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Short story By: Emily Tree

Janice has been grounded by her mother and investigates chat sites on the PC in bedroom.

Submitted:May 15, 2012    Reads: 3,000    Comments: 8    Likes: 3   

Janice's Adventure with Cyber Sex

Poor grounded Janice sat at her bedroom window, miserably watching the world go by outside. She had only taken the car to the Mall but Obergrupenfuhrer Mom had been furious. To make matters worse Mike, whom she had been seeing off and on ever since the little threesome with his friend Kenny, had gone away to look at a University in the next state. She wandered over to her desk where her PC was dozing and sat down on her office chair. Her friend Karen had told her about sites like Chatroulette but spicier and she thought that she might take a look. She googled Chatroulette and saw that there was a whole list of similar sites. ChatXsite said that you had to be eighteen to use it and that no registration was neccesary. That sounded promising so she clicked on it. She enabled her webcam and was rewarded with an image of herself whilst the top box, "Partner" remained blank. She clicked on "Start" and immediately found a huge erect penis with a hand clamped round it staring at her with its one eye. The hand began to move. She watched for a while but nothing much happened so she clicked "Next". The next image was a young boy, bare chested, viewed from the neck down. A hand came up and waved. This was more like it. Janice watched her image in the bottom box wave back. The dialogue box said HI - SHOW BOOBS. Janice felt a thrill of anticipation, tempered by the fact that she had suddenly remembered she was wearing her Teddy Bears PJ top. She lifted it, exposing her breasts and turning slightly so that her stiffened nipples were in profile. Immediately the dialogue box said FAT SLAG! FAT SLAG! HA HA HA and the screen went blank. Devastated, Janice switched off and sat on her bed. She felt totally crushed and tears pricked her eyes. Not fat, she was NOT FAT. No one else thought she was fat. Unbidden the thought rose - DID THEY?

When Janice's mother came in from work she thought that her daughter's bad mood was because of the grounding. Well, she's got to learn, she thought.

The next day some of Janice's confidence had returned and she decided to try ChatXsite once again. This time she took her top off first, holding her arm across her breasts to hide her nipples. After clicking through a number of obviously gay men she stopped at a youngish man with a bare hairy chest who smiled and waved. He looked nice. His voice came out her speakers, "Can you hear me?"

Janice said she could and he asked her to put down her arm. Nervously she did. She waited for him to laugh or say something nasty but he said, "You look beautiful. Lovely nipples." Janice glowed. He asked her to stand up and she did, showing her seriously uncool white bikini briefs.

"Take off those sexy white panties for me."

SEXY WHITE PANTIES! The man was a saint! Janice eased her briefs down, exposing the soft fuzz of cropped hairs on her pussy, over her knees and off onto the floor. The man moved his camera down so that she could see his cock, standing upright surrounded by thick black hairs.

"Shall we watch each other? You watch me and then I'll watch you."

Janice's throat had constricted with excitement so she just nodded and watched as the man produced a bottle of Baby Oil, poured some onto his hand and began to massage it into his cock, over the helmet and up and down the shaft. Janice sat down on her office chair, rolling it back so that the web cam could see all of her, and spread her legs wide open by putting one over each of the arms. Aware that he had started to masturbate she began to rub her pussy lips with her fingers and then pulled them open so that he could see. The man was working his hand up and down his cock, rubbing the helmet with his thumb. She could hear his heavy breathing and he said, "Oh yeah, girl, watch me wanking. I like you watching." His hand was moving faster and his breathing getting harder. Janice was playing gently with her pussy as she watched, waiting for him to cum.

His movements were getting frantic and he said hoarsely

"Watch girl, watch, I'm cumming!"

He shuddered and cum shot into the air, splattering back down onto his stomach. She heard his breathing slowing and he sat up and grinned at her, showing her the cum on his hand and making a "Phew" expression. Janice knew that it was her turn and, trembling slightly with excitement, started to stroke her pussy harder, feeling its oily wetness. She slipped first one finger, then two, inside and began to rotate them. She grasped her breast with her other hand and rubbed and tweaked her nipple. The man was watching her intently and said "Go on girl, wank that cunt. I'm watching. Cum for me." Janice was now fucking herself with her fingers and had dropped her other hand off her breast and was using the index finger on her clit. The sensations were building and she was finding that being watched during one of her most intimate moments was a real turn on. She was starting to whimper and move her hips. Losing control she began to work faster, gasping. Everything was sensation. She threw her head back and pumped her hips up and down. OH GOD she was cumming, she was going to squirt, he was watching, OH GOD OH GOD OH FUUUUCK! Juice squirted from her pussy, once and then again, and splashed onto the parquet floor in front of her.

Janice slowly came back to Earth. The man was looking at her, smiling. He asked if she was OK and she nodded. He said that, if she had a partner, they could meet up on Skype and have a group session, she with her partner and him with his wife, who liked that sort of thing as well. Cautiously she agreed. He typed out his Skype address and she copied it down, wondering if Mike would agree. The man blew her a kiss, waved and disconnected. Lazily Janice logged off the site, got some tissues and mopped up the floor. She went into her little en suite for a shower and, when she came out, found that the room smelt strongly of excited pussy. Guiltily she sprayed air freshener and opened a window.

When Janice's mother came in from work she wondered why her daughter suddenly appeared so much happier.



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