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My Trip To The Dentist

Short story By: FiestyMomma


I went to the dentist for a check up. I will never look at a dentist office the same way again.

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The Dentist

I was due for a cleaning. I have always taken really great care of my teeth. After all a beautiful smile makes the world go round,right? Anyway, I went to a new dentist that was recomended to me by a friend. My dentist retired a couple of months earlier. I got the address and went on my way.

I stepped inside this really huge and beautiful office. There were pictures of flowers and beautiful women with gorgeous smiles all over the walls. I happen to be looking at them when i noticed a bondage picture. A woman was sitting in an odd chair with her breasts hanging out and something in her mouth to hold it open. I thought it was odd having a picture like that up in a dentist office, but figured it was not a place that saw children.

I spoke with the receptionist and signed some papers saying I gave consent for them to so whatever needed to be done and there could be no lawsuits filed if i didnt like something after it was discussed and done. Strange that lawsuit was listed in the papers,but i signed anyway. What could go wrong with a little cleaning?

I sat down to wait for my name to be called. The place was empty and seemed as though they were about to close. My name was called immediately and as i walked to the back i saw the receptionist leaving and locking the door behind her. I figured i got in just in time.

Once i got to the back a nurse came in and spoke with me for a few minutes and handed me a gown to put on. I asked her why i needed a gown for a cleaning. She responded that some of the cleaning solutions have stained patients clothing in the past so they now take precautions. She left out of the room and i put on the gown she handed me.

I have 36 DD breasts and was wearing a very sexy top and no bra. Seeing as my breasts are full and firm, i really didnt need one with the top i was wearing. I had on a little skirt, and no panties. I always go commando. So i thought i could put the gown over my clothes, it would protect me right?

The nurse came back in and told me that the solutions would soak through the gown to remove my clothing. I stood up to remove my clothes, and she just stood there. I asked her if she was going to leave the room, and she said no that the Doctor would be in and she didn't want me to be uncomfortable if he walked in on me. I proceeded to change clothes. Once i was done the doctor came in. I sat back and smiled, I knew this wasn't going to take long.

He smiled back at me and asked me if I had any problems. I told him i was just needing a check up and a cleaning. He looked at my teeth and then layed the chair back. While i was looking into his deep green eyes the nurse strapped my wrists to the chair. I asked them what was going on. They both just giggled and said to relax. The next thing i knew my legs were being strapped to the foot stirrups (like in an actual hospital). They brought the stirrups up and spread my legs wide. He looke dat me and told me that he wanted to see how strong my teeth really were. He told me to open my mouth so he could look for cavities. He put this thing in my mouth that kept it open. I could not close my mouth. He then rubbed between my legs and commented on how smooth i was and how wet i was getting already. He then inserted this huge dildo in my pussy. i started moaning and trying to get loose.

His nurse inserted another dildo a bit smaller into my mouth to muffle my moans. The started pulling the gown down so my tits would be free. He put some little electrode clamps on my nipples and i felt little electric shocks hit them every so often. I then felt him put one on my clit. Right when i thought it couldn't get any worse i felt something going up my ass. I started crying with fear. At the same time i was curious as to what was going to be next.

It was a vibrating butt plug that he inserted. He turned it on and sat back and watched me. The nurse started sucking his cock in front of me and pulled on the clamps every time she took him deep in her throat. She then got up and removed the dildo from my mouth only to be replaced witrh his big cock. She then removed the clamp from my clit and began licking me and pounding me with the huge didlo that was still in place.

He pulled back from me and removed the thing holding my mouth open. My jaws hurt and i was glad i could close my mouth again. He then shoved his hard cock back into my mouth deep and rough. I felt her remove the dildo from my pussy and replace it with her fingers. She looked up at the dentist and said that it was true i really did have a tight pussy. I was confused by this as she put another finger deep into me.

The door opened as i was being force fed a cock and finger fucked at the same time. A guy with lots of tattoos walked inwith a silver case. I was freaking out not knowing what was going on. I was just here for a cleaning. The guy sat down next to me and looked me over whiloe rubbing his hands all over me like he was buying a horse. He opened his case and i saw him pull out a tattoo gun and some other things.

He untied one the strap on my left ankle and had it retied to the right arm of the chair. I was very uncomfortable and terrified. The dentist replaced his cock with a ball gag to keep me muffled. The tattooed guy slapped my ass and said lets get to it. I felt him puting something on my ass. I heard the gun vibrating and felt the needles piercing my skin. I was crying uncontrollably by this point. Once he was done several minutes later he slapped me on my freshly tattooed ass and said next.
I thought one of the others were gonna get a tattoo. Then he retied my leg as it was before. I felt him touch my pussy and pull my clit in a tight pinch. The nurse left the room and came back with more straps. She strapped my thighs so i couldnt move them at all. The tattooed guy continued playing with my clit and he put a clamp on it. I then felt a sharp stab in my clit. HE WAS PIERING MY CLIT!!! I tried to protest but to no avail. Once he was done he thumped my sore and tender clit and moved up to the side of me where i was able to see him clearly. He grabbed my nippkles and removed the electrode clamps and pierced both of them. He then replaced the electrode clamps onto the nipple rings and turned it up higher than it had been before.

I thought he was finished, i had nothing else to pierce, then he moved to my belly button. Once he had finished he put his things away and left. I laid there crying and hurting. The nurse put the clamp on my clit attaching it to the ring. She turned it on where the vibrations were almost unbareable. I was sore and wanted to go home. I kept having orgasm after orgasm. Every time i had an orgasm they would take turns slapping my sore nipples with a flog. The dentist removed the ball gag as the door opened again. The tattooed guy was back. He looked at me and said I forgot one. The dentist put the thing back in my mouth to keep it open. The guy pierced my tongue and left again. The nurse then straddled my face and told me to eat her pussy. I had never touched another woman before. I refused. The dentist attached a chain through the nipple rings and clit ring and handed the end to the nurse. She told me if i didnt lick her til she came she would pull the chain til i came. She gave it a little tug and i knew what she meant.

I licked her with my freshly pierced tongue. I didnt know how much more pain my body could handle. While i was licking her the dentist removed the dildo and butt plug from me. I was thankful for that. Then i felt his fingers probe my sore pussy. He fingered me until he had 3 fingers inside me and i screamed best I could. He told me he was going to fist my tight pussy. I was scared. I had only been with 3 guys and i was very tight down there. He got the fourth finger in me and said this was going to be nothing compared to what was next.

He finally got all his fingers in and was trying to get them past the knuckles. I had never felt so full. I felt his whole hand slide into me with a hard thrust. He pounded my pussy with his fist over and over. I was starting to enjoy the new sensation when i felt it getting tighter. He has trying to insert his other hand as well. Once he got both hands inside me he looke dat me with this grin that let me know it wasnt over yet. With both hands snuggly inside me he stood up and place his cock in between his hands and masturbated while he fucked me. I thought i was going to be ripped apart. He removed his cock and one hand at a time. I was relieved. I then felt him fingering my ass and he said now comes the fun part. He slowly put more and more fingers inmy ass til he had his whole fist in me. He then fisted my ass and my pussy at the same time. While i was laying there praying it would be over soon the nurse finally came all over my face. She got off of me and moved down to where the dentist was. She started licking my freshly pierced clit and i came almost instantly. This got a good laugh from them both seeing as i was protesting the best i could during the entire ordeal.

The two of them got up and was redressing themselves when the door opened once more. It was the one person i didnt expect to see. My friend that recommended the dentist to me came walking in. Behind her was my boyfriend. They both looked at me and smiled. He gave her a big kiss in front of me and then leaned down to kiss me. He looked at my clit and my nipples. He smiled bigger. He then untied my ankle and looked at my ass. He said he was pleased. The doctor told him all he had done to me. My boyfriend looked happy.

The allowed me up and i had to have help standing because i was so weak. My boyfriend told me to look in the mirror the nurse was holding. Isaw for the first time my piercings. I remembered that i had no idea what was tattooed on my ass. I looked at it and it said OWNED. He told me that i now belonged to him and he had proof. I was now his slave. He put a collar on me and finished removing the gown i was hardly wearing. He hooked a leash to the collar and told me to get on all fours. I looked at him and went to protest but he just thumped my poor nipples and yelled now. I got on all fours and my friend put a fox tail butt plug in my ass, and a bullet vibrator inmy pussy and put a clamp on my outer lips to keep it in place. He told me it was time to go. I crawled out of the office and onto the street. He helped me into his truck where i had to ride in the back on all fourse like a dog.

Even though this is not what i had in mind for my trip to the dentist. I have to say it peaked my interests and had me curious as to what would happen once i got home.


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