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Have you ever met someone at the club and abandoned the date you came in with for a quick dance with the stranger? For more? Or maybe not...

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Only Alex

-Hi. Are you guys together?

-Excuse me?!

-Are you guys together, you know…are you a couple?

-A couple… me and her? Oh no…no!

-Ok. Cool. Hi. I'm Deb. Do you wanna dance?

-Me? Hmm…Sure...Why not?

It was Thursday night at the Back Door: people everywhere, flirting, dancing, drinking, laughing, humping each other right there on the dance floor in everybody's face… The music was very loud. Typical!

We had been sitting for thirty minutes at the bar Alex and I, just sipping beer, watching the scene. Then that cute Latina came up to us and asked if we were a couple. I was surprised when Alex answered we were not. I mean… I thought we were. After all, we'd been dating for, like, 3 weeks now… Maybe only in my mind… But Alex was the one who had made the first move. I had never done anything like that before, dating a girl and all. And she knew that. Yet she had asked me out the first day we met. Then she was the one who'd wanted to make it official by kissing me in front of her friends. And today… that?

I was pissed, so when the girl asked me to dance, I went to the dance floor, mingling with the crazy bunch of horny people. I couldn't believe she'd ask me to dance and not Alex. Was she blind? Whatever! The dj had been playing some soca music, very sensual… some deep shit, as my ghetto friends would say if they'd been there.

Between "Jump and whine" and "Follow the leader" I got lost in the flow. I stopped thinking about Alex at the bar, letting the music take over. I could feel my heartbeats going faster somewhere inside. My hips started moving on their own. They were alive, I swear. I could feel the girl grinding behind me, her hands moving up and down my arms, the sweat, her lips on my neck.

Then I saw Alex get up. I waved at her to catch her eyes. When our eyes locked, I made a sign with my index finger for her to join me. It was a slow, sexy gesture, an invitation to something special. Did she notice? She didn't come. She made that sign that she was going to bed, bending her head over her joint hands. Wow! How could I be pissed at her? She was so sexy…Alex… my girl, the first. I was so proud of having her in my life. During those three past weeks, I had never felt ashamed of being seen with her. She was so graceful, so chic. The shots I took of her had made me a name among the young and coming photographs of Charlotte. I knew it had nothing to do with me. I was humble enough to admit it to myself. It was all her: her attitude, her style. While she walked out of the club I noticed again the elegance in her moves. I like her. I do.

Then the music took over again… "When I call, you respond." I was responding to the magnetic call.

I left the dance hall about an hour after. I was tired. The girl was insisting on "going somewhere to chill." Go figure! She was breathing on my neck like a puppy. A cute one, I admit. But she could never stand at Alex's feet. So I told her I had to wake up early in the morning. I was already at the door when she pulled me in with one hand and gave me a kiss on the corner of my mouth. With the other hand she slipped a napkin with her phone number in my bra. She was hot and provocative. I was exhausted. I had the subtle beauty of Alex.

When I got to the room, the light was dim. I pushed the door quietly not to wake Alex up if she was sleeping. She wasn't. She was writing in her diary, not a good sign.

-Hey baby.


-I thought you'd be asleep by now. Were you waiting for me? Drinking had got me a bit tipsy. But looking at her naked on that bed, with her long hair falling around her face, going down between her breasts like a waterfall plunges through a cave, got me high. God, I love her!

-Not really.

- Man, that was a good work out, that dancing! I got so energized by all those people around me. You should have been there. I missed you.

- Really? You should know I don't dance.

-I didn't know you don't dance. Why?

-You've heard I'm sure: white girls can't dance and all that crap! It's true.

-Oh, come on. That's just a stereotype. Everyone can dance. As a matter of fact, I believe everyone can do whatever they want to do. It's just a matter of practice. That's all.

-Well I guess I never had enough practice then.

Was she upset? I was feeling some tension.

-I can show you some moves, if you want. Not that I am a good dancer myself but I just bought that cd from the dj at the club. That music was the bomb!

I put the cd in the small player on the dresser.

-I'm still energized, you know.

I used my sweetest, sexiest voice. All the horniness from the dance floor had come home with me. I wanted her… badly. I could feel the contractions of my labia getting stronger. I squeezed my thighs closer together. I took my shirt off and threw it at her face. She did not smile. I unbuttoned my jeans, striped out of my underwear moving to the rhythm.

-I'm still energized baby…I can show you some moves…

Slowly, like a hungry tiger preying on its food, I tiptoed to the bed. She was my prey. She looked at me. She read in my eyes that only she could calm my hunger. She smiled. She enjoyed regaining her place at the center of my universe. I caressed her leg with the tip of my tongue, slowly heading up to that moist haven where I could finally quench my thirst.


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