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Catch Me, love Me, Fuck Me

Short story By: Emerald Skye

Just a little tryst between two in the woods...

Submitted:Apr 20, 2012    Reads: 1,953    Comments: 2    Likes: 3   

She was here.

Her sweet scent teased his nostrils as he strolled through the cluttered and dark halls.

He'd been chasing her months, coming so close to catching her, his mouth watered with the exquisite taste of her scent.

He was always left frustrated and horny, his cock pounding behind the zipper of his jeans. Dariyus' lips pulled back from his teeth, his eyes flashing behind the shades he wore. He paused at a door, from which her scent came the strongest. He pushed open the door, squinting slightly as shards of moonlight danced across the floor from a far window, the drapes swung lazily in the wind, obviously from the now open window. A sound drifted to his ears and he realized that she'd escaped through the window, he sighed and growled, opening the window up wider and following, dropping easily and silently to the ground. When he found her, he was going to spank her plump little ass.

Skye leaped out of a tree and landed ungracefully on the ground, her strengths were in speedy escapes, not graceful landings. She walked a bit further into the woods, dimly realizing that she had finally lost Dariyus and was safe for a while out here in the woods. But then suddenly a sound made her turn, a twig snapping.

Uh oh.

She barely drew in her next breath before she was crashed into a tree, the impact absorbed by the strong male arm that had snaked over her front. She gasped slightly at the warm hard male body at her back, it vibrated with sexual hunger and barely leashed male anger.

Oh yeah, she was in for trouble. She grinned breathlessly; not at all annoyed that she had been caught. The game had gone on far too long for her taste.

"About time," She murmured, but was only greeted with a male grunt. She was flipped over quickly, her back hitting the back of the tree as she was turned to face him. He looked down at her with a fierce expression, before his hands moved to grip the front of her shirt and pull. The sound of fabric ripping sounded through the silent night. She gasped and made a sound of protest, but he ignored her, mechanically removing the rest of her clothes and then removing his with about the same speed. She half pouted as she leaned against the tree, of course she perked up the second he removed his pants, eyes hungrily going to his erection that stood up proudly, the head flushed a light plum color and weeping pre-cum.

He reached for her roughly, his hard hands gripping her shoulders tightly, his lips going down onto hers, the kiss crushing and punishing. She moaned into his insistent mouth, barely paying attention as his hands worked at the bindings of her pants, pulling them open and tugging them off with ease. He lifted her up and her back touched the rough bark of the tree, he stepped on her pants to remove them, her hands going to his shoulders. His hands palmed her ass, pressing her weeping mound against his straining erection.

"Fuck me," She demanded, as she lifted her leg a bit to allow the swollen head of his erection to rub against her damp pussy lips. His lips curled up into a smile, and soft growl escaping him, "Not on the tree." He murmured, gripping her shoulders and pushing her down onto the grass. They lay onto the soft grass, Dariyus parting her legs in order to better accept the breadth of his hips. Skye arched her back as he entered her, his massive cock parting tender tissues and stretching her almost to the point of pain.


Dariyus groaned as his cock was surrounded in wet heat. The deeper he pushed into her, the harder her pussy milked him. He clenched his teeth and thrust in hard, causing her to arch up and cry out.

"Too deep for you baby?" Skye looked at him through half glazed eyes, "Hell no..Deeper.." She moaned, causing him to smile, a fierce need to fuck her coming over him. Abandoning all caution he fucked her in earnest, his rod shafting in and out of her pulsing pussy. She urged him on with her hands on his hips and her loud moans. His release was too close to hold back, but Dariyus wasn't intent on coming alone, one of his hands snaked down her front, tweaking her nipples, pulling on them before going lower to grip her clit between two fingers and squeeze. Skye trashed in his arms, her hips trembling as he impaled her on his cock and stroked her nubbin forcefully, then, without warning her orgasm slammed into her like a wall, catching Dariyus by surprise and causing his cock to burst and his cum to spew into her.

Heartbeats later they lay there, tangled in each other's arms.

"Going to run away again?" Dariyus asked.

"Only as long as you're willing to chase me,"

He laughed softly, "Devil take you Skye, next time, I'm spanking your naughty ass."

"So I keep hearing Dariyus, so I keep hearing."


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