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Short story By: Flagg

The epic adventure of Steve Anderson continues! My suggestion would be to read Part I publised on 27 March first.

Submitted:Mar 29, 2012    Reads: 841    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   

I arrive at the designated address on Saturday morning with my heart beating at a mile a minute. Although I do not really know what to expect, my dick has been stiff with anticipation since the previous evening. Was I really to believe that I would be spending the day with two nude forty-somethings, or would this turn out to be a further of their elaborate tricks intended to torment me? Was this even Susan's address to start off with?

Well, I console myself, the only way to find out is to knock on the door. I park my car in the driveway, take the bag on the passenger seat containing the liquid refreshments (and swimming trucks hidden beneath it, just for in-case) and get out. At this stage, I am so nervous that I decide to have a cigarette outside first before walking up to the front door. With my nerves sufficiently calmed, I continue onwards.

It takes about 10 seconds for the door to be opened after I ring the bell. "Welcome Mr Anderson, I am so glad that you decided to join us." I, on the other hand, am only capable of standing there speechless, openly staring at Lee. She is standing in front of me completely naked, holding the front door open. "Well, come on in then, we don't want the cars passing by in the street to think Susan is operating a whore house!" Getting control of myself, I kneel down and tell Lee that I want to see it first. She immediately knows what I was talking about, and complies with a laugh. Spreading her legs right in front of my face, she takes hold of her two long and moist inner pussy lips and spread them outward in a v-shape before releasing them to bounce back freely. "Enough for now, I assure you that you will have your turn later on!" Lee turns around, and walks through the reception area. "Close and lock the door please, and come with me." I do as told before following her down the passage. I haven't had sight of Susan at all yet, but wasn't complaining. As I followed her, I couldn't take my eyes of Lee's sexy ass as she seductively strolled down the passage. "As I am your secretary, Susan felt it appropriate for me to open the door for you and expose myself to the world. I hope you like what you are seeing?" Lee said as she looks back over her shoulder and grins at me. "I think I am in love" was all that I could manage. "Yes of course, that's what they all say when confronted with a naked lady!" Lee joked.

She takes me into a bedroom and throws herself on the bed. For the second time, I have the opportunity to examine her sexy body, from her well defined but slightly droopy breasts with erect puffy pink nipples to her slightly spread legs, exposing her pussy hair shaved in a landing strip and accentuating her prominent inner lips. "Time to stop staring, Steve, and start complying with the rules. You know what I mean…" I drop my bag in the corner, and with Lee carefully watching me, I start stripping. After taking off my shoes and t-shirt, I start unbuttoning my jeans and slide it down my hips. In anticipation of what was to come, I didn't bother to put on any underwear this morning, and can immediately see that Lee is staring intently at my pulsing erection. "My, my, Mr Anderson, you do not disappoint, do you?" With my jeans removed, I walk up to the bed so that Lee can have a closer look at my cock stiffly standing to attention, with its thick blue veins clearly outlined on the shaft and oversized head swollen and red.

Getting up from the bed, Lee takes my cock in her hand and start leading me to the door. "This is definitely something that we will have to bring to Susan's attention immediately! She will never forgive me if I try to keep this to myself longer than necessary…" With that, and still by the cock, Lee leads me out of the bedroom door, down the corridor and into another reception area, where we find an equally naked Susan, busy shaking up drinks, with her heavy tits flopping from left to right.

Lee lets go of my cock and calls over: "Susan! Time for you to be introduced to Mr Anderson's extremely handsome and full bodied penis. You won't believe this!" Susan puts down the drinks and, walking over, gives me a hug. Also taking my cock in her hand, she proceeds to rub my head against her wet, hairy pussy: "Welcome beautiful cock of Steve, I am pleased to introduce you to the dripping pussy of Susan." With that, Susan bends down for a closer look at my erection. "Wow, Steve, and to think you have been withholding this treasure from womankind for the last five years… Look at this stunning specimen of a cock-head. What, is it twice as thick as your shaft? Is that even possible? Look Lee, it looks like a mushroom in full bloom!" While slowly stoking my shaft, with my foreskin behind my head, Lee, who has also gotten down on her knees, comments: "And his shaft - feel the veins pulsing inside…" with this, both women start massage my shaft with a hand each, with Susan also taking the opportunity to spread the pre-cum starting to escape over my head with her fingers, before tasting the remainder.

"Thanks ladies" I comment "but you can get up now, I know you are just trying to inflate my fragile ego after all of the teasing the last couple of months!" "Not so, not so" objects Susan "yours must surely be the most unique looking penis I have ever seen, and believe me, I have played with my fair share…" "I have to admit as well, Steve, I have never seen such a large cock-head before - I am not even sure that I will be able to take it all into my mouth… should it get to that, of course …" Lee responds shyly.

"Enough of the introductions - grab a drink and let's toast!" Susan proceeds. "To the Three Musketeers! Susan with here fat floppy tits and thick nipples, Lee with her five centimetre pink pussy lips and Steve with the largest head south of the Sahara! Friends forever!" With that we make our way out to the swimming pool. I have to admit, I enjoy the feeling of being able to walk around naked, in the presence of these two lovely women, with my cock swinging from side to side, the sensation being heightened by my head occasionally slapping against my stomach.


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