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Initiation of the slave girls

Short story By: Flagg

I arrive at the sex academy, exited about my first practical, and introduce myself to the receptionist. She takes me to a room and hands me a bag and instructs me to get dressed in content thereof...

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I arrive at the sex academy and introduce myself to the receptionist. She takes me to a room and hands me a bag and instructs me to get dressed in content thereof.

As she leaves, I take off all my clothes. I am so exited about my first practical I can already feel an erection starting to take shape. I take out the content of the bag and fit the metal ring around my cock first while it is not fully erect yet. I strap the studded slave collar around my neck and attach the leash to the ring around my cock that is by now so erect that the veins are standing out all over my shaft and my cock-head feeling as if it is going to explode. As I affix the 8 inch vibrator with the straps to my left hand the receptionist walks back in. She has a smile on her face, and I can see that she is looking at my penis. She walks up to me and firmly grips my penis and starts to stroke it slowly. She tells me not to be nervous, and that she would have loved to participate in today's session.

She takes the leash and leads me to a large chamber, where Mistress Nina awaits, seated on a comfortable throne. She is a fair skinned goddess with no tan and with her flaming red hair bound up in a ponytail on top of her head. She is wearing dark make-up with black lipstick, and I notice that the parts of her not covered in her magnificent outfit is well covered in oil. Her lack latex high cut bodice completely exposes her right breast, with her left breast enclosed only reachable through a vertical zipper at the rounding thereof next to her shoulder. In addition, she is wearing black latex short pants, leaving the rounding of her buttocks exposed, with a zipper over her pussy lips for access without having to remove the pants. Her outfit is rounded off with tight leather boots with sharp high heels reaching to mid thigh. An adjustable clamp is attached to her erect exposed nipple with a chain to the bodice.

The receptionist hands Mistress Nina the leash and while she leaves, she looks back at my erect cock again with a knowing smile. Mistress Nina yanks the leash forcefully and instructs me not to smile back at the lady. She proceeds to inspect my penis by pushing it around with her whip. When satisfied that my size is sufficient to meet the entry level requirements, she gets up and shows me around the room, all the toys and the bondage table.

Mistress Nina then pulls away a curtain with four women behind it, and introduces us. The first girl, Kate, is a fashion model type - beautiful face with short straight black hair, long and slender body and dressed only in a black bra and g-string. When asked, she tells us that she joined the academy after a period in rehab for coke addiction. She needed to replace that addiction with another one and decided on sex.

The second is an older woman with long straight blond hair, a mischievous face, petite figure with fair skin and freckles. Her name is Susan, and she is dressed in a cream corset, high cut panties and suspenders and stockings. She was enrolled by her billionaire husband who gets hard on the idea of her being dominated, with her mouth, pussy and ass being simultaneously and brutally fucked.

The third is a young fuller bodied girl, with light brown hair, cute face and nice smile, light complexion. She is wearing a see-though white bodice and panties and I immediately notice her huge 36 FFF natural breasts, just about hanging down to her belly button, with big dark oval shaped areola and thick fat nipples. With her legs crossed shyly, she tells us that her name is Anna and that she enrolled herself to remedy a lack of sexual experience due to being raised very strictly, and shyness for her voluptuous figure.

The fourth girl is short and small, with a pixie-like appearance. She has shoulder length curly red hair. As she decided not to put on any underwear, I notice immediately that she has full, round breasts which look bigger than they actually are as a result of her small build. She has flat areola with slightly inverted nipples. Looking down, I see that she has a neatly trimmed pussy. Her name is Sam, and she is a lap dancer with a strip club. She enrolled to gain more technical experience before entering the adult entertainment industry.

I walk over to the table with the toys on, pick up four vibrating eggs, and go back to the girls for a closer inspection. I pull down the cups of Kate's bra and look at her perfectly shaped tits with puffy pink nipples. After rubbing and squeezing her nipples for a while they become even more erect. I tell her to stand with her legs spread and pull her g-string to one side. She is completely waxed, and I notice that her lips are already wet. To test her level of lubrication, I slide two fingers into her vagina. As I did not really encounter any resistance, I slip two more fingers into her and hear her gasping from pleasure. I switch one of the eggs to low, spread Kate's lips apart with my fingers and insert it deep into her pussy.

I move on to Susan and slip her breasts out of her bra as well. She has medium sized breasts which sag slightly, with large pink nipples. As I pull down her panties, I am amazed by the sight greeting me. She has a shaved pussy with unnaturally long pink inner pussy lips protruding at least 4cm past her lesser developed outer lips. I immediately start tugging on her lips and stretching it out as far as possible. As she is not that well lubricated yet, I take her pussy lips into my mouth and start sucking on them. Thereafter, keeping her lips stretched apart with my fingers, I lick her clit and vaginal opening before inserting an egg into her.

Moving over to Anna, I can see that she is nervous. I lift her bodice over her tits, and taking hold of her thick nipples, lift her huge tits up as high as the can go, before letting them drop gently. I instruct her to bend forward slightly and swing her breasts so that I can enjoy the movement. When I pull her panties to the side I see that her pussy hair shaven in a landing strip. She has meaty outer pussy lips completely obscuring her inner lips, clit and vagina. I force my tongue in between her lips and discover that, although she is already wet, her vagina is very tight. As I squeeze the egg into her I realise that she will definitely require some stretching before I will be able to get my swallen cock-head into her.

As I walk over to Sam, I decide to take a bolder approach. Based thereon that she is a stripper and decided to show up without any underwear, she is obviously trying to impress me with her lack of shyness. I turn her around, bend her down and ram my erection into her hairy pussy. I pump her roughly until she starts gasping, before sliding my cock out of her. I call Susan and Anna over and instruct Susan to lick Sam's pussy juice from my penis, while Anna inserts the last egg into Sam's pussy. While Susan is circling the head of my penis with her tongue, I watch Anna struggling to insert the egg into Sam. This is obviously the first time that she has touched another girls lips and is to timid to just push her fingers into Sam's vagina to open it up sufficiently to take the egg.

As I look the other way, I notice Mistress Nina walking around with a video camera in one hand filming us. The zipper of her short pants is open, and I can see the back portion of one of the vibrators sticking out from between her pink pussy lips. Wonder how it must feel for a woman to walk around with a big pulsing vibrator deep inside her, I call Kate over. Remembering that I did not encounter too much resistance when I inserted four fingers into her pussy, I take the longest, thickest vibrator from the table and switch it to its highest setting. While I bend down to remove her g-string and insert my hand into her pussy to take the egg out, I notice the fear for the big pulsing vibrator in her eyes. Standing on my knees between her spread legs to get the best angle I start forcing the big head of the vibrator between her lips. Kate exhales in a start from the mix of pleasure and pain that she is experiencing. I stop for a while with just the enlarged head of the pulsing vibrator in Kate's vagina so that she can adjust to the size. After a while I continue with the penetration and eventually manage to get half of the length of the vibrator into her pussy. I instruct her to walk around, and with shaky knees she manages to walk over to the bondage table, where she pauses for a while, before continuing. Suddenly she sits down on the ground, and as I walk over to her I can see that her whole body is shuddering with a massive orgasm. I kneel down next to her to take out the vibrator and to inspect her pussy. As I take out the vibrator, her juices blocked by it gush out all over my hand. Her vagina is spread open wide, and I have no difficulty slipping my entire fist into her, bringing on a second orgasm and even more pussy juices. As I take my fist out, I bend down and slowly lick her tender lips until she recuperates enough to get up.

I gather all the girls around the bondage table and instruct Susan, Anna and Sam to lie down on it. Kate, as a reward for her commendable performance with the vibrator, will be my assistant for the next round. Kate binds all the other girls in a spread eagled position around the round table.

As she is the most inexperienced, I start off with Anna. I instruct Kate to loosen the bonds of her legs and spread it even wider. When done, her legs are spread as wide as it can possibly go. I position myself between her legs and tell Kate to get between me and the table and start licking my cock. When I feel Kate's lips on my cock head, I start working on Anna. I gently slap her big tits with my free hand, enjoying how it jiggles around, while teasing her nipples with the tip op the pulsing vibrator attached to my other hand. Unbelievably her thick nipples become even bigger and longer. Focusing on her pussy, I slowly rub the tip of the vibrator up and down the slit formed by her meaty outer pussy lips. She is clearly wet enough to penetrate, but there is no way that I am going to get the vibrator attached to my hand into her tight pussy. I tell Kate to get up and go fetch a variety of vibrators from small to medium. While she is gone, I insert my fingers into Anna's vagina and remove the egg. I can immediately see the tension leaving her legs and hear her moaning softly as a result of the loss of the sensation that it provided. Not for long, however, as I penetrate her with the smallest vibrator that Kate brought back. I tell Kate to get on the table and sit with her spread pussy above Anna's mouth, facing towards me. Anna is very worked up by now, and immediately starts licking Kate's wet, hot lips and clit. Apparently she has lost the timidity that she displayed earlier when having to touch Sam's lips.

I take out the small vibrator and move to a bigger one. I can see that both girls are nearing their orgasms, and that Kate is grinding her pussy into Anna's face, by now completely covered in Kate's cum. While stimulating her g-spot with the one vibrator and her clit with the other, I notice that Anna's pussy is starting to contract with her first orgasm. I pull out the vibrator and slowly force my big erection into her tight vagina, loving the way her pussy muscles contract around my shaft, trying to pull it in deeper. Kate also reaches her orgasm and collapses on top of Anna. After her orgasm, I withdraw my dick from Anna, and instruct Kate to untie her. I help her off the table and hug and kiss her to congratulate her on an excellent performance. She is still weak-kneed and just hangs onto me, pressing her huge breasts against my chest.

Kate, Anna and I move on to Sam. This time I instruct Anna to get down and suck her own juices from my dick. Kate gets onto the table and starts pinching Sam's nipples. It does not take long for her inverted nipples to come to life, and pop up. I instruct Anna to stop licking my penis, turn around so that her back is facing me, bend down and start licking Sam's lips. While she is doing this, I take some massage oil and rub it into her back, reach around her and massage it into her freely swinging tits, before moving down to her round ass and tight pussy. When done, I take my swollen dick in my hand and penetrate Anna's pussy again.

Anna is so overcome that she drops down on her hands and knees. Her pussy is so tight, however, that she pulls me down on top of her with my penis still in her. I continue to pump her, my one arm around her, pinching her long nipple, with her other tit swinging around and her nipple scraping on the ground. As she reaches another orgasm, I withdraw from her and tell all the girls, including Sam, to move on to Susan. By this time Susan is extremely aroused and I can see her juices are freely flowing from her pussy. I send Sam to go fetch the two strap-on dildos and the candles, while I take out her egg. Sam straps on the smaller dildo and Anna the bigger one. Kate takes one of the candles and lights it. I instruct her to start dripping the hot wax all over Susan's breasts and large pink nipples. While doing this, I toy with her long inner pussy lips - stretching it and releasing it to bounce back. I start sucking and biting on them, enjoying the sweet taste of her juices on my tongue. I tell Kate to come closer with the candle, and while stretching out Susan's lips, Kate drops hot wax all over the exposed lips and around Susan' clit.

As Susan would not be able to take much more of this particular punishment, I instruct Anna to untie her. I lie down with my back on the table and instruct Susan to straddle me. She immediately climbs onto my erect cock and starts riding me wildly. I tell Sam to get up behind her and penetrate Susan's ass with the strap-on. Anna also gets on the table and forces her strap-on into Susan's mouth. Kate is also on the table and alternating between fingering Sam and Anna.

Susan reaches a massive orgasm and convulses so hard that she dislodges the strap-on dildos from her mouth and ass, falls off me and just lies on the table totally spent.

I am just about ready to cum as well and tell the other girls to gather around me and take turns sucking and licking my penis. Sam takes my head into her mouth, while Anna slowly licks my shaft. Kate gently massages my balls. Just as I am about to cum, I withdraw my head from Sam's mouth and spray my cum all over Anna's face and tits. The other girls immediately start to lick the cum from her face and huge tits.

Mistress Nina starts clapping her hands and invites us to come relax our tired and sore bodies and genitalia in a Jacuzzi with her while sipping on some nice chilled white wine.

As I eventually get back to the dressing room, the receptionist walks in and tells me that she watched our entire steamy session on a video feed from Mistress Nina's camera. She tells me that she is extremely aroused and just wants to briefly touch my cock again. I allow her to massage my limp penis until a further erection. I push the receptionist up against the wall lift up her dress and pulls down her panties. While roughly entering her wet pussy, Mistress Nina walks in and start hitting me across my back and ass with her whip. She tells me that I have been warned to leave the regular staff alone and that I should withdraw my cock immediately.

I hope Mistress Nina can forgive this little transgression…


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