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How Amazing It Is To Be Bi

Short story By: EmoGothVampGurl

A girl named Haliey wants her boyfriend and her best friend to feel like they mean the world to her. She makes plans to take them to a bar on a Friday night and then things get better. They all get drunk and talking starts and more and more.

(This is more for the people who are into more erotic things. Hope I did good on my first threesome.)

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Hi, my name is Hailey Stripper. No I am not a stripper. I was born with the last name of stripper. But I do have everything you need to be one. Anyway my best friend Kayla feels like she is a third wheel and my boyfriend feels bad about it. Kayla and I have been best friends for as long as I can recall. She told me at the age of 13 she was a lesbian. I was okay with that and so we stayed friends. That same day I told herI was bi. She smiled at me widly and I could tell what she was thinking.

Yes, I had sex with my best friend, but not until 2 years later after our confessions. But now I'm 21 and legal to drink. My boyfriend Matt and Kayla came over my house one day because I wanted the three of us to just have an amazing night out. Kayla was single because she couldn't find that special woman. So I took the two of them out to a bar.

"Hailey you didn't have to do this for me," Kayla said.

"Well, youkeep telling me that you feel like a third wheel so I wanna make it up to you," I threw my arm around her shoulder.

"I think it's a great idea," Matt said grabbing both our waist picking us up and spinning us around.

Kayla and I laughed as Matt put us down.

"Okay okay, let's go," Kayla finally agreed.

"Yay," I said giddy.

Matt drove us all to the bar that was right around the corner. It was an amazing bar. When we got inside I couldn't hear my own thoughts the music was so loud. We sat at a table and began to just talk. I walked up to the bartender and got all of us something to drink. Kayla and I were drunk with ten minutes.

We danced and had a ball. If Matt weren't there I probably would've fell on the floor from being so drunk. So Matt drove us back to my house. He wasn't that drunk so he could drive. He had to carry Kayla and me over his shoulders to get us inside.

"You two okay?," Matt said sitting us on the couch.

"I'm okay," Kayla hiccupped.

I walked into the kitchen and grabbed three glasses and a bottle of wine. I filled the cups up and we all drank until we were full on drunk. None of us could stand and we were all lying on the couch.

"Hailey," Matt said sitting me up.

"Yeah," I looked at him and he mashed our lips together.

He traced my lips with his tounge and I parted my lips slightly. We intertwinned our tounges then I pulled away.

"Come here Kayla," I smiled.

She climbed over Matt and began to french kiss me. Matt began to spring a hard on. I smiled at him and pulled away from Kayla.

"Are we making you hard?," I teased Matt.

"Yes you two are," he said stroking his cock.

I pulled off Kayla's top and smiled cause she had no bra on. Kayla pulled of my tub top and exposed my C-sized breasts. Her breasts were the exact same size as mine. She pushed me on the floor and put my left nipple in her mouth. I pushed her head down more and she bit it slightly. I moaned and opened my eyes to see Matt licking his lips.

"Wanna join Matt?," I asked slipping off my black mini skirt.

He nodded like a little boy and crawled onto the floor. He crawled under Kayla and ripped off my thong. I was already soaking wet. Kayla moved to my other nipple as Matt began to eat me out. I moaned and brought Kayla's mouth up to mine. My tounge slipped into her mouth and she began to suck on it.

Matt moved from under Kayla and Kayla moved away. Matt picked me up and slid into me from behind.

"Hailey, babe, your ass is so fucking tight," Matt moaned.

Kayla stuck two fingers into my pussy and I thrashed around. She pushed her fingers in so deep she ccould feel Matt's cock threw my wall. I couldn't stop and came all in Kayla's hand. She pulled her fingers out and licked her hand clean. Matt shot his load in me and pulled out. I was weak and Matt carried me up to my room. He handcuffed my hands to the headboard and Kayla came out the bathroom with a dildo. She turned it on and it began to vibrate. She slid it in my pussy and I couldn't handle it. I came immediately. Matt lied on his back and Kayla climbed on top of him.

"Just this once I'll be straight for you Hailey," Kayla stroked his cock a few times.

She slowly slid down on his cock but looked very uncomfortable. The vibrator made me come again. I tried to get out of the handcuffs as Kayla rode my boyfriend. These hand cuffs were gonna leave marks. Matt was laughing and reached and pulled out the vibrator. I relaxed a little. Kayla screamed loudly probably because Matt hit her G-spot.

"I'm coming!," Matt shouted.

Kayla got off Matt and wrapped her mouth around his cock. He blew his load down her throat. She didn't drink it all annd came over to me. She kissed me and some of Matt's cum dripped into my mouth. I drank all of what she put in my mouth and she playfully squeezed my ass. Matt unhandcuffed me and my hands went immediately to Kayla's ass. She moaned and moved away. Matt pushed his cock in my pussy and I moaned. Kayla smiled and layed her back on my bed. She was worn out already. I pushed Matt off me and crawled over to Kayla.

I moved to face her pussy and began to eat her out. Matt held her shoulders down while my tounge explored her pussy. Kayla's legs wrapped around my neck and pulled me closer to her. I could hardly breath but didn't care. Kayla came all in my mouth and I drank every bit. I sat on Kayla's face as she ate me out. Matt came over and slipped his cock into my ass hole. My walls tightened aroound Kayla's tounge and I came. Matt pulled out of me and came all over Kayla's breasts.

Matt fell back on my bed and fell asleep. Kayla was breathing heavily, but still awake. I grabbed a strap on and slipped it in Kayla's pussy. She moaned as I began to thrust into her. after a minute Kayla came all over the toy. She passed out with a smile on her face.

I took the strap on off and lied on kayla's stomach and fell asleep knowing that Kayla deserved that all.


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