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Falling in love with the Enemy

Short story By: gallygirl18

Tags: Love

Sexual love scene, once more an explosion of feelings

Submitted:Feb 10, 2013    Reads: 1,685    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

I breathed in her perfume like a beast succumbing to its carnal side, inhaling the scent of its pray.

'I was afraid I was going to do something I would regret.' She said hurriedly and started to walk down the stairs. My libido was going wild. Everything inside me was urging me to pull her back by the arm, push her against the wall and take her. Hard. I wanted to rip off her clothes, and mine for that matter. I urged myself to breathe, to stop, but I just couldnt.

'***** wait. Stop. Im not letting you go until you back into my room and explain what you mean by that.' I said, stuffing up my words, stumbling and slurring, my heart hammering so fast I was convinced she could see. She looked up at me, her beautiful face contorting in a look of utter surprise, and... what else? Fear? No, surely it couldnt be. She sighed and followed me up the stairs again and we walked awkwardly back to my room. She sat down and scratched the back of her neck, God my mind was on over drive, every detail about her I was taking in. She started to speak. Suddenly, I felt myself...getting hard.

'Fuck! My mind exclaimed. Calm down, she wont notice just...Oh shit arghhh!'

I was rock hard and I knew she would realise. I looked at her and sure enough, she had. Her mouth turned upward in a coy smile and she bit her lip. God I couldnt take this anymore, I just couldnt do this. All my common sense went out of the window and I surrendered my body to what it wanted. I had never wanted anything more in my entire life. I prayed she wouldnt walk out, that she would come over to me, so that I could do what I had wanted to do for so long. To let me run my hands over her body, her neck, her breasts, her hips, touch her, kiss her, give myself to her. Take her tight, wet pussy. Slowly she got up and walked over to me. I could tell she was nervous. I stood up, my cock literally bursting at the seam of my trousers. She murmured my full name and bit her lip again. With that I pulled her to me. Turning her round, so she was standing with butt pressed onto my cock. Draping her hair to one side of her neck, I kissed the bare skin slowly, gently, sucking and nipping occasionally. I heard her moan. 'Uhhhh...ohh God...' I slid my hands to her waist, and ran my fingers gently down one her thighs. I turned her to kiss her mouth. I tilted her face to mine, and slowly edged my face to hers. My lips were inches away from hers, and I closed the kissed firmly. Her lips were soft, I opened her mouth with my tounge, and our breath mingled. I deepened the kiss pulling her tighter to me and I slid my hand under her top. I caressed her breasts and pulled at her nipples. She pushed me away slightly, and pulled her top over her head. I snaked my hand around her back and undid her bra, letting it fall to the floor. I stared at her little round breasts. They were beautiful. I wanted to slide my cock in between and come all over them. I smiled as I touched the flesh, before taking it into my mouth. I lapped at her breasts and she groaned. I kissed her hard again, while slowly taking my jacket off and unbuttoning my shirt. She ran her hands up my chest and kissed me snaking her arms around my neck and grinding herself against me. I slid my hands down and unbuttoned her shorts. As they fell to the floor, I ran my hand over her crotch and rubbed slowly over her clit. She responded by kissing me even harder and I could feel her body tense at the pleasure. Suddenly she was dominating me. I was pinned against the wall. She looked into my eyes and smiled sexily. She undid my belt and my trousers slid down. she softly stroked my cock through my boxers. 'Fuck!' I groaned. She let out a small giggled of sexual excitement and slid them down. Looking at me she rubbed my cock slowly. I knew what was next. She kept her eyes on mine as she lapped at my cock and sucked on me fast and hard, I let out a grunt and almost gutteral plee for her to carry on.

'You like that?' She asked me dirtily.

'You know I do.' I said through gritted teeth almost pained. After 30 seconds of blowing me she stopped.

'I want you to fuck me now.' she said. I looked at her surprised, I must of looked shocked as she almost laughed.

'Unless of course you dont want to?' She said and proceeded to slide down her panties. She sat on the floor and spread her legs and started pleasing herself. It was truly the sexiest thing I'd ever seen. I walked, naked over to her. Kissing up her legs I started to eat her out for a few minutes. I concentrated on her clit and she got wetter,and wetter and wetter. I slowly sunk my thumb into her and fingered her hard. She was close to cumming so I stopped. I knew I didnt have a condom. 'I dont have a condom. I cant make love to you.' I said full of dissapointment. She grabbed hold of my cock and slid ontop of me. She had the tightest wettest cunt I had ever been inside.

'I dont care ********. Ive waited long enough to have you. Youre not getting away from me now. I love you.' She replied, her voice full of desperation.

'God **** I love you. I dont care anymore what anyone else thinks. I have to be with you.'

'I have to be with you too. I never stop thinking about you. You're all that fills my mind.' She admitted, biting her lip and fucking me slowly whilst groaning and almost screeching. I rolled ontop of her and started to fuck slow and hard. I rubbed her clit and kissed her slowly and sweetly. Her lips were creamy tasting, the same as her pussy.

After a short while we both came, and I had to muffle her cries with a deep kiss.

She lay ontop of me and we both sighed. 'I meant what I said. I have to be with you *****' I said. I knew the concequneces of my actions. But i had never felt this way about anyone before.

And so the lion fell in love with the lamb.


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