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Remember being a woman

Short story By: Forsure

it'd had been so long since she had felt like a woman.
Feeling his finger plunge inside her she could not help herself but scream out in passion

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Remember Being a Woman

The air smells so crisp and the mist seems to dance down to the grass and flowers on the ground. Oh so quiet and peaceful is the morning light; Cameo thinks to herself while standing in the door way sipping her cup of coffee.

Leaning up against the door way; her hair blissfully loose and a strand of it brushing across her eyebrow she reaches up with her fingers to move it from her eye. For a woman in her forties she still has the heart of a young lady of 18. Fantasies and dreams, hopes of tomorrow and desires that make her skin quiver with excitement. Remembering how much she thrived at being touched and held, to feel such a passionate kiss it would almost make her toes curl; feeling his tongue intertwining with hers as it probed deeper within her mouth. Oh just to feel that passion again she thought, to feel the body of a man pressed against hers.

She thought about the man's body with such detail and with precise movement each vein would pulsate beneath her touch. Cameo thought of what it was like to open her lips as she knelt down in front of him and slowly unzipped the zipper of his jeans to expose his hardening cock, she could smell his scent and it was like fuel to a fiery flame. She knew that she was destined to encompass his sensual cock between her lips and stroking it with her tongue.

These images though so long ago still empowered her and kept a vital piece of her alive, she knew it had become time to let the past go and to start a walk onto another road even though she did not know where the road would lead her. All she knew was if she did not want to be alone and to feel the touch of a man again she needed to let the old guards down and at least for awhile think of only finding passion and pleasure as long as it did not cause her or anyone else disrespect or pain.

Cameo thrived on being able to give pleasure to a man, how she would surprise him with a sexy quote wrote on a piece of paper and taped to the steering wheel of the car; or to indulge him with a finger eating meal which consisted mostly of fruits and creams; ranging from chocolate flavor syrup all the way to orange juice since it was the one thing that always was in stock of the fridge. To draw a bath and light candles placed throughout the bathroom and a glass of wine or champagne with berries settled in the bottom of the glass, to have the candles flickering in the bedroom and perhaps even rose petals scattered across the bed, oh how luscious she felt while standing in her frilly neglashae awaiting the moment her man would walk through the door.

Oh the memories so deeply imbedded in her mind and soul, oh she ached to feel that glorious passion again. She decided she would take that leap of faith and put herself on dating site. Never did she think she would truly spark with someone, at least enough so she opened up speaking to him of her future dreams and even more so of what sex could and would be. Nor did she think she would sit for over 2 hours just passing the time and before she knew it she had committed to giving a phone number and got lost speaking to him on the phone, she'd become all twiterpaited and thought even more what it would be like to be touched again after so long of being alone. She spoke to Pete for oh so long and both had laughed till she had almost become horse. What a magnificent way of spending an evening and how good it felt to laugh honestly and without faking a smile because it was truly there. Feeling like she was indeed 18 again. She spoke to Pete about meeting if he wished and if so they could set a day and time; she said "If I don't call you around or by one p.m. then I won't be there" he agreed and they spoke for awhile longer before she decided it was quite late and must try to rest.

She thought to herself, what if you get up there and he didn't answer his phone or even if he did would he still agree to meet? Well she decided what a glorious day for a drive and the countryside does tend to be rather pretty between here and Olympia. Standing at the edge of her bed Cameo slid her arms out of her night gown and crawled upon the queen-size bed and under the sheet. The fan blew just enough breezes she could feel it blow across her face; again she thought of their speaking to each other and most of the time they spent laughing, she smiled and closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

In the shower and out within what seemed a blink of a eye and back into her blue nightgown as she still intended to just linger and pass the morning away with gentle soft music and a good cup of coffee. Eleven a.m. soon came and it was now or never to get herself together and make the drive of Olympia and enjoy what could be a wonderful afternoon of conversation and company.
"Do I or don't I" she thought, oh hell..... Why not take the chance? It's the opportunity to meet what sounded like a good man and to enjoy the sun in all its glory.

She arrives up at the truck stop, parks the truck and walks to the phone "okay" And deposits the quarters and dials....... Hey darlin I'm up here at the truck stop. Both of them laugh with delight, and Pete explains he had just gotten back and had not a chance to clean up yet......... Oh well Cameo says, such is life and again they laugh. Okay I'll stand outside at the end of the driveway and wait, alright Cameo said; I'll wave my arms and holler as I see you. Well, it could be said being blonde but instead I will just say was concentrating on looking to the wrong side of the road.

MMMM .... Quite the smile this man has, nice to put a face to a voice. And such the gentle kiss. What's this? Getting twitterpaited already and oh those ebony eyes. Cameo and Pete stood outside by the vehicles talking for a moment or two and she still felt the goose bumps from them giving each other a hug and gentle soft kiss. She thought to herself what a wonderful way to say hello; it had been so long since she had tasted a man's lips. With a bit of a giggle and laugh she tried hiding the nervousness that had settled in her stomach because she didn't want to appear quite as shy as she felt.

Inside we go and such the gentleman is he offering a seat and a drink to me, not often was that done before. Feeling like quite the lady indeed. What a mixture ... Lady and home grown country hick......... Wonder which would win out if the passion gets to burning. Out of the blue Pete leans over and kisses Cameo but what an unexpected, expected delight and soon she could not bring herself to stop and mingled her tongue with his.....Tasting and probing his lips and biting what almost would have been an actual chewing process. God it felt so good to touch a man again and to taste the elements that made him human. Cameo could not just settle for a gentle kiss now and again, she admitted to herself she wanted him and said as much kicking off her shoes and straddling his lap.

Eagerly she touched him and wanted to feel his skin beneath her fingertips and without saying a word to him pulled his shirt up over his head and off his body, though she did it clumsily. Exposing his chest to her and he in turn slid his hands under her blouse and exposed her breasts. Been so incredibly long since she had had that kind of feeling run across her nipples, so much so they hardened under his touch. She removed her blouse and threw it to the side and then leaned into him feeling her skin against his, wanting oh so much more and didn't want to think about stopping. It felt good as he placed his lips upon her breast and nibbled at them. She could feel her pussy begin to moisten and quiver and she pressed her bottom against his lap to feel his cock beneath her. Dam she thought to herself, I do want to fuck you. She slid off his lap and knelt in front of Pete wanting to expose his cock to her so she could place her waiting lips around it but he pulled her up slightly, undid her button and zipper from her slacks and slid his hand inside and kissed her again with probing tongue.

Pete, my pussy is getting wet and I want to feel you inside me, please Cameo said.

Pete declined and slid his finger into Cameo's pussy and began to gently rub her clit. Pete said relax, this is about you and slid Cameo's slacks down as she helped him. Not thinking of anything but the fire that was alive in her, but even more so she wanted to feel a cock deep inside her once again as she had a very long time ago.

Pete caressed Cameo's pussy with such intendment and such precise pressure her pussy began getting wetter and wetter. Pete inserted his finger into her pussy and then into her backside opening and began fucking her with his movements......In and out, deeper and deeper, faster and faster, Cameo's body moved against each plunge of his fingers and she heard his voice saying go with it, work it. Her body got hotter and hotter and she could feel the climax build within her, like an eruption of a volcano and as hot as the molting lava that would spew out of it. She felt so much passion and ecstasy she came four times oh so hard and maybe even more. But she wanted to fuck him, to feel his rupture of cum within her molting hot pussy. Please Pete she exclaimed, please Pete fuck me and eat my pussy. Hard to know which she wanted more. But still he continued to finger fuck her pussy and the harder and faster she would push to his hand and the more intense her screams and pleads became.Oh god! She screamed. Fuck it feels so good she yelled but the words sound soft as she screamed with such passion. The pussy juice flowed from her womb and she had reached a point of rapture and forced herself to stop and him for awhile. Losing control wasn't something she wanted to give up because it meant she became vulnerable to every emotion and every physical feeling and nerve which made her alive and a full blooded woman.

Cameo dressed and said its time for a smoke so outside they went. Pete asked questions such as "you said you could block out having orgasm, how? It is something natural and he didn't believe it could be done. Cameo told him that anyone can release cum but to allow one's self to feel the pleasure and excitement can be blocked out and not done. It is more than just the body that creates orgasm; we must want to be with one person in order to feel ultimate passion. If you are hurt or upset you can perform the sex act but not be into it.
"Yes" Pete agreed.

Sitting on the couch again Pete started touching Cameo again and she wanted so much to feel his cock within her skin, whether it be her lips, her hands, or her pussy. Please Pete, and for a moment she did feel his cock but as she began sliding her hand under his pant leg and up his leg he pulled away. Fuck, Cameo exclaimed "I want to fuck you.

Pete slid his fingers into Cameo's pussy and began masturbating her again, saying work it. Cameo could feel the fire inside rage again but more intent as she thought of Pete's lips licking her clit and sliding his cock into her hot pussy. Your going to shoot it or I'm not going to stop... he said. He walked to the bedroom and came back out with small bottle of KY jelly and squeezed the cool liquid on her pussy and began fucking her again, told her to roll over and she complied. Again he inserted his finger into her pussy and placed one into her backside and began fucking her with them. Cameo felt herself begin to reach a point of no return of ecstasy and the fire became hotter and hotter.......... She began to scream 'Fuck me please!" she pleaded over and over, harder! She screamed. She'd reached complete orgasmic fire like every G spot had been penetrated and whether it was pee or pussy juice it oozed out of her, down the crack of her bottom and onto the towel which lay underneath her. "Fuck" She screamed and grabbed at Pete's arm, hands and shirt.

It had been so very very long since she had felt such fire, only once before had she felt the whoosh of passion stream from her womb and thought she never would feel that again until now. Cameo masturbated herself while Pete finger fuck her and the pleasure she felt was far beyond anything of the imagination; she envisioned his cock thrusting harder and harder, deeper and deeper she finally succumbed to the ultimate orgasm again and the juice simply kept coming. She had not felt that magnificent of a orgasm in many many years. She wanted to have him inside her but she felt indeed pleasured and satisfied of what Pete had done, because it brought her so much alive. They watched television for a short time and talked bit longer then it was time for the afternoon to end; oh but indeed with a smile. He walked her to her truck and they laughed and spoke for a minute or so more and he kissed her, had time allowed she would have gladly gone back in and melted under his touch again.

A short visit but oh so worth it and such a relaxing feeling overcame her as she drove back home. Pete had made the statement this way I know you'll be back.MMMMM......indeed she thought. If the passion was this incredible than only a fool would not take it to the next level. She felt so much like a woman and wants to continue believing she can keep feeling that way.

Whether a day or night of glorious ecstasy or a hour she knew within herself she does want more, and perhaps with that the tenderness of lovemaking as well.

Indeed she is a woman fully grown both in mind, body and spirit and only a person whom is dead would not want to live it.

A glorious day and many many smiles and so full of laughter. What a delight being woman is.

Written By

Diane (DLM) 9-9-2007


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