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Two kinky lovers play out a fantasy.

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I slid the key into the lock, disengaging the pins one by one. The slightest noise would rat me out. I was late. The latch released and I inched the door open. He was nowhere in sight, much to my surprise.
Home free. I tip toed down the hall, glancing over my shoulder.
I recognized the scent. I trembled. Busted! I'd run straight into him.
He pushed me away from his hard body and stared down at me. The clock on the wall read 6:05. Shit! I was late again. He pointed in the direction of his study. I lowered my head.
Click clack, click clack. My black, shiny pumps echoed down the hallway. They seemed to mock me with every step. Click clack, busted! Click clack, busted! Too soon I was in the study awaiting my punishment.
Master was nothing, if not punctual, and he expected the same from me. I'd tried once before to offer an explanation, but he would have none of that. No sooner had I started to offer my reason, he had me over his knees, skirt up, panties down reddening my ass right there in the hallway, the door still open and the bewildered mail man staring on in disbelief!
I wonder what he has in mind this time?
He had a way of changing things up, leaving me to ponder just what he was going to do. He got into my head and was very good at it. I quivered and my pussy dripped, waiting for him to 'set things straight.'
I knew exactly what to do and didn't deviate from that. I'd tried before, but paid for it. How heknew what I did was beyond me until I found out that he watched me from behind the mirror that made up the east wall of his study. I unbuttoned my red silk blouse, from top to bottom. That's the way he taught me. It slid down my arms. I folded it neatly and put it on the wingback chair in front of the bookshelf.
I unclasped my bra, releasing my DD's from their fabric prison. I folded it cup into cup, put the straps inside the cups and placed it on top of my blouse. Hooking each thumb under the elastic of my black miniskirt, I pushed it down over my hips and let it rest at my feet. I picked it up and folded it neatly, placing it in the chair.
"Leave the pumps and panties on," he always told me, "unless I tell you otherwise."
I shivered, not from the cold, the study was always kept warm, but from not knowing exactly what to expect. I draped semi-nude body over his Oak desk, my ass facing the door. I closed my eyes and waited for what seemed like an eternity.
I didn't hear him coming.
Slap! Slap! Slap! His punishing blows rained down on my bottom, jerking me from my head space.
"I shouldn't have to tell you. Spread your thighs, pet. You know why you're being punished. If I say 6:00pm, I don't mean 6:01 or in this case 6:05." He whisked down my black lace panties. "Step out of them."
My legs trembled and I did what I was told.
"Now pick them up and put them where they belong."
I bent down and picked them up. That was the rule. Bend over, not crouch down. It was his way of making sure I offered up my ass for spanking while doing what was required of me.
Thwap! Thwap! Thwap! Three rapid fire blows from his riding crop stung my bare cheeks. I whimpered and jumped. I knew by the sound and the sting. He used it often and with great pleasure.
He put the tip of the crop to my mouth. "Kiss it."
I obeyed and put the panties in their place. I was on voice restriction until he told me otherwise.
"Kneel. Crawl to me and assume the position."
Thankfully, the study was lushly carpeted and heavily padded. I stopped in front of him, sitting on my heels, thighs opened wide, hands behind my back and my head lowered. My butt stung.
"You know that for every minute you're late you receive five swats with the instrument of my choice. The ones you've received so far do not count. They were a warm up."
His hands grasped my hair and gently pulled back. He bent down. "Look at me."
I looked up. His jade green eyes twinkled and his lush lips parted in a wicked grin. He licked his lips "Your punishment is going to be really special today, little one." He stroked my cheek with his free hand. His grip tightened.
Oh, crap. He always delivers and then some. What could he possibly have in mind?
Goosebumps rose on my exposed flesh, my heart thumped hard and my body shook. The devilish glint in his eyes told me he was well pleased with my response.
He drew in closer and kissed me hard. His tongue ravished the inside of my mouth. He stopped, his face mere inches away from mine. "You've been very naughty, little one. You know what I do with naughty little girls, right?"
I shook my head.
He released my head and stood up. His crotch brushed across my face. I peered up at him. His cock was hard and ready. He pulled me up from the floor and guided me back over to the desk turning me to face it and the mirror once again. "Bend over, arms over the top."
I took my position.
He reached into the lower left hand drawer of his desk and pulled out the shackles and the spreader bar. The steel shackles felt cold against my naked flesh. He anchored each cuff to a leg on the desk. "This will be a real treat. I've been saving this punishment for just such an occasion."
He sounded unusually wicked. He'd only given me the 'special punishments' a couple of times before. My ass would hurt. I just didn't know exactly how he'd do it.
I looked into the mirror, he was behind me. "Spread your legs. That's 10 more swats, hard stinging ones." I spread my thighs wide. He bent down out of my view. I felt his hands on my ankles, securing them to the cuffs on the spreader bar.
My mind swirled.
He stood. "Now that's a view I could stare all day. Your legs spread wide, exposing your pussy and ass.Yes, indeed." He turned and walked out of the room.
I wondered where he went, but knew he would be back soon. What on earth could he have saved up that is so special? Did I really want to know? I was about to find out even if I didn't want to.
There he was. OMG!!! The trouble was just beginning. He put a couple of objects on the chair by the door. One I recognized, the gag, but the other wasn't at all familiar. He walked over to the wall behind me (I watched him in the mirror. He placed the mirror there, he said, so I could watch my punishments) and picked the bull hide flogger from the wall. It's what he liked to call his 'spanking' wall. He kept a good portion of his spanking tools collection prominently displayed there.
Well, so far, so good. No surprises.
"Let's see, 5 minutes late. That's 25 swats plus the 10 for not being in the correct position when you bent over the desk. Bad girl."
He wielded the flogger, coming down hard on my exposed ass. He criss crossed the blows. My ass bounced and stung as he laid down a lattice of stinging welts.
Thud! Thud! Thud! The tails slapped, punishing my ass and my exposed pink lips. My pussy gushed and my juices ran down my thighs.
The blows stopped, he wasn't done yet. If I counted correctly, that was only 10. 25 more to go. He placed the flogger back on the 'spanking' wall and took down his board of education. It looked like Swiss cheese due to the holes. I braced myself. He always left nice circular welts on my ass with it.
"Bad girl," he said quietly. He never yelled.
He landed a stinging blow to my already hurting bottom.
"You were late."
I jumped and bit my lip trying to keep from screaming.
"And not in the correct position."
I closed my eyes and concentrated, whimpering quietly.
When he'd reached 10 more, he stopped. "Lovely, beautiful, round, red and I'm sure stinging welts." His hands traced some of the welts with his fingers, making them sting worse. My ass burned and my clit twitched. It was always worth 'fighting through' the pain. He laid the paddle next to my head on the desk.
"Open." He appeared in front of me, cock to my lips. "Suck me good." He slid his cock into my soft pink mouth. He tasted good. The crop landed more blows on my tender cheeks while he fed me his cock. He loved when I cried out around his dick with each swat. He wasn't counting these. These were what he called is cock swats, something he did for 'good measure', he told me.
He stopped and pulled himself from my mouth and gathered himself. "Now comes the surprise. It's time for the figtail."
Ooohhh no, what could that be? I'd never seen one or even heard of one before. I had a sneaky feeling it was something he made up. He was very good at that.
He picked up the figtail and the cock-shaped gag from the chair and stood in front of me. "Open." I opened my mouth. He slid the gag into my mouth and secured it. "A figtail, little one, is a cross between a polo pony style tail with a ginger-treated anal insert. You are going to be figged, in a manner of speaking."
He walked slowly around the desk. "The ginger burns when inserted. It will burn more when you clinch your butt when I spank you." He parted my cheeks. I felt the burn even before he had it all the way in.
I squealed around the gag, but didn't say a word. He allowed me that. It burned.
He released my arms and legs and sat down in the nook of his bay window that overlooked the private lake in the back yard. I stood waiting for his next move.
"The last 15 will be over my knee, young lady. Come over here."
I took slow, deliberate steps. The figtail burned the more I walked, my ass clinched around the insert. The tail waved back and forth with every step, which made my butt burn more. I stood in front of him, embarrassed.
"Over my knees, now." He grabbed my arms and pulled me over his thighs. He pulled the vampire gloves out from behind his back. He must've stashed them there earlier. I tried to wriggle free, but he had me pinned. "Enough. Quiet down or I will add more."
The vampire gloves hurt. Their little rounded metal nubs bit into my ass with every swat.
"Naughty girls get turned over my knee, little one. You were late."
Slap! Slap! Slap! "No excuses."The spankings continued. "All done. Get up." He removed the figtail pulled his cock out. It was throbbing, large and almost purple. "Ride it, pet."
I straddle his cock and took him all in. My juices gushed around him. I rode him hard.
"Don't come yet. Wait for my command." He met my thrusts, my breasts bounced hard. He sucked my nipples and rammed me hard. "Good girl."
I was really close. I felt him swell. I knew he was close too.
"Come, now!"
We came together, moaning, thrusting and writhing. The sweat poured from our bodies.
"You're awesome, my love." He removed the gag. He gave me the look that told me the voice restriction was over.
"You are too, lover. I love you honey."
"I love you too, sugar."


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