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In A Place Where Sin Lives

Short story By: Emerald Skye

Just a another story that just popped up. Yes, guys I do know that no one in the story have names. I did that purposely, to make it somewhat challenging so that the reader must read deeply into the story. But just so some of you don't freak, the main character is "Her" or "She" since there is only one female.
The first man is either called, "Her guest" or "The blue eyed man/one" or "Blue eyes"
The second male is simply called "The man" or "The other one."
Hopefully this works, enjoy :D

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It was dark, sometime between 7:00 and 8:00pm, it was cold and she wrapped her coat tighter around her frame. God she had to be insane, under the flimsy long coat she was wearing a corset of lace, almost see through, except for the cups that frame her pert breasts.
She wore panties that were connected to her thighs by a long garter that crisscrossed across her legs and ended at her feet, where she wore some devilishly high heels.
She looked sexy, and cold.
She was also annoyed, she couldn't find that damn club, the ones her friends had urged her to go to, the ones they themselves frequented. It was expensive and super popular, it was only joined by a select few, ones who weren't afraid to face their desires, ones who were into the extreme.
To be honest, she really wasn't. But it was a dare, the ultimate challenge for her. Too long she hungered, too long she had craved, but now was when she was going to act on them.
Finally, the club loamed before her, dark, forbidden and just soo inviting.
The interior was smoky with the scent of sex and cigarettes. She walked through the dark hallway, following the trail of bone pounding music, and the stream of bodies, either tangled in a heap on the floor or against the wall.
Blushing furiously as she saw just in what positions they were in, but still the sight started a sweet ache between her legs, making her deliciously wet in anticipation of the hard cocks she was coming to get.
She entered the main room and was nearly knocked off her feet by the blatant sexuality in the air, every where couples danced, grinded and fucked to the rhythm of the music.
"May I take your coat?" a smooth voice purred in her ear, low, in volume and the very reincarnation of sin.
She gave up her coat and turned to look at her little guest, he was tall, blonde haired and blue eyed. With a face carved of stone, and a sinfully delicious mouth, perfect for play, and just promising carnal pleasures.
He hung up her coat and looked her up and down, travelling from her heels, pausing slightly at the prominent, and damp fabric of her panties.
Then going upward, caressing her lace draped belly and staring hungrily at the hard points of her nipples pressing against the cups of the corset.
He raised his eyes to her face, eyeing the bright flush of her cheeks and the shy, but hungry look in her eyes.
"Come here to play?" he murmured, raising a blonde brow to her.
Easy now she thought to herself, and assumed a cocky grin. "Depends on what game your playin', you willing to play with me?"
He laughed, and slid a heavily muscled hand across her back, pulling her close to the heat of his body, causing her arousal to spike to extreme levels. "I'll play with you sweetheart, but you have to be willing to play my way."
She looked up at him and raised a brow as well, "What, I don't get to put in my own play rules?"
"Sure, but you have to play with me, and my buddy."
She shivered, excitement coursing down her spine, more than one cock? Oh yeah, this was a game she could play.
He leaned down and whispered close to her ear, "The safe word is Turtle," he looked at her, waiting for her to say it, when she didn't he led the way down a hallway to a room.
The room was dark and she soon realiz3d that it was not empty, there was another man standing in the dark, his back to the door, shadows dancing over his back and hair.
her earlier guest ushered her inside and closed teh door behind her, locking it and once more bathing the room in a dark glow. She couldn't see a thing inside the room, but she could feel. Both of the men were moving, one of them caressed her back, smoothing over the lace and cupping her ass in strong hands and squeezing.
She let out a squeak of pleausre and surprise, and was immedially muffled by the other mans mouth, he kissed her hard, hungriely, no permission asked, just taking what he waanted and devoring her like a starved man. He gripped her bottom lip in his teeth and tugged, causing a flash of pleasure pain to spike up her spine and down her.
She felt hands, running over her legs, and pulling off her heels, to leave her standing barefoot and off balanced in a pitch black room. She moaned when the garter she wore was released and slipped off.
Cold air blew towards her pussy, making her damper with need more..
She let him spread her legs, wide enough for him to reach up from behind her and rub her gently, then with more pressure as her moans increased.The other man leaned forward and licked her nipples through the sheer clear lace of her bra, tugging at the strings that held it together until he pulled it apart and down her arms.
But before they cleared her wrists, her guest gripped the corset and tightened the small ribbons until her she was bound and helpless.
She didn't have time to protest, for she was whisked up into the other mans arms and dumped on the bed, her guest pushed her back on the bed, coming over her and pinching her nipples roughly. She gasped in pleasure/pain, squirming under his hard body.
he rolled off of her suddenly and stood, ripping off his clothes,
The other man tugged on one of her legs, pulling her down towards the edge of the bed, she cried out when he leaned forward and started sucking her clit, licking around the nubbin, sucking it into his mouth and fucking her with his tongue,
She trashed violently, grinding her pelvis against his lips, moans of delight escaping her mouth. She shuddered when he reached up and placed a palm on her stomach, holding her down, controlling her movements. Something hot, and damp brushed her cheek and she looked up to see her guest holding his cock to her lips, his blue eyes staring down at her intently.
"Suck it," he growled, pushing it against her lips until she opened and engulfed him in her mouth.
He groaned as she sucked him off, letting him grip her hair and move her head just like he wanted to. The other man was still busy between her legs, sucking, licking and biting. She still felt the escalation of pleasure and a smothered cry escaped her throat as she came hard.
The blue eyed man let out a pleased sigh, feeling the vibration of the sound over his cock, he pulled it out and left her panting on the bed. He moved to the drawer and started pulling out a few things, lubricant, a lengthly dildo and a towel.
She squirmed on the bed, sighing as the one between her legs stood and whipped his mouth on the sheet. He started pulling off his shirt, revealing toned muscles and a hard, think cock straining upward towards his naval.
"Roll over," he growled, one hand going to stroke his cock. She whimpered as she rolled over, exposing her ass to their view.
"Mmm, perfect." he murmured and leaned down to reposition her legs, spreading her wide so not only her ass was open but her pussy as well. A moan escaped her as a blunt semi-warm object touch the rim of her ass, circling it, lubricating it before pushing in slowly. She gasped and thrashed against the sensation of being spread and taken.
Pleasure/pain rioted through her.
"Thats it, take it all." the blue eyed man groaned, thrusting the artificial cock all the way inside of her. He left it there, her ass clenching hungrily on the dildo, her pelvis grinding against the bed as her pussy started to gush.
One of them gripped her hips to hold her still and she felt the hot blunt tip of one of their cocks pushing into her pussy, stroking slightly, before burying itself deep.
She screamed in pleasure, the twin sensations of being filled making her hungrier and hornier. "Oh God, please, fuck me..." she moaned, arching against the cock in her pussy.
"Yes," Blue eyes growled in her ear, pinning her against the bed as he fucked her completely, hard and deep, eliciting moans of pure rapture from her throat. "God yes....harder....Fuck me harder!" she screamed, thrashing and thrusting up against his thrusts, squeezing his cock deeply in her pussy, using her muscles to stroke him.
He pistoled into her, flesh slapping against flesh, his harsh groans mixing with hers, until she felt her climax come over her again and she screamed out her pleasure, her juices coming out to coat his cock, but he still didn't come.
Blue eyes pulled out of her wet pussy, leaving her feeling sore, but contented, but she was also still hungry, she wanted more. She gasped when the corset was loosened from her wrists and thrown to the floor. The other man pulled the fake cock from her ass and came over her, "Mmm, i bet this is so much better than that cold toy, don't you think?" he whispered to her, teasing her asshole before thrusting in suddenly and deeply.
"Oh!..." she cried pinpoints of light dancing in her eyes. He chuckled in her ear before, gripping her body and rolling her over, her on top and him on the bottom. The juices from her cunt flowed down slowly, trickling down his cock and between his balls. The blue eyed man came over her then, opening her legs wider and positioning himself once more at her pussy.
He sank in slowly, watching her face intently, his hips jerked halfway in. And she moaned, "Oh God this is too much..." she groaned closing her eyes for a second before a small slap made her jerk and open her eyes.
"Keep them open, don't close them." Blue eyes growled, sinking in deeper, and then deeper all the way to the hilt.
She groaned again, feeling full and over stretched, but she knew there was more to come.
Blue eyes smiled wickedly and then as if on cue, the other man pulled out of her ass then thrust back in.
Blue eyes mimicked the movement and as the other thrust in, he pulled out and so and so forth. The rhythm continued until they were all sweating and moaning and straining against each other.
Their cocks shuttled in and out faster, making her fly towards completion for the third time that night, but this time as she shattered, both men groaned and spilled their seed inside of her hungry holes.
They gasped, and collapsed, finally rolling off her when they could. They pulled her close, snuggling her between them. She sighed contently and went to sleep.
The End :D


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