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I walked inside my last class of the day. I was excited. One: this is the last day of school. Two: I'm a junior, and in a few months I'll be a senior. And third: I'm always excited to come to my math class.

Our math teacher, Mr. Howard is very young; twenty-five.He's also smart, very smart. He's not married, and doesn't have a girlfriend either. All the female teachers are in love with him. Our youngest teacher aside from him is forty-five and he's our gym teacher. So you can imagine the excitement between the girls when we found out we were getting a young male teacher. And the jealousy between girls when some of them got him while others didn't.

Mr. Howard has a tan skin, but who doesn't here in Florida? What's really sexy about him that turns me on is his thick muscles and baby blue eyes. He's not only our math teacher, but he's also the varsity football and baseball coach. Many guys say he's gay, but I think they're just jealous. He has two ears piercing on both ears, which makes him look even hotter. God, just thinking about him turns me on!

He begins talking, sheets of paper in his hands, out second final exam. I sigh as he starts handing them out. Damn, look at that fine ass. I just wanna-

"Are you alright Annie?" I look up to see him standing in front of me. I nod, glad that half of the class was concentrated on their test, "ok." He kept on moving, giving out the test. You know what's the best part of being in advance Trigonometry? If you have a high A, like me, you don't have to take the final. "You've got the entire class period to finish. You may begin."

He walks back to his desk, which is coal black and has no open space so no one can see what's going on down there. It's like one of those office places, where there are four walls and one of them has a door; that's how this one s, except there weren't walls, just drawers that came up to waist level. There was only one small space to walk in and there are two chairs.

Half an hour in to class I got bored, so I stood up and walk to his desk.

"Yes Annie?" He whispers. I wanted him to say those words so badly, but in a different situation.

"Do you need help?" I look down at the first half of the tests on his table. He was nowhere near done.

"Sure," he said, and I smile at him, making my way to the chair next to his.

As I sat down I made sure my skirt rise up to show my black lace panties, in case he looks. We sat there grading papers as one by one the students began turning in their test, and by the time the bell rang they were all done and left quickly. Saying by to Mr. Howard, some girls even giving him a kiss on the cheek.

The classroom was empty in less than five minutes, and we stopped hearing noises outside five minutes later.

"Don't you have to go home Annie?" He asks, looking over at me.

"I don't want to go home yet," I'm so glad I decided to drive to school today.

"You don't have to help me get this graded," he said, pointing at the stack of graded papers, "I can finish them on my own."

"Four hands are better than one, Mr. Howard."

"Please, call me Ryan," he said, taking his tie off as though it was hot.

"Ok, Ryan," I said, softly, "I want to help you get this done so you can enjoy your weekend."

"Thank you Annie," he said, and we continued grading the tests.

Two hours later we were done and clearing off his desk.

"Thank you Annie. I can't thank you enough."

"Actually, you can," I said, and started making my way to the door.

I opened it and look both ways to see if the coast was clear before locking the door and starting to unbutton my shirt, glad that the windows were already closed so I didn't have to do it.

"What are you doing?" Mr. Howard or Ryan ask in shock as I took off my shirt and put it on a desk.

I didn't answer; instead I strip off the rest of my clothes until I was bared feet and in just my underwear. I sat on the table across from him and opened my legs wider, pushing my panties to the side, showing him my vagina while leaning back so that my back and head rested on the back table before inserting a finger inside of me. I started masturbating myself in front of him. Pulling my bra up and caressing my breast as I pull another finger inside me.

I heard a moan aside from mine and look up. Ryan was sitting behind his desk, looking at me as his hands move up and down. He was also masturbating himself as he watches me. I kept going adding another finger inside me.

"Come cum on me Ryan," I said loud enough for him to hear.

I heard movement behind the desk and footsteps coming to me as I cum on my fingers. Moment's later I felt something wet on my chest. I open my eyes to see Ryan next to me, his 7 inch dick Cuming all over me. I sat up, grabbing hold of his cock and moving my hand on it before getting off the chair and getting down on my knees, taking him in my mouth.

I started sucking and licking him, causing him to back up and hold on to the desk so he wouldn't fall. He trembled and cum in my mouth. That was too quick, he cum a lot though, which got me wondering when the last time he was preasured was. I kept on sucking him until he came again. Then I kissed every part of his dick to his balls, my hands crossing his naked thighs. His pants were doing to his ankle.

I pushed him back on the desk so that he was sitting on it before I put one foot on the chair in front of him and another on the one behind him. My hand held his dick straight up as I move down on it. Finally my fantasy was coming true. He was inside of me in no time and I took a moment to take this in, looking at him as he stared at me. I lean in and kissed him, He kissed me back with as much force and I started riding him. We kissed as I began to move back and forth on him, not coming out. I then started going in circles and he started kissing my neck. That caused me to rotate faster until out breathing accelerated and we both came. We sat there for a while, letting his cock empty itself inside me before I got off him.

He got off the table too and turns me around, taking me from behind. I lean my body across the chair as my ass began to hit his abdomen. He got his top body on me as he got in and out of me kissing my back in the process. His dick got thicker and he got off me, taking my feet of the ground and trusting in me faster. I was moaning like crazy, but not too loud, in case there were still teachers outside. We finally came and he got me off the chair, leading me towards his desk, getting out of me and turning me around.

He sat me on his desk, my arse on the edge of the table and he took me again. We were both on fire, I held on to his shoulder as I lean back on the desk, enjoying the moment.

"Oh god! Yes Annie!" I cum right there, just a few moments in to it. I had been dying to hear those words come out of his lips in a moment like this.

"Don't stop Ryan," I said, grinding against him, making him trust faster.

We both cum together again and got off the table, my legs wrap around him. We kissed, grinding against each other, our arms touching every part of our bodies we could and holding each other close. We came again, moaning against each other's lips.

"That was the best sex ever!" I exclaim in between breaths, getting off him.

"I haven't fucked like that since my prom," he admitted, grinding his naked body against mine, "with my math teacher."


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