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Short story By: dobler41458

Blake confronts his step mom after he catches her revealing herself to the postman. Instead of getting a straight answer, she left him hanging. As she showered for her doctor's appointment,she pleasured herself while Blake watches with her knowledge. Unable to control his desire, Blake presented himself to her...and she gives in.

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On this particular lazy Saturday morning, Blake could not believe what he was witnessing. Her 40 year-old stepmom, Susan, was revealing herself to the postman as she receives the day's mails. Blake's dad is on a business trip and won't be until a day later. The postman was embarrassed at what he had just seen but he politely backed off and walked away after Susan signed his form.


Susan and Blake's dad were just married for a few months. Blake doesn't have any clue where his dad met Susan. He only knew about Susan when his dad took her home one day and told him that they were already married. Since he can't do anything about his dad's decision, he reluctantly welcomed Susan into the family.


What he had just witnessed might be something worth investigating. When Susan closed the door behind her, she was startled to see Blake looking at her in disbelief.

"Did he see what I just did? - thought Susan.

She did have to wait long for an answer as Blake asks her.

"Why did you do that?"

She was caught off guard and doesn't know how to answer her stepson.


Susan was searching for an apt reply to his query.

"You see Blake; it's not what you think it is. I was embarrassed myself. You see my fingers...ah...accidentally touches the strap and my robe just...opened. It was pure accident" she explained.

Something tells Blake that Susan's explanation is not convincing but before he could utter another question, Susan cut him off.

"Sorry Blake...got to take a shower. Have an appointment with my doctor. We'll talk later."

Blake just stood there, deep in thought as he sees Susan enter the master's bedroom.


Ten minutes later, Blake could hear the shower running. An inner voice tells him to go his Dad's room and see what his stepmom is doing. Blake hesitated for a moment, weighing the possible pros and cons of what he'll about to do. Finally, he slowly went to his Dad's bedroom, slowly opened the bedroom door, and went in. He could clearly hear the sound of the water gushing out of the shower. He was again reluctant about his actions then. He pondered for a while but went on with his plan. He walked quietly towards the bathroom door, which was partially opened and placed his eyes between the crack openings. He couldn't believe what he is seeing - her stepmom, in all her naked glory.

Blake was at a loss as what to do. He closes his eyes and thought to himself, "This is one hot chick and... Oh damn. She's my dad's wife. My stepmom!"

Humanly enough, Blake opened his eyes again and continued on his voyeurism. He watches intently as Susan washes herself for a few seconds. Then she pours a body wash on her sponge and began sponging herself. She soaped her arms, belly, breasts, legs, thighs, and finally...her flesh clam. It was in this area Blake notices that Susan spends so much time. Before he realizes what was going on before his eyes, Susan started moaning as she plays with her bushy asset.

Blake is in disbelief at what he is presently witnessing but surprisingly he is enjoying her stepmom's impromptu live show. As Susan pleasures herself, Blake sees her in a whole new light.

Perhaps he now understands her action towards the postman. His dad might be sexually unsatisfying her. The 'anaconda' behind his pants slowly wakes up from its dormancy. He could feel its hungriness as he hasn't had sex for almost a month now. A naughty smirk can be seen on his face as he toys of an idea being slowly formulated on his head.

Susan's performance lasted for about five minutes. Then she washes traces of soap all over her body and turns off the shower.


She was wiping her body with a towel when she notices someone behind the door. But before she could react, Blake reveals himself to her. Susan was briefly stunned by Blake's presence. She was completely naked in front of him. Then she immediately covers herself and scolds him,

"What the...what are you doing here? Get out!"

Blake couldn't help his arrogant feeling that he boldly told Susan,

"I will get out if you will tell me convincingly who were you thinking as you pleasure yourself!"

"It's none of your damn business. Now get out" she counters.

"You are definitely not thinking about my dad, right? It's somebody else" he tells her.

Susan did not reply but instead started to physically shove him out of the bathroom.

But since Blake is taller and much stronger than Susan, he countered her actions by pushing his way in inside the bathroom and locking them both in.

Blake then proceeds to pull his top off, throwing it down next to her pile of clothes. He had to fight back the grin that threatened to spread as he saw her step mom's eyes widening, and he continued to strip. Seconds later, he's likewise naked.

"What are you doing?" asks Susan.

"What do you think? C'mon Susan you don't have to be a genius to figure it out" he replied.

Susan was silent for a moment then tells him.

"We can't...not with you. You're my husband's son."

She's actually fighting temptation as she sees for the first time what her husband's son is made off.

"That's one lame excuse, Susan. Here's my dick. Now get on with it!" he tempts Susan.

Susan hesitated but eventually gave in as she grabs Blake's manhood.

"Oh my...this is one big hard thing" she compliments Blake.

As she felt his dick, Susan could feel her wetness to the core. She could feel her body temperature rising, as she strokes her step son's dick. They are much bigger, longer, and solid than his dad's. She then looks at Blake and tells him,

"You're mine all day. I'll cancel my appointment."


It was almost ten thirty in the morning and the neighbours were busy with their schedules except for the third house on the block. It was completely quite from the outside... as if no one was around. However, inside the master's bedroom, water was shooting out forcibly out of the shower muffling a MILF's loud moans and shrieks of delight as a young guy doggy her by the bathroom floor.

"Yes...yes...yes...fuck me hard Blake...yes...yes" was her monologue as she enjoys her first true sexual encounter after marriage.


Blake doesn't feel any guilt at what he was doing. He reasoned that he's just helping his dad by satisfying his wife...his step mom. The master's bathroom is a silent witness to what is going on right now. Susan brought her leg up as Blake balances her by gripping her small hips as he forcibly pushes his 9-inch man-meat inside Susan's love tunnel.

Again, Susan shrieks of "Fuck me hard till you come...oh yes...yes..." was music to Blake's ears as it energizes him to pound her faster and harder.

Susan couldn't count the number of times she hit her orgasmic level as she totally enjoys what Blake is doing to her. When she feels his dick limping, she would slide down on her knees, get hold of his dick, slid it into her mouth, and suck them. As the semi-lifeless dick slowly shows signs of life, Susan would alternately suck and stroke it until it becomes firm and solid once again.


It was almost high noon but the two instant lovebirds are still mating together. Susan made a loud howl as Blake inserted his dick inside her butthole. She huffed as his manhood got halfway. As Blake started thrusting her ass up, each of his push was being met by Susan's yowls. As his ramming speed increases and her wails becoming consistent, Blake knew any moment he will explode. And just as he predicted, shoots up his hot sticky loads inside her buttholes.

As they both slumped into the bathroom floor, Blake asks Susan,

"Did you enjoy that?"

He smiled seeing the blissful look on her step mom's face, a look of satisfaction.

"Yes I did and I can wait for the next event for this day. But first, we'll have lunch!"



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