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Lesbian Japanese School Girls Force Gym Teachers Part 1

Short story By: Edwardkel

Lesbian Japanese School Girls Force Gym Teacher To Submit To Their Kinky Desires. Rowena and her cute Japanese assistant are overpowered by their sexy students and made to perform humiliatingly sexy things on their captives

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Lesbian Japanese School Girls Force Gym Teacher To Submit [Part 1]

Rowena Hardcastle was a well educated American in her mid thirties.She had studied at the University of Michigan and had worked in physical education in the U.S for 8 years before moving to Tokyo on a one year contract to work at the prestigious Misinachi School for ladies.She had followed her boyfriend who had taken an English teaching job in the same city.What a dumb bitch.Everything was fine in her life upto this.She hated this place. It wasn't even in the city centre. The city was huge and it took over an hour and a half just to get to work . She had been told that this was quite normal.Normal for these fucking people she thought.The Japanese hated Westerners. Sure they were polite and paid well but they had an air of indifference that really annoyed her. And the students.Ugh.What a load of little madams. Over privileged teenagers with far too much money and a poor attitude to life.Anyhow she had made her bed and she was going to have to lie in it. Only another 5 months and she was out of here.

Misaki Takahashi was her teaching partner.She was a bit younger and had been assigned as an assistant to Rowena. Her main job was supposed to be translation but the standard of English at the school was excellent. Rowena liked Misaki . She was a good worker and a genuine help to Rowena. She knew nothing much about the girl but had heard that she had some obscure martial arts training .She was very fit and was attractive in an oriental way. The kids absolutely hated her and this pleased Rowena. What they thought of her was impossible to fathom but she didn't really care as long as the pay cheques rolled in and the months rolled by.

There were 17 girls in their senior class and they were lazy.They did not want to be there. It was the last class of the day and that didn't help. The facilities at the institution were state of the art. Today they were in the gym.It had everything a rich miss could possibly want to keep her slim ass in shape.Rowena was in shape. She was a tall blonde girl with muscular thighs, tight butt and beautiful complexion. She had always been noticed by the opposite sex. She came from a conservative family and had always being a little reserved with the opposite sex. She had had a steady botfriend at college but he had returned home to marry his childhood sweetheart. This hadn't upset her as much as she thought it might.Her present boyfriend,Michael,was a good guy. They had been together for over 5 years and she always saw herself eventually marrying him. She had never really got much enjoyment from sex but he seemed to be content and she thought no more on the matter.

The girl were trickling in. Misaki was clapping her hands trying to drum up some enthusiasm but failing dismally.Nanami Satou,as always had something to say."If it is ok with miss, can we leave early today." Typical ring leading cow . There were always a gaggle of girls hanging on her every word. Rowena detested her ,especially the"miss" crap.

"Actually Nanami we are planning to do a couple of circuits today and we will probably need the full hour."she replied matter of factly. Nanami made a small bow.I will show that bitch. Rowena wanted to get the girls moving so she ordered them to jog around the gym 5 times to warm up.She always did things with them. Aoi was always at the backof the group.She was the strongest girl in the class but she was fat. She was tall for a Japanese girl and Rowena had heard that her grandfather had won a Basho in Osaka back in the 50's. Rowena doubted that, but this girl would have had a real chance.Having completed the laps the girls all fell on the floor in mock exhaustion. Their outfits were skimpy.They had black short panties with white gym shirts with black trimmings. Anyone wearing that, thought Rowena,couldn't take physical education seriously.The girls were lewd.They deliberately lay on the floor with their legs spread in the most provocative poses. They would rub themselves intimately,pretending it was a casual itch, when they thought one of the teachers was looking.If Rowena stared at one of them a split second too long, she would receive a sexy wink.She wanted these girls out of her life.

They had set out a circuit of excercises for the girls to do.Some rope climbing,medicine ball games,vaulting,weight training and various other bits and pieces, all of which they were used to doing.The girls could team up with a partner and they all rotated from excercise to excercise after a given time on each. Nanami partnered a nice looking girl with long legs called Haruka. They were generally considered best friends and were seen together more often than not. Misaki ,dressed similarly to the girls apart from her blouse being red,blew her whistle and everyone started at a different point around the gym. When she blew again they would all move onto the next excercise.

Nanami and Haruka were climbing up the ropes which hung down from metal rafters which could be raised and lowered mechanically.Rowena was standing underneath shouting up at Haruka to get a better grip with her legs, when Nanami slipped and came tumbling down.She was only a couple of feet off the ground but she rolled around feigning injury holding her ankle. Haruka came down and knelt beside her friend and looked attentive.Rowena had seen this all before and she was not in the mood for this today.

"Come on now Nanami get up,it can't be so bad you were only a foot off the ground."she said.

"I have hurt my ankle miss.Please can I go and see a doctor?" Nanami whined.

"You can get it looked at later ,now let's get on with it,"said Rowena.Nanami got up and tripped into Rowena giving her a push. Rowena saw red and shoved Nanami back but a little bit harder than she really intended and the girl canoned into her friend and they both fell over.In a flash they were up on their feet and charging at Rowena. They dived on her ,knocking her back onto the floor.Immediately two other girls joined in and they pinned the American girl to the ground.Misaki heard the commotion and ran over to help but she was intercepted by about six girls. She screamed at them in Japanese and landed a kick squarely into the crotch of one of the oncoming girls. The girl buckled up on her knees crying as Misaki took aim at another girl with her fist catching the girl on the cheek.All thirteen girls who were not holding down Rowena were now involved in a fight with Misuki.They soon overpowered the gym teacher and had her pinned face down on the wooden floor.Despite the kicking and screaming the school girls managed to keep the two adults still long enough to tie their hands and legs together.Upon Nanami's orders they dragged the two teachers too the vaulting horse at one end of the gym.Forthose youdon't know a vaulting horse is a piece of gymnastic equipment. It has a padded upholstered body supported by four thick wooden legs.This one was extremely heavy and the main body was about five feet long and two feet thick. A very crude looking horse,with no head or tail. The tails were about to be supplied as the small army of lithe teenage girls hauled their captives up onto the horse face down. They positioned a teacher at either end so that their bodies were on the horse itself and their legs from the waist down were hanging over the ends. They were in a sort of an uncomfortable L shape.The students lashed the bodies to the horse using a lot of rope they had found by dismantling one side of the gym's climbing ropes. It was thick rope but it worked.Once the top half of theirbodies were fastened they undid the rope on the girls' legs. The with thinner pieces they secured Rowena and Misaki's ankles to each of the horse legs.Because these legs were a bit underneath the horse the rear ends of the teachers protruded provocatively out.The two girls heads were touching almost cheek to cheek in the middle of the horse .They could lift their heads up slightly but they were so well fastened down they couldn't move any other part of their bodies.

Nanami inspected her handiwork. She went to Misaki and ran her hand along the tied girl's back and onto her ass.Her legs were held apart so Nanami slipped her hand onto the defenceless crotch and started feeling up the "miss."Nanami decided she wanted all present to understand the itinerary for the day,so she spoke in English.

"I bet you are a hot bitch once you get going. I can feel a real fire between these legs miss.I wonder how many tongues,fingers, and cocks have been up here." She started to press an inquisitive finger into the groove of her sex. Misaki yelled a string of,what Rowena believed were, Japanese obscenities.They registered, as Nanami ordered the two youngest girls in the class to come over .They looked like they didn't really want to be part of this but were to scared to challenge the leader.Nanami barked an order which seemed to terrify the young girls but they didn't move.Aoi strode forward and landed a stinging slap on one of the girl's faces. Both girls started to take off their gym shorts and hand them to Aoi followed by their school regulation panties. The two girls stood there half naked trying to hide their cute little pussies covered in a thick bush of jet black hair.Nanami had hold of the underwear and proceeded to shove one of the pairs of the panties into the protesting mouth of Misaki . She secured this with more rope. Whatever you may think of the Japanese they are undisputed world leaders when it comes to innovative uses for rope .Nanami returned her hand to the teacher's crotch, rubbing and pressing.She stroked the thighs up and down and returned her hand between the legs of her victim.Misaki screamed into the gag but could do nothing.Rowena made her first mistake.

She said,"OK ladies you have had your fun now its time to undo these ropes. You are in danger of being expelled."

"Sorry miss."said Nanami as she forced the other pair of panties into the blond girl's mouth and fastened it in the same way as her colleague."Now for my first feel of an American pussy." Most of the girls giggled. Nanami walked around the back of Rowena and put her hand on her ass.She started carressing and ran her had between the girl's legs and cupped the captive slit. "Miss Rowena I think you have a larger fatter twat than your Japanese teaching partner." Rowena was surprised at the language being used here."Do you know how I can tell girls?" she addressed the audience."When I put my finger at the top of this tramp's crack." she had her finger right where Rowena's clit was, "and run it down to the bottom it takes me longer to do than when I feel up Miss Misaki." With that you ran her middle finger up and down the crease which had formed due the shorts been stretched over a tight ass.Rowena was helpless. the girl continued topress herfinger into the ever deepening crevice. Rowena was not happy with the way she was feeling.

"Rin,Momoka come here," Nanami called to the bottomless babes.Fearing another whack the two girls went over to where Nanami was standing behind Rowena. "Now girls," she went on "here is your chance to feel a western pussy. Its not like ours remember. This is an especially large one. Iwant you girls to take turns running your fingers up and down this whore's crack. I want you to observe how her blond ass wiggles as you get her wet and horny."the girls looked at one another," but when Aoi shuffled her feet ,they took up positions.Rin, who was about 4' 11"and looked about cry,placed her right hand over the American's mound.She squeezed gently feeling the warmth of the pussy. Doing as she was told she placed her finger in the slit and moved it up and down as lightly as she thought she could get away with.

"Ok that'll do ,you don't want to get your hand covered with the slut's slime do you?"Nanami motioned to Momoka to carry on where the other girl left off.Momoka stretch out her hand and ,like her friend,began running her finger up and down the slit.Momoka was an absolute doll and looked like an Anime model .Nanami couldn't resist sidling up behind Momoka and seizing one of her cute breasts through her gym vest squeezing a nipple to erection. "There we go honey ,that's the way to do it."she cooed into the young girl's ear.With her free hand Nanami cupped the round ass of Mamoka and gave that a squeeze too.What a spectacle,thought Nanami. A trussed American blond bent over being fingered by a naughty little school girl with a beautiful ass.Nanami slipped her finger into Momoka's ass, brushing against her most intimate orifice, through her slightly parted legs and touched the small virgin pussy. she slipped her finger into the surprisingly moistened snatch and tickled it gently. Momoka gave a slight start but moved herself inperceptively back onto the prying finger. Nanami was going to attend to this minx later.

Rowena was been driven mad by the girl's tickling but she had other things on her mind. For example,where was all this leading to. Nanami called a halt to the tickling.

"Ok let's string up Miss Misaki." she called. There was a well coordinated effort taking place as they undid Misakis legs from the horse and retied them together before untying the rest of her slowly. Once her arms were loose enough to pull free they fastened them behimd her back. They couldn't risk her breaking free and inflicting more damage. With three girls on either side they dragged Misaki off the horse and across the floor to where the ropes were hanging down.There was about two metres between each rope. They dumped Misaki under the ropes on her back and unfastened her legs.All the girls were in attendance. While four girls on two sides held the legs steady the others started to attach the ankles of their gym instructor to the bottom of two ropes.They used the same rope as before but added some elastic leg stretchers to reinforce the ties.Letting go of Misaki they switched on the mechanism and the line of ropes started to rise.Misaki ,who had been struggling to no avail,found herself being lifted up legs first.A minute later the instructress was hanging upside down with her legs wide apart. She could close her legs if she wanted to but the sheer weight of the ropes pulling her legs apart easily fatigued her and she relapsed into spreadeagled mode .Misaki's hands were still tied behind her back and her head now hovered about six inches from the ground. Her hair was actually touching the floor.

Nanami got on her knees and leant in to whisper to Misaki.

"You look as though you are in a bit of trouble,miss.Don't worry I will help ease your discomfort."she said .Pulling Misaki's shirt out of her shorts and over her chest she exposed her black sports bra. Nanami reached out and started to feel Misaki's breasts through the bra. "Mmm.Small but cute." said Nanami teasing the nipples."Let's see." With that she yanked the bra down exposing a nice small pair of pert tits.She placed her mouth over one and bit down hard.Misaki screamed intoher gag.Nanami startedlicking the nipple became"yum,yum"noises as she went.

Rowena was still tied up on the horse and couldn't see what was going on but she could hear.

Nanami stood up and walked around the hanging Misaki. She stood with her head close to Misaki's bottom. She started running her hands up and down Misaki's thighs which were spread invitingly for her in a V shape.She felt Misaki's exposed pussy through her shorts,pinching and pressing causing the gym teacher to twist and turn.

"Bring me some scissors,"she said. One of the girls disappeared and returned with a pair of medium sized all purpose scissors. Anyone doubting the ability of the girls to lay their hands on almost anything at a moments notice,has not seen inside a Japanese girl's handbag.Nanami took the scissors and slipped them into oneof the legs of Misaki's shorts.the scissors were not perfect but with the application of a bit of force Nanami started to cut through the cotton. The waist band was tough but moments later she was half done.She slipped the scissors in the other side and repeated the cutting. One final snip and the gym shorts fell away. One protective layer down and Misaki was clad only in a thin pair of white panties. Nanami ran a finger over Misaki's slit.

"I can tell you are wet bitch," she said.She slipped her finger into the panties and felt a very wet pussy ."told you so," she said.Misaki was gettting close to panic as this girl was exciting her to the point of humiliation in front of the whole class.Things were about to get worse.Nanami set to work with the scissors. Cutting off Misaki's panties was easy and Nanami stood there waving the underwear like VE day."Now gather round girls",she said "all comeand look at Miss Misaki's wet pussy." with that announcement she plunged two fingers into the teacher's pussy and felt the walls deep inside."Ok form a line and wait your turn." Nanami was in her element. She made the class line up and one by one they came and toyed with Misaki's displayed love nest.Aoi spent long than the other girls making sure that her turn would be remembered.

Nanami gave another order "Right girls ,take off your clothes,you deserve to have your share of the fun." The girls started stripping.Seventeen girls including Nanami stood in the gym naked ready for their next instructions. "Right, form a line infront of Miss Misaki. Momoka,you first and Rin ,you second."The girls formed an orderly line with the two young girls at the front.Momoka was standing about two feet infront of the hanging Misaki."Ok Momoka get on your knees and keep your knees apart.Move close to Miss and Rin kneel right behind Momoka." The girls obeyed.Momokas pussy was about six inches infront of Misaki's head and about eight inches higher." OK,now Rin put your hands between Momoka's legs and get hold of Miss Misaki's hair and pull." This was a little awkward but she managed to get a grip of the teacher's hair and pull,forcing the captive's face between the legs of the girl infront.Rin was now right up against the nude Momoka and could feel her every twitch as an unwilling mouth was being positioned over her classmates pussy.Misaki was struggling with all her might but being upside down tires you quickly and with her hair being pulled and her arms still tied behind her back she was helpless.

Nanami stood at the back of Misaki and looked between her legs."OK Miss Misaki ,you know what to do. Get that tongue to work." Misaki stubbornly declined the invitation and although her mouth was glues to the youngster's hairy slit she kept her tongue in her mouth.Nanami was not gong to have her plan interfered with . "Bring me some tweezers." she asked Aoi.

Easy request.A pair of silver eyebrow tweezers were handed over to the boss. Nanami plucked a hair from Misaki's pussy right near the sensitive lips. Then another and another. Misaki gave a muffled shriek and started tonguing her student's delicate pussy.This was not easy as she was upside down but the tweaking had been excruciating. Momoka was enjoying the new sensations and she kept her eyes closed as the teacher's tongue whirled around inside her. As her excitement grew,she reached out and held Misaki's head tight against her and spent violently grinding her cute hips against the suspended adult.Nanami was delighted with the results as Rin took Momoka's place and a tall skinny girl assumed the hair pulling role.A couple of quick plucks and Misaki's tongue was off and running. Rin caressed the teacher's nipple with her hands and this accelerated her climax which was so strong,the girl behind could hardly hang on to the hair.

This carried on with all the girls taking turns at being forcibly pleasured. Aoi was next inline and she was ready.She grabbed the Mistress' hair and using her strength,jammed Misaki's mouth against her large pussy almost suffocating the victim.This was all too much for Nanami. She grabbed the inverted girl's asscheeks and forced them apart. She then set about licking and teasing Misaki's asshole with her tongue.She forced tongue in and out and around. Misaki was being driven wild, Nanami slipped her finger onto Misaki's exposed clitoris and titillated the nub whilst tonguing her ass.Misaki lost control and spurted her love juice about six inches into the air as Aoi was coming at the same time covering Misaki's face with her come.

Nanami said," Ok we will give Miss Misaki a break.Lets go and see how cooperative our visitor from the west is going to be.Aoi fetch a foil."

Please read Part 2 soon.


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