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Naughty School girl!

Short story By: Devils bountyhunter

Nia is horny and looking for a good screw and mr.Ramsy is just the one she needs1

Submitted:Mar 14, 2010    Reads: 24,966    Comments: 7    Likes: 14   

My button down top was hugging tight to my breast and my cleavage was on full display.Some may call me a slut but i'm just very,very provocative.I crossed my legs to show off my long shapely legs.My skirt rose a bit making a couple of guys give me their attention.I looked up at my History teach mr.ramsy.He as well caught my skirt rise up,but immediatley diverted his eyes.The bell rang,but I stalled to pack up my bag.I bent over noticing Mr.Ramsy was still in the class with me.

"M-ms.White your skirt has risen."He stuttered.I could feel my lace thong getting soaked by the sound of his voice.

"Oh my!Really?That is so embarrassing."I giggled.He stared at my thighs and then some how my pencil magically fell.As if!I bent over seductively to pick it up.And heard a groan."is there a problem Mr.Ramsy?"I turned my head to see his erection bulging through his pants.He cleared his throat and shook his head.I nodded and then grabbed my pencil.My bag was a tad heavy so it gave me a slight disadvantage in heels.He noticed and took my bag.

"tad heavy don't you think?"He asked.I nodded and the zipper part of my bag opened and dropped out a condom!He bent down and picked it up before handing it to me.

"Why not put it to good use?"I asked seductively.He stared at me and then traced the line of my curves."It is after school and you're not actually my teacher after hours."

"We could be heard."

"Not if we keep quiet."I whispered.He walked past me and locked the door.I started untying his tie and unbuttoning his shirt.He did the same for me.His breath went ragged as he took in my full breast."you can touch if you like."He nodded and felt my breast.His fingers pinched and molded my now erect nipples.While he worked my breast I pushed off his shirt.My hands worked to remove his pants and he unhooked my bra and let it fall to the floor.His mouth took possesion of my left nipple while he played with the other.I let his pants fall to his ankles.His erection now showed for me to see.I pulled away from his touch and got down on my knees.

"W-what are you doing?"he asked.

'Shhh baby.We're just having some fun.Relax."I pulled of his boxers and grabbed his throbbing cock in my hand.He jerked from my touch."Let me make you feel better baby.You're always so tense."I pulled his cock into my mouth and took him all the way.He groaned and moved his hips towards my mouth."Mmmmm."I moaned.One of my hands fondled his balls while I sucked him dry.He came in my mouth and I drank it down.I kissed my way back up to his lips.

"I wanna fuck you."He growled in my ear.he undid the zipper on my skirt and let it fall to my ankles.He pulled me into a kiss and his hands gripped my ass.I moaned into his lips."Tell me."

"tell you what?"I said breathlessly.

"What you want!"His teeth grazed my earlobe.

"I want you to fuck me!Hard!I want your cock!"I whispered/yelled.He ripped off my thong and sat me on one of the tables."Oh god!"I cried.He pushed the tip of his cock in my cunt.Then slammed hard into of me.He growled and plunged deeper.

"fuck!"He cursed.I bit lightly on his neck.Making him come closer to the edge.I could feel my orgasm building up.My nails dug into his back and he pushed into me one last time before we both reached our climax.We both lay panting.

"I have never been so satisfied ever!"I panted laying down on the table.He rested his head on my flat stomach.Once we were both breathing right we got dressed.

"So I guess i'll see you in class."He smirked.I planted a kiss on his lips and then left his class with a smile permanantly planted on my face.


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