Halfway Dark - Obsession Part 2

By: g horten winterborne

Page 1, Tai and Zavier stumble upon a sex club in Razor City.

Tai took my hand as we walked through a crowded late night club called The Spin Room. I didn't mind. Her hand was soft and delicate, the way a woman's hand should be. I kept her close to me, navigated through the thick smoky room, and found an opening at the bar.

"Two hardbacks on the rocks," I called out. The tall drink of vodka, dark rum, and grape fruit juice hit the spot. We cased the packed room looking for our contact, Richard Pikard. We only had an old photograph to go on, so, we played close attention to anyone looking out of place. Pikard had left his gang and was a wanted man. He moved so often he was hard to place. We needed him to help us get the hitmen off our backs. I knew, very well, that he had his own troubles to handle.

"There," Tai pointed with her eyes. The man walking back into another room matched the small print exactly. Pikard wore a long dark coat like a subject in a classic detective novel. His pale skin illuminated brilliantly in the black lit room.

"Let's go," I stated. I jammed my hardbacks down my throat and took off in the direction of Pikard. Tai and I ducked into a dark room where loud moans hit my ears like a rock song.

"Its a sex club," Tai excitedly cried out. She shook my shoulders vibrantly and said, "did you hear me?"

"Yes," I answered. "Do you want to leave?" I questioned. My eyes were adjusting to the lack of light. There were swingers on couches fucking and sucking each other as if the world was going to end. I looked in Tai eyes for a sign of discomfort. She appeared to be thrilled. She walked further in listening to the sounds of men and women experiencing great extents of pleasure. "We can leave..."

"No," she interuppted. "I'm fine. I've never been to anything like this," she beamed. "Besides, our contact is somewhere in here." She leaned right in near two women and a man in a twisted position that did not look comfortable. "Come here," she whispered.

"Hey," our contact snapped at us. "There is no dressed peeping. You can watch, but you must remove your clothing or leave."

I started toward our contact. A stark naked Tai walked passed me, and, I forgot everything one forgets when his dick spikes full of blood. "We need to speak, to speak, with you...Pikard." I managed to stutter out. Pikard had stopped his overseeing duties and was star struck by Tai's thin sexy body.

"Is she with you?" he questioned. His large dick became erect. Tai leaned in toward him, caught herself, and turned back facing me, as if you ask for my approval. We were not an official couple, but, we had been associates with benefits for so long, we respected one another's opinions. I gave her a slight nod of approval. She reached down and grabbed his huge cock with her small hands. His eyes lit up in the dark room. "Damn," I thought to myself. "If she lets him fuck her, she'll never want my dick again." I started to stop her from continuing. Pikard had begun to spread her legs and lick her sweet tight red pussy. Tai moaned loud and I felt my own blood rush up inside me.

"Oh God," she cried out. Her hands wrapped around the back of his head, pressed his lips closer over her sensative clit, and she fucked his face strong and hard like she had never done with me.

"Great," I thought to myself, "how in the world will I ever be able to compete with a vampire." I took off my clothes. My hard dick sprang up from under my tight pressed pants. A soft warm female hand reached out from somewhere in the dark and jerked me away from my jealousy. I let the women continue, hoped Tai would see, and somehow become jealous. She was too busy finishing her second orgasm to be concerned with my fun and games. "Oh yes, yes, yes," I moaned out loud. A thick pair of lips sucked my cock like no one, not even Tai, had ever done. I embraced the action, rammed my thick hard cock down the lady's throat, and listened to her gag. By the way the woman was going back and forth over my dick so violently, I could tell she enjoyed every inch of me. Pikard bend Tai over and placed his long hard vampire cock deep within her. She shot forward as if a train had hit her from behind. She looked back, waved him off, and told him with a polite smile that she could not take it all. She looked over in my direction and waved me over with her head.

"You like me sucking your cock," a soft voice said from around my hard pleased dick. "If you want you can fuck me in front of my husband," she continued.

"I, think..." Before I could finish wording out my response, Tai had spun me around, and placed my dick inside her pussy. I placed my hand in the small of her back and fucked her with everything I had. The women behind me crawled between my legs and licked my balls. Her husband came up in front of Tai jerking himself to a firm salute. "Can we switch partners," he asked. I felt Tai's pussy muscles tighten as she pulled my thighs closer to her. "I'm sorry," I stated. "We are very new to this." Tai moaned and wet my dick with her third orgasm. Her pussy squeezed my dick as she quived and shook with passion. "Oh God, yes," she screamed. "I love your cock inside me. Your dick is perfect." I held the lady under me come to an extreme orgasm as she came. Her legs trembled. Her eyes shot back in her head. Her husband went over toward her, placed himself between her large wonderful tits, and emptied his sperm all over her breast.

I exhaled deeply, tried to collect myself, and looked around the room for Pikard. He had slipped out of the room during our excitement. Tai gathered her belongings, dressed, and went into the crowded bar. I followed suit. We scanned the room for Pikard, but, he had gone.

"Hey," the bartender called out to us. "He left this for you." We walked over. Tai was trying to hide a smile the size of Texas under her grin. She had greatly enjoyed the other room. I took a piece of paper from the bartender. Pikard had wrote, "I'm sorry my friends but I had to leave. One day you will understand the things I must do to protect myself." The bartender brought us both a free round and said, "You guys can drink for free for the rest of the night." I thanked him and handed Tai her mixer. There was something written at the bottom of the note that must have been written in glowing ink. I tried to read it. "I'll be right back," I told Tai. She nodded and rocked with the music. I told the note deeper into the club away from the bar. I read, "El Savadore's. 353 Rockford Drive." Rockford drive was a place where illegal vampires went to acquire sexual partners who liked vamp-sex. I knew we'd be venturing into another strange and unusal underground sex culture.

I returned to Tai, whispered our next mission in her ear. Her face lit up with excitement. "When can we leave," she asked. She finished her drink and shook me with energetic excitement. I said, "Friday. It should be jammed packed with people we've help then, and if trouble was on Pikard's tail and ours, being around a few old friends wouldn't be a bad thing."

She said, "I can't wait."

I replied, "I know. You enjoy a good thrill." The truth was, Tai loved being opened to new sexual experimentations. Another truth was, I had been such a depressed individual before Tai walked into my life. Being with her, made me feel like life was worth living again, and it was more than sex. It was the best time of my life. Tai made our adventures extraordinary. She had an odd way of making me feel like a king. The way I could make her squirt went she came, often giving her multiple orgasms, didn't hurt either.

"Here's to our next mission," I rose my glass. She lit up the room with that wide bright smile. The glasses made a sharp chime as we toasted to our next adventure. She dipped her finger in her mixer, sucked it seductively, and said, "to El Savadore's."

As we tossed, all of the naughty things I had done with Tai flashed within my head. I gazed deep within her eyes, telling meself, "If this is only the start to our adventures, I couldn't wait to see what was next." I longed to fill whatever space I had left inside my head with more mental photos of her. She was my seduction. For as long as she'd let me romance her wonderul body, I was hers.

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