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Yesterday's fond memory

Short story By: Forsure

she unzips his zipper exposing his firery torch

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Yesterday's Fond Memory

Oh so tender are the memories as I sit here on the hill, looking out across a field of wild wheat grass and wild lavender. Fragrances so relevantly subtle they over take my sense of smell... enveloping them in a dance of ecstasy , wild daisies almost far beyond what the eyes can see. Captivated in the middle of a group of grass brush one lone burnt ember Indian wee, stands tall though the breeze brushes over it.

Oh how powerful the senses that bring the world to life. In my eyes, ears smell and touch . How a small blade of leaf stinkweed combines both thought of a feather's touch but the smell of sulfur and raw egg.. aged of course a month or two. But yet as beautiful as the wild daisies with honey bees buzzing around.

Such a delight don't you think, like New York cut steak and a good old fashioned pig roast.... Both distinct in differences but both oh so yummy.

There resting upon a fir tree branch a Robin, it's breast light brown and a small hint of blue mixed within her fledgling feathers.... Odd how they say Red Robin though their chest is light brown. Oh but again how beautiful they are and such a glorious sound they make ringing through the air.

Dragon flies, blue, black and green...their wings like frosted glass with one lone black stripe and two tiny dots for eyes. So care free, so intent flying here and there, landing where they please.

Standing still and closing my eyes I can still see the hilltop which captivated my spirit and brought me alive again... I can take in a deep breath and smell the pine, grass and the dust. I can still feel the sun beading down upon my skin and the warmth it leaves upon me. The hilltop to which I had hoped I'd be desired and wanted so very much by a man who filled my every being. A man I fell in love with the night he built a fire in the fireplace though it was summer, a man who made my body tremble each time I lay next to him.

Gazing into the blue sky, feeling him though yet he's not touching me... I have all I could ask for as long as I continue to feel this way for him .How precious this life is and so wonderful I think to myself, I do have all I could ever dream for. For the first time I say to him "I love you" and he smiles taking me into his arms.

I want to ask you something, I say.... Have you ever made love or been with oral sex on a green countryside hilltop out in the open? "No, but its been a thought of mine." He replies, "and if the opportunity should arise I'd love it."

I wish to be with him and wish to share a fantasy and desire so I must whole heartedly ablage. As he cuddles me close he caresses my hair and I can feel his fingernails against my scalp. My heartbeat seems so strong and I ache to be with him. I gently start to rub my hand across his chest with one hand and the other wrapped around his neck I pull up to him and press myself closer to him. Then slowly I start to rub down to his waist, I can feel his belt and just a bit of his bear skin, I want to touch him from his bare nipples down to his manhood and down to his feet. All of him....every morsel of arousal. I reach under his belt and slide my hand down to the head of his cock and take it into my fingertips, caressing it and cupping my palm around the shaft. I reach up and kiss him, probing and inner twining our tongues. It is hard for me to hold back, I want to suckle his head I hold in my fingertips....... I unbutton the button and slowly unzip the zipper as he gently kisses me. Pulling his jeans down a bit I have exposed his manhood; how luscious it is.... Beckoning to me . Slowly I lean over and take the head of his cock into my lips.MMM ... honey its so good, I want more" he replies. So again I place my lips on his cock and slide it further into my mouth moving down on the shaft until all of him is probing my tongue, sucking gently as he begins to move his pelvis up and down. Meeting my lips downward movement, I can sense the passion start to rise in him

Deeper and more instance moves become....so I pull back just enough to place two fingers above the base of his shaft and start moving up and down it. His cock starts hardening more and I can feel the blood pulsate through the veins. His moans become more intense, more eager and more determined to release the warmth that is built up inside. He moves faster and faster, more furiously placing his hand gently on the back of my head. Now I know its almost time.

I'm going to come he says and I lift my lips away and keep moving my hand faster up and down his cock. He releases a glorious moan......"Oh god" and his white fire sprays from its hold. I take my tongue and lightly lick the head of his cock and kiss the base, then he takes me into his arms and holds me. I close my eyes and resting my head upon his chest I know I am truly home.

These being only a small glimpse of memory but their strong and lovely. They help give me strength , help to make me who and what I am.

"Proud to be a woman, honored to have had the chance to live and love. To know it is possible to obtain ecstasy and peace all within the same grasp.

Home is where the heart is and joy obtained and maintained is worth striving for.

A fond memory always to hold and cherish, yesterdays memory....it is still very much a part of my soul.


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