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It's Not Rocket Science. It's Plumbing

Short story By: DrLovekiss

For Tony and Hank, life was simply one day after the next, after the next. Weeks, months, years of mundane normalcy. An honest day's work, a beer from the fridge and a ballgame on the tube is all they expected. And then the lovely Evelyn hired the two for a plumbing job. Life of expectation became life of torrid obsession. Tony, Hank, and Evelyn would learn something new about human nature, about sexual nature.

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It was obsession from the first moment we saw her. She was tall, statuesque, and shapely, her free and natural hairstyle framed a well-proportioned oval face. Her features were perfectly symmetrical and exquisitely beautiful. She had large, dark, soulful almond eyes a man could lose himself in and never want to be found. A delicate button nose and full lips - beautifully shaped - completed the portrait. The goldenrod floral print dress she wore that day accentuated her smooth and flawless mahogany complexion. The full skirt flowed and swirled around her hips and thighs and at times, slipped into the delightful hollows of her groin, the hem of the skirt fluttering enticingly at her knees. Indeed, if ever there was a Nubian goddess my friend Tony and I stood in her presence. Her name was Evelyn. My name is Hank.
Evelyn was as intelligent as she was sexy. Employed by the local high school as a math teacher, she was also the head cheerleading/dance squad advisor and at age 38, she still had the banging body that promised she could still perform on any college or professional squad. Amazingly, as beautiful as Evelyn was, she was single...never married. Evelyn contracted with Tony and myself to remodel the second bathroom located in the basement of her home. Evelyn's beauty more than anything else was the prime motivating factor when we quoted her a ridiculously low bid for the job and a vow that we would make her bathroom our masterpiece. She smiled and laughed softly. Her teeth were pearly white and like the rest of her, pure perfection. Evelyn hired us on the spot.
Tony and I worked diligently, but we made sure to make the job last. It wasn't the money we needed. What we needed was to see Evelyn everyday. To hear her voice. To smell her delicate perfume and as time went on, what we needed was to fuck Evelyn's brains out. Tony and I were and remain married men. Tony was a big, strong guy. He was in his mid-50's but his hair was still dark. His swarthy complexion gave him a slight Medittereanean appearance. His wife had become a flubby tub of nagging female and she couldn't have been happier that her husband no longer had the slightest sexual interest in her.
I was younger than both Tony and Evelyn. I'd been married for less than 5 years and already I was convinced my wife was stepping out on me. She'd always had a thing for the "brothas" and accompanied by her friends, frequented the dance clubs where she could have her pick of any one of them. Well, I was into one particular "sista". It wasn't long after Tony and I started working for Evelyn that I'd go home, straight to the bathroom, lock the door and jerk off to the fantasy of eating out her sweet, dusky pussy and licking her asshole. Tony had it as bad as I did. He told me that if he didn't ever get the chance to stick some dick into that hot, black pussy there was no justice in the world. What's more is we both strongly suspected that Evelyn knew how we felt about her, that she may have been intrigued by the aspect of fucking the both of us.
We could tell she wasn't particularly attracted to either one of us, but that she may have been entertaining the same sexual fantasies about us that we were tormented with about her. She certainly began flirting with us, wearing clothes that showed off her hot body and even chatted with us about what sexual activities turned us on. The bathroom was nearly complete and we couldn't keep making excuses to Evelyn for keeping the job going. Tony decided it was time to make a move. I went up to Evelyn's kitchen, went to the sink, loosened a pipe connection under her sink and told her that the pipe must be cracked. We volunteered to fix the problem free of charge. That would be the time to make our move on Evelyn.
We couldn't have picked a better day to be with Evelyn. A holiday closed all the schools in the district and Evelyn would be home...home all day if Tony and I had any say in the matter. We planned to arrive at Evelyn's early to prevent any chance that she'd be up, dressed and about to run errands, leaving Tony and I alone to complete our work. The plan worked to perfection. When she answered our knock on her door, it was clear to us both that she'd only recently woke up. Her hair was more wild than usual and that only served to turn us on even more. She yawned and rubbed her eyes, telling us that we sure were eager to get to work. We answered, "Yes, ma'am. We sure are that." She told us to come in.
She turned and led us to the kitchen and watching her move gave Tony and I instantaneous, simultaneous boners. Evelyn was wearing a short soft pink nightshirt. No robe; no slippers. Her shapely, thick legs and thighs made my mouth water. Her ass was nice, full and round under the nightshirt. Tony and I made a short pretense of rechecking our work in the bathroom before joining Evelyn in the kitchen. We used our time alone to make sure we both understood the plan for our move on Evelyn. If she resisted or didn't seem interested, we would stop immediately, apologize profusely and do whatever necessary to ensure she didn't decide to take legal action against us. Taking deep, calming breaths, Tony and I went upstairs to the kitchen.
Evelyn was sitting at the kitchen table drinking a cup of coffee. Her fine, brown legs were crossed and the hem of the nightshirt rode high up her shapely, sexy thighs. I opened the doors at the sink to access the pipes below. Tony engaged in light chitchat with Evelyn as I pretended to scrutinize the pipe. It was in perfect condition of course, but Evelyn didn't know that and we didn't want her to. I told Tony to go out to the truck and get the new pipe. I asked Evelyn to please come to the sink, turn on the water and let it drain so I could see exactly where the leak was. She stood at the sink and my heart nearly exploded from my chest as I found myself only mere inches from her legs. I could feel the body heat emanating from her; she was that close to me. Tony hadn't gone out to the truck at all, but had only moved to the living room waiting for the signal which I gave when I told Evelyn that it was okay to turn the water off now.
Tony stepped behind Evelyn, his body braced against hers and his hands came down, pinning hers to the top of the sink. Evelyn said, "Wha...?", but she didn't sound angry...maybe just a bit surprised. She didn't try to move away as I sat up and began caressing the backs of her legs from knees, up her thighs to her buttocks and back. She did make a slight move initially to avoid my caresses, but Tony held her in place. I then pressed my face to her thighs. Evelyn was breathing deeply and steadily as I pressed my face to her crotch and began caressing her vagina through her panties with the tip of my nose.
There was nothing said by anyone as I continued to stroke Evelyn's smooth thighs and buttocks with my hands and her vagina with my nose. I could feel her growing warm and moist through the thin material of her panties and her woman smell was so sweet and intoxicating that I was immediately addicted, addicted to the sweet musky pussy scent of this ebony enchantress. Tony was still holding Evelyn pinned to the sink but there really was no need. Evelyn seemed perfectly content to stand there enjoying the sensation of my nose rubbing against her pussy and sliding up and down her simmering slit.
I thought Evelyn was responding to what I was doing to her by rolling and thrusting her hips at me but as my hands once again stroked the curve of her butt, I knew what was responsible for her movement. Tony was humping Evelyn from the rear, rubbing his hard cock against her ass. He was nibbling at Evelyn's ears alternately kissing and licking the graceful curve of her neck. Finally I groaned, "Damn this pussy is sweet." I was answered by a soft moan from Evelyn. I began licking at her vulva through the panties. She moved sharply away from the tongue but Tony's presence kept her from moving far and soon, my tongue had slipped under the crotch panel of the panties and I was licking at the velvety softness of Evelyn's swollen labia. Every stroke of my tongue against her pussy flesh was intended only to give Evelyn pleasure.
Tony's arms slipped around Evelyn's waist and he moved her away from the sink. He half pulled, half carried Evelyn to the living room, sat on the sofa and gently pulled her down next to him. I immediately sat on the other side of Evelyn. Tony and I each took turns kissing Evelyn's mouth, our tongues thrusting and exploring it's warm, moist confines. We had her thighs parted and our fingers competed as they slid over Evelyn's vulva and through her slit. Our fingers slipped in and out of her creaming pussy hole and probed at her anus. Evelyn's body undulated between Tony's and mine. She moaned with helpless surrender and surging passion as we worked at her relentlessly.
Slipping to my knees, I reached up to Evelyn's hips, found the waistband of her panties and pulled, working them over her shapely, fine ass, down the creamy columns of her thighs down her calves and finally over her dainty feet. Tony slid Evelyn into his lap, reached down with both hands and cupping the backs of her knees, lifted Evelyn's legs, pulling them up to her chest. Holding Evelyn this way exposed the whole of her womanly splendor to me. I allowed my eyes to feast on her swollen vulva, the labia parted slightly revealing the glistening pink interior. Her clitoris was erect in its sheath. I looked at her peehole and longed to lick it. Her pussy hole was a succulent pool of her juices and not far beneath it, her anus beckoned to me and whether Evelyn knew it or not, whether she wanted it or not, I intended to make my tongue well acquainted with that asshole.
Tony pulled Evelyn back against him. Evelyn's legs were held high at the knees, her thighs widely splayed. Her moist and musky, sweetly-fragrant pussy was vulnerable and my mouth attacked it with an almost predatory ferocity. Evelyn wailed loudly as she felt my hot mouth close over her vulva and suck it into my mouth. Tony held her tightly but cooed to her softly and tenderly, soothing her and reassuring her. For my part, I was slipping into temporary insanity caused by my raging lust for this woman's twat. My tongue plunged into her pussy again and again, producing sloppy, wet noises. "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh!", Evelyn wailed, "You're tongue-fucking me! You're tongue-fucking meeeeeeee!!!" Her voice trailing off in small sobs as I continued thrusting my tongue in and out of her. I then recovered enough of my senses to work at providing Evelyn all the pleasure she could stand.
I eased the pressure of my tongue and licked the velvety pink interior of Evelyn's vulva, from vagina, to peehole, up to her clitoris. My tongue swirled around and around the little hard pea and this time, it was Evelyn's hips thrusting up to me of their own accord. "Black beauty...black beauty, I groaned as my tongue retraced it's course, lathering Evelyn's peehole and vagina before sliding down to her asshole. Tony released Evelyn's knees allowing them to gently fall to the floor. He continued to hold Evelyn in place by placing each of his hands over her full titties, rubbing each of them simultaneously; driving our beautiful prey wild with powerfully, pleasurable sensations. I braced Evelyn's knees apart to prevent her from closing her thighs and continued licking greedily at her asshole. Evelyn was sobbing but Tony and I knew they were sobs of passion. We knew she was in ecstasy and we were determined to continue our sexual worship of our black goddess.
I was attuned to Evelyn's motions and sounds now and before long, I knew her orgasm was close. I moved my mouth back to her clitoral area. I inserted two fingers into her vagina. I was surprised at how tight her hole was. I thought to myself, "This is some damn fine pussy, alright." Her eyes were closed and her mouth was gasping like a fish out of water. I continued licking and fucking my fingers in and out of her vagina. "Oh, please,ohplease,ohplease,ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....aaaiiieeeeeee!!!!!!" Evelyn screamed in a high, shrill voice. Her hips locked and jerked hard. Her pubic bone slammed firmly against my mouth as the powerful orgasm racked her body. My mouth slipped to her pussy and I lapped hungrily at her juices, feeding at her while she wept softly.
Tony grunted, "My turn, beautiful." He slid out from behind Evelyn, stood and scooped her up into his arms. He then carried her to the bedroom. Evelyn's bed was a grand antique. It was queen size with a wooden frame and box springs. Those springs squeaked loudly as Tony came down on Evelyn's prone body. He was still wearing his shirt, but he was naked from the waist down. His ass, thighs and legs were dark and hairy, still lighter than the flesh of the beautiful mahogany color of Evelyn's magnificent body. I watched as Tony moved between Evelyn's widely-splayed thighs.
He guided his cock to Evelyn's tight, spasming pussy hole. Tony's cock was thick and stout and for awhile, I didn't think Evelyn would be able to take him. To Tony's credit, he forced himself to be patient, gently working his fat root into Evelyn's tight sheath. I knew Tony had penetrated the beautiful woman when they both groaned together as if singing a duet. Tony began fucking Evelyn then, starting with short, grinding thrusts and gradually working to long, firm strokes. I was fascinated as I watched from behind. Evelyn's pussy lips clinging to the shaft of Tony's plundering pole. There was a ring of white cream around the stalk of Tony's cock and there was a bubbly-wet sound as he plunged into Evelyn's cunt again and again and again.
She was moaning, groaning and sobbing as Tony's ass continued rising and falling between her sexy black thighs. Her pussy hole stretched wide around his fucking penis. Finally, Tony paused for a brief breather. He pulled his cock out of Evelyn's hole and when he did, a thin stream of white liquid slipped out of the sexy pussy, racing down one beautiful asscheek. It looked like a lightning strike in the black sky of an evening thunderstorm. Tony reentered Evelyn causing a pussy fart that made my hard cock jerk with lustful desire.
Eventually, Tony stopped thrusting and held still over Evelyn's rolling, thrusting body. Looking down at the beautiful woman, Tony offered hot encouragement to her...telling her to get what she wanted. "Get it, baby. Get it, you sexy black piece of ass!" Evelyn's hips rolled as if on ball bearings as she worked her overheated pussy over the pleasure-giving fat cock still glistening from her copious pussy juice flow. "Tony! Toneeee!!! Oh, shit! Toneeee!!!!" Evelyn screamed as she came hard. No sooner did Evelyn's orgasm grip her that Tony began pounding into her pussy with savage force. He held Evelyn's legs high as he socked his cock into her relentlessly, unmercifully. I watched Evelyn's pretty feet bouncing with the effect of Tony's vicious thrusts. Tony bellowed as he came. He didn't try to pull out of Evelyn but continued thrusting into her, pumping his hot load deep into her belly.
Keeping the head of his cock inside Evelyn's pussy, Tony's hand squeezed the shaft of his cock from balls to the head before he pulled out. When finally he did pull out, he left a tight, white plug of cum packed in Evelyn's twat. I watched with rekindled lust as the cream began to leak from that perfect pussy, streaming between her sexy asscheeks to pool on the bed below. We each kissed Evelyn tenderly, told her how much we admired her and how beautiful she was and left her respectfully. She was presented with a bill that was so heavily discounted that she practically owed us nothing. She didn't owe us, but she certainly owned us. Tony and I accepted that truth before we left Evelyn's bedroom.
Months later while shopping at the store with my wife, I saw Evelyn. I said hello and she smiled warmly when she returned my greeting. My wife looked Evelyn up and down with a mixture of awe and envy. I asked how she was enjoying her bathroom. She told me that everything was fine and that the "plumbing job" Tony and I did on the sink was fantastic. She then turned away and continued shopping. I knew that what Tony and I enjoyed with Evelyn would be a one-time event, but it would be the event of a lifetime.


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