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Short story By: Flagg

Susan, Lee and Steve continue with their wicked pool party! I suggest you read parts I & II first.

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Getting outside, Susan makes her way over to a table standing next to the pool. She picks up a couple of things, and head back to Lee and I. Once back, she hands Lee her drink, and asks me to hold on to the tanning oil. "You have to excuse me, but I am one of those ladies that thrive on constant simulation." With that, Susan lifts her right leg and places it on the chair standing next to her. With her one hand she proceeds to spread her pussy hair and lips, exposing her wet, pink vagina and clit to us. With the other hand, she slowly inserts a bullet shaped vibrator between her spread lips and slips it all the way into her vagina, with only the removal cord protruding. She lowers her leg while switching on the vibrator with the remote control. "O God, that's so much better…" she moans softly. Lee just looks up to me and shrugs as if to say "who are we to judge?"

Still toying with her wet pussy, Susan leans over and drops the remote control next to one of the recliner chairs, her big, soft tits freely swinging from side to side like pendulums. I couldn't take my eyes off them! It was Lee bringing me back to attention, by again taking hold of my shaft behind the ridge of my head and pulling me over to one of the recliners. "Time to get to work, Steve" she said while pointing to the tanning lotion I have miraculously not dropped yet. "You didn't think this was going to be a free lunch, did you?" Both Lee and Susan get down on a recliner in the sun next to the pool. Lee lays down on her stomach, while Susan gets on her back with her legs spread, her huge breasts sagging into her armpits and wide open pussy on display. While she lays there smiling at me, she continues to rub her swelling clit while toying with her drenched lips. From the amount of juice slowly dripping from her vagina, it was quite clear that the bullet vibrator was more than adequate for the task at hand. Before starting to cover Lee's back with the tanning oil, I couldn't help but kneel between Susan's spread legs and slowly lick over her spread lips to take in her unique taste - heavenly!

While I start rubbing lotion all over Lee's back, Susan asks: "You know, Steve, we were placing bets on whether you would show up or not. Why would a sexy young guy like you want to hang out with two old ladies like us? Time to confess, what do you think of us now that you have seen us without our traditional office gear?" "You must be joking" I replied "you only have to look at the way my cock is twitching to know that I am enjoying every second. I have to concentrate right now not to cum all over Lee's back!" "I won't mind!" Lee replied "but, please rather spray it over my face. I love getting sticky cum in my hair…just saying, for future reference…" "I guess we were just concerned that you wouldn't want to waste your time with a couple of old, boring housewives when you could spend your time chasing after petite 18 year-olds" Susan continued. "Don't worry, Susan! In any event, after you flashed your tit at the office the other day, nothing would have kept me away. Although, I did think that this was going to turn out as just another of your pranks - Steve pitches up at completely random address, asks where the nude pool party is, gets arrested and everybody at the office laughs at him - that sort of thing. But the thought of getting to see the both of you naked, as well as being able to hang around you without my clothes on, just seemed to be to good to be true . I had to take the chance - and I am so glad that I did!' 'And my fat tits haven't put you off yet? Not everybody has a taste for mature tits hanging to a girl's navel…" "Of course not!" I replied "haven't you noticed that I can't stop staring at them? Especially seeing them swinging around freely. I can't wait to start rubbing this oil all over you, just you wait your turn…" "You are just too sweet!" Susan replied while closing her eyes. By the low moaning sounds she was making and the contractions visible in her legs, I was guessing she was enjoying her first orgasm of the day.

By now, I have covered Lee's back and legs with tanning oil, and slowly turned her around. Lying on her back, she smiled up at me as I was admiring her body once again. From her tan lines, it was clear that she did not do a lot of nude tanning. Although most of her body was nicely tanned, her breasts were snow white except for her puffy pink nipples standing to attention. She also had a nice bikini tan with just a thin strip of soft blonde pussy hair pointing to her shaved outer lips and protruding inner lips. I started off by covering her face with sun-block, while whispering in her ear that I promise to replace it with another variety of cream later on. Completely distracted by her beautiful nipples, I didn't give sufficient attention to her shoulders and arms, but rather started slowly rubbing the oil in circular motion on her soft breasts around her nipples. Before covering it with oil, I bend down and sucked her left nipple into my mouth. While slowly licking and sucking on it, Lee took hold of my cock again and stared slowly massaging it.

Not wanting to cum to quickly, I stopped sucking her nipple, covered both with oil and moved down so that my cock was out of her reach. Slowly opening her legs, I sat down between them and rubbed the lotion into her stomach. My attention was focused on her beautiful pussy, however, and I couldn't take my eyes off those delicious lips. Before continuing, I cleaned my hands on the towel and started toying with her magnificent lips. I stared off by rubbing gently over her remaining pussy hair and less developed outer lips, all around her pussy. Her two moist inner lips were sticking to each other, and I slowly separated them by tugging on the one. What a beautiful sight! I took hold of her other lip as well and pulled both away from each other so that her clit and vagina were exposed to the sunlight. Still flabbergasted by the length of her (I have never seen lips like that before), I let go with her lips springing back. I then took both lips in my mouth and again pulled them away from her body with my lips, before separating them with my tongue and licking her most tender folds. Lee was breathing deep by now, and lifting her pelvis off the recliner for my tongue to rub harder against her sensitive clit. I took this as a good sign, and while continuing to stimulate her with my tongue, slowly slipped two fingers inside her. As Lee lets out a low yelp, I stop licking her and focus on rotating my two fingers deep inside her, enjoying the slippery feeling of her vaginal walls starting to contract and trying to suck them deeper. As Lee reaches her orgasm, I burry my face in her pussy again, covering the whole of it with her sweet scent. "Wow Mr Anderson, how could you ever expect me to focus on getting your work done at the office after what you have just done to me? I'm still trembling…Maybe Susan is right - I should start spending more time underneath your desk. If you promise to keep rewarding me in this fashion, that is…. My God, I think I need another drink…" With that, Lee gets up and, with a backward smile at me, heads inside. "I still need to cover those li…oh never mind, I will get to that later."

Grabbing hold of the tanning oil, I make my way over to Susan's recliner. She is still relaxing with her eyes closed and legs spread. Surprising her, I gently rub over her soft curly black pussy hair, take hold of its removal cord and pull the still vibrating bullet from between her lips. "Hey, that's not fair - put it back in!!!" Laughing, I tell her that it is her turn with the tanning oil, and help to pull her up off the recliner. "Not so fast, big boy" Susan say's as she manages to grab hold of my jutting cock. "I've been waiting for this opportunity all morning…" Kneeling down again, with my shaft firmly gripped in her left hand, she licks the under side of my swollen head, before slipping it between her lips into her mouth and giving it a decent suck. With a popping sound, she pulls it out again. "Now, that's better!" she comments, as she gets up again "now you can start with that tanning lotion." With a grin on my face, I turn her around so that her back is facing towards me. Covering my hands with the oil, I pull her closer and, reaching around her, start massaging it into her breasts. By now, I figure, nobody is really caring about sun protection in any event. So what the hell, just focus on the sensitive areas, right? With my cock pressing and rubbing against her ass cheeks, I clinch her long, thick nipples between my fingers and lift her breasts up before letting go for it to drop back down. Laughing, Susan turns around and asks if jiggling her tits is amusing me. "Get back in position" I reply "and bend over forward before I start spanking you with my dick" With a sheepish grin, Susan willingly turns around again, bending forward with her tits swinging freely from left to right. Taking up position behind her again, I bend my cock down from nearly vertical to nearly horizontal, before slowly slipping it in between Susan's slightly parted legs. What a wonderful feeling - the slight movement of our bodies results in my cock-head slowly rubbing between Susan's wet, slippery folds and being tickled by her pussy hair. In this position, I also bend down slightly, and reaching around her, take hold of her left breast close to her body with both of my hands. As a result of all the oil that I have already applied, the portion of her breast that I can manage to cover with my hands slips freely between them before I reach and squeeze her erect pointing nipple again.

While I continue to massage Susan's swinging tits, with my head rubbing against her clit, Lee walks out with a fresh round of drinks. "Now that looks like a position that I would like to try out!" She exclaims "Did you manage to get that oversized cock-head of yours into her pussy? Oh, never mind... you could probably fit my handbag in there without to much trouble!! Just joking, Susan, just joking…" As Susan wasn't paying to much attention to Lee in any event, she walked over to the table, put the drinks down, and switched on some music.

Lee comes walking back to us for a closer look at the action. Standing quite close, and starting to dance to the music, she notices that my cock isn't actually inside Susan, but just snugly rubbing against her lips. Bending down between our legs, with Susan's one tit hanging on her back, Lee picks up the tanning oil and slipping her hand between my cock and Susan's pussy, covering both of us with a generous amount thereof.

Getting up again, Lee continues dancing slowly to the music, rubbing her hands all over her oily body, glistening in the sun. When she starts spreading her lips in a v-shape again while continuing to dance, I have had enough. Stepping back and slipping my cock from between Susan's legs, I walk over to Lee with my rock hard cock bouncing up and down. Positioning myself a close as possible to Lee while she continues dancing and spreading her lips, I take hold of my shaft and slowly start rubbing my fat head between her spread lips, from her clit to the cleft of her vagina. Grabbing hold of her hips, and in rhythm to the music, I slowly force my mushroom head into her, and continue to press on until my entire shaft is hidden. Taking it out completely, I again start rubbing my head between her lips, which she is still keeping spread wide, before forcing my whole cock into her pussy again.


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