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If These Walls Could Moan - Part 4

Short story By: g horten winterborne

A short addition to my growing, throbbing, body of work.

Submitted:Mar 22, 2013    Reads: 3,943    Comments: 1    Likes: 3   

I have a nine inch cock that has hurt women before. It is shaped in a way that hits a woman's g spot just right. My strong arms and chest have been built up by hours in the gym, but, mainly great genetic genes passed on to me. I am a great lover. If I was a great cook I would brag about that too, but, I burn everything I try to create, and, I have always been great at two things. One; I can run forever. I have great stamina. This makes me a wonderfully ride in the bedroom. I sweat so much my lover places a towel under us before we fuck. She loves it when I make it rain on her. I love it when she squirts orgasmically all over our expensive sheets. Two; I have a very gurthy nine inch cock that takes a long time to ejaculate. This makes for problems when I am trying to get a "quickie" but honestly, I rarely have them. I fuck so long, my lover doesn't mind sharing me with me closest friend from time to time.

If These Walls Could Moan - Part Four


I love her more than words can say. She takes me like a champ in her small five foot frame. I am six foot nine inches tall. I wear a six fourteen shoe. Somehow we find ways to make our love making work for us, even though, she says, "It hurts baby."

We loved erotic role play. This is our sensual true story.

"Maria, are you sure you are ok with this?" I ask, knowing her answer becuase her eyes are dripping with seductive clues as to why she shut the door behind her and started peeling off her maid outfit.

"Si," she replies with a nod, sucking on her index finger then calling me over to her.

"We must be quiet," I remind her, placing my hand over her mouth as I suck her neck hard and fill under her bra until her perky breasts are firm in my hands. I rub her nipples she comes alive with long soft maons that I muffle under my hand.

I said, "Take my throbbing dick out and play with it."

She nodded, smiling cooly licking her thick moist lips then placed me in her mouth.

I watched her take all of me over and over till I dripped sweet pre-cum down her loving lips. I pulled her up off her knees and placed her on my home office desk.

She spread wide and let me taste her sensative pleasure button while she stroked my cock with her foot. She held my head down hard rolling her hips up fast as she shoke and quivered under my tongue.

"Oh, baby," she moaned in broken english.

I said, "You like teasing me all day in that tight little dress don't you?" and played with her tits as I fingered her tight wet pussy and made her squirm as I hit her inner sex spot with my two strong fingers. "You thought I wouldn't fuck you today, didn't you?"


"Well, roll over and take this cock."

Her breath smelled sweat as I forced her back against me, rough, and violently hard thrusting into her, just like she loved me to be. Closer, faster, harder, against my muscular body letting her perfectly round bottom feel how excited I waswhen I touched her soft smooth skin. I grew all over aching as I slid inside from behind while teasing her shaking body with small bites to her neck.

It was supposed to be just sex, no strings attached, no emotions, just long hot thrusts from my throbbing manhood inside her wet tight love nest, but, I fell for Maria like no one else before. Maria had a seductive way that made my body pay attention to hers. I fell hard like a rock from space into her arms, trying to get a grip, take back control, and continue with our -no strings attached- agreement.

Maria shook as her legs pulsed fused with erotic passion, moaning as she became satisfied, quivering in my strong arms, thanking me with kissing, as she tried to catch her breath, and I tried to calm my heart.

She pulled her clothes back on and went back to cleaning as if nothing happened.

I get back to my laptop and my progress reports, looking up, every once in a while at Maria playfully bent over, as if she was teasing me for more.

I loved working at home. I made over six figures a year in my boxer shorts, besides, my wife is such a good little role-player.

"I'll go make dinner honey," she smiles, blowing me a kiss.

"Yes, you dirty little house maid," I laughed, "That sounds wonderful," as I watched me prance away naked and beautiful.

She returned, "Do you want..." she stopped, noticed the look on my face, and leaned in closer. I pointed to the laptop. I noticed the webcam was on the entire time. I had forgotten to shut it off after my online office meeting.

"Tomorrow should be interesting," I thought to myself.

She surveyed my facial expression and replied, "Fuck it baby, they may just promote you for your good performance. Hell, I'd give you a raise any day." Her hand rubbed my cock back awake. As she kissed me, I felt relieved. "Maybe, I left it on, on purpose," I thought to myself, as she went back to deciding what exotic dish she wanted to try for dinner.

Tanya is the greatest lover in the world. I can say her name now because I feel we have all grown closer after sharing our stories. She is the best woman in the universe, because she makes me want to be the best person I can be. The way she watched me fuck her friend in the next story doesn't hurt either.


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