We met in the car.

By: Emie Ruth

Page 1, I wrote this with no plot in mind, I just sat down and allowed my ideas to follow on to the page.


I left work late that night, only the street lamps to guide my way to my car. I opened the door got in, switched on the internal lock and started the engine. When suddenly I felt my head being pulled back and a knife being placed at my throat, "Move over to the passenger seat. NOW" a voiced whispered in my ear, a deep, seductive and sinister voice, I did as he said. He got behind the wheel and I was in tears, the knife was rested on his knee as he drove me into the forest. In the dark enclosure of the night he looked at me, his dark blue eyes burned into my neck, he pulled me into the back seat and once again put the knife to my throat. "Unbutton your blouse, now", I started to do it, but it was not fast enough for him, he ripped it open and then cut my bra off.  He took his shirt off, "I know your pain and I will make it all better" he said. It was true, my boyfriend up and left me and I wanted to be loved so I did not scream and I did not cry I just let him come forward. I unbuckled my jeans and pulled them over my hips, he unzipped his fly and thrusted himself into me. I wailed and screamed orgasmicly, uncontrollably "Faster, faster, faster" I called and he did, I could feel him inside me making every muscle tingle; my back rubbing up against the seats, an unforgettable pleasure.


I collapsed in exhaustion and naked on the back seats of my car I slept. I woke up the next morning in bed with him towering naked over me, "good morning. Welcome" I looked at him and wanted him again my body still tingling from last night, "I want you." the words just slipped out of my mouth I got out of the bed "Who are you?" I asked, "Your angel" he said, and you will worship me for what I have done for you, "I do worship you, I do". He ran his fingers over my erect nipples, pulled me into his body and I felt his teeth in my neck and that same sensation came back to me, he pushed me back onto the bed and once again came inside me. I could feel him like a knife ripping my womb, liking my nipples. I spread myself out and let him do it putting up no resistance.


Evening had come, and we made love for hours on end, he ran a bath, "Come and have a bath dear, you need one." The bathroom was huge and satanic, with deep red walls and a huge black bath, steam filling the air. He got in first "come on, the water is nice and hot" so I did and fell into his arms, he stroked my hair. Then with my head on his shoulder I felt his fingers crawling up the inside of my thigh then tickling the inside of my pussy, I giggled at the feel of it, so I held his penis and rubbed and stroked it until I went under. In the hot water scorching my skin I wrapped my lips around his cock and licked the tender end. It felt so damn good, I came up breathless, and he looked at me in amazement, "That was good. That was amazing" Then he went down and licked, "Oh yes, Oh yes don't stop, don't stop, don't stop please don't stop." He came up in exhaustion, I fell back and he placed his head upon my chest.


That night we went back to bed, he whispered into my ear "You enjoy this don't you" "yes, yes I do", "Well it doesn't have to end, and I own a house where this can never end." He said "Take me there." "In the morning". The following morning we got back in my car and he drove me up to this huge house, with a gothic setting. He took me inside and led me up the stairs into this one room. A room full of everything whips, mirrors, hand cuffs, "This is my games room we can do anything in here", "I want you to do what you did the first night we met." "Very well" and in that he threw me onto the bed ripped my clothes of, to make it more exciting I pretended to resist, he picked me up and pushed me up against the headboard, whilst kissing me all over. Then onto the floor he came inside me. But then it all went wrong, he became more violent banging me against the wall, he picked up the handcuffs and handcuffed me to the bed, and then he picked up the whip, and lashed it across my breast. I began to bleed, and then he did it again across my stomach and hip. He stopped and came on top of me again and said "Do you still want this", then leaving chained and bleeding he left me there and I never saw him again.             

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