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Almost a party

Short story By: delilah16

Tags: College, Sex, Twins, Frat

more story and im still new at erotica.. so its about what was supposed to be a party but turned into more

Submitted:Sep 13, 2009    Reads: 2,371    Comments: 4    Likes: 7   

"Can you please come to the party with me? Please!" My sister Emily pleaded. I know why she wants me to go; dad grounded her so she can't go to the party unless I go with her.

"No. I am not going, end of story!" I said shoving past her toward the kitchen

"We're twins; we are supposed to be there for each other no matter what. Please I need to see Marc tonight." She followed me into the kitchen still begging.

"I don't care if we are twins I am not going to some college frat party so you can hook up with your boyfriend. Emily I am sick and tired of covering for your ass stop it!" I said grabbing a Gatorade out of the fridge and walking to the couch and flipped on the TV. Awesome a rerun of The Nanny!

"I'm not going to leave you alone until you agree to come, who knows you may even find a guy of your own." I rolled my eyes at her

"No" I turned back to the TV

"Fine I didn't want to have to do it this way but fine" she stood directly in my way blocking Fran and Maggie "if you don't come I'm going to tell Dad who really dented his Mercedes" Now that really caught my attention

"You wouldn't" I glared at her but she just smirked "I'll be ready in twenty minutes" I got up and stomped upstairs.

"Look good" I heard her call up. Bitch.

It took me half an hour to shower and get dressed, I put on a pair of tight black jeans that I've been told make my ass look really good and a green sweater that was a little snug around the chest, I don't want to go but that doesn't mean I have to look like crap. I let my long brown hair loose down my back.

"Wow Anna! You look like that and it only took half an hour? This is one of the few times I wish we were identical" Emily laughed and I rolled my eyes again as if she didn't know she was a freakin blond bombshell, she's a blond version of Megan Fox while I look like Sophia Bush from One Tree Hill just with really long hair.

"Daddy we're leaving" Emily called out a grin lighting up her face

"Now wait a minute Emily, You can't go unless Anna goes to!" he called downstairs as we heard him thump out of his office so we waited

"Anna has to go…" he trailed off "Anna your going too?" he look so disappointed in me. I guess he was counting on me not having a life, which sadly I don't.

"Yeah I am I heard it's going to be fun so I'm taking Emily along" I said keeping Emily's grinning face in my peripheral vision

"Oh umm well okay….be back before curfew" he sputtered

"We don't have a curfew" Emily giggled

"Right ummm err be home at a decent hour" we agreed before heading out.

"HAHA did you see his face when he saw you dressed?? Priceless" Emily laughed as we started off

"Where am I going?" I asked

"Hillenburg University. Marc and his friend Hayden are going to meet us by the student parking lot" she smiled dreamily probably already picturing Marc.

"Hey Baby, I missed you" Marc grabbed Emily by the waist and brought her to him for a kiss. Ugh I can actually see his tongue slide into her mouth as he grabbed her boob through her sweater

"If you can please stop groping my sister for a second to tell us where the party is" I laced my voice with enough sarcasm for it to be impossible for him to miss

"Hey Anna, didn't see you there." Marc disengaged from my sister "this is my Friend Hayden Skelton, Hayden this is Anna" that was the first time I noticed the guy hanging back watching the scene, he was gorgeous! He was tall maybe over six feet and he was built even through his t-shirt I could make out his abs and arms hell I could even see it in the dark, and his face was just…wow.

"Hey Anna nice to meet you" he walked toward me and I swear I felt my heart stop

"h-Hi Hayden" I tried to smile but I'm not sure how it turned out from behind him I saw Emily motioning to me and fanning herself while Marc was chuckling to himself

"You and Emily are sisters? She didn't mention you last time I met her?" She's met this freakin hot guy and not mentioned it to me??? "How far apart are you in age?" he continued asking

"Oh no were twins" I said finally managing a smile and I could feel his shock

"You don't look a thing alike" no really. I turned around to look at Emily but she was nowhere around and neither was marc for that matter.

"So about this party?" I asked

"what party?" he asked back

"The one me and Emily came all the way here for" I asked getting annoyed

"Marc never mentioned anything about a party" I looked at him incredulous no party? That lying little…! Ahhh!

"Well since they disappeared what am I gonna do now?" I wondered to myself out loud.

"Well Anna we can hang out" he shot me a devastating smile and I felt my body temperature rise, I haven't had sex since I broke up with Alex last year so no wonder I am reacting so much to him. Then an idea hit me.

"Where do you dorm? With Marc?" I asked him smiling at him doing my sexiest expression

"No I'm his frat brother but we don't share a suite why?" I grabbed my bag and started to walk away making him rush to catch up "Because We're going to your room and I wanted to make sure it's not already occupied.

"What really?" he stuttered reaching my side

"You surprised?" I purred, yep actually purred

"Yeah Emily and Marc sort of implied that you are a prude" he trailed off praying he didn't just ruin his chance with me

"Well they're wrong, now come on lets hurry up!" And he did.

The next thing I knew Hayden was leading me up the stairs to his room, it was pretty big with a lot of cds littering the place along with piled up text books and laundry. I moved to sit on his bed but he just stood there apparently waiting for my okay to start.

"Why don't you come here on the bed with me Hayden?" I said huskily simultaneously reaching in my shirt to remove my bra. His eyes widened as he moved onto the bed slowly he slid his arm around my waist and leaned into me, he pressed a soft kiss to my mouth it was sweet and his lips were soft and hot against mine. I deepened the kiss sliding my tongue deeply into his mouth while I reached under his t-shirt to feel the warm muscles underneath. We made out softly for a few minutes before I started to go faster rolling on top of him and grinding my hips to his, I felt his erection through the layers of our jeans and the bulge wasn't an embarrassment at all.

"Ahhh" I moaned as his hand reached up to palm my breasts through my thin sweater he rolled my nipples between his fingers and I felt pure pleasure shoot through my entire body, my panties started to feel damp and the fabric was rubbing hard against my clit and it felt so good. I reached down to unzip his fly to realize that he was already exposed and really happy to see me. I slid down his body and took him into my mouth sucking the tip and pumping the rest with my hand as he massage my boobs.

"UGGGGGG" he groaned as I took him deeper down my throat but before I could make him cum he pulled me up and tossed me onto my back on the bed and went for the button on my jeans I never thought the sound of a zipper rasping down could make me so hot! I kicked the jeans off in a hurry and he chuckled rubbing my clit through the cotton of my panties make my head thrash from side to side

"Oh god yes!!!!!!!! Yes!!" I yelled as his tongue slid along my slit and dipping into my entrance and looked down the sight of his golden head between my naked thighs pushed my arousal to such a painful point that I……….Oh fuck yes………he eased two fingers into my dripping cunt and I screamed as an orgasm hit me.

"Fuckk yesssssss! I screamed and as I came he pushed into me forcing the orgasm to a new intensity

He set a fast pace and as my body calmed down a little but he pulled me on top and guided my hips into riding him his position forced me to lean down though giving him the ease to suck on my nipples . it was exquisite pleasure pain.

And I came again. And again and again. We went at it for hours until my cell phone rang.

"Anna! I just saw the time we need to go home now where the hell are you?!" Emily screamed on the other end I darted a glance toward the alarm clock on the side 4:20! Oh shit

"Okay I'll meet you at the car in ten" I hung up and dashed around the room for my clothes

"You leaving so soon?" Hayden said lazily from the bed

"Yeah I should have left hours ago!" I reached for my sweater on the chair and scooted out the door, as I was running down the stairs I heard him call out "Can I get your number?" but I just kept running

"About time Anna" Emily was leaning against the car door her hair was a mess and her shirt was on wrong.

"Where were you?" she demanded as we buckled in

"Well after you ditched me and I found out there was never really a party" I paused to send her a death stare but was too sated to manage "I hung out with Hayden"

"What'd you do?" she smiled

"Nothing, watched movies" and we drove home


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