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Page 1, Steve agreed to help his friend, Karl the coming weekend. Unfortunately when weekend came, Karl was not around but his mom was. Steve kept his promise and in gratitude Karl\'s mom repaid him with something worthy of his effort.

When Steve and his best friend, Karl were having a drink, the latter requested Steve to help him clean the attic as he had promised his mom to clean it this weekend. Steve agrees to help and he’ll just come over this Saturday morning.


He arrived at his friend’s house but was informed by his mom, Kate that Karl was asked by his boss to report today as they are currently understaffed. Since he has nothing else to do, he tells Kate

I promised Karl to help him clean the attic...guess I have to do it by myself.

To which Kate replies,

That is nice of you Steve. I’m so happy to have you as my son’s best friend.

Then she adds, “If you need anything, I’ll be just here in the kitchen.”


Steve proceeded to the attic and began cleaning it. Since it was a closed attic with only a small exhaust fan working, Steve has no choice but to remove his shirt so it won’t get wet with sweat as he only have one shirt with him.

It’s a good thing that he brought along a small towel to wipe his sweat. After an hour and a half later, he heard Kate calling him,

“Steve come over the kitchen and take a break.”

So he went down the attic and went straight to the kitchen where Kate was making him nice cold lemonade.


As he was sipping his drink, Kate begins making small talks regarding work, girlfriend, escapades, hobbies, etc.

When Steve tells her that he had been working out lately just to have a firm and healthy body, Kate could not contain herself any longer that she motioned Steve to come over to where she sits so that she can admire his figure.

As her soft hands caresses his body, Steve could not control his dick to react and before he knew, it was almost breaching his trousers.

Kate immediately notices it that she asked Steve in a sarcastic tone.

“Did I make this...darling?”

Steve was now in a moment of shock, panic, and excitement as Kate presses her body against his and her hands slowly inches its way to his dick.

Without a word, Kate unzipped his pants, pulled his trousers down, pulled his cock out, and began stroking it as she looks at Steve in the eyes.

Is this what you want you want me to do?

Steve could only nod in agreement.

Kate’s hands were like soft linen easing and teasing his long and thick dong. Steve could only close his eyes as Kate got down on her knees and swallowed his cock with her warm, lube-up mouth.

She sucked Steve’s dick vigorously that he almost came to the point of spewing his venom inside her mouth.


Moments later, Steve tilts her head, telling her-

“I want to suck your nipples!”

Kate pulled down her silk blouse and out went her big front assets. They were so nice to see that Steve lustily grabbed each mound, fondles them and started licking and sucking each of its nipples.

Kate gasped out, bit her lip, and let loose a soft moan. As soon as Kate began to feel the wetness of her twat, she whispered to Steve that she’s ready for his dick.

So she gently pushed the young man aside as she removes her pants and underwear. She then got down on all fours and waited for Steve to put his thing.

My sweet macaroni, what a nice thing she has.’

Steve mutters to himself as he saw for the first time the shaved twat of his best friend’s mom.

So he slowly got over her and then slowly rubs his tip against her twat lips, rubbing it more and more, letting his tip get wet before slowly pushing it in.

It went in slowly inch by inch until all of his 8-inches were swallowed. Kate groaned softly as he felt the young man’s man-meat for the first time.

It was so breathtaking for Steve that he kissed Karl’s mom passionately. He was so engrossed in the moment that he started to increase the force of his thrust and Kate started groaning noisily.

For over five minutes, Steve pumping Kate’s camel toe from behind when suddenly she stopped him, pushed him off, and had him lay on the kitchen floor.

She them sat on his dick like a cowgirl and force his hard length deep inside her. She rode him like a possessed woman, holding him down as she fucked the young man hard to her first orgasm.

She grasped for breath as Steve continued pummelling her wet beaver. She bit her lip once again and moaned heavily.

Steve fucked her harder that she slumped to his chest twitching and shivering as she reaches her second orgasm.

Steve grinned and spanked her ass lightly once.

What you get for teasing me” he said as he fondles her butt cheeks.

I ain’t done yet” Steve adds.

Kate got up and asked for a brief respite but she continued to stroke Steve’s cock so it won’t go flaccid.


After a minute or two, Steve had her lay on her side as he re-inserted his dick to her pussy.

I have gone twice but you still haven’t. Fuck me hard until you come!

She muttered out as Steve slowly gets into rhythm.

Steve pounded her best friend’s mom much harder than before. It almost took ten minutes before Steve felt his dick twitched and throbbed. His explosion is imminent.

C’mon honey...fuck me till you come!

Kate encourages Steve.


When the right time came, Steve pulled out his dick and pleaded for Kate to open her mouth to which the horny mom complied.

She positioned herself to welcome his hot magma. Steve came and spewed his lava on her mouth.

She smiled as she tasted the saltiness of his sticky liquid and then swallowed his cock once it.

It took a while for Steve to catch his breath. Kate stood up and washed her face on the kitchen sink. As she wipes away her face, she tells Steve,

I really enjoyed you Steve; I hope this will happen again. You and me... all alone... in this house!

To which Steve replied,

As long as Karl needs some help or even you, I will be much willing to lend a hand.”

Kate smiled, kissed Steve lightly, and then commanded him,

Now go and finish your task young man, we haven’t got all day.”

Steve gave Kate a snappy salute and went back to the attic.


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