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Short story By: Flagg

Seduction at work

Submitted:Mar 27, 2012    Reads: 1,900    Comments: 2    Likes: 3   

I finally had some time to live a little. I have just settled into my new job as a junior attorney with a prestigious law firm in the city. This comes after years of grinding through law school and the compulsory training following thereon.

My name is Steve Anderson, and I am finally ready and able to take on the world. During the last couple of years, I have not allowed myself the opportunity to relax for one moment, completely focussing on finishing my studies to the best of my ability. As a result, I have completely lost contact with most of the my old school mates, and missed out on all the wild university parties regularly undertaken by some of the acquaintances I have made during my studies. I was planning on this to change for the better as soon as possible.

As usual, I was working late one night when there was a knock on my door, with Susan do Santos walking in. "Mr Anderson, is that a cricket bat that you are hiding under your desk, or are you just exited to see me?" Corny, I know, but it still brings a smile to my lips every time. "It's a natural reaction when faced with your prodigious cleavage, Miss do Santos, I just can't help myself!" I replied with a grin. "Cleavage?" Pushing her breasts forward to accentuate them she laughingly asks: "Do you call this a cleavage? Give me five minutes, and I will show you a thing or two…" With that, she promptly turns on her heels and walks out.

Susan was a secretary in the estates department, and a good friend of my secretary, Lee Smith. Both of them were middle aged women, Susan married without kids and Lee divorced with a young son. I understood that Susan's husband was doing security services somewhere in the Middle East. She was a voluptuous brunette with dark mischievous eyes. Although her body was quite big for a woman, with heavy breasts and round hips, she was definitely not overweight. It was clear that she took good care of herself, and though she was not shy to show off her curves, she was always impeccably dressed. On that evening she wore a white buttoned shirt with a black knee-length skirt, stockings and high heels. Her hair was tied in a ponytail.

Since I have started with the firm and settled in, I have become close friends with my secretary, Lee, through our working relationship. As a result of their friendship, I was also seeing a lot of Susan. Since they have found out that I was single, and have been for the last five years, they have started continually teasing me about this. Initially it all began innocently enough, as it always does. With time, however, and as we got to know each other better, it inevitably turned more risky. One afternoon, for example, whilst in a foul mood, I told both of them to just leave my office as I wanted to be alone and get some work done. Walking out, Lee turned to Susan and whispered (purposefully hard enough for me to hear): "Poor Steve. It must be the frustration, you know, of not having been sexually satisfied for so long. I've read in Cosmo that it can do strange things to men…" Turning back to me, both of them graced me with their most innocent smiles, while I just stood there with a crimson face. They had me exactly where they wanted, and knew it all to well.

And so it continued for the next couple of months. At first, I was merely ascribing it to two sexually mature older women just teasing the more inexperienced younger man. Lately, however, I was starting to wonder - mostly as a result of the effect it was having on me. Did they realise how horny they were constantly making me?

With that thought, Susan walked back into my office. I immediately noticed that her breasts were hanging significantly lower within her shirt than before. I could also see a bit of white lace protruding from her handbag. She had obviously taken the time to go to the restrooms and remove her bra. Walking up to my desk, she unbuttoned the top two buttons of her shirt. Supporting herself with one hand, she leaned over my desk as if to pick up the document lying right in front of me. The result was mind blowing. I just sat there open mouthed, staring directly at those two huge milky white orbs trying to escape the confines of her shirt, exposing just enough for me to see the outer edges of her dark nipples. To be honest, they have never taken it this far before…

"Like what you see, Mr Anderson? I promised you something worth while, didn't I?" she said leaning back with a grin. "Where is that lazy secretary of yours? I hope she is on her knees under your desk, as befits her station, taking care of your most pressing requirements?" Walking in with a smile and leaning against the door frame, Lee asks: "Dear Susan, is that any way to speak about your best friend behind her back? Anyways, what are you doing here? I hope you are not teasing my boss again. You know that with his 'condition' it is not good for his health to be exposed to too much excitement." She is right, I thought to myself, sitting there behind my desk blushing again and trying to hide my pulsing erection underneath it. "And with tits like that, shouldn't you be wearing a bra at the office? You may just hurt somebody if you turn around slightly faster than usual."

Lee was a short petite woman with straight blond hair and blue eyes. Despite her pixie-like appearance, I estimated that she must have had at least C-cup breasts, with nice shapely hips in proportion thereto. She was also appropriately attired in a formal black pinstriped business suit, accentuating her wonderful figure.

Laughing, Susan turned to her while running her hands over her breasts, and said: "Ah, there she is, deserting her post as usual. And as witty as ever, of course! Tell me Lee, how is poor Steve supposed to get through all those mundane reports on his desk without the occasional relief, or should I rather say release?" Turning back to me, Susan asked: "Did you know, Steve, that Lee's nickname through college was 'Lippy Lee'? I am sure you must be sharp enough to comprehend that it was obviously not a reference to that pouty mouth of hers." For the first time during the long months that the ladies have been tormenting me, I got the opportunity to see one of them blush. "No need to start discussing my most intimate secrets, Susan. You could merely have taken those parachutes out of your handbag and asked us to help you restrain those massive mounds before their unpredictable bouncing knocks somebody over." Now it was Susan's turn to look down, slightly embarrassed. Despite the uncomfortable situation that has arisen in my pants, I was enjoying myself more by the second.

"Now, now ladies", I coaxed, "no need to start getting too personal. Remember, we are all best friends here? And aren't your job to tempt and tease me? Susan, as I told you earlier, your amazing cleavage is responsible for raising my, eh how shall I put it…spirits, every time I'm confronted therewith. And Lee, what can I say? Thanks to Susan, I won't be able to stop imagining…" "Yes, yes, I know, have heard it all before, tugging on it and so forth…" Lee said "Let's get back to business. This isn't merely a social visit you know. Susan, maybe you would be so kind as to inform Mr Anderson of the proposition that we would like to put to him?" "My pleasure", Susan replied.

"Steve, Lee and I have been talking, and we feel absolutely terrible about the emotional anguish we have been putting you through for the last couple of months, you know, with all the insensitive jokes about sexual frustration and so on." Susan was leaning over my desk again, making it impossible for me to form any coherent thoughts… "We know all to well that it must have been really hard for you. "Literally!" Lee chipped in. You have no idea ladies, I thought to myself as I kept quiet, concentrating on not drooling while staring at the seductive sway of Susan's unrestrained breasts as she moved. Out of the corner of my eyes, I could see Lee walking into the office with a huge smile on her mouth and sitting down on the corner of my desk. "We would like to make it up to you. To start off with, we promise to stop the teasing. However, this is subject thereto that you join us for drinks on Saturday. Lee is coming over to visit me for the weekend, and we will be spending it next to the pool. If you are up for it, we would like to have you there. What do you say?"

The thought of seeing both Susan and Lee in their swimming suits - who would be crazy enough to pass up an opportunity like that? "Wouldn't miss it for the world" I mumbled "just tell me where and when and I'm there." "Not so fast, cowboy" Lee said. "There is one further requirement. We wouldn't like to call it a rule, but unfortunately compliance is compulsory. If you feel that you wouldn't be able to abide thereby, we would of course understand completely. We would then, however, expect you to keep this conversation to yourself? Is that okay with you?" "Yes, yes, of course." I replied "Discretion is my middle name. Who would I tell in any event? I don't exactly have a multitude of friends here yet. So, tell me about this requirement of yours."

How bad could it be, I thought to myself. I will probably be expected to provide the drinks for the day. O boy, was I wrong, so wrong (in a completely unimaginable way, however). Susan's reply nearly knocked me off my chair, even though securely anchored to the desk by my stiff and protruding cock underneath it.

"No clothes allowed for the duration of the weekend."

Stunned silence - dead serious, Lee and Susan was looking at me keenly - all traces of laughter removed from their faces - trying to gauge my emotions. Before I could respond, Lee asked smiling again: "Now, do you understand why we insisted on your discretion? What do you say, Stevie? Are you up for it?" We a huge grin, I asked if I could stay for Sunday as well!

With this, Lee got up from the desk, walked over to the door and closed it. Apparently this was Susan's queue. "We were really hoping you would say yes. You should realise that our little games have worked us up just as much as it has you. Here's a little incentive to get you through the rest of the week." With that, Susan unbuttoned two more buttons on her shirt and pulled it away from her full right breast. Lee walked back, and as she started fondling Susan's swollen exposed nipple, replied: "I'm so looking forward to this weekend, boss. I have been fantasising about being introduced to your stiff cock. Oh, and by the way, Susan here wasn't joking about the length of my inner lips, so prepare yourself if necessary. Not all men find it appealing, you know?" "Miss Smit, I can assure you, you have nothing to be concerned about" I replied. On the contrary, you will probably have to beat me over the head constantly if you want my attention focused on anything else…" "Over the head… good to know" Lee said with a grin.

With that, Susan buttoned up her shirt, and the girls left my office. Fortunately, they had enough sense to close the door behind them, giving me sufficient privacy to provide myself with some desperately needed relief.


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