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Short story By: Emily Tree

This is the last story in the Janice series. Janice and Mike go off to a cabin with another couple.

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Janice and Mike were in Mike's parents' bathtub. They had soaped each other and now they were taking alternate puffs on a cigarette containing herbal products that Mike had acquired. Janice was laying back with her feet up on the sides of the tub and Mike was sitting between her legs, stroking his hand down the inside of one thigh, across her short cropped pubic hairs and up the other thigh. The sensation was pleasant and Janice's thoughts were drifting dreamily. It was her birthday in a month's time and she wondered what Mike was going to get her - an engagement ring would be nice, she thought wistfully. A door opened in the back of her head and out popped a Thought Demon.

"Yeah, like that's going to happen. He says he loves you but that's during sex. They all say that."

The Thought Demon began to cavort as Janice started to sniff.

Mike, who had just slipped two fingers knuckle deep into her pussy, wondered why Janice suddenly looked so miserable.

The weekend had started well. Mike's parents were away and, as they undressed in his bedroom, he told Janice about the invite from Kenny, who was currently seeing Janice's friend Karen, to spend a couple of days at his parents' holiday cabin for, as Kenny put it, some undisturbed fun. Janice thought that if she was economical with the truth the Obergrubenfuhrer, Janice's Mom, would probably agree.

They both sat naked in front of Mike's webcam clicking through the normal plethora of gay men masturbating on the ChatXsite web site. Whilst she liked watching masturbation Janice somehow couldn't find this exciting. Suddenly they came upon two black robed and heavily veiled women; Janice assumed that they were accessing the chat site from a Middle Eastern Country. The women waved, they waved back and the women promptly lifted their robes, carefully avoiding disturbing their veils. One produced a large dildo-like object and began fucking the other with it. Janice and Mike looked at each other open mouthed. Before they could even think about taking part it was mission accomplished, the women replaced their robes, waved and clicked off. Janice looked at Mike. All was not lost, watching the women had given him a semi erection. She logged off the chat site and turned to him. It was obvious that he wanted a blow job, or at least a hand job, but she said

"No, you do it. Show me what you do."

Mike looked surprised but he gathered up his bottle of Baby Oil, poured some into the palm of his hand and began massaging it round and into his cock. Janice watched carefully. It was exciting to see but she also wanted to learn so that she could give him more pleasure. Mike was working his hand up and down his shaft, coming right up over the tip and squeezing on the way down. His index finger was carefully rubbing the V on the underside of the head whilst his thumb stroked the side. His eyes half closed, watching her watching him, he was beginning to enjoy himself. Unconsciously, Janice's legs had opened and her hand was between them, two fingers pressing and rotating round her clitoral area. She watched Mike continuing to work himself up until he said

"Christ, Jan. Finish me off".

She slid to her knees in front of him, taking over and copying his hand movements but very slowly.

Mike's eyes were screwed shut and he was grunting


He was rocking back and forward as she continued her deliberately slow pace, wanting to delay his orgasm as long as possible.

At last


The thick white Semen, pumping out in time with her hand movements.

Janice hadn't got anywhere near orgasm but that didn't matter, she had pleased her man. Mike thought that the slow hand technique was fantastic and, relaxed and happy, they went off to the bathroom.

Janice and Karen were laying side by side, completely naked, on one of the King Sized beds in the cabin. As soon as they had arrived the boys had undressed them and were now pleasuring them with fingers and tongues. Karen, who had been wearing a black lacy thong, had not quite managed to conceal a sneer when she saw Janice's mauve and pink polka dot hipster shorts.

BITCH, Janice thought.

The bitch was now lying beside her, squirming slightly and whimpering as Kenny's tongue penetrated her. Janice closed her eyes. In a small, hesitant voice quite unlike her normal one Karen said

"Is it OK if I do this?"

A hand rested on Janice's rib cage and then moved up to cup and fondle her breast. More knowledgeable than a male hand its fingers traced a circle round her aureole then the thumb and first finger moved to her nipple and began a gentle milking motion. The pleasure from her breast was combining with the pleasure from her pussy and Janice lay back and let it happen.

Suddenly the hand disappeared. Janice opened her eyes to see that Kenny was now mounting Karen and she was using it to guide him inside her. Kenny began to pump and Janice watched Karen's small pert breasts, with their long pointy nipples, jiggling as she thrust back.

Janice hated her.

Mike was asking Janice if she was ready. Oh God was she ready. Mike gently lifted her ankles until her legs were wide apart and high in the air. He moved up and prepared to slip inside her. She reached down to guide him but the head of his cock was already at her pussy lips and, inch by slow inch, it slid in until she felt that it was filling her up. The entire length of Mike's cock was deep inside her, their pubic hairs were mingling and she could feel his balls touching her. Instead of pumping he started to rotate his hips and, because of the fore play and the excitement of being with another couple, she felt an orgasm beginning to build immediately.

"Fuck me, Mike. Oh yeah, fuck me."

. Mike reached back to stroke her buttocks, running his finger nails up and down the crack. When he found the puckered hole of her anus, wet and slippery from where her pussy juices had run down onto it, he slipped a fingertip inside. It was a dirty, DIRTY thing to do, especially in front of the other couple, and Janice loved it. It sent her over the top and she gasped and moaned as the orgasm exploded inside her. Mike began an unhurried, almost leisurely, pumping, pulling back until his cock was almost clear of her hole and then sliding forward once more.

There was another orgasm building, more intense than the first, oh GOD it was BUILDING!

She raked her nails down his back, writhing under him and screaming his name, and then she was just screaming as a HUGE orgasm burst over her like a wave, flooding her senses and radiating out from her centre until it seemed to be touching every nerve ending in her body. Behind it came another and another……

By clenching up his sphincter muscles Mike had managed to hold back and now he slid out of her, rolling off the condom and moving up to sit astride her. Still trembling and shaking, wanting him to cum like she had, Janice grasped his cock and started to masturbate him, working her hand up and down his shaft rapidly, looking up to watch his face. Mike's back was arched, his teeth bared. He screamed

"Cumming! I'm cumming!"

And she felt the hot splash of cum on her hand and breasts.

Slowly Janice became aware of movement beside her. She looked round. The others must have finished some time ago and were sitting on the bed watching. Karen had a strange expression on her face and Janice suddenly realised that it was jealousy. Karen, she of the lacy thong and perfect tits, was JEALOUS!

Mike had collapsed onto her and now he whispered into her ear


She waited.

"……will you marry me?"

Tears filled Janice's eyes as she reached up to hug her man, crying

"Yes! Oh yes!"

Her dream had come true and Janice's happiness was complete.





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