Emma's Adventures pt 1

By: DirtyLily

Page 1, sexy classy Emma and her adventures

Emma was no school girl who twirled her pigtails and bit her juicy lower lip to try and seduce the teacher. She felt the need to be in control, she wasn't one to cower and back down. In fact she liked be on top and giving pleasure, only then could she let herself submit to plessure. Well this time was no different. As learned when she was in grade school, she had many advantages over many of the other girls. Now there was a little more of an increase in competition but she would still win out. How many boys she been with was uncountable but men...well that was a different story. There had never been one who fit her exactly the way she needed and at 30, she was pushing her luck to find a husband. Her friends were already settled down in nice little cottages and pregnant for their first or second time already. Oh, well.

Emma had been torturing herself almost all day with a vibrator that she would turn up and down with a remote while at work. She only worked for half the day since she was a teacher and it was exam day. Once finally home she stripped at the front door and turned her favorite little toy on the highest setting, which her pounding pussy had been begging for all day long. She came almost immeaditly but her orgasm was long and blurred her seeing for a few minutes. She didn't bother showering but cleaned herself down yonder so she could go outside for a refreshing swim. Her house was part of a circle surrounding her neighbors who used the pool in all of their backyards as they pleased.

Once she was 'dressed' in her sheer black and hot pink bikini, she noticed in the mirror that her nipples were trying to poke through the cloth. Emma smiled and left them be, knowing that her neighbors wouldn't be home until at least 5. Not bothering to grab a towel, she headed out her backyard through the gate and sat down on one of the pool chairs. Thinking that she was alone and not checking to make sure, she untied the strings in the front and around her neck, letting her nipples free and feeling still very wet from her toy, she let her bottoms come off too.

She heard a sharp intake of breath from one direction and she looked over to find a man who looked newly 20 with an increasing bulge in his trunks. She smiled and waved and went back to sunbathing. Through her lashes she saw him wobble over to the pool and slide in. He had hard muscles and a lean body. After what seemed like at least 10 mintues she was horny as hell and felt her pussy ask permission of touch. Emma complied and touched her protuding clit poke out from her cleanly shaven pussy. She arched her back, sending her large tits into the air and sticking one finger in her dripping hole, she moaned. Just loud enough for the hot boy next door to glance her way make him ask if she was showing off for him.

"Oh, no darling, you just keep doing what you're doing and you can just ignore me." Emma said brightly

"I don't think that's possible when you're making such lovely sounds," he said back and nibbled at her neck.

When did he get there? she thought as she was startled by his sudden pressence. 

"You taste like...mmm...you smell like lilies." he whispered in her ear.

she shivered in response and in a daring move, pulled his trunks straight off. He chuckled telling her not just yet.

"But I want to please you," she whinned.

"Oh, i'm sure you will,but you get the first orgasm of the day." he smiled.

first? my this sounded like a fun filled day and she was ready for how ever many rounds he would supply. But she wouldn't be the first to cum, that would be mister naughty pants, and i told him so. We intertwined in a lip battle for what seemed several minutes until Emma did something she never did, ever, she gave in and let herself be on bottom and him show his fine ass to the world as they fucked. He slid two fingers down past her breast, not even considering them as an item, even though they were begging to be touched. She raised her chest to bring attention but he just continued downward while kissing her with great passion. when he reached her sweet spot, he teased her by going around the lips and pressing at her inner thighs that made her giggle a little bit which made him smile against her lips. Finally with much frustration from her side, he slid his fingers into her pussy.

"You're so wet," he breathed in her ear as he kissed her lobe but licked right behind it.

Emma just moaned and moved so he could kiss her neck and he did, trailing kissing and getting to her breast, biting hard on one nipple, teasing the other and finger fucking her. He really knew his way around a girls body...she let it go and clawed at his back and held his head firmly at her chest, but not strong enough because before she knew it, his lips brushed against her clit which sent her hips bucking but it sent a wild pleasure ripping through her. She forgot completly that she was at the pool and that she didn't know this boy's name. She let herself be pleased happily. Her stomach was turning in a knot and she was building fast. He knew this too.

"Do you want it now?"

"YES!" she screamed to the heavens as she orgasmed without permission.

he stopped everything and pulled his trunks on.

"Where are you going, sweety pie?" Emma slurred in passion.

"Didn't you just want to masturbate?"

her brow furrowed, "Get back over here, it's your turn."


"I never get without giving, pleasure at least...come here," she patted the pool chair that she was laying on and stood up.

He layed down and took off his trunks revealing a large dick and she sat just above that wonderful masturpeice and said, "My name's Emma."

"I'm Evan"


to be continued if requested :)

later, xoxo DirtyLily 

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