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A Day at the Office!

Short story By: Evaline

Natalie's boss caught her doing some things not meant to be done at the office. How will he punish her for it? ;)

Submitted:Dec 5, 2012    Reads: 7,636    Comments: 4    Likes: 5   

"Okay, so this goes over here and this is right over there…" Natalie mumbles to herself as she's organizing some files. She notices in the corner of her eye that her boss walking towards her office space. "He calls her name. "Yes, sir?"

"Come see me in my office, please."

"I'll be there in a minute, sir."

Natalie finishes organizing the files in about a few seconds and makes her way to her boss's office. She opens the door to see him sitting in his chair at his desk, his hands folded and a shit-eating smile on his face. "So, I noticed something that you did a week ago. Or should I say someone?" Natalie begins rubbing the inside of her thighs. "I don't know what you're talking about," she says in a sexy whisper. "Oh, come on. You and Garrett fucked in the men's room! He had you bent over one of the sinks and he was fucking you doggy-style. Apparently, pretty hard due to your face being like--" he imitates her orgasm face. His mouth was agape as wide as his jaw would let him and his eyes were shut tightly.

"Yeah, he did fuck me pretty hard. But his cock wasn't big enough for me."

"Well, how big is big enough for you?" he asks her. Natalie walks up to her boss and kneels down. "I don't know; you tell me." Once he realizes what she's doing, he leaps up out of his chair and sprints away. "Natalie! What are you doing?" Natalie jogs to him, her heels clacking on his hardwood floor. She grabs his red and black striped tie and pulls him in for a kiss. He tries to push himself away from her. "Natalie, you are so fucking fired; do you-" She didn't let him finish due to her kissing him again. She kisses him over and over. It takes a little bit for him to start kissing back.

He runs his fingers through her black straightened hair and caresses her tanned body. He unzips her black pencil skirt to expose her big juicy ass in a white thong. He grabs it and spanks it, leaving a handprint. Natalie turns around and grinds on his crotch, making his erection bigger and harder. He turns her around and pushes her on his desk. He rubs his fingers on her swollen pussy outside her thong. "You're a naughty bitch, aren't you?"

"You know it, sir."

He loops his index finger around her thong and moves it upwards to expose her nice little wet pussy. He moves the tip of his tongue all around her swollen clit. She starts moaning and panting. He then proceeds to move his index and middle finger in and out her heavily lubricated pussy. "Oh yeah, baby!"

After a minute or two of fingering her wet pussy, he unbuttons her white blouse from the bottom up. When he undid the first two buttons, he kissed her above her belly button, playing with her silver navel ring with his tongue. Natalie giggled as he continued unbuttoning until he got to her breasts, which were placed in a white bra. Natalie had small tits, about a bra size of 34B, but her boss could work with it. He lifted her bra up to reveal her little boobies. They had triangular tanning marks on them, but he didn't care. He licked and kissed and sucked on her nipples. She moans softly while grabbing his thin black hair.

Then, he whips out his gargantuan cock. He gawks at it with astounding interest. "I wanna suck your cock."

"No, you're gonna take my cock," he said as he shoves it inside of her tight wet pussy. She starts letting out orgasmic moans as he drove his cock in and out of her body. He grabbed her legs and put them over his shoulders so he could get deeper inside of her. Natalie lifted her head and pulled on his neck to make out with her boss as he fucked her.

He flipped Natalie over on her stomach to fuck her doggy-style. As he did, he grabbed her hands and secured them behind her back with his hands so he could make her take his hard cock. He spanks and grabs her ass, leaving her ass all different shades of red.

Then, he grabs her off of his desk and lays her on the floor with him on bottom. "Ride that ass on my cock, Natalie." She proceeds to bounce her reddened ass all on his long rock-hard cock. "Ohhh God… Fuck me…" She bounces on his cock more rapidly as she grabs onto his shoulders and leans down to kiss him. They're moaning and grunting in ecstasy, enjoying their office sex. "Get off!" he yells. Natalie hops off his cock as he cums on her chest and stomach. She rubs her boss's cum into her breasts and licks some off of her fingers.

They lie on his desk with her on top and start French-kissing passionately, running their fingers through each other's hair. Natalie pulls away from her boss, looks him in the eyes, places her index finger on his lips and says to him sexily, "You can't fire me 'cause I fucking quit." She gets off of his desk, puts on her clothes, and walks out of his office not regretting anything.


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