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Fuck, I'm In Paradise (Lesbian Island Fantasy)

Novel By: g horten winterborne

A shipwrecked widow finds herself trapped on a lesbian island.

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I came from the agitated ocean. Its waves brought me here last night. There was a storm. I remember that much. I was washed upon the shore with a few of my belongings. By mere mercy, I lived. The ocean was violent and cruel when it pulled me overboard. I found a floating piece of broken furniture. Set myself upright and prayed to high-hell I would come out alive. Around 2am I lost my strength. Within a few short minutes I had lost my consciousness. The overboard woman was changed forever.This is my story. My name is Sasha Gray.

Fuck, I'm In Paradise - Part One


I should be dead, I thought to myself.

The breeze sang to me as I tried to orient myself. I felt at peace, not like someone whom had been shipwrecked but, rather like someone whom had been saved by devastation. A wave of despondency washed over me with a force that took my breath away. The place was beautiful. With its bird mating songs high in the trees and its bright hot sunlight bringing everything to life, I was as close to heaven as I've even known. And I knew hell. I knew the power of a man's angry fist. I knew the feeling of betrayal. And, for more reasons than any woman should ever know, I knew the longing in my heart for something real was as natural as the crystal-clear water falls in front of me.

I ended up here. Here was a place of fantasy. Fantasy was a place where I could find what I had lost behind years of a failed existence as someone else.

This place had its beauty. At times I was vexed between missing my old life and longing for the spoils of that new one.

Somehow, I had lost my clothes. They were some where in the rough waves that taunted me to never return or be kicked back toward sand.

I wore red and white boy-shorts that had become washed upon the sand. Everything else was a bit uncomfortable. Sand was in everything. After a while I just stopped trying to fight it. I was grateful I had no hair for the sand to toy with. I was even more grateful to find shade in the burning heat. It felt like a thousand degrees everywhere except the God-damned ocean. But, nothing would force me back in the water. Nothing. I was stranded. Mentally I was worn-out. Physically I was broken. My arms and legs ached as well as my lungs.

I quickly got to work saving what I could. I gathered things that flooded up. I dried them. I tried to put them to use. Every piece of drift items had there place. I used large rocks to spell out the word 'HELP'. It took an hour, drained me completely, and looked more like the word 'HELF'. I had run out strength plus rocks to carry.

I was very self sufficient. I was a sporty black female with a cleanly shaven head and a series of beautiful tattoos. Their is a large pink and black butterfly just above my breast. There are others, but no matter. I have been told that the look accentuates my small curves. I have a nice, well balanced ass. Dark black nipples and large soft lips. I was a sensual woman. The dizzying water that brought me here was still doing numbers with me head. I rested in the shade of a few tress, waiting for more clothes to dry. I loved the feeling of being naked. It was exhilarating.

I should have kissed the sand, thanking God or however was watching from the nighttime stars above, for my safety. But, I was a stubborn woman of five foot four inches, petite, with a small sporty body I had built through years as a ladies minor league soccer coach. I loved showing those women I could keep up with their young bodies. I sometimes caught myself watching them thinking naughty thoughts. I kept them to myself. No one every knew that the wife of the High School Athletic Director, a devoted Catholic, was thinking lesbian thoughts in private.

I sat in my office just outside of the locker room, and would often drift away in thought of walking right up behind one of those beautiful toned bodies and having my way with it while the water gentle soaked us. I used to rub my pussy under my desk as they got dressed. I was completely trying to deny my urges. But, it they were hard to conceal.

Don't get me wrong, I loved my husband, yet, this other world was calling me. I wanted to experiment so freaking bad, but, we had built up such a life of 'ordinary living' together, I never wanted to hurt him by breaking up what he had built. Still, the urges brought me to orgasmic explosion time and time again in the solitary confinements of my quiet office as they showered.

One girl caught me pleasuring myself one late evening after a scrimmage. She closed the door behind herself and locked it. I was frozen with fear of her turning me in to my boss, Sheryl Douglas. But, she walked right over, sat on my desk, and lifted her towel revealing her smooth shaven pussy to me. She spread her legs and placed my fingers over her aroused clit. I instantly became wet. Her pussy smelled so good. I wanted to dive right in, do things I'd never done before with her, but I was new to this type of sexual escapade. She rocked her hips as I rubbed her pussy. She placed my fingers in her mouth and sucked them hard. I pulled my panties down around my ankles and fucked myself as she forced my face between her legs. And, I was in heaven for the first time since the fantasies began. I sucked and licked her pussy as she pulled her clit up toward my involved tongue.

She lifted my blouse revealing my small perky breasts. I was not proud of my figure back then. She made me feel sexy with only a smile. I thought of my husband. What was I doing. Her finger pinching my nipples threw those thoughts away. She leaned down and sucked my neck. Her hard nipples fell comfortably in my mouth. They were like cherries. Her skin smelled extremely good. Her wet hair felt good in my hands as I ran my fingers through it, then went back to sucking those sweet things like the world was going to end. She leaned me back and showed me how to eat her pussy better. I was a fast learner. She had a tremendous orgasm squirting all over my face and breasts. I had never seen anything like it. I was forever changed. This was new. This was better.

She pulled me up forcefully, place me bent over my desk, and fingered me from behind rough and rigid. Her other hand reached around and rubbed my clit so deep i came quietly all over her fingers. My pussy juice ran down her wrist. She turned me around and kissed me so passionately I forgot about all the men I had ever been with. I was thirty. I had not had many men, mostly my husband, but none of that matter at the instant. I was forever gone, like a comet, changed, and spoiled by a great lover.

That was then, before the private cruise, and before the storm swelled over the rails, killing my former life, I had not the strength before then to come clean with the true nature of who I was. The island changed all that.

I was safe, but others did not make it. Our captain, John Sapporo, drowned after being thrown overboard by a wave three times bigger than our condo. Our cook, Tessa Deen, vanished before the storm hit. My husband, Mark Kusteris, of fifteen years fell over board trying to save me. I felt instantly alone. Agree. I felt abandoned like the things still finding there freedom from the caravan of waves.

The night line was stained with sadness that first night. I was cold and helpless with out shelter. I must have cried to hours before I knew it was not bringing them back. I watched that devilish ocean for days hoping he'd just walk right out of it. Of course when his body never washed ashore, I knew. I knew I would have to face this island alone. Alone I ventured on, trying to find a bit of sanctuary. Sanctuary was a cave behind a waterfall. I slept there the first week, surviving of coconut milk and cooked fish. I was resourceful. Still, I felt awfully isolated, empty, and depressively homesick.

Home was a four bedroom two story Victorian style complex. The place was so large and empty. I could provide children to fill it. He was disappointed. He began to sleep with his secretary, our cook, his mistress. Now, they both laid dead at the bottom of the abysmal depths. Maybe it was my fault. Fault was something I was never good at confessing up to.

I thought, maybe, somehow I had caused the storm to come out of some inner strength for the resentment I felt. After-all, how would you feel if you knew your spouse was cheating on you with the very same person who was serving your meals, washing your clothes, making your bed after they slept in it. Those thoughts filtered up from some repressed place I had forgotten about. Lost memories help me cope. But, the island was doing things to my mind. Like, for instance the crazy thoughts about me conjuring up the storm like Carrie at the prom in that twisted movie by Stephen King. Like, the shadowy images of other human beings on this island after dark, and like the sound of footsteps that always seemed to be traveling behind me.

One day while I was bathing by water fall, a woman appeared from beneath the surface. I wondered about the provenance of this mysterious woman. As she drew in closer, I knew my affinity to her was because I no longer wanting to be alone. Still, my instant attraction toward her was susceptible to her sensual influence. I wanted to hold my breath. She inched her way slowly into arms reach. The water glistened off her amazing body. My heart skipped a beat. An urge pulsed up between my legs.

I need to drink more water, I thought. Then she reached out and touched me. I shot back, off guard by the strange truth of these beautiful piece of heaven naked in front of me. I had never had lesbian thoughts, but I instantly forgot about all my worries as she leaned in and looked deeply into my eyes. Hers were as blue a the sky above us. Her small breast fit perfectly in my hands. Wait, I thought. I didn't remember placing my hands there. I kissed her soft lips. A flash of light ran through my body like electricity from some mystic place beneath the surface of things apparent. I felt a hand underneath the water clutch my inner thigh. I jerked as it slid between my legs and entered me. She kissed me back, went under the water, and began to pleasure me. It was like nothing I'd experienced before. I swear the she must of had gills. The way she stayed down there sucking and fucking me with her tongue was amazing. I placed my hands upon her head and forced her in closer.

I was half drunk from the sun's intense heat, yet, still I knew this was real. I gravitated toward her, as if by natural chemistry, or an invisible force. I closed my eyes and enjoyed her special attention to my tight spamming pussy. When I opened them, there were others around me. Their hands pleased me in ways I could never describe with words. Have you ever felt the pleasure of one hundred little fingers bring you to ecstasy. I have. It is so beautiful. I am so lucky to be alive. I am so lucky I fought an island where I don't have to hide or play 'good wife' for people I don't even respect. I had more orgasms during the night at the hands of the island's inhabitants than I had had my entire life. I was drained, but they kept coming for more as if pleasing me would end their own worries.

They had but one worry. It was a large snake that had started feeding upon them during the day time. So, they spent most of their lives walking in the moon's safe light, making love to one another, and preparing me for my quest to slay such a creature. I was told to me that if I killed the beast, I would be their queen for as long as I lived. Their queen to take as many as them as my sex slaves as I pleased. So, I practiced in my mind ways to slay the creature, while endless women met my side at night.

A trunk full of wine bottles washed ashore. We drank and pleased each other until the sun came up. I slept like a rock facing the ocean as a naked red head rested beside me. Her long flowing hair partially covered my face. I moved it aside. My eyes adjusted to the sun light. There were a few more things being washed ashore. I navigated my way through all the naked satisfied flesh toward them. There was a delicious smell in the air. Some one was making breakfast further up the beach. My stomach growled as I made out what the items were.

Oh crap, I thought. I held one of the items in my hands. "What's that," the redhead asked. "You will all find out tonight,"

I smiled. For the first time in so long as I could remember, nothing else mattered. These women had saved me. I was going to prepay the favor. I turned and looked at my beautiful lover. Her naked flesh basking in the morning light. Fuck, I was in Paradise. I switched on a button and showed her what it was. I placed it between the red hair of her pussy lips. She quivered in my arms. Her eyes lit up.

I was thrown overboard. Declared dead by the people back home who loved me. I believed I was saved for a reason, to save these women, and, save myself in the process. What have I got myself in to? I paused for a moment like I had done so many times before just to clear my head. The island breeze welcomed me to stay as long as I liked. The wind was sweet with conviction.

I wrote these things down at the end of each day. My first entry happened to be; I am a sensual, sexual woman who enjoys the company of my lesbian island ladies.


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