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A Pleasure To Make Your Acquaintance Pt 1

Short story By: DrLovekiss

Kim was not a groper. Valerie was a pretty girl, but had never been groped. The subway bounced and jounced along the track. The light in the car was much to be desired, flickering from dim to dark. Kim thought Valerie smelled nice. The scent of her hair was soft and sweet. She felt nice against his body, her buttocks contacting his penis through his trousers. Kim groped. Valerie was groped. Their humdrum lives would become a thing of the past.

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Valerie was nearly home now, only a block away in fact, but she slowed her pace. It was late afternoon/early evening on an Indian Summer day. The air was mild, the breeze fresh. The sun was setting. It was twilight. To Valerie, the passersby all seemed to have a nondescript hazy appearance as all made their way to their specific destinations. Still, Valerie didn't want to walk too fast. She didn't want him to lose sight of her. She was wearing a full soft white skirt, hemming at her shapely calves. She wouldn't have thought he could lose sight of her garment, surely it would stand out even in the twilight, but she had to be sure.
Valerie turned - trying not to be obvious about it - and looked back quickly over her shoulder. He was still there, walking slowly, steadily. His head was low, but she could tell that his eyes were closely tracking her progress. The pretty brunette quickened pace, a soft breeze and her brisk step causing the hem of her skirt to lift and flutter prettily...invitingly. Her heart was pounding in her chest and doubt was beginning to creep into her mind. "What am I doing?!", Valerie silently asked of herself. "You'll find out, one way or the other", was her silent answer.
Valerie nearly broke into a skip when again, she looked back to see if he was still following. Her eyes widened with what appeared to be eager disappointment. "He's not there...he's not there!", she murmured to herself, a grumpy old man casting her a disapproving glance as he ambled by. Then in the dimming light she saw him. His back was to her and he looked as if he too was having second thoughts about continuing what she suspected were his plans for her. Valerie paused and for one wild instant, even contemplated walking back towards him when to her nervous and cautious delight, her pursuer turned towards her once again, seeing her paused on the sidewalk, and began walking towards her once more.
Valerie was at the stoop of her apartment building now. She had one hand on the iron wrought rail and one foot on the lowest step. The breeze had caught the hem of her skirt again and it billowed full and feminine as she stood there. His step quickened and once again nervous doubt flashed through Valerie's mind. She walked up the stairs quickly and once the outer door shut behind her, ran up one flight of stairs to the hall door leading to her unit. She watched the window in the door and saw him ascending the outer stair. Their eyes met. Valerie slipped through the door, her breath coming quickly.
She put the key in the lock of the door and turned it. She turned the knob and stood perfectly still. She could hear his footfalls on the stairs now. The door was opening and there he was at the end of the hall, only steps away from her and her apartment. Valerie quickly opened the door and tried to close it behind her. The door didn't close. She looked down and saw the shiny toe of his shoe wedged between the door. She stepped away from the door and he stepped in, locked and bolted the door...setting the chain lock for good measure.
Now they stood there, appraising each other from head to toe. Valerie's hair was dark, almost black. Her eyes were large and doe-like. Her lips appeared very red in contrast to her milk-white complexion. She was of moderate height. Her breasts were round and proportionate to her stature. Full hips flowed from her small waist. Though she wore a lengthy, full skirt, her visitor knew her legs were very nice from what he could see...her shapely calves.
Kim was his name. His appearance was distinctively Nordic, blonde/blue template with a skier's physique under his sportcoat, shirt, tie, slacks, and wingtips. Valerie was a loan officer of a bank located not far from the building housing the insurance company which employed Kim as an actuary. They met on the subway...sort of. And from that day, their ordinary lives would take a remarkable, startling, sensual turn. The day they met, the subway was crowded. Very crowded. Very, very crowded. Kim and Valerie were practically hermetically sealed to each other.
Kim was a nice guy, not a groper. Valerie - a pretty girl by anyone's standards with an attractive, feminine frame - had never once suffered groping. The subway bounced and jounced along the track. The light in the car was much to be desired, flickering from dim to dark. Kim thought Valerie smelled nice. The scent of her hair was soft and sweet. She felt nice against his body, her buttocks contacting his penis through his trousers. Kim groped. Valerie was groped. Her eyes opened wide as she felt the hand caressing the outer thighs of each leg through her slacks. The hands moved to her rear and began kneading her buttocks. Valerie didn't scream, tried to give the impression that she wasn't even aware of what was happening to her. No one else seemed to be.
When Val's stop came she was able to make her way through the crush of humanity and off the car. She stood by and looked into the car and for the first time saw the handsome face of Kim. They made eye contact and held it until the subway continued its course. The subway hadn't been as crowded as it had that fateful day, but its usual state was sardine-can tight. They couldn't understand what was happening between them. They couldn't fight it. Day after day, weeks becoming 2 months now, Valerie and Kim always boarded the same car and sought each other out. On days when they were unable to make physical contact with each other, their frustration was extreme.
Then on a particularly crowded day, fate was in their favor. Their subway train had stalled on track debris and it took long minutes to clear the problem. The lights were of their usual poor quality and the car was full of cursing, complaining; loud talking. Val was standing back to Kim. She was wearing a smart suit, the skirt was knee length, flared and pleated. Val felt Kim's hands working against the front portion of her thigh - opening and closing - and it dawned on her what he was doing when she felt the hem of her skirt rising.
Val didn't turn around, didn't whimper; made no physical indication that anything was the matter. Kim had lifted the skirt hem high enough to slip his hand beneath it. Both Kim and Val heard their soft breathing catch in their throats as Kim's fingertips made contact with Val's vulva through the crotch of her panties. Kim was thrilled at the sensation of wiry pubic hair. This sexy lady was au natural. She didn't shave her vulva. Kim's fingers worked up and down along the crevice of Val's vulva and in short time, the crotch of her panties became warm and slick with her juices.
Kim began humping at Val's rear and her hips began to churn in response. Kim leaned forward and licked behind Val's ear. That did it somehow. Biting her lip, Val emitted a short, sharp yip sound that was only audible to Kim and herself. She'd orgasmed. She felt so weird, so guilty, go damned sexy. Kim's hand slipped from under Val's skirt. When it didn't fall to it's proper length, Val discreetly smoothed it down. Kim lifted the hand that had just finger-fucked Val to climax so that it passed her face. She could sense what Kim was doing behind her without having to see him. Kim savored the scent of Val's vagina on his fingers before slipping them into his mouth and sucking them clean.
The subway started with a lurch and there were wild cheers and sarcastic applause as they were once again, underway. When the train reached Val's stop, she disembarked as usual and turned to look at Kim. She noticed that he had started to follow her but was forced back by the crowd. The doors shut and the two subway sweethearts finally acknowledged each other. Kim raised a hand hesitantly. Val responded. Their relationship had just taken a significant leap forward.


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