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Maxine's Punishment

Short story By: EmoGothVampGurl

I had disobeyed the so called 'Master' of the house. He had always wanted me as his slave so he hired my father and my mother had wanted nothing to do with me. I was only twelve when I met 'Master'. He told my father he wanted me and would have me. My dad agreed to keep his money so every day I was locked in a room and forced to watch adult porn and then practice on 'Master'. He said he wasn't going to take my innocence until I was ready. So after school I'd watch bad t.v. One day at school I was caught pleasuring myself at 14. So I was privately home schooled. I'm now 19 and 'Master' is only 32. I am sharing my punishment with you.

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"Rachel you're a fucking bitch!," I shouted and slapped her across her face.

Rachel is 22 and since she's older than me she thinks she owns me. It gets on my last fucking nerve. She was mad that she couldn't fight back and she missed a birth control pill and was three months pregnant by one of the other 'Sirs' in the mansion. The room began to get quiet as familiar loud footsteps stomped their way into the foyer. I looked down at my feet not wanting to show my guilty face. Rachel smiled and began to let fake tears flow and she cupped her red cheek I slapped.

"What the hell is going on in here?!," Master shouted.

"Two of the girls were begining to start a fight," Sir Todd answered.

Master looked around the room as my father flew into the foyer to join us. Master spotted me looking at my feet and slowly glided over to me. I tensed when he grabbed a fist full of my hair. He yanked my head up so I could look at him, but I kept my eyes closed.

"Did you slap Rachel?," he asked and I could hear the edgy anger in his voice; I nodded.

"Yes," I choked out as Rachel smiled wider.

"Everyone back to as you were!," and everyone dispurssed, but I still had my eyes closed.

"Yes," everyone said as they walked off all exceptRachel.

"Master...," he held his pointer finger up and pointed her away.

She quickly walked away as he loosened his hold on my hair. Just because he loosened his hold doesn't mean it didn't hurt. He tugged hard and growled in my ear.

"Open your pretty little eyes and look at me," so I slowly opened my eyes and stared into my icy blue eyes with his vipor green eyes.

"Master I-," He hushed me.

"Save it sweetheart, you know that you're going to have toget your very first official punishment," hegave me a wicked smile.

My heart sank when I heard him say that. He always called me 'Cupcake' when I pleased him. I was looking for that gentleness he had deep down and didn't want punishment. I've heard the screams of pain of other girls and didn't want to know what happened behind those closed doors. I gulped and began to shake.

"Please Master no, I'll tell Rachel I'm sorry, but please no," I whimpered.

"You wouldn't mean it if you said you were sorry," and he was right.

Master finally released my hair and grabbed a hold of my upper arm. He dragged up the grad staircase and down to the west wing. I was forbidden to go to the west wing because this is where the punishment was, along with a couple of bedrooms. I was shaking, but you probably couldn't tell because I was barefoot and only wearing my black silk lace robe. He walked us up a flight a small stairs and turned right into a very warm and it only had a bed with leather holding straps and chains on the wall. He set me on the bed and closed and locked the door. I held my robe closed and scooted back towards the headboard and pulled a piece of my brown hair behind my ear. I noticed the large waredrobe and he saw my fear.

"Oh no Cupcake, I have a very special punishment for you," his special name for me made me even more frightened.

"Please Master anything, just please don't punish me," I pleaded.

"Awwww Maxine, your innocence makes you look sexy enough to not punish you, but I must," he shrugged.

It felt like the air was knocked out of me. He wasn't even going to try to act like this was a hard thing for him. I'm guessing he wanted to see my perfection falter and watch me break and plead for more mercy. Master reached for my robe and untied the ribbon and tore the robe off me exposing my entire body. Even my smooth hairless untouched place. Yeah, I'm still a virgin at age 19. Master grabbed my arms and flipped me on my stomach and strapped my wrists in to the headboard. Master ran his hands over my butt cheeks. Then his hands disappeared and everything was quiet. What I hadn't known was that Master had went to the end of the bed and reached under pulling out my 'special' punishment. He ran the cool black weather whip across my bare back. I was shocked that he would have one of these. He tapped the handle part of the handle on my bottom and that must've meant to raise up on my knees. I was so very scared with where this was going to go.

"Master...," then I felt it; the stinging burn of leather harshly contacting with my skin and I cried out unexpecantly.

He sighed and I could hear the whip breaking through the air and crack on my back again. I didn't cry out though to keep up my strength, but even I knew I would crack soon enough. After three more whips on the forth one I screamed and cried feeling that this wouldn't be the end of my punishment. Master wasn't purposely trying to have double welts so my skin wouldn't break and I'd bleed out. I was breathing heavily and I could hear.

Master was also. He raised the whip one last time and brought it down forcefully straight down my back. I screamed and heard the whip drop. I began to hear the ruffling sound of clothing being removed. Master unhoked the clasped of the leather restraints and flipped me around so I was on my back facing him with tear stained face. Master reclasped the hooks of my restraints and cupped my face with his hands.

"Shhhh, you're okay Cupcake," he gently kissed my lips and I kissed him back.

I knew he loved me and he really didn't want to hurt me. I felt something hard poking against my inner thigh. Then earlier saying popped in my head and I was scared and felt myself turn pale. I knew Master was going to take my innocence and all, but I thought I'd know well before this.

"No," I whispered under my breath.

He held my hips down on the nice plump king size bed keeping me steady and his legs between mine. Master slowly ran his hand down my body and between my legs and his hand slipped between my wet folds. I whimpered and tried to close my legs. Master chuckled slightly and removed his hand. I was scared because I knew it would hurt and I hoped Master would try not to hurt me. He put slight pressure on my hips and was ready to break me. He placed his head at my entrance and pushed in a little. I gasped at his size and he was thick. He nudged in a little more and hit a barrier and kissed me hard. His rough tongue fought with mine and without pausing he thrusted into me. I screamed and felt it tear. The pain of losing my virginity was so..... unexplainable. My breath was caught in my throat feeling his 11 inches inside me and it was an unimaginable feeling. My toes curled as I finally took a breath.

"God Max you loook so sexy right now," he stopped thrusting and took off the leather restraints from around my wrists.

We rolled so I was on top and saw my blood run down. I felt like I was nothing now, but Master didn't show it if he thought I was. I could feel him slide past my g-spot, but then I didn't move. Master opened his eyes and looked up at me and I was crying a little with my hands on his chest. I was still scared and felt like a lost puppy off its leash. Master put his hands on my hips and grinded me back and forth and a different good feeling began to build in me. I through my head back and moaned. I bounced up and down feeling something build in me. Master thrusted one last time harshly in me and I fell over the edge that I was balancing on and my orgasm made me shake. I fell on Master's sweaty chest and had a change of heart. I could feel Master's heart beat and I rolled onto my back next to Master. I looked at his pelvic area and saw blood. I looked down at myself and saw blood between my legs.

I sighed and looked over at Master who was sound asleep. I walked into the bathroom and took a quick shower and it stung on my back with the stinging whip marks. I picked my robe off the floor and wrapped it around myself. I tied it and opened the door and seeing Rachel stand with her hand up like she was about to knock. God why was she here?


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