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Thanks For Giving Me Some

Short story By: Gianni Shamari

Thanksgiving Day becomes a wild sexual session between Mare and Raquel.

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The God-like colorful balloons were soaring high and so were the crowd in high spirits at the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Parents lifted their children onto their shoulders, letting them get a better view of the parade. The sun was shining on that 30-degree chill day; I was dressed in my warm black leather hoodie, black and white cashmere ski mask, and Timberland boots. I felt the warmth, souring through my vitals as I watched the bundled cheering thro

"It feels good seeing so many people having a great time." A tall parade-goer with an Irish accent said to me.

"Yes, I'm glad the weather wasn't too bad." I affirmed. "I was worrying about the strong wind ruining the parade for everyone."

"Yeah, it would have been a travesty if the balloons were kept firmly on the ground." The parade-goer expressed. "The balloons are the best part of the parade!"

"I love the balloons. That's why I come to the parade. I grew up watching it since 1980s."

"Are you here with your family?" He asked.

"No, I came alone. My family doesn't like the cold."

He laughed. "I love the cold! I am here with my wife. After the parade, we're going to a restaurant to relish the Thanksgiving dinner."

"Nice." I replied.

"Gotta go and give my wife some attention. It was nice talking to you, bro. Enjoy your Thanksgiving."

We shook hands.

After taking pictures of Snoopy, Spider-Man, Sonic the Hedgehog, and the cheerleaders, I was ready to leave. That was when my smartphone rang up. I checked the number and saw Raquel Monique, my friend.

"Happy Thanksgiving, Raquel! How are you?" I answered her call.

"Happy Thanksgiving! Are you still coming over?" She asked.

"Yeah, I am leaving the parade now and bringing sweet potato pies along."

"Hahaha... Okay then, I'll see you in a few."

"No problem. Bye."

I hopped in my new black 2014 Rolls-Royce Wraith and headed downtown. Mary J. Blige's "What's the 411" Remix album blared from my car. When the song "My Love" came on, I began singing it aloud. I love that song! Two young blonde-haired Caucasian girls in a white Range Rover were throwing their hands up and jamming to my music. I laughed my ass off! It was fun!

I arrived at her building, Tribeca Pointe, in half-hour. I rang the doorbell twice. Raquel opened the door, and she had on a tight tank top and denim jeans. She was a tall, brown-eyed beauty with long light brown hair and stunning brown eyes. She had a slim waist and mouthwatering womanly curves.

"Happy Thanksgiving!" I said before kissing her on the cheek. "It's fucking cold out here."

"Where is your coat?" She asked.

"I left it home." I resumed. "Don't like wearing heavy bubble coats. I got enough layers to keep me warm."

"Come in, and feel at home!" Raquel said, smilingly.

As I walked inside the spacious luxury apartment, I carefully handed Raquel the sweet potato pies. Then she introduced me to her cousin, Rachel. She was a tall, fetching slim blonde with a bright smile. Rachel also had a nice set of full tits.

"Happy Thanksgiving, Rachel! How are you doing?"

"I'm doing fine, thanks." Rachel answered. "Happy Thanksgiving!"

"Who else is coming over?" I asked Raquel.

"Tommy, my boyfriend, and his parents are coming."

"Are you nervous about meeting his parents?"

"No, not really," Raquel sighed.

"Don't worry, you'll do fine." I assured her. "It's Thanksgiving! They're going to be in a great mood."

"I just don't want them to think we're in a serious relationship." Raquel confessed.

Then she walked back to the kitchen to finish cooking. I joined Rachel in the living room to help with the cooking. The view of One World Trade Center astounded me. I loved the sight of New York City's skyscrapers. The TV had Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions game on, but Rachel and I were not watching. I was cutting various cheeses for the macaroni, and Rachel was making cornbread.

"How long you knew Raquel?"

"I have known her for nine years. We attended the same college."

"Oh, really."

"Yeah, we had the same art class. It was fun."

"Cool. Is Thanksgiving one of your favorite holidays?"

"I like Thanksgiving Day. It brings a perfect time for families and friends to reflect, inspire, and give thanks to God for everything that He has done for their good. Lately, it felt like a regular day." I added.

"You're right about that." Rachel agreed.

Moments later, Tommy and his parents arrived. Tommy was a tall, Caucasian man with dark facial hair. He had the physique of a professional football player and his tight clothes were accentuating his atheletic looks. He was quite friendly and his family greeted everybody with open arms. Joe's mother and father were short, gray-haired, and full of life. They reminded me of Lee & Morty from the Swiffer commercials because of how energetic they were. Tommy's parents weren't looking aged at all. When Rachel put the music on and Mack Wild's "Own It" began playing, they began dancing. The up-tempo music had them very lilt. I laughed, watching them dance to the music as Tommy recording them with the smartphone.

We all sat around and chatted, killing time until the feast was ready. We talked about Obamacare, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, and the Government Shutdown. We were so loquacious and entertaining.

"The food is finally ready!" Raquel announced.

I was the first one with a plate. My stomach was growling like a roaring subway train. I filled my plate with a big slice of a juicy turkey, sausage stuffing, macaroni and cheese, and corn. The steam and aroma were emitting from my plate and I could not wait to consume all that food. I sat at the head of the dining room table feeling like the Godfather of a crime family. After saying a quick prayer, I began eating. My mouth was full with this delicious Thanksgiving food. As I began washing it down with iced tea, the other guests soon joined me. I found it hilarious that Raquel sat next to me. She occasionally rubbed her feet against my calf that turned me on. I knew she was doing it on purpose, and I saw the sly smile on her face. We all decided to go around the table and share the things we were thankful for. As I listened, I was thinking of the right words to say. Finally, it was Raquel turn to share.

"I'm thankful for my family and a beautiful meal with the ones I love the most." Raquel spoke. "This is one of the best Thanksgivings ever!"

"I am thankful for my whole family, my friends, my health, and sharing this holiday with some good people." I said. "It has been great. Thank you, Raquel for preparing this delicious meal."

We all started clapping, and then got back to eating. After eating two slices of sweet potato pie, I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. I always took my toothbrush with me if I knew I was going to eat at somebody's house. I hate having food on my teeth. I was happy I did not have to shit because of all the food I consume. When I came out of the bathroom, I sat in the living room to watch TV. I removed my hoodie and got comfortable on the leather couch.

About three hours later, everybody started getting ready to leave. I volunteered to help Raquel clean up since I did not have any plans for the night. Rachel had a movie date with her boyfriend, and she left with Tommy and his family after Raquel gave them doggy bags full of food and snacks. When Raquel locked the door, we cleaned the mess in no time. I took care of the dishes while she washed the dining room table and floors. It was quite a joyful workout for us. The rap music playing in the living room kept us going.

Finally, we sat in the living room feeling exhausted and perspiring for the exertion we went through. Raquel was fanning her face to cool herself off.

"I am so tired and damp. Is it alright if I take my shirt off?" She asked me.

"Sure, you can. It is your house." I told her.

"I don't want to arouse you too much." Raquel said, giving me wink.

"Trust me; it won't be the first time I sat next to a half-naked woman. Just make sure you don't smell like cheese."

"Shut up," Raquel reproached me laughingly. "My body never stinks."

Raquel pulled her shirt over her head, and smiled. The white bra she wore barely held her big boobs. The sight of her half-nakedness aroused me in a matter of seconds. She leaned over so I could inhale her musky odor. Her sweat fortified the intoxicating aroma of her perfume.

"Yeah, you do smell good."

We gave each other a meaningful look, knowing the sexual tension that encompassed our bodies. We kissed each other, locking our lips avidly. It was on! Raquel removed her bra, exposing her marvelous tits. I swirled my wet tongue around her erect nipples, sucking them. Raquel moaned softly. I enjoyed teasing the irritable puffy pair.

We walked hand in hand into her bedroom. I laid her on the bed and yanked her jeans down. Raquel's naked form was a sight to behold. I began stripping down as I marveled her body. Then I slipped down beside her. We began exploring each other with our hands, enjoying all the sensual touching. As we kissed passionately, I was squeezing her erect nipples while she massaged my dick.

I lowered myself, going down on Raquel. Her aroma intrigued me. I began licking, fingering, and sucking her cunt. She moaned softly. Her impulsive response incited me to circumscribe around her pierced clitoris and lick her vagina, then penetrating it with my tongue. Raquel shrieked, and cummed passionately. I let her sex juices ooze out and trickle down her ass cheeks.

After putting on a condom, I slowly inserted my dick into her pussy. She was wet and yet a little tight. The pleasure ignited every nerve of my shaft as it slid through her welcoming canal. Raquel pulled me closer and bucked, undulating her hips. I resumed pushing in and pulling out of her at a slow pace, but steadily picking up the speed.

"Oh yes, mmm... fuck me with that big dick!" She murmured.

We developed our rhythm in unison. The thrusts that I made synchronized with the motion of her hips. The bed rocked to our tempo. I filled every inch of Raquel's pussy with my dick, which had her moaning and groaning deliriously.

"You want dick, baby!" I yelled.

"Yeah... oh yeah... mmm..." Raquel chanted. Her entire body shook under me. The pleasure was too much for her; she couldn't speak or howl in lust, but racked my back and bit her own lip.

"That's right, your pussy's mine! I'm going to rip your pussy."

I kept on fucking her faster and harder. The perspiration was racing down my body. I pushed deeper; Raquel shrieked as she drove her nails into my skin. The pain swiftly turned into pleasure and I felt myself getting up to the edge. After a few more hard pumps, I pulled off the condom and showered the jizz on Raquel's stomach.

"Give me that cum!" Raquel demanded, as she licked and sucked my dick to keep it erect.

Raquel got on all fours and began running her fingers over her wet pussy, seducing me to proceed. I slid my dick in her asshole and resumed ravishing her. I watched as my dick enter and exit her shit hole. I knew I was giving her every inch of my shaft as I felt my balls banging against her pussy. The pleasure made me animalistic as I started slapping her ass and pulling her hair.

"Oh, my God, you're hitting the spot!" She screamed.

As I continued ramming into her, she cummed on my dick while teasing her drenched pussy. Like a she-wolf, she threw her head back and hollered. The dirty words she mouthed in extreme pleasure, made me push the shaft to her hilt.

After I ejaculated and collapsed, feeling satiated all over. The aroma of our pounding passion filled the room; the mingled aroma of sex and sweat permeated the air around us. We looked at each other and laughed.

"Thanks for giving me some!" I chuckled.

"Mmm..." she cooed as I claimed her lips for another lip-lock.

Copyright © 2013-2014 by Gianni Shamari. Reproduction of the content, or any part of it, is prohibited without prior consent from Gianni Shamari. All Rights Reserved. If you wish to do this, please contact me with your request.


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