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Short story By: Emily Tree

Janice is a student who feels slightly dumpy and unattractive. She is not very confident, but that changes...
Hopefully this is number one of three stories about Janice and her friends. This is my first attempt at writing Erotica so please be gentle with me.

Submitted:May 13, 2012    Reads: 2,103    Comments: 4    Likes: 5   

Janice's First Adventure

The weather was sunny and fine, as it almost always was at that time of year, and the girls were looking forward to the summer vacation, due to start in a week's time. They were sitting on the grassy bank that ran down to the public swimming pool with the shrubs and bushes that bordered the park a short distance up the slope behind them. Karen was in her bikini; Janice was feeling drab and dumpy in her one piece. Janice had wanted a bikini too but her mother had disallowed it. They were talking about boys - situation normal - and commenting on the various semi-nude male bodies being displayed for them in and out of the pool. One of the boys beside the pool saw them looking and waved, Karen promptly waving back. Janice felt a little uneasy as he started up the slope towards them, sitting down next to Karen. "Hi Kenny", she said, making no secret of the fact that she was taking an interest in the bulge in his swimming shorts. "Hi Karen", he said to her, "Hi", nodding at Janice. "Seen something interesting?"

Karen nodded, "Maybe".

"Want to see more?"


"Come on then." Kenny stood up, the bulge in his shorts slightly more pronounced. Before Janice had a chance say anything Karen said "Can my friend come too?"

Kenny nodded and Janice found herself swept up and accompanying the other two towards the bushes, looking round nervously to see if anyone was watching them. No one was paying any attention. Janice felt both apprehensive and excited by what she knew was about to happen. She'd touched boys, had boyfriends, but never experienced anything as blatantly public as this. She was aware that her nipples were stiffening against the material of her swimsuit, probably showing, and that there was a damp patch in the gusset. When they found a secluded spot in the bushes Kenny lay down on his back and Karen knelt down beside him, hooking her hands into the waist band of his shorts. Janice knelt on the other side, by the boy's head, and watched as Karen drew the shorts down, exposing his now rigid cock with its surrounding dark brush. Karen began to play with it, stroking and rubbing round the helmet, spreading the lubricating juice that had begun to ooze from it. Janice was now concentrating on the sight of it and jumped when she felt Kenny's hands on the shoulder straps of her swimsuit. "Show them to me, babe," Kenny said thickly and she let him draw the costume down to her waist, exposing her breasts with their large aureoles and stiff nipples. She was acutely aware of her podginess compared to Karen but Kenny didn't seem to care. He murmured appreciatively and began to knead them as Karen started to jerk him off. As Karen's hand gathered momentum Kenny started to breathe heavily and rotate his hips, still groping Janice's boobs. All too soon he moaned and bucked as cum shot into the air and splashed down across his chest. And that was that. Kenny pulled up his shorts and Karen wiped her hand on the grass, both of them ignoring Janice, who self-consciously put her breasts back inside her swimsuit. She felt vaguely disappointed; was that all? Apparently it was because Kenny disappeared in the direction of pool and Karen stood up, waiting for her. They wandered back down the bank and sat down again as if nothing had happened.

Next day at classes Janice watched for signs that people knew what had taken place at the pool but everything seemed normal; no one laughed or made suggestive remarks. When she'd gone to bed the previous evening she had masturbated furiously, fantasising that it was her, not Karen, who had given Kenny the hand job. She wasn't sure that she couldn't have done it better, given the opportunity. Two days ticked by and then, when she was crossing the campus on her way home Janice heard "Heh, babe," from behind her. It was Kenny with his friend Mike. They came up to her.

"Mike's parents are away for a few weeks," Kenny said. "Want to come round for some fun?"

Janice couldn't believe that they were asking HER.

"Sure," she said and they walked over to Mike's car. Janice and Kenny got in the back and, before Mike had the car in DRIVE, Kenny was groping her.

When they arrived at Mike's house he led them into the living area where there was a large leather sofa. Both the boys started to grope her but, amazed at her own boldness, Janice said "Stop. Wait. Let me."

Both boys were wearing Polo shirts, Kenny 501 jeans and Mike khakis. In turn Janice took off their shirts, then their pants and finally their boxers. When they were naked Janice unbuttoned her blouse and tossed it aside, then removed her skirt. Standing before them in her pale blue bra and micro bikini briefs - she had wanted thongs but her mother…… Janice flashed on the thought that she had been perspiring with nervous excitement in the car. She hoped it hadn't shown on her clothes. Kenny took her hands and led her to the sofa. While Mike sat down beside her and undid her bra, sliding the shoulder straps down her arms and lifting it off, Kenny knelt in front of her and peeled off her briefs. Taking hold of her ankles he lifted her feet onto the sofa, spreading her legs open wide. Janice had used a removal cream around her pussy just leaving a short fuzz of hairs on the lips. Kenny put his head between her legs, breathing deeply and inhaling the oily musk of her excitement. He began to lick. Janice promptly forgot all about perspiration and everything else except the beautiful sensation. Mike was caressing her breasts and licking and sucking her stiffened nipples. Janice couldn't help noticing how much more gentle than Kenny he was. His erect cock was rubbing on her leg and she reached down and held it. Kenny used his thumbs on her pussy lips to open it wide and slipped his tongue inside, licking round it and up onto her clit. Janice was in heaven. She began to kiss Mike passionately, their tongues touching and rubbing. Kenny, still licking her clit, began to finger fuck her, in out, in out, wriggling his fingers at the same time. Janice could feel her orgasm starting to build. She moaned into Mike's mouth then tore her lips away and began to pant. She felt one of Kenny's fingers brush against her anus and arched her back and screamed as the orgasm tore through her. Still playing with her nipples Mike watched her face as she came. He stroked her body and gentled her. After a few moments Mike said "It's our turn now, babe." Janice felt relaxed and languid after her orgasm but she knew he was right. She slid down onto the floor and Kenny took her place on the sofa. Kneeling between the two boys Janice took a cock in each hand. Leaning over Kenny's she licked round his helmet, tasting the salty precum, and put her mouth over it, pushing down as far as she could, then sucking as she came up. Kenny put his hands on her head and tried to push her back down but she broke away and then did the same to Mike. She established a pattern, a lick, three pumps with her mouth and then onto the other cock. When she thought the boys were getting close she closed her hands round their cocks and began slowly to masturbate them both at the same time, feeling the oiliness from both her saliva and their own lubrication on her fingers. Kenny started to repeat, "Oh God, oh fuck," over and over again and Mike said, "Go on Jan, don't stop, cumming, cumming!" First Kenny's and then Mike's cock exploded, the semen jetting in long streams. Janice kept rubbing until she was sure both boys were empty. She smiled as she put her hands in their cum and began to massage it into their bodies. It looked like it was shaping up to be a good vacation.



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