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My Erotic Journal

Short story By: FantasyLover101

It is what the title says it is, a jornal of my sexual desires and thoughts. This is the best way I feel I can express myself. To protect those mentioned I have changed the names and or shortened them.

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March 22, 2013

Today we are back to where we were last Sunday, he wants me. This time he sounds serious though and the thought gets me so wet, yet it scares me. I have never had sex with a man, but I have messed around with them. In this journal I will refer to him as J so I'm not using simple terms all the time.

What happened Sunday? Well, he asked me to be his "friend with benefits", so we met up at the mall to test the water. In less than a minute J meets another friend of his and ignores me the rest of the time we are together. After he told me never mind to the whole friend with benefits thing, because he started dating the friend we ran into I let.

Now to today, like last time, he text me wanting sex. I had no problem with the thought of giving J my virginity until I stop and think about it. My past experience with men have all been bad so I'm very on edge about the whole thing. Then my lust for him clouds all those fears. I want to feel his hands glide over my bare body, his lips on mine, him inside me; I get so wet every time I think about it. No man has ever effected me so strongly. Just hours ago we were sexting about what were are going to do to each other Sunday when we meet up. When he talked about going down on me I melted, because, for me, that's the best thing a man can do if done right. I could help but let my mind wander to the image of him between my legs bring me a level of pleasure I never thought possible. He talked then about fucking me so good I couldn't help but beg for him to "don't stop,".

After that was over, to my delight, he congratulated me on my talking dirty skills. I took this complement with pride for I wish to someday making a living off these skills of talking dirty, as he calls it. I love how I can make he cum with just my words. This didn't surprise me though for I've always been able to do that with me.

Now he sleep in his bed, for he said he wants tomorrow to go by fast for the day after that will be our day. The day we fuck, for he won't make love to me, but he did promise to go easy on me since its my first time. He talked of how he is going to play with me before we do fuck. I am certainly not going to protest! For I would have J never stop playing with me. He's one of those you can tell just by looking at him his good in bed and big.

With that said, the image of his hard seven inch cock moving ever so slowing enters my mind. How he move slow enough so I can feel every inch of him allowing me to feel the most intense pleasure. I'll leaning my head back and let out a moan and tell him just how amazing he is and how badly I need him. He'll then glide his hands over my breast where he'll massage them adding to the pleasure. I can feel the wetness between my legs growing as he does this. Then he'll pick up the pace to fill me and my desires, moving at the a slight faster pace but still as gentle. He once again pick up his pace as we are both nearing out climax. I arch my back and begin moaning loudly and begging for him to never stop. I feel my body climax as his cock slows down and squirts its juicy cum inside me prolonging both of our climaxes. When we both have ridden out our climaxes his movement stops and we both fall down and relax.

See that it is twenty minutes till tomorrow I will finish off this entry. I hope you like my fantasy as much as I did, I will write more when I get the chance and surly tell you how Sunday goes;)




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