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Fuck Me. Fuck You. Please Don't Fuck Me Up.

Short story By: Emerald Skye

This is a story based on two characters, Stryder and Kaku. They are actual roleplay characters Roleplayed by two different people, Kaku is mine, and Stryder is Roleplayed by a friend of mine. This story was based on the picture for this story, er, yeah. Please. It is edited, so, its copyrighted and stuff. Yeah! Enjoy!

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Pain. It radiated up from his abdomen and then focused on his chest, squeezing his lungs, making it more than just a little difficult to breathe. His shoulders shook, blood pooled up from his throat, and though he struggled to push it down, it spilled from his lips and dripped down onto the white shirt he wore. A red rose of blood blossomed on his chest, spreading outward, like a butterfly flying into the sky. He was on his knees, he could feel the concrete scraping against his skin, it was a lot hotter against the feel of his skin. The sun was beating down on them, though they were in the alleyway, him and…Him. He felt a boot connect with his side, and he was knocked into the wall, he let out a gasp of breath as he did, the last of his oxygen escaping him. The male kneeled down to be face to face with Kaku, his clean shaven face held a malicious grin, a speck of blood adorned his cheek-not his of course, it was all Kaku's. "He wasn't there last night, do you think me stupid?" The male replied, his eyes flickering a flat hue, his lips thinning in irritation. Kaku, didn't answer, his throat was blocked by the blood, he could barely breath for Christ sake. The male stood from his kneeling position and aimed another swift kick to his ribs, making black sparks float before his eyes. Behind a haze of pain, he heard the man's parting words, "This won't kill you, sadly, but, it'll hurt you for a while. This'll teach you to never lie to me, I summoned you, I can use you as I please."

Darkness swirled around Kaku, pain dancing behind his eye lids, he hadn't even noticed the moment he'd closed them, he could just feel the steady pumping of blood from his lips onto his skin, and the warm feel of the stone wall against his cheek as consciousness faded.

He awoke, perhaps several hours later, in that same alley, he'd stopped bleeding, and the pain was gone, replaced with a stiffness that radiated all around him. He took his time reanimating, first flexing his fingers, before slowly working himself up to standing. It took some effort, but he used the wall at his back to get from to his feet, he wobbled, but did not fall, successfully completing his upward travesty. The sun had gone down long ago, and the world was now shrouded in shadows, he could hear the creatures of the night moving in the shadows of the alley, attracted by the scent of his blood. He spit onto the concrete, his lip curling back in disgust, his pointed teeth glittered in the dark before he stumbled out of the alley, his legs were weak, he'd spent too much time prone, they shook and threatened to give out from under him, but he held himself up-by either simple force of will or sheer stubbornness-he managed to make it out of the alleyway on his own two feet, breathing deeply, he could smell the night air, the odors of the cars as they rushed past, and the bustle of the humans that passed him with not even a single glance. It was a fortunate thing they ignored him, he wasn't in any condition to explain himself anyway. He used the walls to keep himself walking forward, heading towards the one place he actually had to go, for a moment, he heard Stryder's words again, 'Stop acting like a damn lost puppy…'

He winced like he'd been hurt physically by the memory, it was true, those words. Kaku was like a lost puppy, kicked around like the mutt he was dubbed as, then stumbling back to the one person who didn't want him anyway. This made him angry, it was such a sudden change in his emotions, that the air around him actually seemed to crackle in pop, he suddenly didn't need the walls anymore, he was walking on his own, a six foot 6 in tall wall of angry, bloody male. He'd teach them, he'd teach them both. Kaku was no lost puppy and he would not be considered one, especially not by mortals. Weak, insignificant creatures, his Glamour faded slightly, his curled horns and spiked tail filtering into existence, before he firmly clamped the illusion into place. His eyes were roiling pools of crimson color, the pupils flaring out like full moons, then turning to slits.

It was an odd change that came over him, as if he was furious at the way the world had turned out to be, but in truth, this was his true nature, a votile creature bent on dominating and destroying, he'd softened up over the years he'd spent in isolation, but he was here now, and boy would he rock their worlds… He reached his destination, it was a simple house, purchased with blood stained money, it stood apart from the rest, exactly like the man inside, standing apart from the world he sought to conquer, uncaring if he stomped on everyone on the way there. He reached the door, his blood stained fingers sliding over the knob, it wasn't unlocked. He didn't care; he turned the knob hard, nearly hard enough to break the thing, before he heard the door open, it swung inward on silent hinges, into a dark room illuminated by the TV running in the living room.

He was barely inside of the room when the lamp came flying at him; he had two seconds to duck. He managed to avoid the flying lighting equipment, but he didn't have time to react to the body that came flying at him. In his weakened state, he was shoved back against the door, effectively slamming it shut under his weight and the person forcing him back against it. A fist connected with his gut and his breath wheezed out of him-Boy was he tired of these underhanded blows. He moved before it could connect again, it hit the wall and strider hissed in pain, still he brought his knee up, nearly connecting with Kaku's groin, but the demon wasn't about to be de-manned so fast. He brought both of his hands up and shoved Stryder away, using the brief reprieve to peel himself off of the door. He didn't have long to catch his breath before his little human was on him again, this time the fist caught the edge of his jaw and he stumbled back, darting out of the way to avoid being kicked. Something hit the back of his knee-the coffee table-and he reacted on instinct, catching Stryder as he came at him, easily grabbing the male's arm, and yanking him down, slamming his back flat against the table. The wooden thing protested the abuse, but Stryder was livid, "You left!" He growled, yanking his arm out of out Kaku's hand and staring up at the black haired male, his own pink hair a mess across his forehead, Kaku doubted he'd even brushed it this morning. "I know! Will you-," He never got to finish the sentence, for Stryder drew his knees up and kicked him in then stomach, sending him crashing into the last living lamp in the room. He fell to the floor, as well as the lamp, which shattered, glass littered the ground, he could feel it pressing into his back, pricking him different places.

Stryder recovered from his position on the table and straddled him, grabbing one of the bigger pieces of glass from the floor-how he found it remained a mystery to the demon, since the room was still pitch black, and the TV really didn't provide enough light to see anything by-and pressed it to the side of Kaku's neck, the edge cut into his skin, a tiny sliver of blood seeping around the shard. It was ironic, how he was about to die because he'd left his human alone for the day, he'd actually meant to return before he awoke, but he hadn't expected to get beaten to a bloody pulp and left in the alley to regenerate. Still, it was amusing, and he would have laughed, had the sound not surely pushed his reluctant lover the edge. 'You were supposed to be here when I woke up, you weren't supposed to leave! I'm going to kill you for that! You promised to be here!" Stryder snarled, his hand firmly pressing that glass piece against Kaku's jugular, the demon wondered if the male was hurting himself in the process, the thing was fucking sharp, he couldn't even swallow without getting his throat slit wide open, besides that, he tried to explain, 'I was going to come back before you woke up, but I was detained, I promised to be here, not leave at all Stryder," He gently reminded the human, hoping the soothing tone of his voice would calm him down. It didn't. "So? You weren't here! Where did you go anyway?"

What a stupid question, like he'd get an answer. Kaku sighed, tired with playing this game already. He was bleeding from about a few dozen different spots, covered in blood and dirt, and he was fucking tired, he wasn't about to deal with his human's mood swings, so, he did the one thing any sane person would do in this situation. He reached up, wrapped Stryder's pink strands in his fingers, and forced the male's head downward, he felt him resist, the glass shard press even deeper, the blood flowing freely now, but he didn't care. Their lips met, he could taste his own blood on his mouth, but he couldn't also taste Stryder's anger. It was a sweet taste, and even though the human resisted, he soon succumbed to the gentle rhythm Kaku employed. The glass shard slipped from Stryder's hand, and those blood stained fingers found themselves wrapped into the thick locks of Kaku's dark hair, clinging to him almost desperately. Kaku knew the real reason Stry had been so upset, after what had occurred just the night before, Kaku's disappearance had to have had quite the impact on him, he'd promised after all. Kaku broke the kiss, both of them breathing hard, it was a ridiculous pose, both of them clinging to each other's hair, as if doing so would make the other stood, but they knew it wasn't true, but neither of them voiced the thoughts aloud, instead, Kaku broke the panting silence with, "I need to get off this floor love, the glass is starting to hurt."

Stryder actually laughed, a soft, cocky sound, "I think I'll keep you here a bit longer, let those things sink in." He sneered. Kaku snorted and slid his hands to the male's sides, lifting the human off of him and rolling to his feet, once on them, he grabbed his lover, and lifted him into his arms. "What the hell? Why are you carrying me? I can walk dumbass." Stryder muttered, but he made no move to wiggle out of Kaku's grasp, actually going so far as to drape one arm over his shoulders. Don't like being carried his tight ass. As he passed the TV set, Stryder's eyes widened, "What the fuck happened to you? You look like you were mugged." Kaku looked down at him and growled, "Shut up Stry," He wasn't in the mood to talk anyway, he just wanted to take his little lover on the nearest flat surface, sadly, the two available ones were either littered with painful ass glass and the other one wasn't strong enough to hold them both, so he painfully made the trip to the bed. "Wait! You'll stain the sheets." Stryder protested, but that went ignored, he was tossed back onto the bed, he bounced as he made contact, and had barely managed to stop before Kaku was unbuttoning his blood stained shirt, "Ey! Wait!" Stryder protested again and tried to crawl backwards off the bed, but he wasn't fast enough to get away before Kaku clamped one hand over his ankle and dragged him back down onto the bed. Fuck undressing; he was taking him like this. He kneeled on the bed, dragging his human mate under his bigger body, muting his protests with his lips, he stroked over the sweet smelling skin that belonged to the one human he'd ever lusted after, he moved his lips there, licking at the skin, tasting the sweat that coated it, listening to the small moan that escaped Stryder's lips. His human never stayed still, he protested and at the same time he urged, he both wanted to push Kaku away and drag him closer, it was a beautiful combination, one that belonged solely to this creature in his arms. He divested Stryder of his clothes in record time-they were actually ripped from the boy's body, much to Stryder's protest, but that's to be expected-and had him spread open for his possession under his body.

Usually, he would be more gentle, but he couldn't slow down this time, he stilled feared of breaking his human lover, but the need to sink into that warm hole and lose himself inside of the pleasure was like a beast riding on his spine, forcing him take Stryder with a ferocity he'd lacked the night before, when he'd more or less 'stolen' the male's virginity. Their lips meshed together, tongues tangling together, salvia mixing and dripping from their open mouths, his little lover, oh how Kaku loved the tiny mortal, he'd realized this the moment he'd seen the boy for the first time. Oh, his lover would never heard the demon utter such words, but that didn't make them any less true. He first felt the constricting squeeze of Stryder's asshole on his cock when'd finally gained enough control over himself to push inside his lover. It burned, not in pain, or discomfort, but a sort of feeling he only could get when he was with this boy, he heard Stryder's intake of breath, and he felt the aching pain of his fingers at his back, the tiny cuts were healing, just not fast enough. Somehow, he barely cared for the pain, he only thought of possessing this boy.

And he did.

It's hard for Kaku to acutely explain what they did, he wasn't too aware of his actions right then and there, how could he really be? He'd lost more blood than a human could actually bare to lose and was actually still bleeding, all over those white sheets, his clothes felt almost stifling, his throat burned, both inside and out, from both pain and emotion, it was all there, a maelstrom of things that buffeted him, plus Stryder's moans of pleasure with each thrust, the wet slap and slide of skin as it made contact in the dark room. The smell of blood reminded Kaku of animals, two animals in heat, wasn't that really what he was? Nothing but an animal?

"K-Kaku…" Stryder's broken plead echoed in the darkness around them, he leaned in close, clutching Stryder to his chest, he felt the thumping of their hearts beating in time to one another, he reached between them, grasping Stryder's swollen cock, stroking his palm over it, it pulsed in his hand, slicking over with his juices and sweat, their moans slipped into the darkness, their only companion in the night, he could feel Stryder shuddering beneath him, ready to orgasm, just as he could feel his own climax rushing up his spine. He wasn't sure what happened after Stryder climaxed, maybe he did too, he couldn't remember. Everything seemed to explode into a million pin-points of light, flashing behind his closed eye -lids, then, everything went black.

Stryder came too first, he realized that there was a crushing weight in his chest, the demon was still unconscious, and splayed over the pink haired human, it took him five minutes to shove the demon off of him and settle him on the bed besides him. He sat up, feeling his body protesting the movement, but he wanted to watch the demon's face, he could see him as he slept, or well, slipped into that world of unconsciousness, the wounds were healing. Something close to a smile stole over his face, but he was glad the demon didn't see it; instead he reached to the dresser and grabbed his pack of cigarettes. He pulled out a cancer stick and then lit up, the smoke curling out into the dark room. The lit tip glowed amber as he took a drag.


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