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Candy Loving's high score

Short story By: GlobeTwo

Candy Loving, Miss January 1979, plays with a pinball wizard.

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Candy Loving tapped impatiently on the side of the phone with a long gleaming red finger nail as she waited for the translator to take her answer and render it into…what language was it now, Japanese or Chinese or some other Asian language? She had been doing these telephone interviews for European and Far Eastern journalists for endless hours now and she couldn't keep track of where she was calling to at the moment. She glanced at the clock and pouted; if it was 1AM here in Los Angeles what time could it be in Kuala Lumpur? Ordinarily Candy wouldn't mind answering the same questions over and over-How did it feel to pose nude the first time? Nervous but the crew was very professional. What does your family think about you becoming a playmate? They are very supportive. And so on and so on.

The press interviews were a chore foisted on her as Playboy's 25th Anniversary Playmate and Miss January 1979 and the approached the task with the same enthusiasm she had for all her other playmate duties. But tonight she had arranged to have herself sewn into the sheer white pants suit once more; the body-hugging outfit took an hour to be stitched into and mere seconds to be torn off-the skin tight pants had to be replaced several times already.

She had dressed up because she was expected the pants to be torn away again. The infamous basketball player was visiting the Mansion and at dinner he made it clear that tonight was Candy's night. The tall dark athlete was famous as a one of the best centers ever to play the game; standing over seven feet tall, he was known as the Stilt, but among the playmates that nickname took on a different meaning. He was known as an artist in the bedroom and many of the girls had affectionate names for his massive tool. Candy had to admit she was curious.

The basketball star was the only one of the publisher's friends to have his own room at the Mansion; the tiny closet in Chicago was legendary and while his room here in LA was slightly larger, every girl reported that all it had was a bed and once a girl was on that bed she got little sleep, instead enjoying a ride that she would dream about for years. Yes, Candy was curious but now she was frustrated; the clock ticked along, marking the endless time while the reporter on the line droned his thanks to the lovely playmate for her time, and the honor, and the pleasure, and blah, blah, blah. The translator finally finished.

"Well, Miss Loving, I believe that is the last call," he said finally. "You have been a very hard worker. I know time has passed 1AM there in your city. Please allow yourself to do some rest."

Candy leapt out of her seat, almost dropping the receiver. "Thank you, thank you; my pleasure," she sang out before hanging up. She practically skipped with joy as she left the office.

She rushed as quickly as her high heeled boots and skin-tight pants would allow, almost tumbling down the grand staircase in her haste. But the living room was oddly quiet. A few girls were in one dimly lit corner playing backgammon. Denise McConnell looked up at Candy and her eyes widened in surprise as she took in the anniversary playmate's revealing outfit. Candy's breasts were still rocking in the tight, tight sheer blouse from the running she just did.

"Everybody went to some fancy disco opening," Denise said in her deep, smoky voice in response to the question in Candy's eyes.

"If you're looking for the Stilt," Janet Quist added with a teasing voice, "He's upstairs with Miss July." All three backgammon players giggled, thinking both about the tiny, slim Karen Morton riding the huge dark shaft. And the look of disappointment on Candy's face as she imagined the same thing was almost comical.

Miss January shrugged her shoulders, feigning indifference. "Well, I was planning to get to bed early anyway," she said.

"Oh, sure," Janet teased, but Candy's only response was to walk out of the room.

The lovely playmate was restless but had nowhere to go really. She drifted back up the stairs and wandered in a trance down the long cavernous corridor. Dressed in the skin-tight white diaphanous costume she looked delicious; she looked like… well, like candy. She paused in front of a tall mirror and regarded herself. Her large breasts were two perfect globes and the blouse hid none of the expansive curves of her chest. Her nipples were completely in view, poking through the white fabric. The blouse was open to the navel and closed with a knot; the skin revealed in the gap was white and moist and smooth. Her narrow waist flared out to full generous hips; the white slacks were so tight that each curl of her bush was not only on view in a dark glistening patch but also outlined perfectly like a sculpture as the fabric hugged her hips and thighs snugly. The patent leather white boots accentuated her shapely legs, completing the sexy outfit. Her soft luxurious dark brown hair cascaded in streams down around her shoulders and framed her round lively face. Her brown eyes gleamed with life and her full lips pouted sexily. Candy sulked for a moment as she studied herself but she couldn't blame the basketball player from enjoying Karen Morton; the slim blonde had a tight firm body and wide innocent eyes. For a second Candy imagined the tiny girl being impaled on the long ebony shaft. Miss January's hand drifted down her belly and over the heat of her mound, but a sharp yelp snapped her out of her reverie. She turned and shuffled down the hall to investigate.

The muffled sound was all the more startling because of the unusual quiet in the hall and Candy's interest was piqued. Of course the pretty playmate was bemused to find herself in front of the basketball player's door. She could hear the bed springs squealing in a tense rhythm and Karen's soft whimpers breathe in harmony with the beat. Surreptitiously glancing around to see if she could be seen, Candy leaned into the door, squashing her pillow-soft breasts against the cool wood as she pressed an ear to listen. Inside there was a sudden pause and then a deep male voice, "Oh yeah, that's good, baby doll." The bed began to squeal again but Karen was now barking out, 'Oh, oh, oh," over and over again.

Once again Candy's hand pressed over her hot eager mound as she leaned against the door. She felt a wave of pleasure shake her spine and she closed her eyes to enjoy the bliss radiating from the flat palm and gyrating fingers over her sex. Her other arm snaked under her own breasts, hugging them warmly.

'Yeah, baby doll, you're so fine, so smooth, so tight; let it go for me, baby."

Behind the door Karen let out a scream and there was the pounding of tiny fists on the wall. "No, no, no….oh god," the young girl wailed. Candy's nimble hand raced up and down the seam of the white pants, etching a line of passion over her slit.

The man's smooth voice purred in a deep growl, "You can do it, doll, pretty little sex doll. Show me you can do it." Candy's fingers dug into the outline of the lips of her pussy, grinding into the gauzy fabric, and she groaned in harmony with Karen. She squeezed her own heaving bosom tightly.

"That's right baby, faster; come for me baby."

Candy's hand rubbed faster and frantically; her body was trembling with ecstasy as she jammed her body against the hard surface before her. She was shocked by a thud and felt something slam into the other side of the door. Suddenly there was a heavy pounding. Candy could hear the man thrust himself up into Karen and the blonde's ass slapping and slamming into the wood, each thrust echoing in the writhing body of Miss January. Candy's arm and hand vibrated like a rocket at the end of a countdown and her whole body was surrendering to the urge to lift off. She twisted around and stood on her toes, her head leaning back into the door and her back arching. The slamming of Karen's body being hammered against the door vibrated down Candy's spine.

The two playmates came together; Candy quiet and desperate in her shallow breathing and fluttering heart, Karen loud and violent as she screamed her bliss into the man's chest. Candy shivered against the door and slowly recovered her breath; she could hear Karen struggling on the bed as the man maneuvered her into a new position. The voluptuous brunette shook her long mane of hair; she had to get out of there. On wobbly legs she staggered back down the hall to get as far as possible from that door.

Candy's restless wanderings finally took her to the game room, empty now and still, lit only by the garish lights of a bank of pinball machines against one wall. With a bemused smile she drew close to the new one; she had yet to get a look at the special Bally Playboy pinball machine and the sight of it made her giggle with delight.

Everything Playboy was known for could be seen on this pinball machine. In the center of the backglass there's the publisher with two playmates; he had his ubiquitous pipe in his mouth and a possessive grip around the waists of Patti McGuire and Sondra Theodore-Patti in a clinging hot pink teddy and Sondra in a skimpy bikini. Candy's smile broadened to a lascivious grin; she could remember seeing the three of them just this way a few days ago moments before they disappeared behind a bedroom door. She studied the machine some more: There's the Playboy bunny logo. A variation on Playboys marketing slogan 'Entertainment for men' at the top of the backglass above the Playboy logo. The Playboy femlin, looking cute and sexy, popped up in different poses all over the machine. Little Annie Fannie was naked and luscious in the grotto and the Playboy Mansion itself was in view in the background. Patti and Sondra also posed invitingly on the playfield looking like they wanted to fool around with the pinball player. On one of the flippers Candy could read, "It takes steel balls to play pinball."

The dazzling lights of the machine were reflected in Candy's dark brown eyes; they flashed with amusement but as she looked at the machine her grin faded to a rueful smile. The machine suggested everything she had come to expect from the Playboy lifestyle but here she was alone and aroused in the middle of the night; dressed to kill and still nobody's playmate.

With a lethargic flick of her wrist she pulled the plunger and sent a steel ball rolling up the chute; it bounced around a bit, kissing the bumpers, making some lights flash and the machine became alive as a score began to rack up on the board. The ball drifted down the playing field and she sluggishly pressed the flipper button sending the ball in a slow arc back up to collect some more points. Candy snorted with boredom but as the ball dropped down she put both hands lightly on the flipper buttons and sent it flying back up for more points. She glanced up at the score board as the numbers accumulated, and she bent into the game, cursing softly as the ball dropped out of play.

She snapped the plunger with more gusto this time and the ball flew; her graceful hands soon got the knack of the flippers and she pleased herself by more than tripling her score.

With the next ball she jammed her pelvis into the machine; grinding her hips to guide the steel ball, she barely managed to avoid tilting the machine but she did manage to roll up an awesome score. She hunched over the machine, serious now; she could see her luscious breasts reflected in the glass as if she were offering them to Patti and Sondra, and the friction and pressure of her pelvis against the machine caused a pleasing tingle. The climbing score was giving her a new erotic thrill and she pulled the plunger with a wild abandon now. She thrust her hips forward eagerly, her breasts shimmering over the glass as she caressed the flipper buttons and played the steel ball like a lover. A sharp bolt of ecstasy shot through her as the machine beeped and flashed its delight in the lovely girl.

Patti and Sondra on the playing field seemed to look at her breasts with an inexorable yearning-- Patti's tongue stretched out and flicked over Candy's left breast, licking it through the sheer fabric; Sondra's pouty lips opened wide and engulfed Miss January's right breast, sucking the nipple deep into her own mouth. Candy felt both playmates reach around to grip and fondle her plump round ass. The excitement made her grind more wildly into the machine as its lights blazed in uncontrolled passion. The score went higher and higher.

Patti and Sondra pulled Candy down to them and the beautiful playmate squealed with delight as she tumbled into the bright hot lights of the playing field. Writhing between the two girls Candy felt Sondra behind her, nuzzling her blonde hair into her neck as she wrapped her arms around Candy and pulled the white blouse open. Candy's hands were tearing Patti's teddy to shreds and Patti was kissing her deeply. Little Annie Fannie, her voluptuous body glistening and wet from the grotto, wriggled in among the knot of shapely limbs and curves and she sucked happily on Candy's magnificent breasts. Sondra was grinding her pelvis into Candy's squirming bottom and she was twisting her wet tongue in Candy's ear. Patti thrust her breasts into Miss January's eager hands and at the same time she began to tear at the tight white pants. The Playboy femlin danced over the four women and tore the white fabric away so Patti's hungry fingers could plunge into Candy's honey pot.

Candy screamed an orgasm; she plunged herself deeper into Patti's hand and screamed again. Her body rattled and shook as the machine went into a ferocious dance, flashing, buzzing, ringing as it came with her.

"All riiight!!" A deep sonorous male voice floated over the machine. Candy opened her eyes to find herself atop the glass, face down, her knuckles pearl white from gripping the sides. She pushed herself up and scrambled around; she slid down on the glass and braced the heel of a boot on the edge of the machine next to hers as her other leg dangled down. She leaned back on her arms and smiled shyly at the man who had joined her.

The basketball player grinned. "Looks like you set a record," he chuckled, nodding at the score board.

Candy giggled and watched as he moved towards her slowly. His hands were at his side with palms facing her as if he were approaching a wild beast he didn't want to frighten.

"Do you want to play me?" she said softly. Her eyes couldn't help but study his muscular body. All he wore was a silk robe and it could do nothing to hide the massive weapon he was carrying. Candy's tongue darted out for a second, then she smiled shyly again.

"Oh, I'm gonna play you, alright." He was now at the end of the machine. With one hand he tugged Candy's leg to pull her forward. Her bottom made a squealing sound across the glass and she found herself with both legs around his hips, her plump rear resting on the bottom of the glass surface.

"You think you can beat my score?" she teased then she sighed, dropping her head back. His large hands were pressing over her bare waist and gliding up to her breasts.

"You know it," he growled, his face close to hers. Candy was pleased to see his surprise when his eyes dropped to admire the deep cleavage of her chest.

"Like what you see?" she teased huskily.

"That's a hell of an outfit," he said. His large hands moved lightly over the surface of her two round juicy breasts.

She shifted away with an exaggerated pout. "You can look, but I didn't say you could touch." She squirmed slightly so the two mounds would quiver enticingly. "Besides aren't you with somebody already?"

The basketball wasn't going to be dissuaded from enjoying her luscious gifts; his large hands engulfed them, squeezed them together then gently spread over their entire surface, his touch burning through the insubstantial fabric. "You mean Karen?" he chuckled, savoring her flesh and noting with interest the way her body swayed under his touch; she was biting her lower lip and her eyes were slits. "Sure I was with her; now I'm with you."

"Oh," was all she could say; her shoulders rocked back and forth and her hips opened and closed over his. His fingers were under her breasts, lifting their magnificent mass gently while his thumbs etched circles over her nipples.

"You like this, girl, don't you," he gloated as she swooned. His eyes drank in her beautiful body as it quavered under him. "You got nice ones. They're real fine." Then he added, almost as an afterthought:"That Karen was a good fuck, I gotta say." He noted with approval Candy's eyes narrowing with jealousy; he gave her breasts a firm, sharp squeeze. "You fuck good, baby?"

"Yesssss," she hissed, opening her eyes and thrusting her chest further into his hands, her thighs squeezing him tighter.

His fingers continued to probe and caress the creamy flesh of her chest and she swayed slowly and seductively under his spell.

"Yeah, that little blonde was nice, but time now for a little candy."

"Ummmum," she agreed in a slow purr.

His hands moved in broad circles around two sweet melons. "Girl, you are so fine."


"You feel so fine. You taste as good as you feel, baby?"


"You ready to play, baby?"


His tongue impaled her mouth as his fingers dug deep into the soft velvet flesh under her blouse. Her nipples stabbed into his palms; she leaned back on one arm and used her free hand to undo the knot of the blouse.

She kissed him frantically while pushing her breasts up towards the two writhing tongues. His mouth slurped up her sweetness, then enjoyed each nipple in turn. Her pelvis ground into the massive bulge under his robe as she twisted and writhed, impaled on his kisses.

The blouse slid off her shoulders; she eagerly helped him pull it off completely. Her zealous compliance to his desires sent a charge of excitement to his loins. Her skin tingled with energy as she peeled the top off her arms. Totally magnificently topless she lay back on the glass to give him the best view of her gorgeous body. The pinball lights danced wildly in her eyes. The dark man looked down at the creamy white feast of her two breasts and her sweet angel face, her shapely legs dangling over the end of the machine; he licked his lips wolfishly.

"Yeah, you're gonna play." He pulled his robe open and it dropped to the floor. Candy's hand flew to her mouth to hide her amazement; her other hand crossed protectively over her chest.

The man chuckled at her reaction. "Hey, little playmate, if we're gonna play I gotta bring my bat don't I?"

His large hands were probing and searching her legs and hips and thighs; they squeezed under her ass, kneading her flesh and arousing her. "Where the fuck is the zipper…" he muttered, pulling and clawing at the fabric.

"There is no…" she murmured but his brute hands were already twisting the fabric into a tight knot; with a vicious rip the pants tore off her body.

Candy's eyes smoldered with passion as she looked up at him helplessly. She tried to cover her sex with her hands. "No," she whispered, shaking her head but the wanton gaze in her eyes revealed her hunger.

Pulling her hands up and pinning them over her head, he bent over the quivering playmate, his face close to hers. His long thick ebony shaft nestled in the already wet curls of her bush. "Don't be shy, girl; you're playing in the big leagues now. He released her arms and she kept them in place, groaning as his hand wandered down her voluptuous body and slipped between her legs. A firm finger brushed over her pussy lips. "Looks like you're all warmed up, baby."

His body rose off of hers and he stood, still between her legs, his cock still nestled on her bush; the massive shaft stretched over her body like a black snake slithering up her white skin to rest between her breasts. Candy's eyes flamed like the lights of the pinball machine as she looked at the broad bulbous head glaring at her. Her chest heaved and with a soft smile she shifted her arms so her willowy hands could grip the sides of the machine to steady her body. Her lips parted with a groan as a thick finger dipped deep into her honey, a prelude of the assault ahead of her. She lifted one leg, bracing the heel of the boot on the end of the machine, opening herself to him.

"You like this, candy girl; you like being tickled?"

He drank in the sultry look on her angel face and the quiver of her two milk white breasts, her bright red nipples; her flat belly was fluttering under the dark throbbing monster resting on it and her bush gleamed like stars around the base of his cock. His thick finger was dark against the sweet pink of her pussy lips as she writhed gently against his onslaught.

"You sure look yummy, baby," he gloated. "I'm gonna do you up nice, give you the deluxe treatment." His finger probed and prodded inside her moist treasure, a mere taste of the invasion to come. His cock throbbed over her belly, quivering each time the girl trembled underneath it.

"You like this, babydoll?"

Candy's mouth opened but no words came out; all she could do was nod as she twisted in bliss on his finger.

"You 'bout ready to play with the big thing?" He jiggled his cock against her belly.

"No," she gasped and she tried to wriggle away. "I'm afraid," she whined, still her eyes remained locked on the thick long ebony snake before her.

"Sure, baby, you be scared if you need to be; I'm still gonna do you." He removed his finger, her sex letting go a satisfying wet pop. He held her legs firmly and felt her trembling beneath him. Her luscious breasts bounced up and down with her heavy breathing and her white skin glowed in the wild light of the pinball machine.

"No please," she moaned, parting her legs to welcome him.

He had to take a step backwards to find the leverage to position the tip of his cock at her gates. The pace of her breathing quickened as she watched with dread and anticipation; a jolt shot through her when the tip of his shaft seared itself against her pussy. She gripped the sides of the machine and jammed her heel against the edge; her other leg caressed frantically against his side.

"You ready to play, baby," he growled, gripping her pale thighs with his black fingers.

"Yeah," she breathed, her eyes narrow slits.

"Here we go." He leaned back slightly then thrust forward, plunging deep into her in one long endless rush. Candy's heel slipped, kicking the pinball plunger and sending a steel ball barreling up the chute.

He shot a load of his seed inside her immediately, the heat spread like fireworks and the warm sparks soothed the agony of his massive size roaring into her.

"Ahhhhhhhh," she groaned as soon as the heat began to fill her; but the sigh was cut short by the shock of his cock getting even harder and more viciously wide as he came.

Candy's velvet sheath tightened around the black invading monster, her sex muscles rippling over the throbbing beast, playing it expertly. He thrust in and out of her and the steel ball followed the passionate rhythms, bouncing between the bumpers as the garish lights and bells blazed violently. Sometimes he played her with short quick jabs, expertly targeting the head of his cock deep inside her to find her most sensitive spots; sometimes he took long slow luxurious strokes, leaning back to pull the length of his shaft almost all the way out, then sinking in just as slowly and letting the beast caress her tight velvet tunnel. Her body danced to his tune and she looked at him with grateful eyes no matter how hard he hammered her. The numbers on the scoreboard kept rolling up and up as if measuring Candy's bliss. She wrapped her legs around him, her hands holding the sides of the pinball machine, and she rode his steel shaft while the machine exploded under her, the steel ball crashing everywhere.

"Good girl, good sweet little Candy."

In and out he drilled; the howl of the machine competing with the howls of the girl to urge him on. The numbers spun crazily. She felt so hot, so tight, her honey oozed over his cock as he hammered on, over and over inside the writhing playmate. The man bent down and kissed her mouth and breasts.

"Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm," she moaned, jutting her chest up into his face; her sweat soaked body was sliding up and down on the slick glass as he continued to pump in and out of her sweetness. "Ooohhh yeeessss," she purred feeling him grow even larger inside her.

Candy rolled her head from side to side as he raised himself up; he leaned back to get a better angle on her slit and smashed into her soft wet sex. "Ooooooooooooo," she sang out as fireballs shot up her spine with each thrust.

"That's right baby you take it all in; you ride my big thing."

The steel ball finally rolled away but the man shot another one up the shoot; ramming mercilessly into her tender body. The machine burst into a conflagration of lights and bells under writhing, bucking girl. She arched her back and he rammed in deeper. Her head pressed against the glass, her eyes rolled back -- Patti McGuire, Sondra Theodore, and the publisher loomed above her in the backglass gazing down on her and watching with approval as the score went through the roof. Candy watched as Patti's hands reached out to fondle Miss January's quaking, heaving breasts; Sondra pushed her own bikini bottom off and lowered her pussy over Candy's waiting tongue. Little Annie Fannie pushed a wet finger up into Candy's tight, sweat soaked bottom. The Playboy femlin danced over Candy's writhing body, seemingly everywhere at once; the tiny sprite plucked up drops of Candy's sweat as if they were flowers. Candy panicked when the femlin slid down her belly and climbed onto the man's shaft; riding it like a bucking bull, before disappearing into Candy's velvet tunnel.

"No, no, no, oh God, no," Candy begged as the Playboy femlin guided the tip of the huge black cock over the secret spots inside her, each touch causing a comet of bliss to vibrate through Miss January's struggling body.

"Noooooo," Candy began to howl in protest and pleasure before Patti's mouth nudged Sondra's thighs off her face and Patti's tongue intertwined with Candy's.

In and out the man pistoned like a machine; the steel ball raced wildly and the lights screamed with ecstasy. Candy's shapely legs were now straight up in the air over his chest with her boots resting on his shoulders. Her sex soaked body rained sweat onto the glass as her body arched higher and higher, her whole body supported by her head and her arms still gripping the sides of the machine.

He watched transfixed as Candy's tongue licked greedily over her lips, making them glisten with a sexy sheen, and her breasts heaved and quivered as if he was mauling the milking flesh still. Her hips would thrust up into him, seemingly in response to a shove into her juicy ass. Her sex squeezed tighter and tighter around his cock; he wanted to fuck her forever as her moans and the pinball machine's screams begged for more.

A dozen bolts of bliss had rocketed through her and now the big one came. Candy's sweat soaked bottom slapped up and down over the glass with loud smacking noises and rocking the steel ball to more points. The Playboy femlin, riding the tip of the man's cock, ripped handfuls of Candy's nerve ending up and took two massive coils of these sparking nerves and held them up victoriously, like two massive electric wires downed by a hurricane, then she touched them together and Candy burst into fire. Her spine stiffened and she rattled against the glass, gushing over the cock and the femlin inside her. She saw a rainbow of colors as the pinball machine shared in her bliss. The numbers rolled on and on, the bells clamored in victory, and the lights were a flood of comets all around her. On and on she exploded, twisting over the shaft deep inside her. Her nude sweat soaked body slithered over the pools of her own sexsweat on the slick glass. The Playboy femlin stroked the cock with her thighs and the man shot into Candy, deep and hot. Candy felt the fire oozing through her.

"That's the high score," she gasped just before she fainted.


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