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Relentless Love

Short story By: DrLovekiss

Outcast by their peers, two children - Erik and Dina - had only each other to cling to for comfort and friendship. At that early time in their lives, Erik soon developed a love for Dina that would grow in intensity, passion and desire for a quarter century. When their paths cross again as adults finding Dina a divorced single mother and Erik, her gynecologist, a love, a passion, a raw sexual desire would have its say.

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Dina didn't feel nervous nor guilty. She didn't hesitate as she stepped into the dimly lit offices of her longtime friend and as of 6 years ago, her gynecologist. The months of titillating flirtation and innuendo had introduced a new element into their cherished friendship of more than a quarter century, the element of passion...of raw sexual desire. Erik appeared in the unoccupied waiting room and greeted his dearest friend with the usual warm, loving smile but this time there was something different and to Dina, very exciting. His soft, pink lips were very moist as if he'd been salivating. His eyes seemed to flash with need and anticipation.
"Hello, Love", he said. "You're the last appointment of the day." Dina smiled...now growing slightly nervous and modest but endeavoring to shield any sign of it from Erik. "Oh, I see how you are Dr. You make your very best friend wait until the end of the day to be seen; the last." Erik's smile failed to disguise his growing need. "The last, and the best." Dina's eyes soft and moistening.... met Erik's."I'll go change now." "We'll be in exam room 6", answered Erik.
Exam room 6 was at the end of the hall and near the back of the building. And as Dina entered the exam rooms section, she could see that all of the lights were off save for the few ceiling lights that never shut off. The door of Exam room 6 was open. The soft light of the room cut into the deepening shadows of the otherwise, very dark hallway. Dina removed her coat, and then her blouse, skirt, shoes, bra, hose, and panties. The crotch panel of the panties was damp. Her vagina was moist, a fact she well knew Erik could not and would not miss...something he would expect being more like it. Dina put on the examination gown and stepped into Exam room 6.
Erik wasn't in the room when Dina arrived and as she sat on the edge of the exam table, her thoughts took her back 25 years. She and Erik had been 9 years old then and already the best of friends. Outcast from their peers, they spent most of their free time entertaining each other. The other kids their age made fun of how they looked. Erik - though not an albino, was very pale. His blonde hair was very silky, curly and almost white. His eyes were a vibrant, almost electric blue. His features were almost effeminate, and would lead to many rumors about his sexual preference in later years.
Dina was the product of an interracial marriage. Her father was a warm, Tissian brown and exceptionally handsome, as handsome as her mother - a white redhead with blue eyes - was beautiful. Dina's complexion was and remained a creamy, light brown shade. Her hair color was as close to being a natural orange as possible and had a loose kink quality. Being long in length, Dina's hair fell wildly over her head, face and shoulders. Dina's features were beautiful and dainty. Her eyes, however were large and striking. Her eyes weren't blue. Her parents told Dina her eyes were Hazel, but to the 9 yr old Dina, her eyes were grey. She remembered how at that young age, Erik and herself had been labeled ghosts by their peers, laughed at and shunned.
As young children, Erik told Dina that he loved her and that she was his wife. This would send Dina into shrieking, laughing hysterics. When Erik would try to kiss her, Dina would run; Erik would chase and the fun lasted for long, long minutes. At the age of 13, Erik's scholastic brilliance catapulted him into an accelerated program. He and Dina said tearful farewells as she continued in public schools and Erik was enrolled in college prep, graduating from the prestigious Allsgood University at 16, entering med school and finishing his residency at age 22. By that time, Dina had married and given birth to a daughter, Erik's and Dina's paths would cross again when at age 26, Dina was divorced and Erik had taken over the practice of Dina's previous gynecologist. Their friendship was still strong. Erik's love for Dina had never waned. And now, here she was on his examination table as she'd been many times before, but this time as she placed her feet in the rests and reclined, Dina knew this exam would be very different from the others her gynecologist and her friend had given her.
Erik entered the room, apologizing for being held up and proceeded with the pelvic exam. Everything proceeded normally but the tension was so thick Dina could almost swim in it. For Erik's part, he was perched between agony and ecstasy. He'd just finished examining Dina's vagina and placed the speculum on the instrument table. Dina's elevated legs, parted wide and a sheet covering her knees effectively hid Erik's face from her view. If she could have seen her gynecologist, her friend at that moment, she would have seen his passion boiling over. Erik's gaze was locked on Dina's plump and aroused vulva, her succulent moist vagina and her shapely, sexy buttocks. Finally, Erik spoke but as he did so, Dina could tell that his distinctive, soft voice had become low and gravely, "Everything is fine, Dina...just beautiful...my god, you're so beautiful." Dina stiffened slightly as she could feel Erik's warm breath directly on her vulva. He'd leaned lower and closer. Erik spoke again, "Nowhere to run and hide now, Darling. I'm finally going to get that kiss."
Erik's head dropped. Dina's head and shoulders lifted from the table, her mouth parting slightly as she gasped softly. Her eyes wide and welling with tears as she feels Erik's mouth close over her vagina, his tongue lashing at the opening before penetrating into her canal. Erik's arms embraced Dina's hips, holding her in place, his face pressed into her crotch, his mouth sealed to her pulsing pussy in a passionate kiss that sent powerful waves of electric excitement through them both in one closed circuit.
Dina, her head and shoulders relaxing and returning to their previous position, stared up at the ceiling. She panted softly as she felt Erik gently sucking at her vaginal opening in the passionate kiss, his tongue sliding along the sensitive portion of her vaginal canal. Erik's tongue slips from Dina's seething pussy and his soft lips caress her labia. "I love you, Dina. I love you so much.", Erik groans as he revels in the heady, musky scent of Dina's vagina. "I've always loved you!" A soft, moist noise; Erik's tongue slips into Dina's slit licking wetly at Dina's hot pussy in a clockwise circular motion. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh sooo good, so good", Dina moans as Erik's tongue slides higher and begins swirling against Dina's urethral opening, his lips continuing soft, sucking kisses on her labium as he continues his lovemaking to Dina. Then moving higher still, Erik begin's licking with feather softness around Dina's clit. Dina's body jerks as if she'd received a strong electric jolt. She sobs loudly now as races through her body tingling the tips of her toes and slamming into the pleasure center of her brain.
"I want you, baby!" Love and desire swelling in Erik, the head of his large, long penis threatening to extend up to the waist of his scrubs. His tongue begins to flutter quickly, battering the sexy biracial woman's clitty
mercilessly. Dina's hips roll wildly on the table and her head begins whipping to and fro in a frenzy "no,no" motion...but saying "no" to Erik couldn't be further from her mind, even if she was still able to think clearly. Erik growls hungrily as he continues to eat Dina's delectable quim. Suddenly, Dina's eyes open wide and she emits a short yodeling noise. All motion has stopped. Erik's head has dropped lower. His hands cupping Dina's smooth, flawless buttocks and the thumbs of both hands holding them apart, Erik has begun licking Dina's anus with kitten-like tongue strokes. Erik also purrs like a contented lion, his face pressed to Dina's sexy ass as he laps at her asshole. Dina shivers and a gurgling groan comes from deep in her throat.
"Ohhhhhh, Dina, Dina, Dina, Dina....", Erik moans in ecstasy as his tongue returns to Dina's pussy. Dina's thighs begin scissoring opening, closing, opening. Erik's finger begins a very soft, but stimulating caress of Dina's clitoral hood, not touching the clit directly but still sending a current of pleasure into it and through the body of his beloved Dina. And now, Dina's body begins a delicious, sexy undulation. Her eyes closed, tears slipping down her cheeks she reaches down and Erik takes her hands in his. Dina's hips roll and thrust as she feeds her molten pussy to Erik, surrendering completely to his magical mouth, tamed by his tongue. Her lips quiver as if she is standing at the north pole, stark naked and freezing. Dina's shivering isn't caused by being cold. She is so hot she feels as if she'll explode. And she does.
"Wahhhhhhhhh-haaaaaa-haaaaa!!!!" The sexy woman wails long and loud as her juices rush to flood her vagina where Erik's mouth is poised, greedily lapping at the pungent juices flowing from Dina's spasming pussy hole. Dina's soft weeping intermingles with the wet noises of Erik licking the vagina, through the crevice of the buttocks and once again to Dina's anus and finally, gently sucking at the vulva determined not to leave a drop of Dina's pussy juice wasted. The fire now burning low in his fevered brain, Erik moves to Dina, to embrace and soothe her. "I've wanted to love you like that for so long, Darling.", he coos to Dina as her weeping becomes shivering moans of residual pleasure.
Reluctantly, Erik helps Dina to her feet, helps her clean up and then dress. He offers to drive her home, but Dina declines the offer saying she wants to take the bus...to think about what just happened. "What happened is I made love to you, Dina.", Erik says patiently and gently. "I love you, Dina." Smiling at him, Dina replies, "And I love you, Erik...but we have to take it slow. I don't want to rush into a relationship only to see it fail and to lose you." Erik says insistently, "That will never happen. I've waited too long for you and I won't lose you." Dina kisses Erik softly on the cheek, easily detecting the smell of her own pussy. "Goodnight, Sweetheart", Dina says and turns to leave the office. "We're not over, Dina." Erik calls after her and watches her walk through the door and into the night.


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