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The Encompassing Masked Man

Short story By: FyresydeHerbalyst

A renewal of lovers at last.

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I heard the fall of my own footsteps as I walked towards her. Fear seaped from her every pore as she looked at me horrified. I could smell the fear as it permeated the air. The closer to her I got the more she would shake and finally I heard her speak.

"What do you what. I don't have anything to give so please leave us in peace." The panic edge to her voice caused a smile on my face.

"You do have something that I want dear, so you might as well hand it over. I know your family was entrusted with the key. Give it to me and I will walk away for you never to see me again." My voice rung clear as a bell in the night as she looked horrified that I had stumbled upon her secret.

"I am sorry miss, but I don't know what key. I have many, shall I give you the key to my home. Is that what you ask of me." Her lie was desperate and her voice quivered and shook.

"Hand me THAT key and I will not kill you. But the key to the crypt is mine, given to you in trust until such time of my return. I will only ask you one more time, give me the key."

The lady held out her hand in defeat and in it the key I had searched so long for. I stepped closer to her and could see her visibly flinch from my touch.

"You made a wise choice tonight. I will keep my promise and spare your family but always remember what your foolishness almost cost you. Farewell and remember that we are still among you."

As I walked away I heard her start to cry. Tears of fear and sorrow filled her deeply. It would have been all to simple for me to end her misery, the pain and strife that filled her. I was no longer interested in my thirst. It had consumed me for three hundred years while I searched for him. He was my soul and I felt empty without him. I was close though, close to releasing my love again. I wanted him much more than any thirst could quench. I walked silently admist the forest I had come to know so well. The one that led to my love, my soul.

As I reached the bend I took a deep breath before I moved forward. If my heart could beat it would be racing. If my skin could heat I would be melting. He is the sole desire I have in this world and to him I go, my love, my maker.

Memories filled me deeply of the life we had before we were both nearly killed. The happiness and passion that filled our every day and night. His words were music to my ears and his touch made parts of me feel that I had never knew could. Before him I was a shell, used for nothing but entertainment. When I was with him my passion was unimaginable, the raw animal passion that clings to the very soul as if to never let go.

I ceased walking as I saw that I had approached my destination the place of his eternal rest. They had thought him dead but for the past three hundred years I felt him, restless and driven by passion. I free him now and claim that which he has whispered to me for so long. I reclaim the love, our love. I grasp the key firmly and place it into the lock. With one last stuttering passion filled breath I unlocked the chains that held my love captive all this time. Metal bursts around me sending shards into my skin cutting the smooth alabaster and leaving slight trails of red.

I moved close and saw him lying there, eyes closed, pale skin glowing in the moon and his russet curls glistening. I moved my hand to touch his beautiful skin and felt it flake under my hands. I made a cut in my wrist, just enough to let my blood flow into him. I placed my wrist near his mouth and slowly the blood dropped into his mouth. He moved then, grasping me quickly as if to never let go. Devoured my blood and drank deep of my soul. His sapphire blue eyes opened to me then and I saw what I had wanted to see for a very long time... Lust.

He took my wrist from his mouth and pulled me closer to him, eyes blazing and breath quickening. His lips sought mine as if to ask if the nightmare had ended. I answered in kind, my arms around his shoulders and my leg draped around his hip. I wanted him in ways I hadn't felt for a long time and that night we had them all.

As he deepened our kiss I felt myself floating among the clouds, sweet soft caresses of white that shaded us from the rest of the world while we made love. His hands grasped my neck and held me still as he rained kisses across my throat and shoulder. His tongue moved down my chest and rested ever so slightly amonst my ample breasts. He licked and sucked on my nipple before biting down. The ecstasy that shot through me caused my body to convulse. He undid the laces of my dress and slid it down my body. I could feel his deft fingers working across my skin as he worked his way back up, briefly stopping to caress the smooth flesh around my awaiting pussy.

I moaned as his fingers deftly manuvered into my awaiting pussy, sending pulses to my body I hadn't felt. Slowly he moved them within me, making me gasp and wriggle into him more. I looked into his eyes to see that they were smiling, he was enjoying the raptureous torture and feelings coursing through me. As his fingers worked diligently causing waves of euphoric, titillating pleasure; his mouth was caressing my neck, licking gently and biting. I moved my hand to his neck bringing his face to mine. With more eagerness than my body could have ever handled I grasped his hair, pulled his head to the side and bit down with a ferocious pleasure.

I could hear, no I could feel him moaning with every fiber of my being and the harder I bit the faster his fingers moved inside of me. I felt myself start to give way as a huge wave of pleasure broke over me and I started to pant with the effort to not lose control, oh but he was amazing. He fought my self control with every part of him, his fingers caressing me deeply and his mouth adding new waves upon waves that were barely controlled.

I moaned loudly again as I lost control and gave over to the euphoria and waves of..... Heat. I could feel heat, a burning sensual heat that exploaded through me. He looked me deep in the eyes then a satisfied smile on his face. He slowly withdrew his fingers from my now hot, wet pussy and licked them clean. I moved quickly to kiss him deep taste us mingled upon his tongue. It was a sweet taste and I longed for him more still. I looked at his face and saw his smile change... Did he know? Did he see my plans for him already?

I moved quickly pinning him underneath me as we still played in the sky. I bit his lip as I kissed him deep, savoring every bit of him as I had longed to. I slid my hands along his shirt and then down to his pants and past. I moved to the sheath under my dress to make sure he wouldn't get clothes any time soon for there was no way I wanted this to end. I slid the edge of the knife over his pants and then up his shirt, gently cutting away the fabric and knicking his skin at the hallow of his neck.

I licked the blood away as I slid my way down past his waist. I reached for the string of his briggand and gently sliced it away. I then slid them down past me and reached for his hard cock. I stroked him gently, teased him with gentle fingers before I licked his cock. I could see the affect it was having on him and it empowered me more to please him. I placed my mouth around his hard phallus and sucked my way back up, starting slow and moving in time with a beat that wasn't there before.

I slid my hands down his luciously soft skin and cupped his balls in my hand, gently rolling them in time with my mouth. The tempo of the beat started to increase slowly and I followed in time still listening to the moans that escaped him. Each moan was like a sweet caress to my heart as I sucked him harder. I could feel the relentless motion of his body as it move to meet my eager mouth and the sweet beat that had enthralled my movements speeding me up some more as a feeling built deep within me.

I could feel his movements become eratic as his moans became more gutteral. The primal force within me drove me relentlessly wanting nothing more than his juices in my mouth. I felt a tightening around his hard cock before his... Hot.... cum flowed within me. I still wanted more and I wanted him to have the same pleasure I did.

As his body subsided I could still feel the pulsing movement of his cock before he went still with sated pleasure. I gave his quivering phallus one more endearing lick before I moved to kiss his delectable mouth. I still felt his cock hard as it rubbed on my wet pussy wanting nothing more than to invite in the new warmth that seemed to have manifested. I felt him pinch my nipples as I placed him at my enterance. I felt pain and pleasure course through me like a lightning bolt and never before had so many sensations assulted me at once.

He grasped onto my hips and plunged himself deeply inside of me. I felt a scream of pleasure errupt from my body as he pulsed deep within me. With each bounce of my pussy on his cock I could feel the rapt pleasure of my breasts swaying in time and his hands gripping me tightly, nails dug into my pure white skin leaving marks of red behind that just fueled my passion all the more.

He moved then placing me beneath his, I on my hands and knees as he drove relentlessly with such a force that cause so much pleasure to be pain inside of me and I wanted more. I wanted him to fuck me until the dawn where the sunlight would consume us. His hands grasped my long braid tugging my hair with every powerful thrust into me, and his nails raked down my back. I had never known such joy until I could feel every ounce of me on fire and about to explode into pure rapture.

Oh stars how the waves of pleasure took me over quicker than I could speak his name. I screamed then, a sound of such elation that I could feel his hot juices inside of me, filling me to the core. I felt whole again as he pumped his hard cock into me, driven by an unforseen force that rode the winds of pleasure with us. I heard him moan, a deep sound and one so primal as to be animalistic. His moans drove me more until I thought I might burst. Then I felt it, warm, soothing, pulsing deep within me as his screams of pleasure became a sound of beauty to my ears.

I felt him collapse then, and his warmth caress my back. Ever so slowly I could feel his cock leave me and that alone cause another wave of erotic pleasure to course through me. I felt it then him still driving on in my mind, another sort of pleasure as he showed me that he wanted more. I could feel the phantom touch of his mind as it moved across my skin and filled me whole. He moved then to lay beside me as the pleasure overwhelmed my senses and drove me still, hotter and hotter until I felt I would explode to nothingness. I could feel the touch as it pinched my nipples and rubbed my clit, my body arched in ways I never knew could be done and I wanted more. His mind then moved to fill my hot awaiting pussy with his will, his ongoing will to please me and fill me.

I could hear his voice in my mind and it was a sweet wine after the dryest of summers. I could feel the heavy push of the touch inside of me as he kissed my neck and my sensitive nipples felt pain and pleasure. I felt out of control as my wilder instinct took over and I moved over him once more. Ripping a piece of my dress I bound him. I then move over his cock and the phantom touch pulsed still. I felt his hard cock enter me once again and fill me full. I moved slow at first his hands trying to break free of the binding with each teasing motion I made. My hips thrust onto his cock pushing him deep inside. I again felt the rythem take over me and I fucked him, my nails scraping his chest as my body moved over his.

I drove relentless in my assult on not just his body but his mind. I used my sense for him to feel what I could, a sensual overload of pleasure and pain. My body moved with a mind of it's own as my pussy enveloped his hard cock within me. I moved faster our body grinding and pulsing with force. I started to moan a deep sound that chimed through my whole body and I felt myself bounce harder on his cock. The up and down motion feeding on me and causing the beat to race.

I felt my body give way as wave after wave of orgasm enveloped me like the ocean's beautiful destruction. He broke free of the bonds with the strength of his orgasm. I could feel his cum deep within me a growing heat and the... Pulse... raced on.

Drained and weary we lay together sated. A new found pleasure of lovers reunited. I closed my eyes as I lay next to him, my hand moving over his skin in a simple caress. I open my eyes and my eyes deceive me for it is not whom I was with before, but another. Still sated and pleased I look at the masked man in front of me. I place myself over him and look deeply into his eyes. I move my hand to take the mask off and as I do I am met with your lips upon mine.


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