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An Encounter In The Whirlpool

Short story By: dw817

Receiving an invitation for a private one-on-one session in a Whirlpool with my girlfriend sounded like a great way to spend a weekend evening. However, I hadn't counted on adding another girl to the mix.

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A true story. Only the names of the girls, matron, and dormitory are changed - This event occurred Oct 12th, 1991 around 7:15pm

Written by David W and R. Primrose for The Crystal Castle BBS © Oct 14th, 1991 - Recovered, typed, and posted on BOOKSIE at Jun 24th, 2010
Please do not reprint without permission

While recently unpacking the boxes at my new address (2010), I came across what me and Rose wrote several years ago because it was such a memorable evening. I didn't have any computer backups of it except on 5 & 1/4 inch floppy disks somewhere so it's nice that I found a hardcopy of it so I can read and type it out word for word exactly as I have it printed here in front of me. Also I know now the proper name for the swimming facility is called a JACUZZI, not a Whirlpool, as I thought it was when I wrote this. I will BOLD something if I change the name for it, so I don't get flame mail from those who recognize themselves in the story.

It has been for some time now that both me and Rose have given each other little hand-made love coupons. Imagine my surprise when Rose gave me one about 3-4 months ago that said, "Good For One Lovemaking Session In A Whirlpool !" Well, I've ALWAYS enjoyed a good heated whirlpool and eagerly awaited the weekend. We left on a Saturday and brought along a few pairs of swim trunks, and bikinis, some towels, a washcloth or two, a little shampoo, and conditioner, as well as some of her delicious homemade corner sandwiches.

We arrived in Rose's car at the gate to the teen girl's dormitory sometime around 10pm. My heart sank when I saw a security officer approach.

"Got some I.D. ma'am ?" Rose flashed him a card. He squinted down at the card and then back at her. "Ok ! All clear, thank you, miss Prunelly," and then opened the gate.

"What ?" I said ? She just smiled at me. Rose was a good 20-years older than me and at times, it was an advantage such as this. The security officer undoubtedly thought Rose was one of the Matrons here.

"Something a BBS friend of mine on here let me borrow." I smiled at her deviousness and we drove on in. The place was quiet and only a few lights were on in the windows. Taking the pack from the car we went in with a set of keys that Rose, once again, must've borrowed from this mystery BBS friend.

"So just who is it that gave you all this stuff ?" I asked.

"CHRISTEN." Rose said. And that's all I could get out of her on that. After a few turns in dark hallways, we found the indoor swimming pool and whirlpool area. I found the light switch and clicked them on. We walked by the whirlpool and it's captivating swirling water and steam aroused me.

We both went to shower together in one little cubicle, this being required before entering either the pool or whirlpool; might as well follow SOME rules, right ? :) Anyway, Rose began to wash her hair with the shampoo and conditioner she had brought. ST. IVY's. My favorite ! I too washed up and with both of us bare ass naked the warm water was already beginning to arouse me so I came up and put my arm around Rose who just smiled at me until I put my hand down near her lovebox and tugged playfully on her cleft there.

"Now if you start that, we'll never make it to the whirlpool." she said. But she let me play with her for about a good half hour until the hot water from the tap was all used up and we started to shiver.

"Time to get out." she said. And I put on my swim trunks and Rose put on her bikini and we went to the whirlpool. It was even better than I imagined ! The temperature was oh so perfect and the swirling water and bubbles was tickling all over my body.

I purred seductively in her ear and she smiled, kissing me softly on the nape of my neck. There was an inflated head-rest abandoned to one side which Rose took and nestled into. With that she hoisted up her legs and spread them open wide so I could see her lovebox better.

"See anything you like ?" she said in her sweet seductive tone. I looked up at her, Rose's beautiful long blonde hair cascaded well below her waist and her strong muscular legs.

"Ahhm, yes," I said, but then, "But I need to tinkle first. I'll be right back." She gave me quick directions to the nearest restroom which, oddly enough was not in the pool area at all but a few corridors down. I fumbled around in the darkness until I found a restroom. But it was for women. Then I realized that I WAS in a girl's dormitory so I'd probably be hard-pressed to find a men's restroom and, clicking on the lights, entered inside.

The odor of young girl's perfume affronted my nostrils and I almost winced at the sweetness of it. Lying on the counter above the sink was a bra with a Mini Mermaid design in it. I took it down and holding it close to me, took in its fragrance. It then occured to me that it was possible whoever left it here might come for it later. So I thought I'd better finish my business and return back to Rose before she began to miss me.

There were two cubicles in there, and, by habit, I closed and locked the door behind me. It was just as well I did when suddenly the outside door to the restroom burst open and I could hear several girls screaming and giggling. There was a brief shuffle of feet and then a girl spoke, but not so young a voice as I would have imagined.

"Here's your fucking bra, Sharon ! Right where you left it ! I oughta make you wear it on your butt until you can remember to keep up with your shit !" There was a giggling again from about 3-4 other girls. I couldn't tell from here with the door closed.

Curiousity got the better of me and I carefully peered open the door to my cubicle to see no less than 6 young girls in pajamas, except for one taller one, looking to be about 19 or 20 years of age, wearing black panties with silver stripes on the side and a black bra that matcher her very short jet-black hair. Damn she was beautiful !

She grabbed the bra from the counter and two of the other girls grabbed Sharon as she started to fit the bra on her backside. Suddenly she stopped to look directly at the cubicle I was in.

I hastily shut the door but it was too late. She saw something.

"Well well ! Looks like we've got a visitor ! Pay your respects to Christen, ya bitch !"

I kept quiet and backed up against the commode and locked the door. But the locking mechanism was broken and seemed to have been for quite some time.

"Get that cunt out of there !" she said and the door was burst open and girls all said, "Ooooh !" "Where'd he come from !" "Is he a burglar ?"

I smiled weakly to Christen.

"What kind of girl do we have here ? Damn fucking ugliest girl I ever saw !" and the girls started laughing again.

"Now look - " I started, but she interrupted me and came up close, her young crotch just inches from my face.

"No, you LOOKmister !" and she turned around to face a younger girl who was standing at the entrance to the restroom. At this I couldn't help but notice the very sweet curves in her apple-cheeks, inches from me. She certainly was wearing some low-cut panties.

"Stephanie, on my word, go get Mrs. Jarvin !"

Stephanie was giggling but swallowed hard at the grim look Christen gave her, and with a mock military salute, "Aye aye, sir !" she said chirpy.

Christen rolled her eyes and turning her head around noticed me looking at her tush.

"You gotta problem, mister ?" She flexed the muscles in her ass cheeks and I couldn't pull my gaze from it to meet her eyes. I swallowed hard.

"Ahhm, I'm just with my friend by the pool." I said trying to change the subject. "My name's David, and yours is ?"

"Listen David, if that's your name, no-one enters my restroom without first paying proper respect to me. Got it ? Since I'm feeling So charitable today - " (the other girls giggled again - damn, that could get annoying after awhile). She raised her voice to regard the others.

"Since I'm feeling so charitable today, you can do me a favor and kiss my ass or I have Stephanie here go call security and through you and your little friend by the pool outta here, comprende ?"

She flexed the cheeks in her ass again and, although the other girls couldn't see what she was doing, they all started screaming and giggling again because it was obvious to see that her tush was in my face. Without waiting for a reply, she jerked down her panties and pulling back the cheeks of her butt with her two hands flexed out the lips in her ass to meet mine.

I had never kissed a young girl's ass before, except since 3rd grade, and it was like pure honey to me. I hesitantly opened my mouth a little and she pushed hard as my tongue found its way into her nether recesses. It was so soft and wonderful. She bobbed a little up and down; my tongue literally fucking her in the ass as the restroom got quiet again.

Then one of the other girls spoke up breaking the silence. "Give it to 'em, Christen !" Another spoke and hooted, "Way to go !" And another, "Show 'em who's boss!"

I couldn't see Christen's face from here but I could imagine. She was obviously enjoying it because I did hear her yell out, "Yea ! Lick it good you wuss !"

One of the other girls approached to cramp herself in the cubicle to get a better look, and out of the corner of my eye, I could see the pajamas were the Mini Mermaid design. Undoubtedly the same girl who left her bra in her. I confirmed this in seeing the strap tied around her waist; the bra tied to her backside. I laughed in spite of myself.

Then Christen pulled away. "Something funny, Davey ? Well tell us all about it ! We don't get any guys in here an I'm gonna see to it you kiss every girl's ass in here before I let you go ! Then we'll see how much you laugh." she snickered to herself at that prospect.

True to her word, she raised up slightly and made a quick motion to the others, "Line up !"

I could only stare in fascination at her perfect bare heart-shaped ass as a crude line formed outside the cubicle. I could see that Sharon was already rubbing her crotch in anticipation.

But then the voice I recognized as Stephanie's spoke up, urgently. "Shit ! It's the ol' Jarvin ! Scram !"

The girls all ran out in a flurry, with Sharon running out, the bra still tied on her tush making it hard for her to run. All except Christen who piled in with me and shut the door. Echoing footsteps and the door outside the restroom opened. "Who's in here ?" said a much older woman's voice.

Christen took a deep breath, "Just me, Christen, Miss Jarvin." she said in a timid voice.

More echoing footsteps. "Well finish up in there ! You've got soccer practice tomorrow !"

Ipeered out of one crack in the cubicle and saw her wash her hands and fluff her hair up and laeve.

"Listen David. I gotta go." and she started to leave but then something clicked in my mind. "Wait a minuette ! Have you ever heard of a Primrose ? Do you call BBSs ?"

She got up to adjust her panties and thought for a second. "Hey yea ! Shit, I forgot all about that, her and her boyfriend were gonna come visit - oh damn, you're the boyfriend. Oh shit. Oh fuck ! Listen, like listen ok ? I was just having fun, like ok ? I didn't mean anything. I just gotta keep those girls in line, ok ?"

Ilooked up into her crystal blue eyes, no longer the abusive young girl I met earlier but someone much sweeter. "Don't tell Primrose about this okay ? She really likes me and I don't want her to know about this okay ?"

I smiled at the hear in her eyes. "Ok, will do, lass. But, while you're here, would you like to meet her in person ? She's down at the whirlpool now. Bur first, lemme finish some business here and I'll be right with you."

"I can't do that ! Shit. I'm not wearing diddly - "

"Well neither am I." Iinterjected. "And neither is she. After all we are going to the pool. You look just fine."

She bit her lip for a second. "Really ?" Then went over to the mirror to straighten her hair. i closed the door and did my business. Ihad half almost expected her to run off while I did so, but she was still there. Iquickly washed my hands and face too, cupping my hands in the water, drinking, and spitting, considering what I just did.

"Can you lead the way to the pool area from here ?" I asked. "I've never been here before and I think I got kinna lost."

She puffed up her chest making her breasts stand out stoughtly against the bra and tried to appear more adult than she already was. "No problem ! You follow me !" And with that, we both opened the door to check around. Apparently Miss Jarvin had gone off to bed.

We skuled in the corridors a moment longer and then entered the pool area where I saw Rose drying off. "I was just getting ready to look for you !" she said exasperatedly. "Who's your friend ?" she said and motioned to Christen.

"This is Christen, the girl you've been chatting with on the BBS !"

"THIS is Christen ? You are the one that gave me the key and access to here ?"

Christen puffed up again, "You betcha ! There's lots of things Ido here that aren't exactly, umm, level." She smiled in an evil way. "Anyway ! Ineed to go. I 've got soccer practice tomorrow and a stupid trig test and - " she paused to look at the whirlpool.

"Hey ! You guys got that thing working ! How did you do that ! Everytime I come down here it's always off."

I stepped into the warm water and squatted down to let the warmth back into me. "Not us," I said.
I motioned to the control panel which clearly had a single key thrust in it. "It was already on when we got here. Wanna join ?"

She looked longingly at the whirlpool but then backed away. "I can't really, I can't. I gota go. Okay ?"

But then Rose added, "Aww, come on ! It'll be fun ! I doubt you'll ever get another chance to enjoy the whirlpool by yourself again."

Christen bit her lip thinking for a second. "Ok !" she said and I was a little taken aback by her sudden change of heart and, nothing daunted, holding her nose she made a running start and jumped in next to me.

It was a good thing the water was as frothy as it was, because I knew that Christen truly wasn't wearing diddly and I would've given my left arm for a pair of underwater goggles to look at the water bouncing around her short panties.

"Heyyy ! This is great, really great ! You know ! You know we need to do this more often !" With that she went over to where the water was jetting out to look around. Then she turned to regard Rose who was just stepping back in.

"This really does feel good." Christen said again; her voice getting quieter. "Don't mind me, Imight catch a Few Z's." and with that I saw her push up against where the wam water was jetting out of.

Who was she kidding ! She was getting herself a free blow job and she knew it !

Rose looked on at her, then spoke in my ear. "So where the hell were you anyway !"

Ilooked back at her. "What is this ? The 3rd degree ?"

Rose looked back at Christen. "No, I was just worried, ok ?" Rose looked back at me.

"Well, I went to the restroom like I said and - " and I related the entire story, even to the part of Christen cramming her butt in my face.

"She did WHAT?" Rose said ? "Oh my, oh dear. Heheh.. That's too funny. You just relax here for a minute." and Rose went over to where Christen was having her time.

"Christen." Rose said.

"Whaaat?" said Christen dreamily. Apparently she had never had really good sexual gratification from a whirlpool before. I was already hard and thoroughly enjoying the pleasure she was feeling.

"Christen, get up for a second."

She did and then Rose looked at me, smiled, and whispered in Christen's ear for a sec.

"Yea, so ?" Christen said suddenly.

"Well, if David is going to do that to you, then I think it's only fair you do it back to him, right ?"

She shot up in an instant. "Hey, no way ! You perverts or something ? Shut, I just came in to relax, y'know ?"

At this point I noticed a little control panel for the whirlpool thingie. I'm generally pretty good with buttons and found the pressure setting to 2. I cranked it up to 5 and raised the temperature a few notches. I'm not sure how warm.

The jet stream must have been strong enough to hit her because she started getting all dreamy eyes again. Her manner changed completely, it was like magic.

"It's not that ... What Imean is like ... I don't know ..." and her voice trailed off again and she sunk back against the more vigorous jet-stream as the fingers of warm water played over her crotch. With this, I took the inflated head-rest and put it around Christen's head. She must've been getting really excited because she grabbed me and planted a kiss hard on my lips.

Damn, she was hot ! In more ways than one too ! I saw sweat beading on her forehead and she arched her back up as she must've reached her climax. "Ohhh..." she moaned and then got quiet again.

Digressing for a minute, one thing Ihave always appreciated about women is their ability to climax over and over and OVER again. Gets me very hot and excited. Certainly it did seem that Christ wasn't about to move from her spot and was going to slide into one climax after another. Now it should be noted that neither Rose nor me had ever had such a hot young girl in our midst before. We both wasted NO time in removing her panties and bra and setting it on the moisture-slick stone floor at the side.

I stripped down and she did the same. But, before Rose put me in position for Christen to do her business on my backside, she took advantage of Christen's tongue which lolled out at one side and pushed her lovebox up against it. Nothing daunted, Christen reached around Rose's ass in a lazy hug and slurped and suck on Rose until she cremed all over Christen's beautiful face.

Christen never noticed and I took a washcloth to wipe her face. She was still sweating pretty hard but Ileft the temperature where it was.

"Now my turn." I said and we both stood up, and, as the steps were fairly near to where Christen sat, the water only came up to our calves there. Rose could see I had a roaring hard-on that threatened to explode at any second and eased it into her fiery lovebox which was just now recovering from Christen's tongue-play.

I stuck my bare ass in Christen's face and puckered out my lips the same way she did for me. I was surprised to hear Christen's quiet voice above the roaring of the whirlpool.

"No really - I don't want to - I don't mean - Imean ..." her voice was drowned out again by the turbulent water and with my hands I made sure that her soft young delicate lips were pressed firmly against the lips of my own and I stroked her jet black hair lovingly as she started to lick and slurp once again.

Rose stood up on her tippy-toes as she was a little shorter than me and between her lovebox nursing off of my winkie and Christen making passionate love to my kisshole, I cremed so hard it hurt. A splash of my creme squirted out of Rose's lovebox and I was truly spent.

I almos collapsed on top of Christen and would've squashed her if it wasn't for Rose grabbing me.

"You okay, lover ?"

Inodded weakly.

"That good, huh ? Hehehe..." She eased me over to rest on one side of the whirlpool.

"Just relax. Take it easy. I haven't really gotten off yet so I'm going to take advantage of this." I opened one eye blearily and toned down the temperature just a bit. It was a bit warm. I didn't want to get Christen sick or anything. Rose came back up to her and Christen slurped at anything that came her way. Breasts, butt, lovebox, and cleft.

Rose was really enjoying kissing Christen on the lips and I was just starting to get a little jealous when she came back over to me. "It seems a shame to turn off the waterworks just as we're having fun."

Christen arched back up again for her umpteenth orgasm. She moaned so long and so deep, I thought surely she must be dying. "Is she going to be alright ?" I asked, finally recovering my senses.

"Sure !" Rose said. "Let's just leave her here. Serve her right for treating you the way she did. Hehehe..."

We both dried off and got dressed. Christen was glued to that spot in the whirlpool and undoubted be there till the morning ! I can imagine the explanation dead Christen would have to give to whoever found her then !

With that that thought in my head, Ikissed Rose soundly on the lips.

We were all dressed and just getting ready to head out when I went back to where Christen was and reaching over, (getting my hand and watch wet in the processs - I wear my watch on my right wrist), Iturned up the pressure to 7.

Christen was visibly drooling out of her mouth now and her jet black hair looked metallic against the haze of the warm water. She was so gone in orgasms Ifelt another surge of interest raise up in my pants.

I went over to her, and bending over, spoke softly in her ear, "You were wonderful, Christen. Thank you." and then kissed her softly on the forehead.

She only nodded weakly and for a moment, her eyes focused on mine, but then clouded over again as another orgasm ripped through her being. I picked up her black bra and carried it home as a souvenir. I still have it to today. :)


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