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Anything Sir

Short story By: Fawn

A young beautiful spoilt schoolgirl sneaks out to discuss her grade with her teacher...but she gets more than she bargined for...

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"Excuse me sir. Can I talk to you about my last test result?" My science teacher took off his reading glasses and looked up at me. He sighed. "Samantha what are you doing up so late? Sit down, I have to finish grading these papers." I walked into the room and sat down on the chair opposite his desk. The clock on the wall ticked slowly and showed that it was half one, way past my bedtime. Thinking about my terrible result had made me have the courage to sneak across campus and knock on the classroom door. My roomate Hannah had been asleep when I left and I didn't want to wake her up changing so I was still in my school uniform. A short black skirt and a tight white blouse. We also had to wear an ugly red tie and a red jumper but i'd throw those on my bedroom floor the moment classes had ended. I crossed my long tanned legs and placed my hands in my lap. The science building was seperate from the rest of the building ever since someone had accidently set fire to it ages ago and the silence was deafening. "Sir...you can call me Sammy." I spoke into the silence. He nodded and went back to correcting the papers. I figited and waited, and finally he was finished. He put the papers into a filing cabinet behind him, leaving the desk bare. I was about to speak but he interuppted me. "Do you think that I don't have feelings?" His question suprised me and I stuttered. "N-no of course not sir, I mean..." He held up his hand for silence. "That comment you made about me today in class was very hurtfull. I realise you were upset about your test but it's not my fault you didn't study. In case you didn't know teachers are people too and like people we too have feelings. You hurt mine today." I tried to remember what I had said to upset him but nothing sprang to mind. "Comment, sir?" I asked innocently. He banged his fist down on the desk making me jump. "Yes Sammy comment! Everyday I teach girls like you. Popular, spoilt, attractive girls with figures that others would have to starve to gain. Usually they're mean and spiteful but I thought you were different! You always did your homework and you get good grades, you even helped that misfortunate boy, David with his studying. Yes Sammy, I thought you were different, but today you proved me wrong. Now how old do you think I am?" Nobody had ever spoken to me like that and I found myself blinking rapidly to avoid bursting into tears. I remember now how I said loudly to my friend something about him looking as if he was fifty and then after everyone had laughed. I desperatly wanted to get the answer right. I studied him carefully for a moment. His brown bangs almost covered his large brown eyes. He had full pink lips and you could tell he worked out because of his tight blue shirt and his skinny jeans. "Around thirty sir?" I guessed hopefully. "I'm twenty five." He replied flatly. "Oh." I whispered feeling ashamed. "How old are you?" He demanded. "Nineteen sir." I replied. "How would you like it if someone said in front of sixteen other people that you looked forty four?" I blushed and stared at my shoes. "I wouldn't like it sir." I felt as if things were spinning out of control. I had come here to discuss my test, not to be told off by someone who was only six years older than me. He cleared his throat and stood up. "I've decidd to assign you two detentions for disrespecting a teacher." He said calmly. I gasped and stood up to face him. I'd never gotten a detention in my life and I didn't intend to start now. "Please sir-" I begged, "Is-isn't there any other punishment you can give me? Anything!!" He sat down again and I mirrored his action, sitting back down in my seat. He raised an eyebrow and looked at me curiously. "Anything?" I nodded my head vigourously, my blonde hair a blur around my head. "Anything!" I agreed breathlessly. He leaned towards me as if he was afraid of being overhead even though we were quite a way from the buildings and everyone was asleep. "There is one way that I have found for young girls like you to respect their teachers. In the last boarding school I was at most girls chose this over a detention or in your case detentions. But before things go any further I need your word that you will not speak of what happens in this room tonight to anyone. Do I have your word?" I blinked up at him feeling nervous. "Yes sir. What is the punishment sir?" He looked directly at me. "Two spankings. The first one over my knee to warm your ass up and the second one over my desk with a paddle. If you misbehave, don't listen to me or don't do exactly what I tell you to do when I tell you to do it, I will add on spankings as I see necessary. So do you want the two detentions or the spankings?" I stared at him with my mouth open slightly. I expected him to burst out laughing and admit he was kidding but his face remained deadly serious. I thought about it. I'd never been spanked in my life but I knew daddy would be furious when he found out I recieved two detentions. And he had threatened to whip me if I ever got one. I knew from past expiriences that he didn't make empty threats. I bit my bottom lip nervously. "I'll take the spankings sir." I whispered softly. He clapped his hands together briskly and I winced. His hands looked strong. "Good. Samantha go over and close the blinds. We don't want to risk being overseen." It felt surreal but I did as he told me to and as I was closing the first blind I heard the lock on the door click shut. I gulped but closed the second blind. There was no way I was going to get those detentions. As I closed the rest of the blinds I heard furniture being moved and drawers being opened. When I turned around I gasped. His desks had no chairs facing it and he had pushed the chair I had previously been sitting on. He was sitting on his chair, his straight backed armless chair, at the top of the classroom. He beckoned for me to come over to him but I stood, rooted to the ground. My eyes were fixed to the long thick wooden paddle with holes that lay on his desk. I was frozen in fear and I knew I should go over to him but I couldn't move. He sighed, got up from his chair and walked over to me. "Samantha you agreed to this, you can't back out now. When I tell you to do something you do it. Immediatly. Understand?" He took me by the arm and led me over to the chair. He stared at me and I realised that he was waiting for me to answer him. "Yes sir, I understand." He patted his knees. "Good. Now get over my knee." I knew i'd only get in trouble if I didn't do it but for some reason I couldn't make myself bend over his lap. He growled and grabbed my arm dragging me over his lap. "Just for that missy you're going to get one stroke with my cane on top of the spanking and paddling. If you misbehave any more i'll add to the stroke." I gasped and wiggled on his lap. He put one arm around my waist. "If you don't squirm this will all be over much faster. Ready?" Before I had time to reply he spanked me. I breathed in sharply. It didn't hurt so much but it was just the shock of him spanking me. Before I had time to say ouch his hand rained down on my ass. My ass began to hurt and my legs twitched. He was relentless and soon I was biting down on my bottom lip to stop myself from groaning. Finally he stopped and I found myself sighing in relief. But he only pulled up my skirt. I gasped as I felt a sudden breeze against my thighs. I reached back to pull my skirt back down but he slapped my ass sharply and I drew my hand back. "You've earned yourself two more strokes." I groaned and gasped as he began to spank me faster and faster and harder and harder. I began to involuntarily kick my long legs. He stopped briefly to swing his leg over mine, holding my legs down, and then he started again. Without the protection of my skirt I felt his hand even more strongly. His slaps stung and I reached back to rub my hot ass. He slapped me hard and pinned both of my hands to the small of my back and continued. "For that you will recieve three more strokes." I yelped with every slap and even though my ass hurt terribly I felt a good feeling wash over me. I hurt but I was happy that after this I would be forgiven. When I did something wrong my parents would simply ignore me for weeks and even though I was being punished it felt nice that after this I would be forgiven for humiliating him. Finally he stopped and pulled my panties up so that my ass was fully exposed. I hung limply over his lap and he gently helped me up. He guided me to his wooden desk with the green leather covering the top of it. "Grab onto the other side." He commanded me and I did as he told me. He took the paddle and struck me a couple of times. I moaned and lurched forward. "Now the cane and then it will all be over." He spoke kindly and I sighed. I heard him open the drawer behind me. I gripped the top of the desk tightly so that my fingers turned white. My ass felt so hot but I didn't dare to reach back and rub it, no matter how much I wanted to. I heard him approach the desk and I groaned silently. "You get six strokes and I want you to count each one. If you don't I will have to add to the six." I gripped the desk more tightly and tried to brace myself. I heard the cane swish through the air and I felt it's snap against my ass but the real pain only begun a few seconds after it touched me. It spread through out my ass making it burn. "One." I muttered, my teeth clenched. *Swish* "Ow! Two." *Swish* "Three." I gasped. *Swish* "Four." I whimpered beginning to cry. *Swish* "Five." I sobbed, my ass was on fire. The cane cracked down on my poor hot tight ass again and I whimpered. "Six." I sobbed happily. I lay over the desk for a few minutes sobbing and finally I got up rubbing my marked ass. All the implements had vanished from sight and the classroom looked strangly normal. He stood by the door looking stern. He gave me a sad little smile. As I winced at each step and made my way slowly towards the door. I felt as if this spanking was making up for all the times I had been a brat. And for that I was enternally gratful to him. Maybe i'd come back tomorrow night and show him just how thankful I was... "Goodnight sir." I muttered tearily. "And thank you." I added sincerly. He smiled at me and opened the door. "Your welcome and if you pass your next test i'll move your grade up to an A. I'll have a cushion on your seat tomorrow. Your ass is going to hurt a hell of a lot worse in the morning." I grinned at him and as I stepped out into the cold night, I knew he was right.


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