The Naughty Maid

By: Fawn

Page 1, This is a story of a woman and her boyfriend. What will they do when they come into posetion of a stool, a chair, oil, a paddle, a cane and a sexy maid\'s costume? Read on to find out... All comments welcome! Xxxx

She bent over and finished lighting the last candle. The only light came from the flickering candles she had lit. She looked around her room. All the candles were lit and her white canopy bed was covered with red rose petals. Now all she had to do was get ready. She padded across the white carpet to her wardope. She opened it, slipped her thin silk dressing gown off and put it neatly inside. She was fully naked and her body shimmered in the flickering candlelight. She skipped over to her dresser and opened the last drawer. She wondered what underwear would please her boyfriend tonight. She finally decided on black lacy silk panties and a matching bra. The bra was purposly torn in several places to artfully expose parts of her breasts. Once she had them on she searched in the drawer again and found her black garter. She slid it up her leg until it rested on her thigh. She opened the next drawer and tried to decide what costume to wear. She decided on timid geeky schoolgirl: a short black pencil skirt, a frilly white blouse with a daring neckline, stripy black knee high socks and big glasses but she changed her mind and instead picked the naughty maid. They hadn't done that in ages and it was her favourite. She put on the short black and white dress and also put on the cute black and white hat. Then she opened the next drawer to find her prop for the costume. She pushed her way through riding crops and pencils to find the big black duster which she placed on the ground near the door. Her gaze wandered back to the top drawer and she shivered even though the room was warm. That drawer was filled with her boyfriend's props and he would choose them later. She avoided thinking about them and looked at the clock instead. He said he'd be home by now but he was late. He always did this to her. He wanted to make her wait and nervously anticipate what would happen when he got home. She sat down at her dressing table and began brushing her long dark curly hair. When she was done she stood up and smoothed down her dress. It ended halfway down her thighs and when she bent over it would leave her butt exposed. She shuddered at the thought and nervously rung her hands but at the same time she felt the familliar warm tingle between her legs. She paced the room quickly. Her eyes kept on darting towards the clock. Fear and excitment bubbled up inside her. She heard the front door slam and she gave an involuntary whimper. Heavy footsteps approached the door and the door was opened to reveal her boyfriend. He stared at her in silence for a moment. He was tall and unbelievebly good looking. He had strong features and dark brown hair. He looked angry. "Why is the house a mess? Did you clean it today? Well answer me!" "No sir." She whispered staring at the ground. "I asked you specifically to clean the house and you didn't do it. You must be punished young lady!" He crossed the room and took the high stool from the corner and placed it in the middle of the room. Then he went over and took some rope from on top of the dresser. "Bend over the stool and grab the other side." He commanded. She meekly obeyed him and bent over the stool. She blushed as she felt her dress rise up to expose her butt. She grabbed onto the legs of the stook at the other side and he tied her wrists to the stool using the rope. She bit her lip to keep herself from gasping as she heard him open the top drawer. "What do you with such a naughty maid? Do you whip her? Do you paddle her? Or do you cane her?" Fear made her speak. "Please sir! Can't you just spank me?" She knew she shouldn't have said that. He hated when she tried to comprimise. "Certinally not! I cannot believe you would be so bold to suggest such a thing! And just for your boldness i will cane you and spank you over my knee!" She moaned and struggled briefly against the tight grip the rope had on her wrists. She hated being caned and he knew it. She struggled harder when she heard him close the drawer but it was no use, she couldn't escape from the rope. "Stop struggling!" He commanded. The direction of his voice came from directly behind her and she struggled harder knowing what was to come. Suddenly the cane swished through the air and hit her butt with a sharp snap. "I told you to stop struggling!" He said calmly. She lurched forward and gave a little scream of pain. "Because you disobeyed me, on top of everything else i will also paddle you over my knee." "Please sir!" She gasped breathlessly. The cane swished through the air again, this stroke landing in the exact same place as before. She screamed and lurched forward again. "Stay in that position or i will add to your punishment." For the next ten minutes the air was filled with the sounds of the cane's swishes and cracks and the sound of her crying in pain. Finally they stopped and he untied her wrists and let her slump over the stool. Her hands twitched and she wanted to reach back and rub her burning ass but she knew it would only be worse for her if she did. He put the cane back in the drawer and took a wooden chair from a corner of the room. It had no arms and it had a straight back. He gently helped her to her feet and put her standing in front of the chair. "Strip." He commanded her sternly. She unzipped the dress and it fell to pool around her feet. She stepped out of it and kicked it to the side. She smiled as his gaze took in her body approvingly. He sat down in the chair and slapped his thighs. She hesitated and he grabbed her by her arm and pulled her across his knee. He adjusted her position so that her hands were spread flat against the carpet and her ass was in the middle of his thighs He hooked his thumbs into her panties and pulled them down to reveal her firm tight ass. She gasped and squirmed on his lap. He slapped her ass gently and she was still. He studied her ass for a minute. He hadn't hit her too hard so the thin lines from the cane had turned pink and were fading. He smiled. By the time he was finished with her, her ass would be bright red. He rubbed her ass slowly and then brought his had high above his head and brought it sharply down on her ass. Before she had time to shriek he followed it with a rain of slaps. As he spanked her faster and faster her legs began to twitch and then she began to kick her long legs. Without stopping he swung a leg over hers. She begun to cry and scream. Her ass begun to turn pink but it was nowhere near the shade of red he desired. He spanked her harder and harder and she began to beg. "Please sir! Stop! Sir stop! Ow! Stop!" She begged through her tears. He ignored her pleas and continued, going so fast his hand was a blur. Her ass began to turn a light shade of red and he decided that it was time for the paddle. When she realised he'd stopped she slumped off his knee and lay on the ground crying. "Honey it's almost over but if you rub your ass even once, i'll spank you with my slipper. Do you understand?" She didn't trust herself to speak so she just nodded instead. She lay on the ground sobbing as she heard him go over to the dresser and open his drawer to search for the paddle. She ignored the burning pain and instead focused on the pleasure she was feeling between her legs. She had felt him starting to go hard beneath her so she knew he was feeling the same way she was. When this was over the quality of sex they had would make all this worth it. Somehow sex never felt amazing with him unless he spanked her before it. And she knew he got a kick out of doing it so they were both happy. He closed the drawer with a snap and sat back down on the chair. He slapped his thighs again. "If I have to come down and get you you'll be sorry." He warned her grimly. "Yes sir." She answered humbly climbing back over his knee. He looked at her ass and nodded approvingly. "Im going to make this quick. Ready?" He asked. Then without waiting for an answer he began to spank her quickly with the plastic paddle. He already had one leg thrown over hers to prevent her from kicking. She reached her hand back to try and rub her ass but he caught it and held it to the small of her back with one hand, while he kept spanking her with the other. "Never do that again! I don't want to break one of your fingers!" He emphsised each word by spanking her harder. She sobbed while he kept spanking her and finally she hung limply over his knee. Her ass was hot and bright red. He gave it one last spank and placed her sobbing body over the stool while he went to the top drawer again. She moaned when she heard it open but he came back with oil. He spread the soothing oil on her raised ass and she stood up and turned to face him. "Thank you." She whispered simply. She jumped into his arms and wrapped her legs around his waist. She kissed him hungrily as he carried her to the bed.

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