to the bathroom to take care of his unreleased state he stayed talking and eventually allowed Brigit, acting almost absentmindedly to ease him to relief orally. They settled into this rhythm most mornings. Brigit was amazed she'd found a guy willing to listen to her and prepared to keep her mouth occupied during lulls in conversation.
Brigit mainly talked about her fascination in one of her greatest desires to have a chest job to give her noticeable intermammary sulcus as everyone calls it. This fascination of hers found in Andy a very impressionable student of a topic what his voluntary tutor also called décolletage. At nights Andy walked the streets with a permanent boner because décolletage was popping up and out everywhere, especially among women in darkened doorways and entrances to alleys but also when he went into a bar for a drink he was virtually overcome by the array and found not all women were flat-chested like Brigit. With enlightenment that comes from benefitting from the intelligence of women, he concluded that previously his focus on female legs had been a sheer waste of time because it contributed nothing towards development of his sexual sophistication because women ignore there legs being eyed but with their tits it's a much more passionate reaction, either way.
One day a woman not at all gay returned a 125cc bike to Andy and as she bent low to see what he was doing about the 'miss' in her motor she gave him an eyeful beyond the rather narrow confines of mammary cleft. Then when he stood, job finished, she had her eyes filled by his boner, She darted off, locked the double doors and ran back to him, arriving completely stripped. Glenda finished up with grease spots on her butt, back and hair but didn't mind because she'd not had sex for a couple of weeks so was pretty desperate. For Andy that was his first actual penetration in four years but he kept that to himself and gratefully gave Glenda the complete proceeds in reward.
"Andy, what a fucking flood," she said gratefully.
Andy thought the deposit was about average for what Brigit pulled from him. Emotionally on a high he turned studious and asked, "Glenda, can you tell me anything about décolletage?"
She hadn't a clue so he pushed her wide apart boobs closer together and pointed.
"Oh, silly boy," she said. "You mean cleavage."
Andy had memories of his mom telling his sisters they were showing too much cleavage so knew he was on to something here: reconnection to his past. He could remember his dear old mom pulling out a boob to allow his much younger sister Lizzie to guzzle. He had found memories of his family with whom he'd lost contact with after his mom had thrown him out of the house for shafting his aunt, her elder sister, as well as ordering his dad to shoot Andy if he every returned. It wasn't his fault but his mom wouldn't listen to him saying her sister wasn't a whore - she was married to a clergyman. As a result of leaving home there was a gap in his knowledge about sex and women.
"Are you ready to go again?" Glenda enquired.
"What, back to work?"
She screamed in laughter and pulled him back on top of her.
A few nights later Andy picked up Rose in a bar. Rose had a wide front to her dress but wore a T-shirt covering what lay beneath. Between sessions of pounding away half the night Andy learned Rose had been brought up strictly not to show her lower orifices or her breasts.
"Don't wear your T-shirt and you'll get more guys wanting to fuck you," he said profoundly.
Rose laughed and said she didn't believe him but he saw her a few weeks later and she confessed it was coming out of her ears and one of her regulars was waiting for her reply to a marriage proposal.
"What are you going to tell him?"
"I'll tell him no."
"I've become used to sharing it around."
Andy said tell him yes but on the conditional he brought a guy home with him occasionally.
Rose asked him what would the visitor do and when told her eyes were the size of hubcaps.
She said he wouldn't agree to that but Andy said she should try. He was shafting this woman at work and she said her husband often arrived home with a guy for her. Rose began to pant when Andy said Glenda told him some husbands who were not strong in the sex department just loved seeing the smile on their wife's face when she got off properly. He never did see Rose again so assumed her guy married her on one condition.
In time Andy had three club members he was shafting and ten who were teaching him the art of titty fucking. He was losing so much weight at the chief executive worried he might have cancer.
Then along came a porn starlet Reece Gladstone who was tired of all the waiting and phony 'shoots' at studio sessions before she and the guy of the day were allowed to peak into a genuine climatic finish.
Reece walked her 250cc off-roader into the workshop and said the machine was fucked. She'd only ridden it ten-yards when it cut out.
Andy eyed the six-foot beauty with her gorgeous tan, low-cut black dress and awesome upper cleft.
"Love your décolletage," he smiled, turning on the fuel tap and staring her bike.
"Thanks and THANKS."
Andy wasn't sure so asked, "Was the thanks with emphasis in response to my appreciation of your cleavage?"
She nodded and looked at him thoughtfully and then frowned. She said, "I'm a novice when it comes to off-road riding. Could you kindly ride on the seat behind me and give me a few tips.
They weren't on a highway cruiser so it was impossible to maintain a gap between them, so male leather mouled to the rear of female leather and Andy nervously circled his arms around the waist. She immediately lifted his grip to right under her breasts and asked, "There, that's better isn't it?" and Andy stiffened and made an unintelligble reply.
They rode through the forest mainly in second-gear and not exceeding 15 mph and she stopped to check her watch and shrieked, "Oh God, I'm due at the studio in twenty-minutes. Please return me as quickly as you can ride."
They averaged 45 mph over the unsealed and very uneven ground and at the depot Reece shot away in her car like a rocket yelling, "No time to kiss you in appreciation." Unsure of what that was about Andy scratched his left testicle and thought he'd not see her again. Eyeing the damp spot on the rear of the seat he could tell she'd pissed herself in fright on the fast ride back to base.
Late afternoon the haughty receptionist everyone seemed to know as Lesley the Lesbian although Andy knew her name was Muriel Shanks called him sounding most surprised. "I have a call for you, the first we have ever received for you. Did you try to rape Miss Gladstone?"
"Rape? What's that?"
"Oh you useless male asshole. You're even more hopeless than I'd thought."
After that friendly exchange she put the call through.
"Andy, this is Reece Gladstone. Just calling to inform you I arrived thirty minutes late but the prior shoot over-ran time so there was no crisis so thank you. I also want to say the ride back was so exhilerating I wet myself."
"Sorry? You idiot I haven't been whipped up like that in ten years. We must do it again."
"Would you be my guest and eat out with me tonight."
"If you wish."
She whispered, "And eat me out later?"
"What?" he shouted, "I have a motor running under test."
Reece said never mind and took his address, arranging to call at 8:30.
Speaking at their wedding six months later, Reece would recall that night of their first date began the most remarkable relationship she'd ever had, and she'd had at least a three hundred men pass through her. She recalled at their first meal together Andy was polite, attentive although he did have the tendency to speak to her breasts but he didn't lay a finger on her or even up her. Usually men were such beasts they dragged her hand on to their crotch as soon as they sat down.
It wasn't until the third date that they kissed and she found he had no idea at all about tonguing. He was so sweet and when she finally pleaded to be allowed to have sex with him and rolled on to her front only to find he became the first guy she'd ever known who hadn't wanted a piece of her butt.
"Obviously he was in unknown territory and even to this day still hasn't been there. But oh boy, did he know how to titty fuck."
Women at the Wedding Breakfast stomped the floor while the male partners of women with male partners looked bewildered and eyed the groom as if he were some kind of freak.
"He's convinced me that massaging in sperm is great for conditioning one's cleavage but I'll let you be the judge," Reece said, pulling down the front of her white wedding dress to display one of the best pair of breasts in the business. The more than 100 guests went wild.
"My man is such a darling," she continued. "I told him I worked in the film industry but he confessed no knowledge at all when I became more specific and said the porn industry. He couldn't believe actors, actresses and those inbetween would be paid big money to be filmed having sex and people would actually buy those videos and DVDs - but he's a good learner."
* * *
The wedding coincided with Reece's expiry of contact and Andy's resignation from the Newpark Women's Motorcycle Recreational Club. Soon after returning from their honeymoon the couple realized that apart from the sex, life had become rather dull. They talked about what they could do and finally Andy said they should try to do something together and that gave Reece a great idea.
She enrolled Andy in an accelerated drama acting class and two months later they went to a studio she'd hired to begin production of their first film that she would produce and direct, using Andy as the lead engaging in sex with five females although not simultaneously. Andy came up with the title of the DVD that is now sold even in good book stores. 'Everyman's and Everywomen's Primer on Tatty Feeking' is fast heading to become in the Top 50 Porno films of all-time.
Reece has a whole series of Everyman's and Everywomen's Primers planned except she still has to have a quiet word with Andy whether he wants to star in the butt production. Andy is currently working with a ghostwriter to produce the script for their first serious film they hope to distribute worldwide. The working title is 'C is for Cleavage' and will trace the history of cleavage exposure and delve into it's importance to the sex industry and it's critical importance to the psychological release women have enjoyed in displaying the love they have for that particular part of their body.
Meanwhile Reece is thinking seriously about producing a film about sexual stimulation and release achieved from horse riding and motorcycle riding. She perceives a huge market for it, even from people buying the DVD to confirm what they already know.


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